The Villain's Aesthetics 3.8

The Villain's Aesthetics

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25,033 May 20,22 김예작 , 이흰

One day, while eating chicken, Sehyeon was transported into the novel she had written in the spur of a moment. She immediately became the idiotic princess, Ione. What else would happen today that would influence the fate of Ione's life and death? In order to survive, she had to make sure the Emperor wasn't killed! As she dashed away to prevent the incident, she ran straight into a man. A man loose
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The Cold-Hearted Evil Prince's Indulgence 4.1

The Cold-Hearted Evil Prince's Indulgence

Chapter 118: At The Brink Of Death

555,636 May 17,22 Ake Culture

She was a top secret agent of the 21st century. Once she transmigrated, she actually became the ugly, stupid, and cowardly Fifth Princess of Eastern Yue. He was the regent of a foreign country who could manipulate any situation with a flip of his hand. He was extremely hand, cold, and cruel. When they first met, she was schemed against by her scumbag fiancé who drugged her with an aphrodisiac. Som
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Hired to Love 4.7

Hired To Love

Chapter 20

92,677 Apr 25,22 Updating

Henley never thought she'd see so many zeros on one check$10,000 to be billionaire Bennett Calloway's fake girlfriend! And that's just the advance! She's barely scraping by, working two minimum wage jobs just to afford the worst apartment ever and the lawyer fees from her brother's wrongful conviction. Calloway is rude and entitled, but the opportunity seems too good to pass up. The only catch? Do
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WEE!!! 4


Chapter 72

175,040 May 10,22 Amoeba Uwu

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The Villainess Refuses To Court The Male Lead 3.8

The Villainess Refuses To Court The Male Lead

Chapter 46

82,936 Mar 31,22 Kuri , 魔北冥

.Transmigrating as the villainess of a clich imperial manhua isn't scary, what's scary is that the male leads are all children! Not only do I have to take care of children, but I'm also being courted by one of them and being called "wife"! Ms. Hong would like to say: "Fuck you, god!"
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Husband, the Emperor's Position Is Mine! 3.8

Husband, The Emperor's Position Is Mine!

Chapter 31: What A Shame That She's A Woman!

159,962 May 18,22 You Lu Culture

Chu Xi, the female emperor of a matriarchal nation, died from overwork and transmigrated into a patriarchal world. In a chance encounter, she met Xie Yi, a frail and sickly prince. Intending to kidnap the beauty, the two became acquainted. However, Chu Xi had always refused to surrender to fate and certainly didn't plan on just going with the flow. What was the point of becoming a princess con
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10-nenkan Karada wo Nottorare Akujo ni natte Ita Watashi ni, Nidoto Kao wo Miseru na to Konyaku Haki shite Kita Kishi-sama ga Kyou mo Sugatte kuru 4.6

10-Nenkan Karada Wo Nottorare Akujo Ni Natte Ita Watashi Ni, Nidoto Kao Wo Miseru Na To Konyaku Haki Shite Kita Kishi-Sama Ga Kyou Mo Sugatte Kuru

Chapter 1.4

58,333 Mar 28,22 Updating

10-nenkan Karada wo Nottorare Akujo ni natte Ita Watashi ni, Nidoto Kao wo Miseru na to Konyaku Haki shite Kita Kishi-sama ga Kyou mo Sugatte kuru manga,  "I'm a wicked woman?!" Sadie, the former count's daughter, unknowingly had made a bad reputation to herself as a wicked woman during the time when her original body was in the possession of someone else for the past 10 years. Suddenly, she retur
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I Can't Be This Stupid 4.2

I Can't Be This Stupid

Chapter 50

147,661 Apr 23,22 Updating

Doha happens to transfer to Gukje Island High School  a school where only the rich can attend. This place is famous for its unique system where the dormitory buildings and room sizes are assigned according to ranks There, she continuously encounter Rowoon, the top celebrity who has been using the biggest VIP room for three years. Rowoon, the perfect man who has the looks, body, intelligence, and l
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The most ordinary world 4.5

The Most Ordinary World

Chapter 49

142,859 Mar 29,22 Updating

Read manga The most ordinary worldTurns out being special is a curse. It gets worse when I break down my neighbor's wallwho has a story of his own! When I was younger, I hated being normal. Not wanting to be compared to my siblings, all I did was make a childish wish Then, someone came out of nowhere and handed mespecial powers. Yet, these special powers reveal themselves at such random times
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Don't Mess with the Supreme Mom 3.4

Don't Mess With The Supreme Mom

Chapter 53: Kiss Him In Public

180,824 May 21,22 Zhang Yue Culture

He's the heir to the military power that could change the world. An accident caused her to lose her virginity to him. Four years later, she cross-dressed and reappeared back into his world. She started her journey of scamming others and conquering the business world. She was ruthless and cunning. She stole countless ladies' hearts with her smile and became the No.1 man of Jiang Nan! He shielded an
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Best Mistake 3.8

Best Mistake

Chapter 59

228,702 Apr 05,22 Updating

A man and a woman with the same trauma, yet different personalities. Before them arrives the best mistake of their lives! "Ahreum" spends another depressing day working at the convenience store without a single call from her boyfriend. The arrival of a handsome but flamboyant customer "Kyungjun" makes her day become worse, with his date throwing up on the floor and Kyungjun'
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The Princess's Double Life 4.4

