SOS! Falling in Love With a Moth! 5

Sos! Falling In Love With A Moth!

0 Sep 25,22 兔街子 (Tu Jie Zi)

Season One Summary: Miao Xiao Fan is a normal girl, but her mom is a gu master. After cultivating her own gu, she wants to let him live in our home!? Xiao Fan’s peaceful life has turned upside down! Moths are so gross! *gu: 蛊虫. A worm that needs to be cultivated that, when strong enough can shapeshift into other forms. When mature enough, their masters (gu masters) can implant them into
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The Fate of Undesirable Saintess 3

The Fate Of Undesirable Saintess

Chapter 10.5

50.1K Sep 25,22 KIZAKI Yuu , SORAJIMA Studio

The Fate of Undesirable Saintess manga,Koukina Seijo ga Arawaretanode, Minashigo Agari no Seijo wa Iranaku Narimashita? At the orphanage, Emilia has developed her power and has been awakened as a saintess. That's when she meets her crush from the novel she used to read in her previous life?! However, her crush, Prince Sion, was supposed to be married to the daughter of the duchess, Mystia Still d
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Ophelia the Oracle Queen 4.6

Ophelia The Oracle Queen

Chapter 25

20K Sep 25,22 Rosarin , Terry , Ullpe

Ophelia the Oracle Queen manhwa, There's nothing more frustrating than a novel with endless tragedy and zero triumph. Such is the tale of Ophelia, a powerless princess who is used by those around her only to be cast aside and poisoned to death. So when an ordinary bookworm wakes up in the princess's body, she knows that she must rise to the throne in order to survive. Being the illegitimate daug
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My Mother Was a Prosecuted Ex-villainess – The Ascendance of an Ugly Four-eyed Commoner 4.7

My Mother Was A Prosecuted Ex-Villainess – The Ascendance Of An Ugly Four-Eyed Commoner

Chapter 4

50K Sep 24,22 Bekio , TEIKA Kobato

Watashi no Okaa-sama wa Tsuihou sareta Moto Akuyaku Reijou Deshita , My Mother Was a Prosecuted Ex-villainess The Ascendance of an Ugly Four-eyed Commoner "Your identity must never be revealed. Your eyes and your hair would inconvenience both your mother and the people of the kingdom"The mother of Ashley, who is a fifteen-year-old girl, was called a villainess, got prosecuted, and then kidnapped
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Marriage B 4.7

Marriage B

Chapter 20

75.1K Sep 25,22 G-ANNE , Namsalang , Yosyua

Marriage B manhwa, B "You killed Melissa. If you let me go, she won't!"I am married to Terio Alte, a friend from childhood. But Terio's heart only goes to Melissa, my sister.Not long after that, Marquis Ancy Betelgius destroyed the Rubiet family. And Melissa, who was married to him, also died.Terio took out all his resentment on me, because I couldn't stand it and decided to give up on this lifeW
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Superstar Associate Manager 4.7

Superstar Associate Manager

Chapter 15

18.7K Sep 21,22

Hoyeon Cheon is an associate manager at Korea Capital, a finance company where his career is stagnating. One night, stuck with the cleanup after a long evening of karaoke with colleagues, he decides to sing one more song. Little does he know that the ghost of the wild-child rock star Jihyeok Han has been waiting, hoping to find the perfect vessel for his superstar auraSuperstar Cheon Dae-riSuperst
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Write to Your Heart! 3

Write To Your Heart!

Chapter 23

7.2K Sep 21,22 Vaguni

Dohui has horrible handwriting except she doesn't! She just hasn't overcome her complex about the unique way she holds a pencil not yet, anyway. When team leader Chanyeol Jeong takes interest in Dohui's handwriting, she joins his project and they begin a professional partnership. As she begins working with Chanyeol, will Dohui be able to overcome her insecurity? And could their business relations
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A Chance at Last 4.6

A Chance At Last

Chapter 35

10K Sep 21,22

Sisters Ju-eun and Hyejin grew up in absolute poverty. After their mother's death, Hyejin accepts the offer to join their estranged father's wealthy family. But when Hyejin turns out dead just three years later, Ju-eun is grief-stricken. She grabs at the chance to travel back in time and take her sister's place where she meets the kind but mysterious Iho.
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I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother 4.7

I’Ll Be The Warrior’S Mother

Chapter 23

115.1K Sep 22,22

"Even if you become my wife, I won't touch you""Is that so? Then it's okay if I touch you, okay?""""What?"***In about 20 years in the future, this world will. destroyed by the devil. There is only one way to prevent that catastrophe.It was to marry the duke known as the "monster" and give birth to his child. After that, the baby will become a warrior to save this world."Mielle, this marriage, let
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The Land Lord’s Baby Retires 4.6

The Land Lord’S Baby Retires

Chapter 52

200.2K Sep 22,22

Read manhwa The Land Lord's Baby Retires / In her third life, she was reborn as the only daughter of a villain that didn't have blood nor tears.People lived in a house that was on the verge of collapsing, so she designed a building using her previous life's knowledge.However, her dad caught her and"We passed a bill that the building's ownership would be given to the person who
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Accidental Everlasting Love 3.7

Accidental Everlasting Love

Chapter 13

18.7K Sep 22,22

Accidental Everlasting Love: After being betrayed by her own boyfriend, the female lead is suddenly engaged to the esteemed Mr. Fu. Where should she go from there? "I'll need to train you to become my qualified fiancee. You'll need to get used to my touch, my gaze, and the scent of my body. If you can get everything you've ever wanted six months after you were betrayed, would you choose to be filt
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I Will Not Be Spoiled by a Doting Gangster! 4.3

I Will Not Be Spoiled By A Doting Gangster!

