Golden Japanesque - A Splendid Yokohama Romance 3.5

Golden Japanesque - A Splendid Yokohama Romance

Chapter 1

0 Nov 30,21 Miyasaka Kaho

Meiji Era, an increasingly populated port city.     Mari, 16 years old, is a half-Japanese girl with beautiful wavy blond hair and big blue eyes like her father. Her appearance is considered heresy and she is constantly discriminated against. To avoid this, she stays hidden most of the time.     She observes from a distance a student who often lacks in inspiration. However,
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The Drifting Star 4.3

The Drifting Star

Chapter 5

8,687 Nov 27,21 Senbon

After an awkward encounter on her vacation, Wei Lan swapped bodies with a boy named Bai Yuan! Is this heaven's plan, or a trick of fate? Their strings of destiny follow the drifting star in the water.
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Princess’s Hundred Ways of Martyrdom 4.5

Princess’S Hundred Ways Of Martyrdom

Chapter 8

25,491 Nov 24,21 青墨苍穹

The night before the girl group was formed, Yu La was pushed by someone and transmigrated into the mysterious ancient kingdom of Adalante, which has long disappeared in history, and simultaneously entered the body of a vicious princess who has the same name as herself. Based on the book "The Mystery of the Fall of Adalante" that she read before she transmigrated, Yu La recalled that all the specul
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The Scandalous Secret of the Crown Princess 4.6

The Scandalous Secret Of The Crown Princess

Chapter 18

8,954 Nov 30,21 Jung munee,Rahee

Min Bo Ha has magical powers. She could see a person's memory when she touches them. She was abandoned by her family because they considered her powers to be a curse. After being dumped, Bo Ha survives as a boy. One day his father asks her to return home and forced her to become the wife of the Crown Prince to replace her sister who was said to be dead. Bo Ha is forced to enter the palace and marr
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Being With You Means the World to Me 5

Being With You Means The World To Me

Chapter 5

5,736 Nov 27,21 大柠,漫美映画

The journey of a very sweet, fluffy and warm couple! The author, Da Ning, recorded 10 years of her relationship with her lover, Lin Zhi Min. The two love birds fell in love at first sight in the university's garden. Time and distance tested their relationship but they used their love to overcome these challenges and build their own world. "No matter how big the world is, the sight that suits me th
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Please Cry, Crown Prince 4.4

Please Cry, Crown Prince

Chapter 17

160,498 Nov 30,21 Duck담

After having the worst first meeting with the Crown Prince, she discovered a way to avoid this marriage. That is, the crown prince's miracle power—the tears of blessing. Unfortunately, no matter what she did, he didn't shed a single tear...
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Her Highness, The Princess of Divine Punishment 4.5

Her Highness, The Princess Of Divine Punishment

Chapter 6

35,285 Nov 19,21 Updating

A princess cursed by God for a lifetime! My king, why did you stab me with your sword? If I do it again, can my knight still guard me till the end? Even if... Even if I am punished by God, my destiny is doomed to death. But I still love the world, love the sunshine, love this dessert, love my king, love my little skirt, and love the knight. Her Highness the Princess of Deific Punishme
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Brother’s Sick Love 4.4

Brother’S Sick Love

Chapter 13

80,273 Nov 27,21 Feng liu shu dai,Rainbow manhua

Yu Xiang unfortunately transmigrates into a merchant's daughter, who was mistakenly taken to the marquis manor at birth. She is immediately disabled, and carries the nickname of 'disaster star'. Helpless, she can only cling to her older brother, the marquis, in hopes of surviving, and wait for the true master to return so she can give way. Years later, when the true master returns to the manor, yu
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Daytime Star 4.6

Daytime Star

Chapter 4

11,748 Nov 12,21 Chae eun,Godago

Yura Hwang, an actress that only gets to act as extras for all seven years since she has started her career. She got betrayed by her boyfriend that got married to another person. But in all of that mess, she met again with the famous senior actor for the second time in her newest movie! Will her path to becoming a star come true? Star in the daytime / 낮에 뜨는 별 / Star in daytime
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Midori no Mahou to Kaori no Tsukaite 4.7

Midori No Mahou To Kaori No Tsukaite

Chapter 3

185,248 Nov 26,21 Mamezo,Megu Toki,Rabbit Meg

Misuzu, a female college student who loves herbs, noticed one day in a lush forest. What a different world where magical power and monsters exist! It was the hunter Alex who helped her when she was about to be attacked by a monster. Misuzu offers to treat his injury in gratitude. When a compress is applied using herbs, his arm, which had been stuck due to a curse, immediately moves …!? A reincarna
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What Should I Do If I’ve Signed A Marriage Contract With The Elven Princess 3.9

What Should I Do If I’Ve Signed A Marriage Contract With The Elven Princess

Chapter 75

230,559 Nov 29,21 Updating

"Warning: Yuri content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older." Nan Yue was only in transit in the Kingdom of Elven. But she found that she signed a marriage contract with Ah Sha, the elven princess. Wait, I am a girl! How could I marry the princess? Wait, why am I wanted by the world a
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The Princess’s Double Life 4.7

The Princess’S Double Life

Chapter 26

485,314 Nov 26,21 고은채,쌍필

A master of disguise, master of escape. The genius swindler ‘Viper', a death rower who turned over the empire, was approached by the tyrant of the battlefield, Grand Duke Hessen, one day. “Hey, you're gonna have to help me out a little.” “How can I help you?” “I'm going to try to go against the Emperor.” “….what?” “….well?” The Imperial Shame, Mad Dog of the North, Tyrant of the Battlefield. When
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He’s a Supporting Character but I Love Him Anyway 4.6

