Crossing Code 4

Crossing Code

Chapter 62

628.8K Jul 30,22 Heyoon

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Shinobi no Onna 3.5

Shinobi No Onna

Vol.1 Chapter 1

79.5K Mar 03,19 Kayono

Another collection of short stories by Kayono involving strange worlds. 1) Secretly a Woman (Shinobi no Onna) - By day she's an ambiguous high school girl, but by night...she transforms into a super-hot male host (gigolo)! Yes, Yuka is "Secretly a Woman," but then a woman named Renka comes to the host club and steals both her body and her heart...!? 2)
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The Cross-dresser With a OOOO and the Manipulated Pragmatist 4.7

The Cross-Dresser With A Oooo And The Manipulated Pragmatist

Chapter 4

207.8K Jun 20,18 Kobayashi Kina

A spin-off featuring Subaru and Asakura from Nanashi no Asterism.
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It's Summer! There's Fireworks! And for Boys, a Yuakata! 4.1

It's Summer! There's Fireworks! And For Boys, A Yuakata!

Chapter 001

125.4K Dec 28,17 Seihoukei

Girlfriend decided to dress up her very effeminate boyfriend in a Yukata, and she takes it personal and accuses her of loving females only, and escapes to the fire work festival, its a trap one shot, gender bender fun
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Josou Kyoudai 4.6

Josou Kyoudai

Chapter 001

99.9K Dec 28,17 Takabatake enaga

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Henshin Kareshi 3.9

Henshin Kareshi

Chapter 1 V2 : Oneshot

126.6K Dec 23,17 Shouge

My boyfriend transformed into me...
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Shoujo Shounen - Go! Go! Ichigo 3.6

Shoujo Shounen - Go! Go! Ichigo

Vol.01 Chapter 006 : Go! Go! Anzu

100.8K Dec 20,17 Yabuuchi yuu

Anzu, has a new neighbor, but this neighbor is no other than her childhood friend Ichigo. This, extremely gorgeous girl, already transfered to her school and everything, but... What's this feeling that she gives off her? Anzu seems, to have forgot something really important...
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Bishounen (KAIBARA Shijimi) 4.3

Bishounen (Kaibara Shijimi)

Chapter 1 : Oneshot

117.9K Sep 14,17 Kaibara Shijimi

A boy who is prettier than a girl. Don’t destroy me with your gorgeous face.
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Waltz (OSHIMI Shuzo) 4.1

Waltz (Oshimi Shuzo)

Chapter 1

146.5K Aug 09,17 Oshimi Shuzo

A young girl, Onaga, discovers her neighbor, Kashiwabara, in his balcony one hot summer night, dressed up in women's clothing. A unique relationship between them ensues. From the mangaka of Aku no Hana (Flowers of Evil) and Happiness.
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Zhen Xiang 3.3

Zhen Xiang

Chapter 2 : Let's Go Home Together

154.5K Jun 07,17 Xiao Guang,[add]

In a time of swordsmen and honor codes, the most admired warrior is still unmarried. To keep him from falling in the hands of the wrong woman, his mother tricks him into marring her sister's son!
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Kagayaku!! Otoko no Musumejuku 4.4

Kagayaku!! Otoko No Musumejuku

Chapter 7.5: Skirt [End]

448.2K Jun 13,18 Wadapen

A boy is training to become a trap as condition for him to learn how to be a mangaka since his favorite author will not train him as an assistant without following the conditions
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Me wo sametara onnanoko ni natteita byou 4.7

Me Wo Sametara Onnanoko Ni Natteita Byou

Chapter 1

309.6K May 05,17 Fujimoto Tatsuki

A boy wakes up to discover he has become a girl! How will this affect his daily life?! A new one-shot by the award-winning author of Fire Punch, Fujimoto Tatsuki.
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Granblue Fantasy - Tell Me That I'm The Cutest! 3.5

Granblue Fantasy - Tell Me That I'm The Cutest!

