Vinland Saga 4.8

Vinland Saga

Chapter 200: Thousand Year Voyage Part 9

70.4M Mar 26,23 Yukimura Makoto

Vinland Saga is established in England beginning in 1013 A D, the year in which the Danish King Sweyn Forkbeard captured most of it. As King Sweyn nears death, his sons, Prince Canute and Prince Harald, are arguing over his succession. The narrative draws components from historical reports of The Saga of Eric the Red, The Saga of the Greenlanders as well as the interval including The Flateyjarbok.
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Finding M 3.3

Finding M

Chapter 62

663.9K Mar 26,23 Noru

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Second Life Producer 4.5

Second Life Producer

Chapter 63

2.9M Mar 25,23 왕십리글쟁이

Whoops, sorry. But it's first come first serve, right? The broadcasting industry is like that.” Joon Soo joined a broadcasting company with a dream. But for 10 years he lost everything he's worked for because of his trashy Sunbae. He regretted it deeply and grinded his teeth, but nothing could be done to correct it. When he was about to give up everything in d
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Share A Bed 4.4

Share A Bed

Chapter 47

364.8K Mar 25,23 Chae-o , So Bi , Mu Ryeob , Jeong In

A dreary palace, where there was nothing but a fight over the throne, a story filled with desire took place between a king and a bodyguard."I've heard your loyalty is incredible, shall I test that?""I don't know if this is because of my desire or Your Majesty's orders, but I can't stop now"
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Guiding Light 4

Guiding Light

Chapter 10

65.1K Mar 25,23 Clarju

It's the apocalypse, and Seoyoung wakes up in a desolated world without any memories. He wanders around until he comes across Younghyun, an esper with the ability to summon and control fire. The two trek across a city of ruins, trying to recover Seoyoung's lost memories. But Younghyun seems too familiar with the city as it is. There's something he’s not telling Seoyoung, and it seems the two used
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Unscented Trajectory 4

Unscented Trajectory

Chapter 60

1.4M Mar 25,23 Chelliace , Kaya (ii)

Lee Joo-hyuk is the eldest son of Shinwoo Group and CEO of Shinwoo Construction.He met his Omega when he was a child, but he died before his eye. Since then, he has not been able to forget it, but neither can he bear any other. No matter who you have sex with, you can't enjoy it, so you have to masturbate at the end, imagining the sweet scent of your late Omega.All that changes the day he lays his
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No Moral 3.9

No Moral

Chapter 41

79.8K Mar 25,23 Tehanu , Shampoo , 테하

Do Yoonshin is a lawyer who defends the weak and powerless. Justice was his brand. One day, his elder sister convinces him to join Doguk, one of the nation's largest law firm, as an associate partner. He ends up working as an associate lawyer under Kang Sehun: he's an aggressive man who desires victory in his cases even if he has to use underhanded methods. Finding their outlook in life, Yoonshin
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Painter of the Night 4.3

Painter Of The Night

Chapter 109

20.4M Mar 25,23 Byeonduck

Na-kyum is a young painter with an exceptional talent: creating erotic images of men. Though he has published a few collections under a pseudonym, he has decided to quit painting. Then Seungho, a young nobleman, barges into his life. A hell-raiser notorious for his insatiable lust, Seungho forces Na-kyum to become his private painter. However, the nights that await Na-kyum are beyond anything he c
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Speak Of The Devil 3.4

Speak Of The Devil

Chapter 58

315.4K Mar 25,23 Rice Cakes, TR

Former playboy Lee Nan is proud to have given up his lascivious ways in favor of building a good career and a stable livelihood. Still, that doesn’t make him blind, and he can’t help but be attracted to his devilishly handsome boss, Jeong Yiyeon. Of course, he knows that a simple workplace crush is all it will ever be, and so he contents himself with simple flings. Until, that is, a chance meeting
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How to Train a Good-for-Nothing Rich Boy 3.6

How To Train A Good-For-Nothing Rich Boy

Chapter 51

1.4M Mar 25,23 Cheodol , Ensu

As the spoiled son of a rich businessman, Yi Seo hates the idea of labor. So when his father threatens to cut him off unless he starts working, his first instinct is to run away to Germany. There, a mix-up involving suitcases results in him meeting the handsome Jaeha, who invites him to a bar for some wine. After a surprisingly deep conversation, the two men spend a passionate night together. But
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Talk to Me 4.1

Talk To Me

Chapter 141

3.9M Mar 25,23 Eunbyul

From Lezhin: Everyone considers me the purest girl to ever walk this planet. I'm viewed as the girliest of girls and no one dare thinks I would think about anything naughty. But that isn't always a good thing. I have my desires and I want to let it out! Original Webcomic Official English Translation
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Bound to Be Fools 3.6

Bound To Be Fools

Chapter 74

3M Mar 25,23 Gahyun

The stress of a demanding father almost drives the fun-loving Kangjin to take his life. But he is saved by Jungkwon, the class president who excels at everything despite coming from poverty. The boys become bound to one another and fall in love... until Kangjin witnesses Jungkwon's family caught in a shameful moment. The proud Jungkwon cuts ties with Kangjin, and their love unravels. Yet
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Season Of Alabaster 4.5

