Doraemon 4.8


Vol.16 Chapter 303: Space Tarzan

4.2M Sep 18,23 Fujiko F. Fujio

From Aku Tenshi: Doraemon, a cat shaped robot which came from the 22nd century in the future, goes back in time in order to help Nobita, a below average lazy kid, to make his life less miserable and improve his descendent's life. With many of Doreamon's gadgets from the future, Nobita's life will never be as the same. It's the start of many interesting adventures after between the
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Gambling Outcast Kaiji - Kaiji Part 3 4.5

Gambling Outcast Kaiji - Kaiji Part 3

Chapter 131 [End]

22.4K Sep 06,23 Fukumoto Nobuyuki

Six months after the fight to the death with The Bog, Kaiji escapes from the underground and pays off his debts. Sakazaki gets fed up with Kaiji and tries to get rid of him by giving him 3 million yen as compensation. At that time, Kaiji is reunited with Miyoshi and Maeda, who were his friends in the underground, and they come up with a plan to swindle a large sum of money from Muraoka, the presid
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Ichizu de Bitch na Kouhai 4.7

Ichizu De Bitch Na Kouhai

Chapter 154.5: Story About Different Food Preferences

19.1M Sep 05,23 Ironon

A story about a flirty kouhai seducing her senpai.
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I Tried Asking a Hot-Tempered Gal Out on a Date 4.6

I Tried Asking A Hot-Tempered Gal Out On A Date

Chapter 12: I Went To A Festival With An Angry Gal

771.8K Sep 04,23 Shiraishi Kouhei

I Tried Asking a Hot-Tempered Gal Out on a Date manga,
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-Rain- 4.4


Chapter 101

3.9M Aug 30,23 Hayase Hashiba

On a rainy day, when Mai got stood up by the guy she likes, she met a beautiful girl who told her that she was the Rain and that she had come because of her tears. After that Mai's days were filled with the bitterness of betrayal, only the memory of the girl called Rain can somehow ease her heart. A story of a brief love affair under the rainy season.
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Sex Drop 3.6

Sex Drop


217.5K Aug 30,23 Shikke

Kiumi is a college student who's famous for being open about his orientation and an active top. Shizume, who's in the closet and the same class as Kiumi, doesn't like how open Kiumi is about his adventures. One night, Shizume saves Kiumi, who almost gets tricked into becoming a male companion, by taking him to his room to hide. Except, Kiumi gets the wrong idea and thinks Shizume is looking for a
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Ikumen After + a 4.9

Ikumen After + A

Vol.1 Chapter 9

6.9K Aug 07,23 Kodaka Kazuma

It has been 3 weeks since a fire swept through Izumi’s apartment and he went to live with Asakura. Although both have recognized their feelings for each other, Izumi is still holding back on having sex with Asakura, because Asakura was originally heterosexual. Meanwhile, Asakura is curious to know what a relationship between men is like, and what his first time will be like, and if Izumi will
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Akiyama-kun 4.4


Vol.3 Chapter 12: Texas

632.6K Jul 21,23 Nobara Aiko

When Shiba Daisuke confesses to his delinquent upperclassman Akiyama-kun in front of all of Akiyama's friends, getting beat up and ridiculed would maybe be understandable. But the events that follow are nowhere near what any of them would expect.
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Mabarai-san Hunts Me Down 4.3

Mabarai-San Hunts Me Down

Chapter 16: Mabarai-San And Shimada-Kun. [End]

163.5K Jul 12,23 ma_trii

My hobbies are shopping and searching for sweets. The rest- kill the vampires. One day the girl who transferred to my school froze the class with her shocking self-introduction. She dyes my gray high school life bright red. A unique youth romantic comedy by "Self-proclaimed vampire hunting gal" x "High school boy living in the shade"!!
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Hibi, Kimi 3.8

Hibi, Kimi

Vol.1 Chapter 8

56.4K Jun 21,23 Koike Sadaji

Hasuno, a screenwriter with zero housekeeping skills, decides to ask Higurashi, a junior student at his university whom he has always cared about, to do housework for him as a part-time job. As Higurashi takes care of Hasuno, a senior who he admires, he gradually begins to notice a change in his feelings. ......A pure and slightly carbonated love story between a popular scriptwriter with beauty in
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Salad Days 4.2

Salad Days

Chapter 95

425.4K May 27,23 Inokuma,Shinobu

Salad Days is a large collection of short love stories. Although almost all of them are unrelated some characters in previous stories reappear as a support character or as a main character if the author chooses to write more stories about the character.
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Boyfriend 17 3.9

Boyfriend 17

Chapter 7.6: Valentine's Day Special

56.9K May 15,23 Yoshida Yuuko

The man who piqued his interest is his junior. Two men with different ages and different views on love get drawn to each other. A clumsy, roundabout, and earnest love. A young trendy model and a closeted fashion magazine editor. Mihara Yōu got recently transferred from the literature to the fashion department. He attends the trendy model Usui Sakumi’s photoshoot. “I’ve seen you
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Usotsuki wa Shinshi no Hajimari 4.4