The Princess's Double Life

Chapter 30

612,609 Apr 09,22 Go Eunchae

A genius of disguise. A master of escape. One day, Grand Duke Hexen, the Tyrant of the Battlefield, came to see the genius swindler and death-row prisoner, ‘Viper', who stirred up the empire. “Hey, you need to help me.” “How can I help you?” “I need to try becoming the Emperor once in my life.” “...Huh?” “...You?”
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The Glorious Rebirth: Good Morning, Mrs. Fu 3.5

The Glorious Rebirth: Good Morning, Mrs. Fu

Chapter 108

644,850 Apr 05,22 Ake Culture

In a one-to-one comparison, they are both equally pure and innocent inside out. While she can be fierce and sweet, he is the son of a rich family, indifferent, noble, and unattainable. Despite it all, he develops a soft spot for his beautiful wife, and falls deep in love with her.
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I'm Too Lazy to Be the Villain 4

I'm Too Lazy To Be The Villain

Chapter 33

1,306,457 May 12,22 Semi

Versace family! A house that produced many swordsmen and possessed a powerful force. Such a family perished. Due to the poisoning of the Crown Princess and the involvement of a foolish woman named Olivia de Versace. She was a woman who was pointed out as a rare ugly or evil woman because of her tall and heavy body.I thought it was absurd when I possessed a novel character who is often referred
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Why are you doing this, my Duke!? Webtoon 2.2

Why Are You Doing This, My Duke!? Webtoon

Chapter 129

430,118 May 19,22 반달반지

.My duke, my love. The one I gave my love and my soul to  Why do you look so sad?. Every time my Duke depressed, my world is in a limbo. Everything became dark and gloomy as if heavy rain obscured over it." The cold blooded, Duke of Mercia, Loin Leuca, also known as the God of Death. A month ago my life was supposed to end by your hands. Before I know it you became my husband!? It's
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Raga of Withered Branches 3.7

Raga Of Withered Branches

Chapter 38

658,226 May 18,22 Updating

Raga of Withered Branches,  ,   Melody of The Deadwood Life is not fun.' So Alkeris decided to end his life. But the moment before the last moment, "You can't die. If you die, we die too." Five Bina appeared in front of her Armed with diverse personalities, they force Alkeris to live, claiming that Alkeris is the oath of their lives. I can make you happy. So, don&#
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An Aristocratic Engagement: The President's Wife Is a Little Wild 3.9

An Aristocratic Engagement: The President's Wife Is A Little Wild

Chapter 37: 037

121,040 Jan 24,22 Bai Yang

What do you do when your fiancé just can't seem to keep it in his pants? Well, she decided to keep her options open, thinking that she could cancel the engagement… Only to find out that it wasn't going to be as easy as she thought it would be! And so, she turned to the neighbor for help: "young master Shao, let's strike a deal." Young master Shao huffed, "no, I ca
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童貞吸血鬼只喝牛奶 3.3


69,108 Jan 15,22 綿飴ぽん

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Somehow, I Raised a Prince 4.4

Somehow, I Raised A Prince

Chapter 21

802,556 Feb 05,22 Burdock Tea (우엉차)

When the egg was rolled in her arms, the dragon was born.A full-fledged baby-sitter.One well-bred dragon prince of one of the ten emperors.Adele is a girl who grew up in an orphanage and came to her uncle's house.While being in charge of her aunt's farm for nine years and taking care of all the insane things on a cow ranch, she accidentally finds a large egg in a tree hole. A child
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Black Dragon’s Taste 4.3

Black Dragon’S Taste

53,753 Jan 08,22 Updating

"Is there a new book with Dragon in it?" Im Jinha, a representative actor of Korea. In actuality, he is obsessed with fantasy novels featuring dragons. Only one person, Cha Yul-ri, knows that secret. Cha Yul-ri, a new lawyer who has just stepped into society. Strange things unfold in front of her, who should be more rational than anyone else. It shouldn't rain indoors, and there shouldn't be a tho
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Risou no Kareshi no Hazunanoni 4.6

Risou No Kareshi No Hazunanoni

Vol.1 Chapter 7.5: Cheering

283,321 Jan 18,22 Nonoi

After becoming a high schooler, Chiori begins to grow envious of how her peers are getting girlfriends and boyfriends left and right. "Having a lover seems like so much fun." "I wish I could get a boyfriend, too." "Why won't anyone confess to me?" When she voices her complaints to Issei, her childhood friend, he suddenly comes back with, "If that's the case, then go out with me." Could this
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Crown Prince Has A Sweetheart 4.6

Crown Prince Has A Sweetheart

Chapter 28

171,754 May 08,22 白梦社 , 孙仙橘 , 芽芽豆

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Filiarose – The Crown of Thorns Prophecy 4.8

Filiarose – The Crown Of Thorns Prophecy

Chapter 15

139,556 Jan 06,22 Updating

Young priestess, stop the rebellion of the scoundrel prince! Filia is a priestess who has the ability to read a person's innermost thoughts. She recieves a mission from Iro the High Priest to “stop the rebellion of Leo Ellion”. He may have once been the promising prince of the Ellion Kingdom, but Leo became a scoundrel who dreams of rebellion, which was as if proving that the prophecy forete
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Stop this Marriage! 4.7

Stop This Marriage!

Chapter 6

254,370 Dec 27,21 Updating

After getting in an unfortunate accident, the twins transmigrated to another world together. The elder sister possessed the body of Princess Liliana, and the younger brother went into the body of Arvid, the 2nd Prince of the Revoluta Empire. But the two were engaged and their wedding is only two months away. How will the two stop this marriage?! Stop This Wedding / 이 결혼을 막아라
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