Night Flower 5

Night Flower

Vol.oneshot Ch.oneshot

37,953 Jan 20,16 Mizuno Hideko

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Rocker in Locker 5

Rocker In Locker


37,935 Jan 20,16 Yukida Tama

After a long illness, Naki returns to school and finds a ghost in her locker who asks her to become a Rock-n-Roller.
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Sunshine After 5

Sunshine After

Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

37,908 Jan 21,16 Kuriyama Rin

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Ojiizoo Quest 5

Ojiizoo Quest

Vol.1 Ch.1

37,827 Jan 20,16 Yuuki Akira

Himeno is going on a school-trip with her classmates, including three boys who can transform into the buddhist monk statue, Jizo.
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White Day 4.6

White Day

Vol.1 Ch.0

37,821 Jan 20,16 Gu Hyun-jung

White Day is celebrated on March 14; a month after February 14. It's a particular day when a girl receives chocolate(s) from a boy or boy's. White day are celebrated in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. This story is a four page oneshot about one girl's extra-special white day.
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Yuan Wei Cu Ji 5

Yuan Wei Cu Ji

Ch.inatown-Km : [Oneshot]

37,727 Jan 20,16 Shiu Wan

Ai has always believed that her cooking is really good, despite not being able to taste anything. She enjoys school life with her two friends. So what will happen when the famous VJ, Daiwen, asks her out? And what will happen when she finds out how bad her cooking truly is? So what has Lansi really been eating...?> Spin-off of Mushroom College
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The Glade in the Forest Behind the School 5

The Glade In The Forest Behind The School

Vol.0 Ch.0

37,722 Jan 20,16 Kasuga Miho

The 5th oneshot from Yuri Tengoku Anthology. In The Glade in the Forest Behind the School, two girls share a secret place, and become close because of it.
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Travel To The Cats' Territory 5

Travel To The Cats' Territory

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Travel To The Cats' Territory

37,606 Jan 20,16 Cen Xiao Jing

From Cinderella Story: Yue Cheng is collecting cats for her homework report, and what she did is captured by the cats' "watcher". And after following a cat that she wants to catch, Yue Cheng and her friend found themselves in the cat spirit's territory. What will happen...?
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Sunset and Curry 5

Sunset And Curry

Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

37,592 Jan 21,16 Waru

Have you ever heard of a crow that could speak it's mind and a forever-curryeating-family?
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Water Crisis 5

Water Crisis


37,538 Jan 20,16

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The Princess Covets the Scholar 3.8

The Princess Covets The Scholar

Chapter 7

37,495 Dec 13,21 Updating

Princess Eunmyeong meets the scholar Seoyul, to whom she falls in love with and gives herself to without any hesitation. So in order to get his attention, she went to Boryeong to see him in the pretext of taking blood. For some reason, Seoyul only pushes her away and she gets frustrated with him. But she didn't give up and expresses her feelings towards him. "When no one believed in me, you were t
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Pink Colored Infatuation 5

Pink Colored Infatuation


37,478 Jan 20,16 Jo Hyun Hui

Yo Jang Do is in love with the worlds most perfect man. They wear matching outfits, and she always stops to see him on her way to cram school. There's no reason for her to worry about his status as a popular idol, or that she's really just his obsessive fangirl stalker. No, there are bigger problems for Yo Jang Do. What if her perfect man isn't perfect?
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Teddy Bear Tengoku 5

Teddy Bear Tengoku

Vol.1 Ch.1

37,434 Jan 20,16 Kuriki Shouko

From Doko Demo Doa Manga Scanlations: Whilst working as the princess in a parade, Nao has some unexpected trouble with her costume. Luckily, she is helped out by a man dressed as teddy bear, resulting in Nao falling in love with him. The only problem: she doesn’t know who he is!
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Together During Summer, Too 5

Together During Summer, Too

Vol.1 Ch.0

37,424 Jan 20,16 Seo Yoon Young

A short full color story about a young couple imagining their holidays.
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Rabu Rabu Butabara 5

Rabu Rabu Butabara

Vol.1 Ch.1

37,310 Jan 20,16 Duo

Matsuyo, a model frustrated that he isn't recognized on the street, antagonizes Keiko, a waitress in a cafe, and is amused when she responds in kind. This encounter results in his cake served to him on the wall and her with an invitation to dinner at his apartment! But why will it take four days to prepare the meal?
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Sweet Valerian 5

Sweet Valerian

Vol.1 Ch.0

37,079 Jan 20,16 Hatano Hiyoko

[From Condensation]: About three girls who transform into rabbits to save people from the Stress Monsters.
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Across a Gold Prairie 3

Across A Gold Prairie

Vol.1 Chapter 1: The Golden Field

36,480 Apr 09,19 Yumiko Ooshima

Asahi Sonorama (2000): 1. Kinpatsu no Sougen : Meet NIPPORI Ayumu, an 80 year-old man, who, due to a serious heart condition, has spent sixty years of his life confined to his house. One morning, he wakes up believing himself to be twenty again. In his mind, he has become the youthful young man that he once was. However, reality fails to keep up with his illusion, and everything around
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Itsudemo Otenki Kibun 4.7

Itsudemo Otenki Kibun

Vol.1 Chapter 1

36,264 Jul 02,19 RAGAWA Marimo

A cute little shoujo centered around three guys and their love troubles.
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Feminine no San Shimai 4.6

Feminine No San Shimai

Chapter 1

35,789 Jan 20,16

Aesop's fable, "The Ant and the Grasshopper" is reinvented in this short manga.
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Princess Nazotoki is a Detective 4

Princess Nazotoki Is A Detective

Chapter 1: Princess Nazotoki Of The Library

35,734 Jun 06,20 Anan Mayuki

Shion Nichigami loves reading and is extremely shy, but when she removed her glasses Shion becomes a detective called Nazotokihime.
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Delicious! 5


Chapter 1: The Birth Of The Talented-Cooking Idol!?

34,725 Jan 09,20 Kobayashi Miyuki,Ayumi Yui

Ringo Nonohara's dream is to become a star. Although she can't cook, she tries out for the lead in a cooking show called "Delicious Time," which will also be starring the star she idolizes, Mahito Ishizaka. When she discovers that the final stage of the competition will mean she has to prepare a dish, however, Ringo calls on her good friend, chef, and next-door-neighbor, Tsutsui
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In The Sunroom 5

In The Sunroom

Vol.1 Chapter 1: In The Sunroom

33,578 Apr 09,19 TAKEMIYA Keiko

"In December of 1970 Takemiya published a short story, "In the Sunroom" (in Bessatsu Shojo Komikku) which is possibly the first shonen-ai manga published and contains the earliest known male-male kiss in shōjo manga. The manga volume consists of five shorter stories: - Sunroom Nite (In the Sunroom, 1970) - Hohoemu Shounen (The Laughing Boy, 1972)
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