He’S A Supporting Character But I Love Him Anyway

Chapter 24

293,117 Nov 18,21 단디,소다파이

"Let's cherish each other!" The supporting character that will eventually be thrown away, don't play hard to get! Kim Geumja who is deeply immersed in the supporting character of a novel soon to face a miserable ending. One day, I was involved in a car accident. When I opened my eyes, I found myself inside of a novel! It's shocking but I couldn't believe I met the supporting character whom I loved
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The Hidden Saintess 4.8

The Hidden Saintess

Chapter 13

170,681 Nov 28,21 야마겟돈,연슬아

Many years ago, there lived a knight who loved a saintess. However, wanting to not hurt the saintess who wasn't allowed to have personal feelings, he made sure to keep a safe distance from her. Eventually, the saintess died in his arms and the devastated knight swore, with bitter anguish, 'If you get a chance at another life, I'll make sure that you will no longer live as a saintess.' After a long
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The Strongest Characters in the World are Obsessed With Me 4.7

The Strongest Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me

Chapter 28

730,648 Nov 27,21 Zion 작가님,김코끼리 작가님

One day, when a thirteen year old was chewing on some bread that came out as a snack, Dahlia Pesteros suddenly remembered her past life. This was the world of the tragic otome game where the characters went crazy, and she was born as the person who would become the greatest villain in the future's younger sister! At this rate, there was no answer. The household would be exterminated, and I would a
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Extreme Life of a Teenager 3.4

Extreme Life Of A Teenager

Chapter 64

49,537 Nov 04,21 Dawin's dragon

Berry's not good with boys, so instead she decided to focus all her energy on school. But things don't always go as planned and turns out, high school is going to be tough…
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The Death Of Baron Werther 4.3

The Death Of Baron Werther

Chapter 6

65,042 Nov 17,21 西法

Monika, the eldest daughter in Viscount Wodehouse's family. Due to inheriting her Indian mother's exotic beauty and her image of self-control, she has received great praises from the local aristocrats. But no one knew about the fact that even a nice and well-behaved lady like her had a secret identity, that is——being an Erotica Writer! After the First World War ended, during a charity banquet held
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Corruption Catharsis 3.1

Corruption Catharsis

Chapter 45

17,964 Nov 04,21 Hinata,Wayama jin

What's a kiss that feels good? We'll end up kissing like this again tomorrow, won't we...? Her boyfriend's extremely controlling behavior is making Shuna emotionless. That's when a tutor is hired to teach her at home. "I'll teach you about more than just schoolwork." Huh? What is he saying? What do Kusunoki-sensei's fascinating words and behaviors end up makin
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Love Algorithm 4.4

Love Algorithm

Chapter 28

37,889 Nov 20,21 Thelucky01,Twoony

Ada Kim is a brilliant, eccentric young scientist. How does she use her vast knowledge? To find the perfect boyfriend, of course! Ada invented an algorithm called called Q.P.I.D that measures relationship compatibility. When she meets her perfect crush, Blake Carter, she discovers their compatibility is only 1%. Meanwhile, her flirty and annoying lab partner, Dexter Kye, is a 100% match?! Determin
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1st Kiss Was Intentional 4.8

1St Kiss Was Intentional

Chapter 0 - Promo

58,789 Nov 04,21 Shi-ah ahn

When I opened my eyes after a fire, I became a side character in a novel. What am I to do now?Get closer to the heroine? No.Get closer to the male lead? No.I'm going to live a long and simple life!I've lived peacefully outside the Emperor's castle for 3 years. I thought I would be free as long as the novel ended happily as it should.“Who's th-…”“Servant.”Huh?“I'll listen to your every command.”“H-
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The Story of My Snail and I 4.3

The Story Of My Snail And I

Chapter 10

9,317 Oct 30,21 당과 (dang gua)

The condition for the fresh water snail to become a human being is to win the love of its housemate? Seungha, someone from ordinary single-member household, once came across with a feisty snail called 'Nokjo'. A cool-sweet healing living together romance of the top-level housekeeping neat freak snail and Seungha, the weary loner in her hectic routine. 우리 집 우렁이는 / The Snail In My House
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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon 4.6

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon

Vol.12 Chapter 60: Stars 11

31,201 Nov 07,21 Takeuchi Naoko

Usagi Tsukino is a normal girl until she meets up with Luna a talking cat who tells her that she is Sailor Moon. As Sailor Moon Usagi must fight evils and enforce justice in the name of the Moon and the mysterious Moon Princess. She meets other girls destined to be Sailor Senshi (Sailor Scouts) and together they fight the forces of evil.    NOTE: Scanlator used the bunko reprint instead of
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The Villainess’s Survival Plan 3.4

The Villainess’S Survival Plan

Chapter 45: The Test Begins

217,253 Nov 30,21 Yi Ge Da Cheng Zi

Born into a prestigious family, Xiao Yao passed away from a severe illness. It was only upon waking that she realized she had reincarnated into the body of Ophelia, the one and only evil little sister of the female protagonist of the story《Princess Biography》.Who didn't know of the Princess Ophelia who was devoid of any magical powers? Under the doting indulgence of her father, she was notorio
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The Big Shot’s Darling Returns 4.4

The Big Shot’S Darling Returns

Chapter 24

90,100 Nov 29,21 Qingyu gaffey,Yuewen manhua

Jun Qing finally transmigrates back to her original world, but finds out her own body had been taken over by another transmigrator for 2 years. Even the fourth brother, whom she has been pining after secretly for many years treats her coldly. Dealing with the trouble the previous transmigrator left behind, and simultaneously getting fourth brother's heart back, Jun Qing says this is no hard feat!
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