Yakumo Tatsu 4.5

Yakumo Tatsu

Chapter 73.1

499.9K May 28,23 ITSUKI Natsumi

Kuraki Fuzuchi is a quiet young man who has immense psychic powers and sword skills. He later meets Takeo Nanachi, a college student with similar latent powers. The story opens with Nanachi traveling to a small shrine in the mountains for a festival that only occurs every 49 years in order to purify his (now deceased) grandfather’s sword. There he meets Kuraki and later accidentally stumbles
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Hongshi Loves Me! 3.1

Hongshi Loves Me!

Chapter 238: An Invitation To The Magical Realm

1.4M May 28,23 Ganghada

“Hongshi Loves Me!” tells the exciting school life of a 20-year-old 12th grader! Look forward to a school campus sitcom full of affection!
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Once Upon a Small Town 4.6

Once Upon A Small Town

Chapter 54

288.7K May 28,23 Park Ha-min , Tunny

Accidental Countryside Diary / Countryside Diary by Accident / Who said rural life is peaceful? Tricked by his grandfather, city boy Jiyool stumbles into Heedong village and is now the local vet. Nothing seems to go right for him in his new life, until in a sudden turn of events he is reunited with his childhood crush. Will he survive this bumpy ride on country roads?
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Spring for the Headless Prince 3.5

Spring For The Headless Prince

Chapter 39

351K May 28,23 Reqina Veleka

The young princess Sheena is desperate to save her struggling kingdom from poverty. One day, an enticing invitation letter offering wealth in exchange for her hand in marriage. It's a once in a lifetime chance for her Kingdom; the only problem is, prince charming has no head!
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Ingram’s Lantern 4.5

Ingram’S Lantern

Chapter 33

625.7K May 28,23 Goyo Han , Team LYCHEE

An ordinary girl meets an extraordinary mage. Asha lives a hard life with her alcoholic father. That is, until the day she meets a mysterious stranger who whisks her away and gives her everything she could ever want. Who is he? Why is he so kind? And why does he look at her as if he knows her? Asha wonders what secrets their past holds.Ingram's Lamp , mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of
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Beauty BIoggers in Another WorId 4.5

Beauty Bioggers In Another Worid

Chapter 84

654.8K May 28,23 殷小楼, 河豚胃 ,漠花

Two beauty bloggers find themselves in a different universe after an accident! The first thing they decided to do was...make lipsticks and facial mask sets?To go back to where they came from, two bloggers need to gather their hearts and work together!Niangniang, Mai Kouhong MaNingning, Mi Kuhng MaQueen, Would You Like To Buy Lipsticks? ?
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Nullitas: Itsuwari no Hanayome 4.6

Nullitas: Itsuwari No Hanayome

Chapter 111

3.7M May 28,23 Jezz , RITOU Harusumi

Dreaming to be a knight, an unnamed girl who grew up as a boy. In fact, she was actually the illegitimate child of Count Romagnolo, who she worked under as a servant. Eventually, the Count found out her existence, and she was sent as a replacement bride for her blood-related sister that the Count endeared more. So she was given the name “Núllǐtas”, and let's see how her life changes onward.
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Check In to Your Heart 4.7

Check In To Your Heart

Chapter 61

1.2M May 28,23 P.cong

My boss wasn't supposed to fall for me! Ajin, the newest intern at the ritzy HU Hotel, seems to have it all: looks, intelligence, and money. But when Seolmin, the CEO, discovers that she's living in the basement of his hotel, Ajin desperately makes a deal with him to avoid getting kicked out. But this deal might change her life forever!
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The Matchmaking Baby Princess 4.7

The Matchmaking Baby Princess

Chapter 101

12.3M May 28,23 Jimmy shin , park karin , big karin

I've become the empress Amelia in the tragic novel!I thought that I would not be noticed by the male protagonist, my uncle, and the tyrant Tessa Illuminas even by mistake. But why is Aunt Lucinda, who struggled to raise me when I was younger, almost like an angel?"Auntie, just put your faith in me! I'm going to make you to walk down a flowery path!" Ariel just goes to the imperial palace for her
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Sister, I Am the Queen in This Life 4.7

Sister, I Am The Queen In This Life

Chapter 49

7.2M May 28,23 Omin, Refalzimp, Themis

Sister I Am the Queen in This Life manhwa,Her fiance, her sister, and her parents. Ariadne returns 14 years in the past, the day she was cast aside by everyone. "Shit! I am trying to court you right now!" From her fiance, who acted much different than he did in the past, "Don't cry, Ariadne. Don't you know how pretty you are to me?" to the kind Prince, who fell for her at first sight. This time, s
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My Husband is an Antisocial Count 4.6

My Husband Is An Antisocial Count

Chapter 34

1.4M May 28,23 Chirorin , Asato , comee

Chloe thinks she's an outcast because she does not get along with her stepmother or her fiance, Emile. One night, she goes to a masquerade ball, where she witnesses her stepsister Beatrice and her fiance Emile kissing each other! Heartbroken, she is biting back her tears when a mysterious man with a mask appears, hands her a handkerchief, and leaves. Chloe is confused, but this strange encounter i
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My dazzling ex-husband 3.9

My Dazzling Ex-Husband

Chapter 91

1.4M May 28,23 Kimong,Yeobaek

Korean actress Ha Eunseol. During her prime years, the female actress fell in love at first sight and married her husband, only to get divorced within a year. Korea's top actress Ha Eunseol's fame hit rock bottom. However, due to her stubborn tenacity, she succeeded in rising to the top again! And four years later….He reappeared. The hard struggle to not get tempted by her ex-husban
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Rewritten Love Story 3.9

Rewritten Love Story

Chapter 49

353.4K May 28,23 Kyung-min Choi (최경민)

Scanlated by Miha's translations
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I’m Not the Hero! 4.1

I’M Not The Hero!

