Link! Life! Love Live! 4.3

Link! Life! Love Live!

Chapter 78

38.7K May 25,24 Mizuki Maya

Official 4-koma published with the game Link! Life! Love Live!
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My Wife Is From a Thousand Years Ago 4.7

My Wife Is From A Thousand Years Ago

Chapter 278

41M May 25,24 Updating

Jiang He, a girl from the Tang Dynasty, traveled through a thousand years and appeared in front of Xu Qing. Fate brought together this love that spanned a thousand years. Everything the girl was familiar with has become history. Relatives, friends, and enemies have all been left behind 1,200 years ago. The boy is unreserved and leads the girl to start a new life. Pain, confusion, cheers, and laugh
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I Tried Asking a Hot-Tempered Gal Out on a Date 4.5

I Tried Asking A Hot-Tempered Gal Out On A Date

Chapter 20: I Change Seats And Sit Next To An Angry Gal

2.1M May 25,24 Shiraishi Kouhei

I Tried Asking a Hot-Tempered Gal Out on a Date manga,
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Mary-san 4.6


Chapter 147

1M May 25,24 Cacomistle

Meet the friendly Mary-san
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Takamori-kun wo Damarasetai!! 4.8

Takamori-Kun Wo Damarasetai!!

Vol.2 Chapter 7

462K May 25,24 Haruno Kamiharu

Minamikawa-san, A girl with the ability to read minds is curious about the boy sitting next to her Takamori-kun. It's because Takamori-kun's mind is so damn loud.....!!
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Otome no Teikoku 3.9

Otome No Teikoku

Chapter 289: Yakusoku

13.7M May 25,24 Kishi Torajirou

A peek into the "everyday nudity" of high school girls. Virgins’ Empire is a look into the lives of seven high school girls attending an all girls school. We follow them as they grow relationships with one another. Some more intimate than others.
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My Father-in-Law Is My Wife 2.8

My Father-In-Law Is My Wife

Chapter 204

2.4M May 25,24 月关日

On the day of the wedding between a male dentist and a female doctor, the female doctor suddenly swapped body with her own father after a mysterious lightning strike. From that moment onwards, the male dentist’s wife is officially his father-in-law!
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Puniru is a Cute Slime 3.7

Puniru Is A Cute Slime

Chapter 55.5: Extra Edition ⑪

659.5K May 25,24 Maeda-Kun

The first unique romantic comedy manga in the history of CoroCoro! The slime he created transformed into a girl!? Kotarou, a young boy, is constantly pushed around by Puniru's freewheeling behavior. It's a fun and exciting daily life!
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Outsider Paradise 3.8

Outsider Paradise

Vol.2 Chapter 9: We Don't Get Along

94.2K May 25,24 Suzukawa Rin

From the author of Asobi Asobase comes a new comedy series, about… the Art Club from Asobi Asobase.
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Puniru wa Kawaii Slime 4.4

Puniru Wa Kawaii Slime

Chapter 55.5: Extra Edition ⑪

948.8K May 25,24 Maeda-kun

The first unique romantic comedy manga in the history of CoroCoro! The slime he created transformed into a girl!? Kotarou, a young boy, is constantly pushed around by Puniru's freewheeling behavior. It's a fun and exciting daily life!
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Sora wo Matotte 4.7

Sora Wo Matotte

Chapter 20: Struck By A Rain Of Paint

251.5K May 25,24 Komi Shinya

A high school student, Haro Ogawa, is a self-taught oil painter who is trying to paint the ultimate nude. After an encounter with a "witch," he sets his sights on applying to art school...? The mystery that resides in the human body, the ultimate "beauty" is painted on canvas! A skin-colored coming-of-age drama!
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I'm Dating a Psychopath 4.5

I'm Dating A Psychopath

Chapter 27

54.3K May 25,24

When a new serial killer arises in her city, Finn suspects that he may be related to her past. Against her better judgement, she decides to pursue him in hopes of finding answers. Shortly after, Finn meets Isaac, who reminds her too much of the mysterious boy from her past...
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The Old Man Who Was Reincarnated As A Cat 4.5