Usotsuki Wa Shinshi No Hajimari

Chapter 8.5

276.3K May 08,23 Matsuo Marta

Do these two men have any redeeming qualities whatsoever? Quirky story with some questionable humor. Med school student Jonathan pockets psychotropic drugs from the university hospital and deals them to college students. But when he's inevitably discovered by his professor, Paul Thomas Haskins, Jonathan must give up his body in exchange for the professor's silence!
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Ayamachi wa Shinshi no Tashinami 4.2

Ayamachi Wa Shinshi No Tashinami

Vol.1 Chapter 8.5

214.7K May 08,23 Matsuo Marta

ontinuation of Paul and Jonathan's romance from Usotsuki wa Shinshi no Hajimari.
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Maa-chan no Nikkichou 5

Maa-Chan No Nikkichou

Vol.1 Chapter 9.1: Afterword - Good Morning! Cusco

62.2K Mar 22,23 Tezuka Osamu

The Diary of Ma-chan is the official debut work of Osamu Tezuka, who serialized it in 1946. It follows the life of a little preschooler named Ma-chan, and all of the shenanigans he gets wrapped up in.Also includes:- **Chinnen and Kyo-chan**: The daily life in Kyoto of Chinnen, a monk in training.- **A-chan B-ko-chan Expedition Log**: A long form gag-adventure story. A pair of
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Beck 4.7


Vol.34 Chapter 102.3

2.6M Mar 05,23 Harold Sakuishi

From Tokyopop: For the first 14 years of his life, Yukio Tanaka has been one heck of a boring guy. He has no hobbies, weak taste in music, and only a small vestige of a personality. He yearns for an exciting life, but his shy, and somewhat neurotic personality make him his own worst enemy. Little does he know that his life will be forever changed when he meets Ryusuke Minami, a wild and unpredicta
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Tonari no Lunch 3.8

Tonari No Lunch

Chapter 1

8.2K Mar 01,23 Akahachi

Delicious food and a hint of love...??A heartwarming gourmet foodmysteryBL!?A remote worker learns that the guy he had a crush on at work is getting married! Heartbroken, but hungry, he ponders what to eat and smells the delicious cooking from the neighbor next door. While trying to place the familiar scent, he vows to recreate the dish himself. He then passes by a good looking guy at his apartmen
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Botsuraku Reijou no Ikoku Kekkonroku 4.4

Botsuraku Reijou No Ikoku Kekkonroku

Chapter 14

273.7K Feb 28,23 EMOTO Mashimesa , HINO Anzu

Botsuraku Reijou no Ikoku Kekkonroku manga, "From now on, you will be my wife." Reifa, a daughter of a fallen family, is bought for 100 gold coins in a faraway foreign country to pay off her family's debt. In a land where she can't speak nor understand the language, she was almost treated as an object. But, she is rescued by the beautiful and (rumored) sickly, head of a noble family, Sin Yu. A st
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Nito and Tazuka's Daily Life 3.8

Nito And Tazuka's Daily Life

Vol.1 Chapter 1

43.1K Feb 23,23 Satoutoshio

For Nito, Tazuka is his childhood friend and best friend. But suddenly, he confesses that he loves him! The long-awaited comic book version of the best childhood friendship BL couple, the pure and innocent initiator and the cute and unaware boy!+
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Karamawari Weekend 3.8

Karamawari Weekend

Chapter 1.5

34.3K Feb 15,23 Izui Zui

A love you'll root for spontaneously ? 38-page one-shot!!"Kawanami-san, please fall in love with me." Under the influence of alcohol, Mifune blurts out the feelings he has kept secret from his sempai, Kawanami. And when Kawanami's attitude doesn't seem to have changed after the confession, what is Mifune to do? Heart-pounding, sparkly sempai x unsociable kouhai with a one-sided love. A fresh debut
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Power!! 4.5


Chapter 36

627.8K Jan 28,23 Seino Shizuru

Kyo Aizawa's father is a basketball devotee but has been forced to quit playing his precious sport because of an injury. Instead of himself working his way up to the NBA, he feels that Kyo, his daughter should fulfill his dream. To give Kyo a good start in her career of basketball he enrolls her in Seishu High School which is known for two things: its extremely cute girls' uniforms and their boys'
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I'm Not Your Hero or Anything 3.9

I'm Not Your Hero Or Anything

Chapter 5

142.1K Jan 19,23 UI Kashi

Reuniting with your first love in a "ladyboys s** chat"?An obsessed doggie-like top x a tyrant "princess" with a twisted temperament!"There's no way I can be wrong! Sei-chan was my first love."Sei-chan was my hero when I was little, but he suddenly disappeared from my life.In the spring when I became a university student, I meet him again after 10 years.But he has changed, and one day we somehow e
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Homemade Home 2.9

Homemade Home

Vol.1 Chapter 2.2 : [Continuation]

81K Dec 08,22 Ashihara Hinako

The daughter of a washed out actress, is given the chance to see what it's like to be in a real family. Itsumi's mother, Kei, is a washed-up actress. One day, Itsumi meets a lady with a severe heart condition and receives an invitation to her house. The house, which Itsumi thinks of as the ideal family home, was just a performance arranged for the lady. Among the family members, Itsumi meets Sh
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