Under the Moonlight 3.1

Under The Moonlight

0 Jan 29,23 Chada

.An assassin drops in on a troublemaker vampire who creates havoc all over the continent. But turns out, he was brainwashed! Can he make this man, who's very much his type, his?
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Devil's Bride 2.3

Devil's Bride

Chapter 173

610.3K Jan 29,23 Rhim Ju-yeon

Jeong-Hwan received a letter from his sister Ji-Yeong that said, "Please rescue me, the devil is here!" His sister goes to an all-girls school and in order to rescue her, he must disguise himself as a female student. In this school, all students are candidates to become "the bride of the devil."
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Power!! 4.5


Chapter 36

596.4K Jan 28,23 Seino Shizuru

Kyo Aizawa's father is a basketball devotee but has been forced to quit playing his precious sport because of an injury. Instead of himself working his way up to the NBA, he feels that Kyo, his daughter should fulfill his dream. To give Kyo a good start in her career of basketball he enrolls her in Seishu High School which is known for two things: its extremely cute girls' uniforms and their boys'
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Maa-chan no Nikkichou 5

Maa-Chan No Nikkichou

Chapter 2.1: Afterword - Chinnen And Kyo-Chan

48.8K Jan 27,23 Tezuka Osamu

Maa-chan's Diary is the first manga created by Tezuka Osamu. He authored it in 1946, and it ran in Shokokumin Shinbun (Mainichi Elementary Schoolchildren's Newspaper). It follows the life of a little preschooler named Maa-chan, who lives in post-war Japan.
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Love Shuttle 4.2

Love Shuttle

Chapter 98

160.2K Jan 25,23 Im Ae-Ju

. There's a late bloomer, and then there's a *late bloomer.* Doyun may be half Omega, but he certainly doesn't look it: he's tall, chiseled... But the worst of it all is that he's a full-grown adult male who has yet to go into heat. He doesn't see the problem, and everyone assumes he's an Alpha, anyway. But when his body finally decides it's "time," it just happens to be at the most inopportune mo
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Don't Touch Me! 3.3

Don't Touch Me!

Chapter 107

640K Jan 24,23 Seo Hyun-joo

"People don't like my face." Said the overly handsome boy wearing a mask over his mouth. Of course, this wasn't it. People loved his face too much that they fainted and fought over him. It's just that he was way too dense to see it. His only friend was his childhood friend, and it just so happens that his childhood friend has a sister. She is our heroine. Her name is Mirang.
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Hero Killer 3.1

Hero Killer

Chapter 92

6.5M Jan 24,23 Kase Daiki

The story of a young man's revenge on the heroes that failed him.
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Pygmalion 4.3


Chapter 27

2.1M Jan 23,23 Watanabe Chihiro (ii)

At the National Local Mascot Festival, children all across Japan can meet their favorite local mascots. But as the festival gets underway, it becomes clear that what's inside these costumes aren't people - they're something much darker, with a taste for human flesh. Amid the chaos spreading through the entire country, Keigo Ayahara, his little brother Makoto, and his friend Ako must no
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I'm Not Your Hero or Anything 3.3

I'm Not Your Hero Or Anything

Chapter 5

30.4K Jan 19,23 UI Kashi

Reuniting with your first love in a "ladyboys s** chat"?An obsessed doggie-like top x a tyrant "princess" with a twisted temperament!"There's no way I can be wrong! Sei-chan was my first love."Sei-chan was my hero when I was little, but he suddenly disappeared from my life.In the spring when I became a university student, I meet him again after 10 years.But he has changed, and one day we somehow e
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Heroine Shikkaku 3.4

Heroine Shikkaku

Vol.10 Chapter 36.5

1.3M Jan 18,23 Koda Momoko

This could be any girl. Imagine being a heroine of a love story. Hatori also believed that one day she would get married to her childhood friend, Rita. But that's not how the world works! This is a hilarious comedy that honestly paints a painful unrequited love story of this young girl!
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Adabana 4.2


Vol.2 Chapter 15

410.9K Jan 17,23 Shirasaya

The "Dark Flower" is a sword of legend; a horrible legend of a gruesome slaughter three hundred years past. Lilia, a small girl from a village threatened by the bandit group whose leader has obtained this cursed weapon is now searching for help to save her city. Unfortunately, she is spotted by the bandits and can only run for her life. But, just as she is about to be caught, she runs into a young
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Ochinai Otoke 3.5

Ochinai Otoke

Chapter 1

7K Jan 16,23 Suehiro machi

A story of one ho*** incubus and his adventures in the human world.
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Kimi no Sumire 4.1

Kimi No Sumire

Vol.1 Chapter 6.5

234K Jan 15,23 Arima Arashi

Recently transferred to a new school, Sumire meets Toujou, a boy they all call, "The school's solitary Madonna." After stepping between a fight with Toujou and some others, he takes a liking to Sumire and they begin to spend their school days together. Although beautiful on the outside, Toujou is surprisingly brusque. Despite not making any effort to interact with others, he's surprisingly sweet t
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Piwi 4


Chapter 7.5: Volume Extras

14.5K Jan 15,23 Nanao Nanaki

"The Green Bird of Happiness" It's figure was as divine as the phoenix of legends, and the timbre of it's songs was more majestic than any instrument. It's said that if you were to encounter it, you will be promised happiness...
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Twinkle Nora 5

Twinkle Nora

Vol.1 Chapter 9: Twinkle Nora Chapter 9: Biker Punk Nora

76.9K Jan 09,23 Mikuriya Satomi

An anthology collection featuring Nora and other unrelated stories.
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Mannequin 3.4


Chapter 1: Vampire - Yamori Shiki

64.6K Jan 06,23 Nishi Uko

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Afro Samurai 4.6

Afro Samurai

Vol.2 Chapter 10.5

301.2K Jan 04,23 Okazaki Takashi

Set in a "futuristic, yet feudal Japan," and stars a samurai named Afro for his hair. The story follows Afro as he tries to avenge his father's murder. In the world of Afro Samurai, it is said that the one who becomes "Number One", will rule the world, wielding powers akin to a god. Someone becomes Number One by killing the previous Number One and taking his ceremonial headband. However, the on
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I Can't Take My Eyes Off Boobs Even in Another World! 4.4

I Can't Take My Eyes Off Boobs Even In Another World!

Chapter 7 [End]

345.4K Jan 04,23 Minamoto Yuu,Musashimaru,Itosugi Masahiro,Hino Haruto,Fuyuno Nabe,Nagisa Fujita,Momoshika Fujiko

An anthology of separate stories threaded together by fantasy isekai and boobs.
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Umi de Hirotta Kimi ni Sasagu 3.9

Umi De Hirotta Kimi Ni Sasagu

Chapter 5

477.4K Dec 29,22 Sagami Waka

The popular novelist in a bad mood because of his slump finds a young man naked at the beach. Furthermore, that man seems to have lost his memory?!
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Irrational Us 4.6

Irrational Us

Chapter 29: Chapter 27

396.2K Dec 26,22 Takemiya Jin

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Juouheika to Sunakaburi no Hanayome 4

Juouheika To Sunakaburi No Hanayome


52.1K Dec 22,22 Koishikawa Ao , Koishikawa Ao

Just as Sunakaburi was almost killed by slave traders, he was saved by a snow leopard, the Beast King. Sunakaburi, who did not belong because of his different fur color, was told by the king that he was his “destined mate”, and was given beautiful clothes, a soft bed to sleep in, and delicious food to eat instead of leftovers. The king even gave Sunakaburi a lovely name, “Kouran”. Overjoyed, Koura
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