Heroine? Saint? No, I'm an All-Works Maid 4.8

Heroine? Saint? No, I'm An All-Works Maid

Vol.3 Chapter 12

921K Oct 03,23 Atekichi , Keiko

Melody reincarnates into the world of an otome game and works as a maid. As someone who has never played an otome game, what she hasn't realized is that she's actually the saint, the heroine of the game.
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My Blissful Marriage 4.8

My Blissful Marriage

Chapter 26.5

12.8M Oct 03,23 Kousaka Rito,Agitogi Akumi

I wish for an ephemeral “happiness”… Despite being born into a family with unusual powers in its bloodline, Saimori Miyo had not inherited any special abilities. Moreover, she was treated like a lowly servant by her half-sister, who in an ironic twist of fate had awakened an ability of her own. Unloved by her parents and shunned by all, Mi
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Princess Herself Is the Queen of Broken Hearts 4.7

Princess Herself Is The Queen Of Broken Hearts

Chapter 29

371.6K Oct 03,23 之臻 , 樰宝子 , 不懒文化

What if she unknowingly abandons a powerful king? A year ago, Qiu Xingchen, a princess of the Zhou dynasty, met Yan Xuan, a young king who was on a trip to the Yeh dynasty. The king, who was not smiling and looked like a stranger, hooked his fingers and said with a cold smile: "Want to run away? It's too late! The first thing you need to do is to pay a price for your manipulation of the king.The p
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Popular Princess 4.8

Popular Princess

Chapter 77

258.4K Oct 03,23 月牙湾wan , 漫神动漫 , 阅文集团潇湘书院

Reading Manhua Popular Princess at Manhua WebsiteIt is said that when the Yan Dynasty had its first princess, there would be bloodshed and disasters. The emperor hence shut her in the cold palace for confinement. The first time the emperor met his daughter, he saw this chubby little one fishing a koi carp from the pond, and said hello in that cute baby voice. The second time they met, the princess
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Lady Baby 4.2

Lady Baby

Chapter 187

71.4M Oct 03,23 Pingmin, Ju hyeon

Calliope Rustichel’s family dies one by one in a series of tragedies. Just when she had given up all hope, a mysterious woman grants Calliope a second chance at life. Little did she know that chance would literally start from birth! Now stuck as an adult in a baby’s body, Calliope must uncover the conspiracy behind the death of her family and use her memories of the past to change the future… all
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I Failed to Divorce My Husband 4.7

I Failed To Divorce My Husband

Chapter 60

10M Oct 03,23 Yulji , 율지 , Soonjin Moogu

I've been reincarnated as the extra character who stalked her husband, the male lead, for 10 years and died. Of course, I tried to divorce him before the female lead appeared.But, I found out that my young husband was secretly abused in the household. At that moment, I immediately became overwhelmed with the responsibility and sense of duty a modern adult would have. **Aiden had his ba
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Brother’s Sick Love 4.6

Brother’S Sick Love

Chapter 150

1.2M Oct 03,23 Feng Liu Shu Dai, The Miracle-stone Comic Studio

Yu Xiang unfortunately transmigrates into a merchant's daughter, who was mistakenly taken to the marquis manor at birth. She is immediately disabled, and carries the nickname of 'disaster star'. Helpless, she can only cling to her older brother, the marquis, in hopes of surviving, and wait for the true master to return so she can give way. Years later, when the true master returns to the manor, yu
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The Duchess’s Secret Dressing Room 4.5

The Duchess’S Secret Dressing Room

Chapter 47

590.8K Oct 03,23 All Ages Ga

The Duchess's Secret Dressing Room manhwa, How much money must I spend for you to divorce me!? Rubika dies in a war without being able to confess her love for Arman but is instead sent back in time. A new life, she will not live in vain. But what are these new obstacles? Secret Wardrobe Of The Duchess
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Seishun Heavy Rotation 4.7

Seishun Heavy Rotation

Vol.4 Chapter 15

195.8K Oct 03,23 Minase Ai

Nao falls in love at first sight with the hottie prince Haruna-kun, who helps her overcome anxiety during the high school entrance examination. She safely gets into high school and feels that she’s fated to the guy sitting next to her. However, Haruna-kun is very popular and has a habit of saying “I hate girls who tell me they like me.”. Even so, Haruna-kun still messes with Nao.Nao gradually
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Yojouhan no Ibara Hime 4.2

Yojouhan No Ibara Hime

Vol.2 Chapter 9

114.6K Oct 02,23 Sato Zakuri

Shinra has a mother who rarely comes home. Everyday, she pinches her pennies just to survive. Rai, a popular guy from her school keeps bothering her, and she’s getting sexually harassed by the manager at her part-time job. After finally coming home after 2 months, Shinra’s mom promises to stay with her. Rai unexpectedly shows up at Shinra’s part-time job and sees her being sexually harassed. He ur
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Second Life of a Trash Princess 4.7

Second Life Of A Trash Princess

Chapter 55

11.1M Oct 02,23 Haein,Wheedrian,Jonadan

Regina, whose father was the emperor that got assassinated, became the regent on behalf of her younger brother. While facing plenty of hardships, news about the depletion of national funds due to her maniac younger brother's behavior, as well as her fiancé having an affair, begin to spread... In the end, she loses everything when her fiancé commits treason. In her last moments, she turns back
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Soundless Cosmos 4.5

