The Ex 4.2

The Ex

Chapter 121

1.9M Dec 03,22 SASA

Love, is a war. An "ugly" girl who was cheated by her boyfriend received a mysterious phone call. Strangely, the other line said that she is 35 years old, and that she is her, from the future! In order to change her, she wants to teach her the law of love. For her to see the beauty in her, take revenge on her ex, and recapture everything she lost before.
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Please Cry, Crown Prince 4.3

Please Cry, Crown Prince

Chapter 51

2.1M Dec 03,22 Duck담

After having the worst first meeting with the Crown Prince, she discovered a way to avoid this marriage. That is, the crown prince's miracle power—the tears of blessing. Unfortunately, no matter what she did, he didn't shed a single tear...
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Beauty BIoggers in Another WorId 4.5

Beauty Bioggers In Another Worid

Chapter 45

98.7K Dec 03,22 殷小楼, 河豚胃 ,漠花

Two beauty bloggers find themselves in a different universe after an accident! The first thing they decided to do was...make lipsticks and facial mask sets?To go back to where they came from, two bloggers need to gather their hearts and work together!Niangniang, Mai Kouhong MaNingning, Mi Kuhng MaQueen, Would You Like To Buy Lipsticks? ?
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All These Wild Men Want to Marry Me! 3.8

All These Wild Men Want To Marry Me!

Chapter 41

35K Dec 03,22 Jiu Chuan Dongman

Waking up in the world of “Love and Pandora”, a trashy otome mobile game set on the Pandora Continent, the main character found that she had transmigrated as the renowned villainess of the game, Medea, the queen who would be executed in the future. To change her fate, she decided not to cross paths with the male leads, or the original female lead of the game. Unbeknownst to her, however, all the m
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Elskar 4.5


Chapter 96

7.2M Dec 03,22 Woo Na Young

A quiet town, affectionate people. I always thought that was natural. Until that day, the town of Lange, a race that lives for love, with jewels in its heart, is trampled by the attack of the jewelers. In that chaos, Viola is lost and enslaved. The person who appears in front of her is another Lange. Sainte, knowing that she was an ally, was hoping to be rescued, but Sainte had bought Viola as a s
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I’ll Twist The Neck of a Sweet Dog 4.6

I’Ll Twist The Neck Of A Sweet Dog

Chapter 57

1.1M Dec 03,22 Updating

Read manhwa I'll Twist The Neck of a Sweet Dog / 다정한 개새끼의 목을 비틀겠습니다 Chloe Garnetsch, who gave everything for the man she loved, but eventually died miserably. Foolish Chloe realized too late. She was a bait for a man to throw at the emperor, and a man was a beautiful son of a bitch disguised as tenderness.
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Family-Like XX 4.9

Family-Like Xx

Chapter 39

187.2K Dec 03,22 Seo Woo-hyun

Being a famous celebrity isn’t easy, especially when you have no family to share your success with. After her mom’s death, A-list actress Han Nana is left all alone and in a total career slump. In comes Yoo Sungwoo, a high school senior and orphan who used to be close to Nana before her big break. Although Nana takes him in as a sort of younger brother, the longer they live together, the more appa
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Monster Duke's Daughter 4.8

Monster Duke's Daughter

Chapter 62

11.1M Dec 03,22 Han Ocean (한바다),Chal Lan (잔잔)

When her mom goes missing, three-year-old Lotilucia stumbles on a magic crest that transports her to the estate of House Frodium, one of the empire’s most powerful noble families. Little Lottie immediately recognizes Duke Damian Frodium as her dad; he is the so-called “Monster Duke” of demon descent. Once taken into the house, Lottie does her best to stay out of his way. But then she stumbles on a
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My Sweet Demon Boss 4.6

My Sweet Demon Boss

Chapter 110

1.6M Dec 03,22 Akashima rai,Oomatsu yukikusa

All of a sudden, my parents decided to play matchmaker and set me up with another man. I don't have a boyfriend and I thought it wouldn't hurt to meet the guy, but it turned out to be my manager, a.k.a. The Demon Boss! Moe is frightened when her parents force her and the Demon Boss to live together on the premise of marriage. But, to her surprise, the manager seems like a totally different person
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The Youngest Princess 4.8

The Youngest Princess

Chapter 124

25.5M Dec 03,22 Saha,Doldae

The archmage who ruled over a magic kingdom. One day, she was reborn as the youngest daughter of the empire! “I’ll just play along and pretend to be a baby. ...But don’t you think you guys like me a little too much?” They won’t leave her alone. The youngest princess is tired today as well.
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The Reason I Keep Avoiding My Childhood Friend 3.5

The Reason I Keep Avoiding My Childhood Friend

Chapter 43

240.2K Dec 03,22 서가린 , Seogarin

After being reborn as a baby in a new world, Arendine Ale is determined to make this life better than her last! Once a miserable and underpaid college drop-out, now she is the daughter of a baronet. With an early start to her education, she makes it her goal in this life to become a government employee – everyone knows they get the best benefits, after all. Unfortunately, her diligent studies a
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My Brother’s Friend 4.3

