Hero Killer 3.1

Hero Killer

Chapter 136

11.5M Oct 02,23 Kase Daiki

The story of a young man's revenge on the heroes that failed him.
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Doraemon 4.8


Vol.19 Chapter 354: Shadow Projector

4.2M Oct 01,23 Fujiko F. Fujio

From Aku Tenshi: Doraemon, a cat shaped robot which came from the 22nd century in the future, goes back in time in order to help Nobita, a below average lazy kid, to make his life less miserable and improve his descendent's life. With many of Doreamon's gadgets from the future, Nobita's life will never be as the same. It's the start of many interesting adventures after between the
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Hana ni Arashi 4.4

Hana Ni Arashi

Vol.12 Chapter 136: Life As A Couple

4.5M Oct 01,23 TAKAGI Shigeyoshi

Even though her body has an unusual ability, Kunimi Riko is still (trying to be) a normal high school girl. One day, a guy suddenly comes to see her. He”s Tachibana Ran, the heir of the world-leading super-millionaire Tachibana family! A high tension romance between Ran, who suddenly proposed, and Riko, who turned him down.Extra:- Jigoku Kokyuu no Hitsuyou (Vol.1)Kiyoharu was trying to nap w
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Seven Days 4.8

Seven Days

Chapter 14

907K Sep 30,23 Tachibana Benio

From Vices and Devices: Bright and early one Monday morning, Shino Yuzuru asks Seryou Touji out on a lark when they run into each other at the school gate. Seryou, who's immensely popular, has the odd habit of going out with anyone who asks him out first at the beginning of the week, then promptly dumping them at the end of it. "Anyone" apparently includes male upperclassmen like Shino, and as
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Pink Heart Jam 4.7

Pink Heart Jam

Chapter : Sequel

14.1K Sep 28,23 Shikke

Country boy Haiga has many questions he wants to learn the answers to when he moves to the bustling capital for his university life – and one of them happens to be, “do I like guys, too?” When his upperclassmen dare him to check out a box spa behind Shinjuku’s Nichoume District, Haiga uses this opportunity to find out the answer to his question – and runs into his senior Kanae, who has one simple
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Contradict 4


Chapter 7

15K Sep 28,23 Ohshima Kamome

A cocky and confident Yajima harbors dislike for Torikai, a cool and talented fellow trainee in the Rescue Team. The two constantly quarrel, but one day they cross the line while squabbling and end up sleeping together. Yajima regrets it, but at the same time he cannot get Torikai's pleading expression out of his head. However, because they have been rivals until now, he just can't bring himself t
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Demon City Hunter 2.7

Demon City Hunter

Vol.1 Chapter 7: The Rain Of Blood

181.1K Sep 27,23 Kikuchi Hideyuki

God's come down to earth and all hell is breaking loose! Enter a world where demons seen only in dreams are real, oceans swallow cities, and the powers of the mind are preferable to guns. It is here in the "Demon City" that Kyoya Izayoi, master of the rare martial art of nenpo, wields the mythical sword Ashura in defense of beautiful Sayaka Katagiri. As the evil Dark Ord
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Tiger Flower 3.7

Tiger Flower

Notice. : Officials

40K Sep 27,23 Nire , 니레

Yoon Baek is a typical young man who works part-time jobs to make a living. One day, he comes across a stray cat that leads him to a veterinarian named Jay Blythe. After realizing that he met him before in his dreams, he comes to learn that he's been selected by Jay to be his next prey. Yoon later finds out that his older brother who went missing a few months back was also eaten by Jay, the tiger,
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When Sato-kun died.. 4.5

When Sato-Kun Died..


9.6K Sep 26,23 Yamagata Aona(山形あおな)

He is silent, expressionless and he keeps to himself, but then he shared a smile with me. That boy is… a walking corpse! Sato-kun, who met an early demise in a traffic accident, came back to school as a Zombie. That popular guy who would light up the room, is now cold and lifeless and barely manages to trace the habits of his old life. However, Hozumi from the same class, seems to be the only exce
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Ichizu de Bitch na Kouhai 4.7

Ichizu De Bitch Na Kouhai

Chapter 155: Story About The Summer Festival And Loneliness

19.2M Sep 26,23 Ironon

A story about a flirty kouhai seducing her senpai.
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I Tried Asking a Hot-Tempered Gal Out on a Date 4.6

I Tried Asking A Hot-Tempered Gal Out On A Date

Chapter 13: I Suggested A Maid Costume To An Angry Gal

873.3K Sep 26,23 Shiraishi Kouhei

I Tried Asking a Hot-Tempered Gal Out on a Date manga,
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Father Complex 4.2

Father Complex

Chapter 10

158.4K Sep 25,23 Minase Masara

Fukami Rei is making the switch from modeling to acting, and getting a part in a drama with his idol Agawa Ryuuji is a dream come true. But admiration for Ryuuji's acting isn't the only reason Rei wants to get closer to the older man...
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Stigmata 4.1


Afterword. : End Season 1

588.5K Sep 23,23 Ko Yasung

The end of the Holy War. The Pope, in an effort to suppress the remaining eye-witnesses who oppose his power, demands that a gag order be enforced regarding “the miracle” that brought the war to an end: the appearance of the five who bore the stigmata—the Holy Marks—the marks of God. 10 years later . . . The diabolic faction that opposed the Vatican’s power and brough
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Berserk 4.8


Chapter 374: Is The Sleeping Black Beast But Biding Its Time?