The Old Man Who Was Reincarnated As A Cat

Chapter 387

2M May 25,24 Yajima Kenji

An old man was hit by a truck and found himself reincarnated as a cat.
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Confession Attack 4.2

Confession Attack

Chapter 23

211.4K May 25,24 늠개

Hana was never first. Always because Han Geon Woo came in first every time!Hana would do anything to best Geon Woo, even though she can't figure him out.This time, she tried to shock him by confessing...He believed and accepted the confession though? Does he like me?
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Ore wa Subete wo “Parry” Suru 4.7

Ore Wa Subete Wo “Parry” Suru

Chapter 17.1

8.9M May 25,24 Nabeshiki,KRSG

This is the tale of a man who had mastered how to “parry.” “I have no talent at all…” At the age of 12, a young boy named Noru had decided to train himself in the mountains after being rejected by the capital’s official training centers for being “talentless.” He believed that, with enough hard w
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Colori Colore Creare 4.9

Colori Colore Creare

Vol.4 Chapter 19: Gino Smiles

38.2K May 25,24 Amano Kozue

The town of Onobori is located on an island and is protected by a noren (a traditional Japanese curtain). Aka is a naive girl living alone with her grandfather who runs a coffee shop in a quaint windmill hut. An encounter with a giant black cat opens the curtain on a story of creating the colors of the future by weaving together the colorful splendor that is scattered throughout daily life!
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Rejoice In Your Enemies 3.6

Rejoice In Your Enemies

Chapter 16: Disaster Caused By A Love Letter

13.4K May 25,24 Shou, Ji Jing Jun

His beloved crush was snatched up by the nerdy new student. Furious, Ren Zhichu tries to harass that nerd at every chance he gets. Unexpectedly, during their interactions with each other, Ren Zhichu actually develops feelings for that nerd...
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Choukadou Girls 4.6

Choukadou Girls

Vol.7 Chapter 59: The Planet Where Ai Awakens

561.4K May 25,24 Oyster

A moving girl figure are back. A love comedy of the everyday feeling that a super-movable girl wraps around a nerdy boy, Haruto!!
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The Ghost and the Exhausted Office Worker 4.7

The Ghost And The Exhausted Office Worker

Chapter 195

296.1K May 25,24 Nakayama Yuki

A story about an old ghost and the exhausted office worker he watches over. Original by @yukiyuki_nkym on Twitter.
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1-nen A-gumi no Monster 4.6

1-Nen A-Gumi No Monster

Vol.11 Chapter 62: You Don't Get It.

11.4M May 25,24 Hideki

It’s rumored that Class 1-A of a certain all-girls high school is hell itself, with every teacher quitting in a matter of days after being subjected to the girls’ abuse. Ultra-plain Jimi Taro (his name literally sounds like the Japanese word for “boring/plain”) is the latest teacher for this class but is unfazed about the challenge he’s up against. Cute t
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I am with the music immortals 4.5

I Am With The Music Immortals

Chapter 45

559.2K May 25,24 jeff(WHYNOTME),Lee Han-Seong

Though he had no talent, he wanted to succeed as a singer. Death came to him on the day he thought was his last chance, but the music immortals did not forsake him. 'If the music immortals don't abandon you, can you really do it?' With the immortals of music by his side, he started a new life
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Fist of the North Star - Strawberry Flavor 3.8

Fist Of The North Star - Strawberry Flavor

Vol.4 Chapter 50: Souther Vs The Espresso Gentleman

87.1K May 25,24 Kawata Yushi, Hara Tetsuo, Buronson

In this *very* zany take on the dramatic series by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara, the end of the century… wasn't so bad, actually. A *very* special and brave Holy Emperor, Souther, wants to become more "involved" and to be on "friendly terms" with the noble Kenshiro & his posse. *Especially* Kenshiro. Due to his very outgoing nature, he also crashes the homes of his other buddies, often when they *espe
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