My Brother’S Friend

Chapter 104

1.3M Dec 03,22 Akagawara modomu

Nanase, a polite, a little old-fashioned girl, got a boyfriend for the first time. He, a pure and kind guy, is a good friend of her brother. However, both of them have no idea what they should do next… For Nanase, holding hand would be too embarrassing, and ‘date' is something mature people would do. Anitomo / Ani Tomo / ani-tomo / My Brother's Friend (AKAGAWARA Modomu) / Друг
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Nancheng Waits for the Moon 3.8

Nancheng Waits For The Moon

Chapter 122

275.3K Dec 03,22 阅文漫画

Determined to tear down the angelic b*tch faker and the homewrecker, Shen Yugui, a returning professional, master hacker, and elite martial artist would do all she can to play dumb, win the heart of the icy CEO, and climb toward the summit of her life!In Nancheng to Wait for the Returning Moon / Nam Thnh Ch Trng V / Nancheng Dai Yue Gui / Nnchng Di Yu Gu / /
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Star Dream Idol Project 4.4

Star Dream Idol Project

Chapter 300

3M Dec 03,22 White Bear,Yan Tou

The shining lights, the magnificent stage! Friendships created through singing, making a future through dancing, the girls embark on their journey towards their dreams! One who has lost status due to a scandal is hiding a plot behind her back. A pair of bosom friends, separated by fate. A girl who tries to exonerate her mother sets off on her journey for a talent competition. When the stage turns
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The Reincarnated Princess Strikes Down Flags Today as Well 4.7

The Reincarnated Princess Strikes Down Flags Today As Well

Chapter 37

9.8M Dec 03,22 Bisu

I was reborn as a princess in the world an otome game with memories of my previous life. Wait, what? I'm the Heroine's love rival? You're kidding! I have no intention of falling in love with any of those pathetic guys, because the one I like is a support character, the Commander of the Royal Knights. Except the Heroine, after being reincarnated in this shitty
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Married for 120 Days 4.5

Married For 120 Days

Chapter 47

1.5M Dec 03,22 Jagyum,Saeng-gang

Ellouise Starwood is looking to find a mate for her adopted daughter. She is from an aristocratic family that has been faced with financial difficulties for years. As a result, her father and Louize (older sister and mother of Juliet) run away. The older sister returns to Ellouise with Juliet but dies a few days later from a severe fever. Ellouise has now adopted Juliet and decides to find a suita
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Trapped in My Daughter’s Fantasy Romance 4.1

Trapped In My Daughter’S Fantasy Romance

Chapter 40

495.6K Dec 03,22 Hye yong

Read Manhwa I Got Possessed Into a Romance Fantasy Written by My Daughter / Transmigrating to the Romantic Fantasy Novel Written by My Daughter / / Park Soonja stumbles on a mountain and passes out, waking up as the heroine of her daughter's romance-fantasy novel, Belita Partel. She first enjoys her new life and youth, until it hits her that her daughter is left all alone in the real world. S
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AniTomo - My Brother's Friend 4.7

Anitomo - My Brother's Friend

Chapter 104

4.9M Dec 03,22 Akagawara Modomu

Nanase, a polite, a little old-fashioned girl, got a boyfriend for the first time. He, a pure and kind guy, is a good friend of her brother. However, both of them have no idea what they should do next... For Nanase, holding hand would be too embarrassing, and 'date' is something mature people would do.
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My Beloved Ninita 4.3

My Beloved Ninita

Chapter 35

575.6K Dec 03,22 知更

My Beloved Ninita manhua, , This story takes place in the Alstrauss Empire, where humans and demons are sworn enemies, ever at war with each other. The protagonist, Ninita, is the daughter of the land's ruler, Lord Hunt. An innocent girl with outstanding magical talents, the people hope she will become the Saint Priestess, a powerful human guardian the likes of which haven't been seen for a mill
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The Great Wish 4.7

The Great Wish

Chapter 131

19.2M Dec 03,22 Haneul Garigi,Nalae

The Empire's only princess, Sienna Argent, had everything from birth: intelligence, beauty, talent, and even the right to become the Empire's next ruler. As her 20th birthday is coming up, she starts having dreams of her future. She thanks the gods for this power, but then her dreams start to become increasingly strange, depicting a future that isn't what she dreamed of.
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She's Hopeless 4.6

She's Hopeless

Chapter 74: (S2) Episode 74

6.7M Dec 03,22 Seok-woo

Though she comes from a rich family, Gabin is a bullied loner at school. That doesn't mean she puts up with bullying from other students, though -- Gabin is infamous for her fierce personality. Worried about Gabin's well-being, her family secretly offers Tae-ung $500,000 to transfer schools and act as her bodyguard. Will Tae-ung be able to protect her from the school bullies, all while kee
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Smartphone Addict 4.4

Smartphone Addict

Chapter 28

316.4K Dec 03,22 Yong hyundong

Smartphone addict Joo Damu's 10 year old phone suddenly turned into a human?
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Second Life of a Trash Princess 4.6

Second Life Of A Trash Princess


1.9M Dec 03,22 Haein,Wheedrian,Jonadan

Regina, whose father was the emperor that got assassinated, became the regent on behalf of her younger brother. While facing plenty of hardships, news about the depletion of national funds due to her maniac younger brother's behavior, as well as her fiancé having an affair, begin to spread... In the end, she loses everything when her fiancé commits treason. In her last moments, she turns back
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