91.9M Sep 22,23 Miura Kentaro

Berserk Manga is a Japanese dark fantasy manga series illustrated and written by Kentaro Miura. Place in a medieval Europe-divine the narrative centers on the characters of Guts dark fantasy world, a lone mercenary, and Griffith, the leader of a mercenary group known as the Band of the Hawk. Motifs of camaraderie, isolation, as well as the question of whether mankind is bas
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Atashi Kisushita 4.7

Atashi Kisushita

Chapter 5: Kiss 1 - Sea-Colored Train

566.4K Sep 20,23 Mitsui Haruka

"What can I do to change our relationship status quo?" Enjoy a brand new oneshot by Dessert new super rookie, Mitsui Haruka!
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Tensei Ryoushu no Yuuryou Kaitaku: Zensei no Kioku o Ikashite White ni Tsutometara, Yuunou na Jinzai ga Atsumari Sugimashita 4.1

Tensei Ryoushu No Yuuryou Kaitaku: Zensei No Kioku O Ikashite White Ni Tsutometara, Yuunou Na Jinzai Ga Atsumari Sugimashita

Vol.7 Chapter 30.3: The Arrogant Prince's Probation Period 3

3.3M Sep 20,23 Sorano Susumu , rikko

Excellent development of reincarnated lords-When I tried to whiten by making use of the memory of the previous life, too many talented people gathered, Tensei Ryoushu no Yuuryou Kaitaku: Zensei no Kioku o Ikashite White ni Tsutometara, Yuunou na Jinzai ga Atsumari SugimashitaExcellent development of reincarnated lords-When I tried to whiten by making use of the memory of the previous life, too man
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Pygmalion 4.2


Side.2 : Christmas Side Story

4.1M Sep 17,23 Watanabe Chihiro (ii)

At the National Local Mascot Festival, children all across Japan can meet their favorite local mascots. But as the festival gets underway, it becomes clear that what's inside these costumes aren't people - they're something much darker, with a taste for human flesh. Amid the chaos spreading through the entire country, Keigo Ayahara, his little brother Makoto, and his friend Ako must no
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Missile Happy 4.6

Missile Happy

Vol.5 Chapter 20.5: The Boyfriend Behind Me

280.3K Sep 16,23 Kiritani Miki

From Tokyopop: Mikako, our over-zealous heroine, has a sister-complex so strong she won't let just any man wed her sister. On an undercover investigation to learn more about the newest bachelor, she ends up moving in with him! Plus the guy is a highschool kid just like her! Mikako's relationship with him starts to grow. What'll happen between Mikako and him?!
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Ishuzoku Reviewers 4.6

Ishuzoku Reviewers

Chapter 63.5

13.4M Sep 11,23 Amahara

In our world, the human race constantly debates about several important issues, such as: which girl is the best girl? How good is something as fapping material? Which fetish is the sexiest? And why your Waifu is the best while everyone else has shit taste. Accompany these great warriors as they present us with different girls, different opinions, different boners, and show us that the fantasy worl
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NOiSE 3.3


Chapter 23

459.7K Sep 10,23 Nihei Tsutomu

From Tokyopop: As detective Musubi Susono investigates a series of child kidnappings, her own partner is viciously murdered. But when the investigation takes a brutal turn, she is suddenly confronted by the killer--and his vicious Silicon Creature...
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Gambling Outcast Kaiji - Kaiji Part 3 4.5

Gambling Outcast Kaiji - Kaiji Part 3

Chapter 131 [End]

24.5K Sep 06,23 Fukumoto Nobuyuki

Six months after the fight to the death with The Bog, Kaiji escapes from the underground and pays off his debts. Sakazaki gets fed up with Kaiji and tries to get rid of him by giving him 3 million yen as compensation. At that time, Kaiji is reunited with Miyoshi and Maeda, who were his friends in the underground, and they come up with a plan to swindle a large sum of money from Muraoka, the presid
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-Rain- 4.4


Chapter 101

3.9M Aug 30,23 Hayase Hashiba

On a rainy day, when Mai got stood up by the guy she likes, she met a beautiful girl who told her that she was the Rain and that she had come because of her tears. After that Mai's days were filled with the bitterness of betrayal, only the memory of the girl called Rain can somehow ease her heart. A story of a brief love affair under the rainy season.
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Sex Drop 3.6

Sex Drop


225.6K Aug 30,23 Shikke

Kiumi is a college student who's famous for being open about his orientation and an active top. Shizume, who's in the closet and the same class as Kiumi, doesn't like how open Kiumi is about his adventures. One night, Shizume saves Kiumi, who almost gets tricked into becoming a male companion, by taking him to his room to hide. Except, Kiumi gets the wrong idea and thinks Shizume is looking for a
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