Kiss Goblin 5

Kiss Goblin

Chapter 21

0 Mar 28,23 Doryeon , WHYNOT MEDIA , Gogo

To Oh Yeonah, money means everything. Her top priority is money, and her only interest is managing that money. Her life seems to go perfectly well until she loses her entire asset to her boyfriend who turns out to be a conman. During the process, she crosses paths with the goblin, Bansuk, and, being completely broke, she signs a contract with the Goblin Queen to live in their house and receive wag
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Sokuseki Ad-Lib Lover Debut! 2

Sokuseki Ad-Lib Lover Debut!

Chapter 1

0 Mar 28,23 Kuroda Kurota

A continuation of an unlikely comedy duo's love story! The sequel to "Instant Ad-Lib Lover."As their time at the training school runs out, Asahi decides to visit Minase's parent's house before their graduation ceremony. However, Minase and his father seem to be on bad terms...?
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Aim for the Ace! 5

Aim For The Ace!

Vol.1 Chapter 3

0 Mar 28,23 Yamamoto Sumika

(from ebookjapan):Hiromi Oka is a freshman at Nishi High School, a prestigious tennis club. She joined the tennis club because of her admiration for Mrs. Butterfly, but she always messes up. However, only Coach Munekata sees her talent and nominates her for the next tournament. Hiromi's sudden selection is met with harsh criticism from the tennis club members, but with the encouragement of
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Mi-chan to Airi 5

Mi-Chan To Airi

Vol.1 Chapter 1: Day 1

0 Mar 28,23 Ichikawa Natsuo

The story of an OL and the witch she discovers, now living together. (from MangaUpdates)
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Lan Chi 4.8

Lan Chi

Chapter 331: His Goodbye

4.6M Mar 28,23 Xu Lu Ako

Ming Lan was adopted into a new family, but her foster mother Nan Xi treated her as a replacement for her dead daughter. However, her two new brothers, Ming Qing and Ming Jing did not welcome her. Ming Lan’s quiet life under this new roof was disturbed by pranks and false smiles….
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The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken When She Became Too Perfect is Sold Off to a Neighboring Kingdom 5

The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken When She Became Too Perfect Is Sold Off To A Neighboring Kingdom

0 Mar 28,23 FUYUTSUKI Kouki , AYAKITA Mago

Born into a family of saints, Philia’s childhood was filled with harsh education. Nevertheless, it formed her into a great saint and secured her engagement with the second Prince, Julius. But when she became too perfect and thus not cute in his eyes, Julius broke their engagement! That's why he decided to make her leave her homeland and make her a saint for a neighboring kingdom in exchange for mo
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Debussy Lover 5

Debussy Lover

0 Mar 28,23 秦三见

You Lu, who is about to join an animation company, tore off the skirt of a big boss who's in a woman's clothing in public at the comic exhibition. When she joined the company the next day, she found out that the big boss that wear the woman's clothing whose skirt was ripped off by her yesterday was actually her boss! ...... A vigorous and optimistic workplace rookie x a cold and arrogant director
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I Don’t Like That Smile 4.4

I Don’T Like That Smile

Chapter 156

1.4M Mar 28,23 Daken hiroshi

“That cool face of yours… I want to mess it all up” Ritsuki told Sumire at the gym. A game between the school’s most popular boy, Ritsuki and a friend has begun. The game was to win the heart of Sumire, who was rumored to be the biggest slut in school. As Ritsuki becomes closer to Sumire, he starts to see Sumire’s true colors. A bitter sweet love story of 2 people wi
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There's No Friendship Between the Grand Duke and the Marquis 4.6

There's No Friendship Between The Grand Duke And The Marquis

Chapter 35

2.8M Mar 28,23 Tiba, Yell Yell

One peaceful day, her first ordeal comes before her. Instead of the other twin Ordo , who was sick, she must attend the meeting with the a prince of her age. "I don't want to go! Why do I have to pretend to be Ordo?" "Hey, Ovette. I'll buy you the telescope you said you wanted to have last time." "Mom, I will become Ordo more perfectly than anyone else." Ovette entered the imperial palace with eve
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Senior, Don't Run Away 3.8

Senior, Don't Run Away

Chapter 36

234.3K Mar 28,23 肆嘉 (si Jia) , None

Polar opposites attract. Yu Sheng doesn’t want friendship, romance, or any social interaction. All she wants is to write horror fiction. That is until her new neighbor, a sports major freshman from her school, begins to chase after her all day long and her life begins to change drastically!
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Cradle of Heaven 3.6

Cradle Of Heaven

Chapter 70

528.4K Mar 28,23 Hangnang

Three years ago, the celestial empire came under attack by the demons. With his kind on the verge of extinction, the celestial being and emperor, Kasin, is tasked to go down to the human world and find a way to restore peace. After three years without much progress, he encounters Daran, a merchant who has disguised herself as a man to travel and sell medicinal herbs. Daran was born with the power
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Catching Up With Luke Bischel 4.4

Catching Up With Luke Bischel

Chapter 36

1.6M Mar 28,23 Akkobbang, Esti

Bastian Effenberg, the best duke in the world who had nothing to fear. She declares that she will marry the kingdom's top monster hunter, Luke Bischel, who is the exact opposite of her! The marriage of two people who are opposites, can it really go smoothly?
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The Blooming Flower in the Palace Is Crazy 4.4

The Blooming Flower In The Palace Is Crazy

Chapter 35

1.8M Mar 28,23 Sung Sojak , Heegu

The Blooming Flower in the Palace Is Crazy manhwa, , Berondong NakalkuLee Heon, the crown prince of Taesa-guk, just to bring a commoner to be his concubine he holds a heartless wedding ceremony with Seo Ryu-Ha, the daughter of the general of Taesa-guk. However the true nature of Seo Ryu-Ha who he had thought was naive and obedient, is a very charismatic woman. Lee Heon, who spent the first nigh
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I’m living with my Mother-in-law! 4.8

I’M Living With My Mother-In-Law!

