Ascendance of a Bookworm ~I'll Do Anything to Become a Librarian~ Part 2 「I'll Become a Shrine Maiden for Books!」 4.7

Ascendance Of A Bookworm ~I'll Do Anything To Become A Librarian~ Part 2 「I'll Become A Shrine Maiden For Books!」

Chapter 31: Starting Winter Preparations

5,803,056 Jul 01,22 Suzuka,Miya Kazuki

***Contains spoilers for the ending of Part 1*** After the discussions with the temple master and head priest ended, Myne won the right to be treated as a noble with the role of a blue-robed shrine maiden apprentice. Work in the temple began and Myne could read books in the long-awaited temple library. However, there were many problems in the temple, such as adapting to the class
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Is this Hunter for Real? 4.4

Is This Hunter For Real?

Chapter 30

820,918 Jul 01,22 Farnar (파르나르),Seulilacha (스리라챠)

“God is always watching you.” “There is no such thing as God in this world!” [A certain God is confused] [Viewers: 1] When the weird message appeared in front of me, I was reminded of my father’s words… He was right.
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Everything Is Agreed 2.8

Everything Is Agreed

Chapter 135

6,288,120 Jul 01,22 Muldeok

Sangwook and Soeun were on a honeymoon trip and accidentally ran into Jonghoon and Juhee. During the trip the 4 people have a good opinion of their companions, but when they drink and play, the atmosphere gets hotter and hotter, the scale of punishment gets bigger …
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Oshi no Ko 4.5

Oshi No Ko

Chapter 86

8,890,158 Jul 01,22 Akasaka Aka

The story begins with a beautiful girl, her perfectly fake smile, and the people who love her selfishly for it. What transpires behind the scenes of the glittering showbiz industry? How far would you go for the sake of your beloved idol? What would you do if you found out reincarnation was real? The star of the show is Aquamarine Hoshino and the stage is but a mere facade. Will he man
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Uramiya Honpo 4

Uramiya Honpo

Vol.12 Chapter 80: Woman Who Moves Around

780,497 Jul 01,22 Kurihara Shoushou

The world is filled with cruel scum, ranging from petty thieves to sociopath maniacs. When a vile low-life inflicts pain and suffering on innocent victims, sometimes their anger becomes overwhelming. Whether their damage stems from romance, finance, reputation or even a death, these victims feel trapped in their own skins and lives. Those victims who can't stand it anymore call for the m
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Goddess Creation System 4.4

Goddess Creation System

Chapter 485.5

30,165,781 Jul 01,22 Sān Fú Dòngm� N

Otaku Xiaxi committed suicide because a guy in a game exposed her true identity. However, she didn't die and instead time-traveled to a game with countless handsome men. Prepare to see how an otaku transforms into a beautiful goddess!
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Sapuri 4.3


Chapter 2

65,000 Jul 01,22 Okazaki Mari

From Tokyopop: Minami Fujii is an employee at a high-powered advertising firm. She’s good at her job but finds herself torn between the pressure and expectations of her career and her attraction to two of her coworkers: the younger, arty Ishida, and the classy, put-together Ogiwara!
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Lost You Forever 4.2

Lost You Forever

Chapter 138.5

904,830 Jul 01,22 Updating

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The Ember Knight 4.6

The Ember Knight

Chapter 68

6,732,716 Jul 01,22 Hwan Daeng (환댕)

When Nagyunn’s twin brother, Najin, is murdered before his very eyes, he vows to avenge his brother’s death by assuming Najin’s identity. But although the two may look alike, when it comes to fighting, Nagyunn lacks the talent and skill his brother possessed. In order to successfully execute his plot for revenge, Nagyunn resolves to train himself to become the prodigious knight-in-training his bro
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Interview with the Crazy Rich 4

Interview With The Crazy Rich

Chapter 65

190,259 Jul 01,22 Wooda

Yang Seojun, director of Taeyang Solar, finds himself caught in a life-threatening storm during a vacation hike in Sweden. As he takes shelter, he meets a pretty writer named Ji Eun who offers him the last of her food as they await rescue. But when he's back home, he just can't forget her, so he concocts a company-funded writing contest to find her. It won't be easy... even his assistant has her r
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Eternal Burning 3.1

Eternal Burning

Chapter 3

3,729 Jul 01,22 Hui Nan Que (回南雀)

The human body is a representation of the world, controlled by internal desires. Desire is driven by will. The will communicates desires through the body and governs our world. When your world becomes dazzling and shining like never before because of the arrival of a person, you should be alert. That is the collapse of will. Shang Muxiao x Bei JieIndifferent college student x cold and
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I Don't Love You Anymore 4.7

I Don't Love You Anymore

Chapter 67

13,543,509 Jul 01,22 수수,연재중

To Nivea, the world seemed like an eternal winter. Her parents and maids had given her the cold shoulder ever since she was a baby. When she fell down in the snow, no one spared her a glance. It was truly a dreadful winter. While living day to day like a doll on a display shelf, Nivea was engaged as part of a pre-natal agreement between her father and her fiance’s father. Her fiance was a Wi
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Starsea Concoy 3.5