Chapter 9.5: Extra

33K Sep 20,22 Hirai Runa

An age-gap love story between a caretaker who loves a little too much and a young lady who’s a high school girl. Riko, the granddaughter of a yakuza family, has a crush on Iori, her overprotective caretaker. He has always earnestly pampered Riko and been around her since long ago, and he has always been with her in everything she does. And when she found out that Iori has a girlfriend, she deci
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If Winter Meets Sunshine 3

If Winter Meets Sunshine

Chapter 26

30K Sep 22,22 阿柯文化

Wu Weiwei avenged her mother and made a deal with him on the condition of secret information about Ye Jiliang's mother. She wanted to become his nominal fiance and gave him the information. She thought that the two of them would owe each other nothing after the end. Unexpectedly, what she thought was too simple.If There Is the Cold Winter Encountering the Warm SunRu Yu Hn Dng Y Nun Yng
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Check In to Your Heart 3.8

Check In To Your Heart

Chapter 25

16.2K Sep 19,22 P.cong

My boss wasn't supposed to fall for me! Ajin, the newest intern at the ritzy HU Hotel, seems to have it all: looks, intelligence, and money. But when Seolmin, the CEO, discovers that she's living in the basement of his hotel, Ajin desperately makes a deal with him to avoid getting kicked out. But this deal might change her life forever!
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Fictional Skin 3.7

Fictional Skin

Chapter 23

8.6K Sep 19,22 Kris Nguyen

Finn just wants to draw his comics in peace. Not everybody needs to know he's a closeted nerd. But when his cousin, Vivi, claims that a video game character look-alike walked into her classroom, Finn's comics and personal life begin to take a strange turn.mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommen
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Demon Wants To Hug ( season 2 ) 2.8

Demon Wants To Hug ( Season 2 )

Chapter 64

20K Sep 20,22 Chi Yu

Overbearing loyal dog devil x high mighty calm and cold swordsman, as a pair of lover's forced to part in their previous lives, in this life at last both of them meet, the cold swordsman has lost the memories of his past life, the domineering devil turned into an attached, loyal dog, you don't like my devil's appearance? Then I'll become a cute pet and accompany you, want to eat a sweet candy? Com
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Talented baby squirrel 4.6

Talented Baby Squirrel

Chapter 23

95.1K Sep 25,22 Hogdeung Golae , Ultramarinesilk , Han So-young

Talented baby squirrel manhwa, Beatty, the frail squirrel was born into a family of lions. So, she had to live in abusive situations at her aunt's house.The second prince is her only friend and fiance. The moment she said she was leaving to achieve her dream"Ritter, you bastard!"She died from his fangs.When she opened her eyes again, she discovered that she had returned to the past. The time befor
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Did the Goddess Survive Today? 3.4

Did The Goddess Survive Today?

Chapter 9 - 09

14K Sep 20,22 二两

Did the Goddess Survive Today?Shnn Jntin Hu Xilile Ma
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Meiji Tokyo Renka - Oboro no Koku no Gikyoku 5

Meiji Tokyo Renka - Oboro No Koku No Gikyoku

Vol.1 Chapter 5

7K Sep 18,22 Hinata Hiyori

A very normal girl, Mei Ayatsuki, has made a time slip to the Meiji Era. There she meets the historical figures, Otojirou Kawakami and Kyouya Izumi--!? A romantic yet a little mysterious historical love story is beginning.Adapted from the *Meiji Tokyo Renka* otome game.
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Meiji Tokyo Renka - Moonlight Memories (Anthology) 4

Meiji Tokyo Renka - Moonlight Memories (Anthology)

Vol.1 Chapter 3: The "m" In Mei♡Koi Stands For "majorly Annoying" (Morita Nana)

8.7K Sep 18,22 Rikou, Namako (なま子), Itsuki Meiko, Uraki Enya, Himeki Takuya, Kurodeko, Morita Nana, Secco, Moo Mochida, Chitose Asahi, Emiri, Nagao Uka, Yukiya Tomoki

Stories related to the *Meiji Tokyo Renka* otome game.
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Kusattetemo Kimi ga Suki 4

Kusattetemo Kimi Ga Suki

Chapter 10

12.9K Sep 18,22 Toako

First-year high school student Ichiro is super popular with all the girls at school, but he only has eyes for his childhood friend.One day when Ichiro was finally ready to confess, a terrible misunderstanding occurred and now the girl he likes thinks he loves BL Manga!
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I’m Not the Villain’s White Moonlight! 3.6

I’M Not The Villain’S White Moonlight!

Chapter 7

28.8K Sep 18,22 绘境社

Belle opens her eyes to find herself a noble within a romance novel on a mission to seduce the main character - Duke Arges, known as "The Beast" - to change the course of the story, Adhering to the principle of "staying away from the main character" and hating the behavior of the nobles, Bell draws the attention of Duke Agnes, will Bell be able to carry out this task?I'm No
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Joker no Kuni no Alice - Black x Gold (Anthology) 3

Joker No Kuni No Alice - Black X Gold (Anthology)

Vol.1 Chapter 11: Rainy Days (Kase Yuuko)

3.5K Sep 18,22 Quinrose

A QuinRose anniversary anthology for *Heart no Kuni no Alice*.
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