Soundless Cosmos

Chapter 89

1M Oct 02,23 Bing Ding,Lin Zaoshang,Si Tong

A cold and distant grim reaper and a rational young lady whose fates are entwined by life and death. Through his silent protection, will they be able to overcome the hardships that obstruct their songs of love?
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Yeon Woo's Innocence 4.6

Yeon Woo's Innocence

Chapter 137

8.4M Oct 02,23 Esol

Yeonwoo possesses such a delicate appearance that he could be mistaken as a female student. However, he has a secret crush on the school idol, Gang Haesol. But the shy and timid Yeonwoo has never said a word to her… Yeonuui Sunjeong
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Love Hug 4.1

Love Hug

Chapter 205

955.3K Oct 02,23 SORAKI Hanato

Tsubasa has come to dislike boys because of their relentless teasing in the past. She enters high school, but refuses to attend soon after. However, with the support of her online friend Momo, she decides to go back...
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The Huntress and The Mad Scientist 4.6

The Huntress And The Mad Scientist

Chapter 26

110.2K Oct 02,23 Delmar , Yang giri

"I can't log out?!" Esperanza finds herself trapped in a virtual reality game and unable to log out. Suddenly, she is transported 13 years into the past and finds herself stuck in the eerie mansion of the mad scientist, the Earl of Avenedale. In order to escape, Esperanza teams up with Lord Avendale to complete a quest that will hopefully allow her to return to reality.
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Be Jealous 4.5

Be Jealous

Chapter 98

415.5K Oct 02,23

Be Jealous manhua, Travelling through the worlds., kick the ex, abuse the mistress, tear down the white lotus, and then find a big shot to have an adult hormonal explosion of love Notes from mangabuddyAll our manhua content is protected under copyrighted law.mangabuddy never gives anyone authorization or permission to publish our content on another website/app. If you're publishing our content on
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I Will Fall With The Emperor 4.2

I Will Fall With The Emperor

Chapter 69

4.2M Oct 02,23 Tenichi

If I accepted his offer and became his Empress at that time, would I be able to live a little longer? I don't know but if I had I wouldn't have felt that pain of dislocating my eye but only when I went 10 years back and stood next to him I realized he fell when I fell we were so much alike which is why he contacted me.
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Surviving In A Harem 3.1

Surviving In A Harem

Chapter 18

39.1K Oct 02,23 Jeonbun

After getting hit by a car & being dumped by his girlfriend, former boxer Yoojun is reincarnated as a girl in a dating simulation game. To be able go home and his desire see his girlfriend again he must be able to capture the male characters hearts. mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendation
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Extras Don’t Want to be Overly Obsessed 4.7

Extras Don’T Want To Be Overly Obsessed

Chapter 101

7.2M Oct 02,23 Gliese , Pareto

I thought I am just a one liner unnamed commoner extra. Until the villainous duke, who is known to kill every town he get into, came in to light and is in pursuit of a single young lady. “Duke Cedric is already halfway through the Empire. I heard he's coming to this area this month.” Why is the bloody duke is looking for his youngest sister who disappeared five years ago? “Ro
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Dad, did you study today? 4.6

Dad, Did You Study Today?

Chapter 11

401.8K Oct 02,23 洱东文化 , 阅文漫画

Dad, did you study today? : Not only did Zhou Qing have no system, even the father of the original body was also a passerby, an ancient dandy! He doesn't know how to farm and raise pigs, but he is good at eating chicken, which doesn't fit the identity of a farmer! In order to live a prosperous life like all isekai Heroines, Zhou Qing embarked on a path of no return and urged his father to study.
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Author, In This Life I’m The Protagonist 4.4

Author, In This Life I’M The Protagonist

Chapter 22

1.2M Oct 02,23 Moon Squirrel , SAN (II) , Lee Rita

“The writer seems to have a hard time writing by hand, so I think it would be better to try running with your feet this time.” I was drawn into the hand of a god who calls himself my fan and possessed it as a supporting role in a novel that I had been working on all year round. “Make sure to complete it with the determination to die, or the determination to survive.” While I was working hard at
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Samwol Kim the Coffee Fox 4.7

Samwol Kim The Coffee Fox

Chapter 33

49.7K Oct 02,23 Nica, RK Studio

Fantasy romance over a cup of coffee. Samwol, a nine-tailed fox, unwittingly turns into a human after eating her thousandth liver in an attempt to become a mountain g**. After descending the mountain, she meets Jongman, who employs her as a part-timer at his caf. Can romance blossom between these two "humans"?Coffee Fox Kim Sam-Wol / Coffee Yeou Gimsamwol / Gumiho Caf / La kumiho barista Samwol Ki
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Your Eternal Lies 4.6

Your Eternal Lies

Chapter 75

7.5M Oct 02,23 Jeon Hoochi

Rosén Walker was jailed for murdering her husband at the age of 17. Having crushed the pride of the Imperial Army with two jailbreaks, she is captured again a year later and is sentenced to life imprisonment. On a boat going to Monte Island, where only the vilest prisoners were gathered, another jailbreak is planned… “What is your crime?” “… I'm innocent.”
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How to Get Rid of My Dark Past? 4.3

How To Get Rid Of My Dark Past?

Chapter 83

3.8M Oct 02,23 Jonah

Reina, the only daughter of the Duke of Solei, who wears an eye patch in one eye and a black dye dragon on her left arm. The problem was that there were so many dark history committed To make matters worse, even the ones who knelt down and made me swear allegiance started running wild… and now I feel like I have to kneel down and beg. Reina's story of struggling in earnest to clean up t
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