Starsea Concoy

Chapter 131

175,443 Jul 01,22 Myxkcomic

To protect all that is worth protecting with a blazing heart: this is what gives meaning to my life! It is roughly the Year 3000 D.B. of the Galactic Era. Mankind has entered its second great epoch of exploration. Pirates, cowboys, bounty hunters, mercenaries, artisans, planetary accountants, and even light-speed deliverymen...all kinds of new occupations have sprung up throughout the galaxy.
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Futagashira 4.8


Vol.2 Chapter 7

91,252 Jul 01,22 Ono Natsume

From Stiletto Heels: Benzo and Soji witnessed the death of Tatsugoro, leader of the Akame Gang. Tatsugoro's last words to them were "I'm leaving you two in charge", but it was Jinzaburo, the former leader's friend, who was chosen instead. Displeased with Tatsugoro's wife's decision, the two left the gang. They then set off on an aimless journey, vowing to accomplish s
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March Third 4.2

March Third

Special For New Year

623,289 Jul 01,22 Baichuan

The love story between a military officer and an actor during war.
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Protect Me, Knight 4.7

Protect Me, Knight

Chapter 44

576,632 Jul 01,22 달봉

After “Ye Eun” fell in love at first sight with a Male student, she practiced kissing her older sister's figurine called “Brick” While imagining the boy she fell in love with. She woke up because of a strange dream that night. She saw the figure “Brick” moved as if its alive. The figure asked her for help to lift the curse. Ye Eun accepts Brick's request
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 Just A Girl He Knows 4.7

Just A Girl He Knows

Chapter 105

1,045,211 Jul 01,22 Honeyb

To me, he’s my destiny, but to him, I’m just a girl he knows.
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Arte 4.8


Vol.13 Chapter 64: Confusion

3,702,133 Jul 01,22 Ookubo Kei

Firenze, early 16th century. The birthplace of the renaissance era, where art is thriving. In one small corner of this vast city, one sheltered girl’s journey begins. She dreams of becoming an artist, an impossible career for a girl born into a noble family. In those days, art was an exclusively male profession, with woman facing strong discrimination. In spite of these challenges, Arte pers
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Minty Summer 4.8

Minty Summer


503,950 Jul 01,22 Pan

Tracey met her childhood playmate Neil when she was back in town, but what had happened in childhood has made them strangers. All the smiles, pains, secrets and the delicate love that we’ve experienced during adolescence are also happening right in this beautiful small town...
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 4.9

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

Vol.8 Bonus Short Story: Veldora's Slime Observation Journal

152,894,159 Jul 01,22 Fuse, Kawakami Taiki

A man is stabbed by a robber on the run after pushing his coworker and his coworker's new fiance out of the way. As he lays dying, bleeding on the ground, he hears a voice. This voice is strange and interprets his dying regret of being a virgin by gives him the [Great Sage] unique skill! Is he being made fun of !?!
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What's Wrong with You, Duke? 4.6

What's Wrong With You, Duke?

Chapter 133

2,169,849 Jul 01,22 Bandalbanji , Eddie

The cruel Duke Dreux of Faucigny is a lovestruck puppy around Nöel — all thanks to a random magic spell that was cast just as he was about to execute her. But with the spell's power now waning and on the fritz, his shifting moods zip from dramatic professions of eternal love to cold threats of death. Exhausted from the emotional whiplash, Nöel must find a magic spell to not only save herself but a
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Play, Playlist 4.6

Play, Playlist

Chapter 82

1,430,545 Jul 01,22 Eiff

Hanju is your ordinary university student except for the fact that shes also the up-and-coming Metube cover artist, PLII. When popular boy group member Levi takes notice of PLII and requests to collaborate, Hanju will do anything to hide her secret identity. But as the two grow closer working on a class project, Hanjus cover begins to unravel. Will Levi discover her secret?
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Lady Yang Is in the Special Forces 4

Lady Yang Is In The Special Forces

Chapter 85

235,588 Jul 01,22 Jiang Jinghaiqi, 猫蛋蛋工厂

A special forces soldier has transmigrated into the body of Lady Yang, destined for greatness on the Imperial throne! Her future husband, Li Longji, is actually a devastatingly handsome and clever man, despite his young age. Watch as the couple plays the fool to gain advantages. Their goal? To have the Great Tang Dynasty wrapped around their fingers.
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Shen Yin Wang Zuo 4.7

Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 243.5

48,025,792 Jul 01,22 Tang Jia San Shao

While the demons were rising, mankind was about to become extinct. Six temples rose, and protected the last of mankind. A young boy joins the temple as a knight to save his mother. During his journey of wonders and mischief in the world of temples and demons, will he be able to ascend to become the strongest knight and inherit the throne?
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