Chapter 15

505.5K Mar 28,23 GONGYOUNG

It's well-known that living with one's mother-in-law is basically he**. So marrying a poor merchant with no family should be an easy way to avoid that mess, right? Well, that was Elaen's plan until she realizes that her husband, Ahen, lied to her, and is actually the son of the empire's ferocious Grand Wizard, Kanessis Corenea, who she'll have to live with at her palace! Though intimidated at firs
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The Black Haired Princess 4.8

The Black Haired Princess

Chapter 98

19.2M Mar 28,23 Ellianyang,Pangyi

Crown Prince Karyuel and the neighbor country's Princess Yurisien are married to each other but all they dream about is getting divorced as fast as they can! To make matters worse, the surrounded people also plot schemes to keep them apart. However, because they've experienced all kinds of adventures, they slowly became attracted to each other, unlike how they first met. Will the immature
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National School Prince Is A Girl 4.7

National School Prince Is A Girl

Chapter 360

17.5M Mar 28,23 Warring Young Seven,战七少 战七少

Fu Jiu appears to be a normal lad in high school on the surface. But in fact, she (Yes! She!) is the hacker, Z, a villain-terminator in the online world of an alternate world. Having reincarnated into the body of a woman and being forced to disguise herself as a young man, she reigns over the game world, fights for justice, and puts a spell on all the girls around with her innate charm. However, h
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The Scandalous Secret of the Crown Princess 4.4

The Scandalous Secret Of The Crown Princess

Chapter 94

950K Mar 28,23 Jung munee,Rahee

Min Bo Ha has magical powers. She could see a person's memory when she touches them. She was abandoned by her family because they considered her powers to be a curse. After being dumped, Bo Ha survives as a boy. One day his father asks her to return home and forced her to become the wife of the Crown Prince to replace her sister who was said to be dead. Bo Ha is forced to enter the palace and marr
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Neolith Girl 4.4

Neolith Girl

Chapter 95

3.8M Mar 28,23 Jae Ah,Han Ga Ram

Once, there lived a fearless girl who could defeat even the strongest of beasts with her bare hands. She was the strongest person alive. Thousands of years later, the same girl from the stone age has lived to learn what romance is. Will her strength scare everyone away, or will it let her fall in love?
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Match Made in Hell 4.1

Match Made In Hell

Chapter 61

119.5K Mar 28,23 Keitalia

When tough girl Kylie's former friend Tristan asks her to the Valentine's Dance, she knows he must be up to no good. But nothing could prepare her for a figure from the past to return and disrupt the two feuding frenemies. With college prep, school cliques, and a disastrous dance ahead, will sparks fly in their senior year or will they stay a match made in hell?
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Leave Me Alone, Duke 3.9

Leave Me Alone, Duke

Chapter 53

2.6M Mar 28,23 MUSO , CheolGunhee

Read Leave Me Alone Duke manhwa, The fiancee who disappeared five years ago appeared with a child."This child, is it my child?""We are no longer in a relationship."But somehow, her fiancee rejected him, and he was frustrated because he didn't know, but it didn't matter."There is plenty of time. So take it slow."" .""There was no other woman but you in my life, in the past, now and in the future .
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Baby Who Catches The Wind 4.5

Baby Who Catches The Wind

Chapter 34

840.6K Mar 28,23 Han Lian

As the unfortunate red-hair baby, Tilias is saved at the brink of her death by the beautiful yet penniless Linden family. Reborn as a baby, she's unable to speak or express her gratitude to the Linden family, but that's when she discovers that she sees weather signs on top of people's heads! After countless experiments, she realizes that the weather signs depict people's love affairs. She uses her
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Reborn As a Character That Never Existed 4.8

Reborn As A Character That Never Existed

Chapter 17

120.2K Mar 28,23 Hansiryeong , Nina (II)

"After meeting her death, Thalia is reborn as the female protagonist’s older sister, a character that never existed in the novel she wrote in her past life. She tries hard to get attached to the world inside the novel, but she gets caught up in the thought that everything is just a mere creation of her own. “Please make Tilly love me.” Aegis, who was supposed to fall in love with Th
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My Sweet Demon Boss 4.6

My Sweet Demon Boss

Chapter 143

2.3M Mar 28,23 Akashima rai,Oomatsu yukikusa

All of a sudden, my parents decided to play matchmaker and set me up with another man. I don't have a boyfriend and I thought it wouldn't hurt to meet the guy, but it turned out to be my manager, a.k.a. The Demon Boss! Moe is frightened when her parents force her and the Demon Boss to live together on the premise of marriage. But, to her surprise, the manager seems like a totally different person
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Next Door Boyfriend 4.3

Next Door Boyfriend

Chapter 37

360.4K Mar 28,23 Kkulsam

Hi, everyone I'm the owner of Hyera Scanlation. Since I'm working alone, it's very possible that there will be an error :') Forgive me for that. I don't have anyone to PR and QCBoyfriend Next Door /
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