Chapter 89

3.4M May 28,23 Dalpang , Dalpangi

"I'm a witch!" After ending the difficult life of Cheon Eun-ha due to an accident and bad luck, Bris was reborn as a witch in a fairy tale. Even from his friend Sion, he hides the fact that he is a witch and lives alone a little far from the village. Then one day, her fairy appears in front of her and she calls herself her dragon lord. "Yes? Fairy Ariel? Maybe the protagonist of that fantasy fairy
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I Have No Health 4.9

I Have No Health

Chapter 72

14.7M May 28,23 Lee haron,Vanilla

I've gone into the body of ‘Ninaina', the weakest character, who was fated to die once winter came! With such with weak stamina that it's hard to even take walks, eat, or just stand, let alone exercise, I have such a tragic life that I even have to endure assassination attempts from my grandfather… “I will definitely recover my health!” &ldquo
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Something Between Us 3.1

Something Between Us

Chapter 73

355.2K May 28,23 Min Hong

Even after fulfilling her dreams of becoming a magazine editor and living in Seoul, Ko Sooah can't seem to shake the feeling that something is still missing. When a difficult day at work and an argument with her mother drives her to get a tattoo, Sooah bumps into the last person she expected to see: her first love, Baek Hubeom. This encounter rekindles old feelings and sparks questions about what
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Contract Wife Runs away from the CEO 4.4

Contract Wife Runs Away From The Ceo

Chapter 529

3.6M May 28,23 Qian Cao , Nian Hua Fu Liu (Original) , Shi Bu Manhua

Her best friend's planned a meticulous plan to schemed her. Her first time was snatched away by a cold demonic President. Her first love that once loved was also ruined. He threw down a marriage contract, ignoring her resistance and declare his possession to the whole world.Alternative the wife contract ran away of ceo,Flash Marriage President Contract Wife,Hasty Marriage Contract With The Heir
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Stupid Cupid 3.5

Stupid Cupid

Chapter 28

196.7K May 28,23 Baekhi

I confessed with a trembling heart, and what I got in return were words of support?! There's something seriously wrong!What?! You're saying you thought I like men?!The most useless and cute attempt in the world of wanting to couple up with a cupid begins! mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommen
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Koi ni Mudaguchi 4.6

Koi Ni Mudaguchi

Vol.2 Chapter 10: Chocolate And Mt. Fuji

504.8K May 28,23 Fukuyama Ryoko

The romantic comedy will center on a high school boy who is wasting his youth.
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Rebirth Begins With Refusal Of Marriage 3.6

Rebirth Begins With Refusal Of Marriage

Chapter 61

468.5K May 28,23 Ake Culture (阿柯文化)

After being strangled to death, Lin Yaxi wakes up to find herself back to five years ago - just an hour before the car accident which would change her fate. Bearing a grudge against her evil sister and scumbag fiancé, she swears to never let history repeat itself. However, her fiancé's brother, Chen Yi – a two-faced man, seems to be paying extra attention to her...
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Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 67

3.9M May 28,23 Lucy , Choi Mongsil

Erika, a girl who lost her mother in the war and was bullied by her aunt.Political interests lead her to a political engagement with one of the most feared beings in the Empire, the Emperor of the Empire, Kaal Lakin.The cruel tyrant that everyone fears, Kaal Lakin.In his harem there are as many princesses as the stars,All the women who ascended the throne were carried away as corpses.By the way,Wh
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Black Dragon’s Choice 4.6

Black Dragon’S Choice

Chapter 78

714.1K May 28,23 Kyuwon Kang , Dakjuk

"Is there a new book with Dragon in it?" Im Jinha, a representative actor of Korea. In actuality, he is obsessed with fantasy novels featuring dragons. Only one person, Cha Yul-ri, knows that secret. Cha Yul-ri, a new lawyer who has just stepped into society. Strange things unfold in front of her, who should be more rational than anyone else. It shouldn't rain indoors, and there shouldn't be a tho
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Hana ni Arashi 4.4

Hana Ni Arashi

Vol.11 Chapter 127: The Daily Life Of A Princess — Part 1

4.3M May 28,23 TAKAGI Shigeyoshi

Even though her body has an unusual ability, Kunimi Riko is still (trying to be) a normal high school girl. One day, a guy suddenly comes to see her. He”s Tachibana Ran, the heir of the world-leading super-millionaire Tachibana family! A high tension romance between Ran, who suddenly proposed, and Riko, who turned him down.Extra:- Jigoku Kokyuu no Hitsuyou (Vol.1)Kiyoharu was trying to nap w
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