Season Of Alabaster

Chapter 9: Night At The Boathouse

224.7K Mar 25,23 TAKATSU Makoto

Maeda Gin is a student who enjoys drawing graffitis at an abandoned apartment complex building near his school, with his friends and acolytes, Teppei and Kon-chan. One night, while they're at work on one of their masterpieces, they're interrupted by a mysterious ghastly pale-skinned woman who scares them. In the process of fleeing, Gin loses his sketchbook to her and then from this point onwards,
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Silky Secrets 4.1

Silky Secrets

Chapter 39

352.6K Mar 25,23 Gazealle

Kwon Chang-woon was off to a great start at the cosmetic company he was just hired at. Raving reviews from his coworkers, getting recognized by Park Young-in, the team leader and rising star at the company, things couldn't have been going any better until an alcohol abundant, rowdy work dinner complicates matters. Young-in has too much to drink and when Chang-woon helps him get home, he opens Youn
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Queen Bee 1.8

Queen Bee

Chapter 263

14.3M Mar 25,23 HwalHwaSan

Yu Dal-li (Darla), the daughter of the landlord and girlfriend of the school gang's boss, is the absolute power to the tenant, Jun-pyo (Junnie). She always treats him as a peasant at school, but when only the two are left at home, they take a completely different attitude... The complicated jealous relationship of two childhood friends who grow up within their harsh family and school ties.
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Monster no Goshujin-sama (Novel) 4.3

Monster No Goshujin-Sama (Novel)

Chapter 51

18.7M Mar 25,23 Higure Minto

An entire school has been tossed into a fantasy world without knowing what happened. Suddenly monsters attack and kill a lot of students, but then other students started to fight back with cheat abilities. A few days later, everyone has been divided into the Stay Home Group and Exploration Group. The exploration group wanted to see if there’s anything else to find and take care off in
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Aporia 3.9



3M Mar 25,23 Seontae

"Goo Ja-Wook, construction and remodeling planning manager falls in love at first sight with Yung yeon, a VIP guest at a club he has visited for business reasons. They both spend a night full of frenetic impulses ... But SM games are out of the question. "
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Second Time of Dawn 3

Second Time Of Dawn

Chapter 18

152.1K Mar 24,23 Risa lisa

For the past ten years, Baek Hayeon has been living in guilt for ruining the life of his love, Yoon Yihan. Because of this, he feels he has no right to object when Yihan wishes to continue their relationship despite getting married. At the same time, Yihan’s cousin, Yoon Jinwoon, has been using their secret as leverage to get Hayeon to sleep with him since he also has feelings for him. Just when t
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Bluffing 2.9


Chapter 31

118.2K Mar 24,23 Hongye

Shinwoo Cha likes it rough. When Shinwoo spies his hot frenemy neighbor Taegyung Han and a K-pop singer and his idol Inoch making out, his life will never be the same. He becomes the duo's boy toy, and they pass him around during very awkward moments, and Shinwoo must figure out how to bluff his way amongthe people. Can he hide his mother's shocking past and his own lusts, or will bullies continue
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Night Smoke 3.9

Night Smoke

Chapter 19

40K Mar 24,23 Black Bean , Kkaman Kong

In the middle of the Joseon Dynasty, there was a cruel king that could not be described with words. People called him 'King Yacha' because he was a man-eating devil. Lee Shin, who ascended the throne and reigned as the king of Joseon had a reputation as a cruel king. When the eunuchs who wanted to serve him reached the point of shortage, the court......
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Paper Flower 4.3

Paper Flower

Chapter 51

1.4M Mar 24,23 Chanlanhan , Original: Vang

not found...
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The Tasty Florida: The Recipe of Love 3.1

The Tasty Florida: The Recipe Of Love

Chapter 29

215.1K Mar 24,23 Kim Yong Kyu , Sibiwol , cheese (II) , Kim Hanhee

Haewon Shin, 20 years old, finally escapes from his three nagging sisters when he gets into a college in Seoul. With his dream to hook up with an attractive guy at a club, he rents a small studio apartment and begins to look for the right guy--and he succeeds. Not only that, he even has the most wonderful one-night stand with him! However, when the guy hears that Haewon majors in culinary art, he
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Memento Bori 4.2

Memento Bori

Chapter 17

42.2K Mar 24,23 Hot Mandarin , HAMJANG

If only she could remember his face!A one-night stand. Three possible suspects er, lovers. Who did Bori really sleep with that night? A steamy office romance unfolds as our heroine follows the clues to find her man.Memento Bori, Did You Sleep With Me?, ?mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommen
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Kill Me Now 3.5

Kill Me Now

Chapter 65

1.3M Mar 24,23 Cosmos

Haegu, a proficient and merciless hitwoman, executes a man in front of his own daughter and takes the child under her wing. She decides to name her Mian, the word for "sorry" in Korean, and gives her one mission: "Kill me when you can." From that moment on, Mian decides that she will do this by choking Haegu with feigned love and emotionally manipulating her into submission. But as Mian grows int
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