Vol.1 Ch.0

104.3K Mar 28,17 Strange Chameleon (Circle),Hisaka Tooru,Mikagami Hiyori

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Yugamira 4.7


Ch.0 : Oneshot

136.4K Nov 05,16 Mika Mikami

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Granblue Fantasy - Uncle Cali 4koma 5

Granblue Fantasy - Uncle Cali 4Koma

Vol.1 Ch.0

91.9K Oct 20,16 Namuru
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Harem de Hitori 4.6

Harem De Hitori

Vol.1 Ch.6 : Moist Flesh (Urumu Hada)

208.5K Jan 20,16 Hoshino Lily

From DMP: A collection of romance stories. We begin with the title piece, in which a concubine falls head over heels for his king. But what happens when the king's ambitions blind him to that love? Several short stories follow: Hibana, a troubled circus acrobat finds comfort in the arms of another of the circus' performers. But there's more twists to the story than Hibana's flips through th
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Joan 5


Vol.3 Chapter 1 : 1 Agnes 2 Alencon 3 Marguerite 4 Feu De La Pucelle (Joan's...

68K Jan 20,16 Yasuhiko Yoshikazu

Guided by visions of La Pucelle (the name given to Joan by followers), Emil seeks to unite France under the divine rule of the King. In her quest, Emil goes to the same places Joan had traveled through, and gains her own followers in the process. However, Emil is opposed by the dauphin Louis, a brute enforcer who fears no divine power and wishes to make his own bid to rule the country. Joan is
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Kaze yo, Banri wo Kake yo 5

Kaze Yo, Banri Wo Kake Yo

Vol.1 Chapter 5

86.6K Jan 20,16 Tanaka Yoshiki

(from Baka-updates): This manga is about a girl named Mulan, who donned armor in her aged father's place and came to serve in the Sui Dynasty's expedition to Gao Ju Li (Korea). However, due to a revolt caused by Imperial corruption, there came an event which would greatly change the course of her fate!!
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Kiss Me Princess 4.6

Kiss Me Princess

Vol.9 Chapter 4

555.2K Mar 26,18 Kim Se-young

From NetComics: A pulse-quickening tale of swords, sorcery, far-away kingdoms, and the fairest princess in the land... with a twist. When Prince Jed's bride-to-be, Elena, elopes two days before their wedding, her desperate family dresses up their youngest son Nicole and sends him to get married in her place. With his beautiful blue eyes, flowing blond hair and strategically placed apples, nobo
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Kuuki-chan to Yankee-kun 4.7

Kuuki-Chan To Yankee-Kun

Chapter Ibi-Manga : [Oneshot]

160.2K Dec 26,17 Andou Mai

Nitou Saya, a 15-year-old scaredy-cat with a weak presence, suddenly finds herself ambushed by the infamous delinquent Kasai Arata-kun. To make matters worse, she ends up kissing him accidentally - and their bodies swap! Will her life turn into an awful disaster or will this incident develop into an unexpected opportunity?
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Grant My Wish Aizen 4.3

Grant My Wish Aizen

Vol.1 Chapter 2

142.3K Jan 20,16 Minamoto Yuu

Aizen Kanou, named after the God of Love, is almost terrified of girls and his luck is not about to get any better when he wishes for a hot girl... and the spirit of his family grants him one - himself. And so Aizen become female to his utter dismay. From Baka-Updates: Aizen Kanou, just like any high-school boy, yearns for a girlfriend. But he's so painfully shy he flees when any girl trie
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Majo no Kishi 4.9

Majo No Kishi

Vol.1 Ch.6.5 : The Sleeping Angel And The Evil Devil

133.3K Jan 20,16 Ninose Yasunori

by Hidoi~! Translators The story revolves around a guy named Cody Belote, who is forced to become a knight, in order to support his poor family. He is treated as an errand boy, but he gets lost in a forest during one of his errands and meets the supposedly "evil witch."
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Nurse ga Oshigoto 4.3

Nurse Ga Oshigoto

Ch.6 : Youkubari Wa Dame Na No - Oneshot

331.1K Jan 20,16 Hoshino Lily

This volume is a collection of extremely hot PWPs. There's the patient who molests his 'nurse'... the doctor who's messing around with his assistant... an upperclassmen gives a younger boy a very intimate lesson... and last but not least, the boy who replaces his sister as her fiance's bride. And oh, wow, is that one steamy! Red hot smut. Chapter 6 released as a oneshot under the title Youkubar
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Oh! My Maid 4

Oh! My Maid

Chapter 13

525.4K Mar 14,22 Itsuki Kaname

1) Shiki is Koto's master, and he makes cosplaying costumes for his maid Koto. Though Koto doesn't like it, he still pleases his master. 2) Shiki's brother, the young master, Shuka who falls in love with the gardener of the house. But it seems the gardener doesn't want to be much with Shuka because he is the master of the house, but in the end... 3) Story about Shiki and Koto. 4) S
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