Hirumano Blue Paradox 2.1

Hirumano Blue Paradox

Vol.1 Chapter 3

65,057 Aug 08,22 Ibuki Kaede

Satisfy your body and soul with a young body and intensity!! Miku has been married for three years. Her life with her Husband is peaceful but empty. How would sex with the handsome delivery man Mr. Takanashi be? Is this a chance for Miku's lewd fantasies to become reality?
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How That Guide Is Loved 3.5

How That Guide Is Loved

Chapter 3: [Decensored]

25,112 Aug 08,22 Yunee

Guide Yuyeong is no longer interested in dating Esper since he was left heartbroken by his ex-lover. Thus, he decides to date a ‘normal human being’ instead. But as he finds out the person he is seeing is actually an Esper, he runs away.
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Gyaru Sensei 3.9

Gyaru Sensei

Vol.3 Chapter 18: Gyaru-Sen And Present

1,475,165 Aug 08,22 Ueno Meguru

When Sora enters high school, his homeroom teacher is a sexy gal with huge breasts and she’s none other than the changed version of Suzune, the innocent girl next door who was his first love! As the teacher’s “educational guidance” escalates day by day, Sora is awakened to pleasures he’s never known before…!
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Namete, Kajitte, Tokidoki Medete 3.1

Namete, Kajitte, Tokidoki Medete

Vol.7 Chapter 31

154,834 Aug 07,22 Yumachi Shin

I'm Haru. first year in high school. Please listen to my troubles. I accidentally gave my love letter to the number one problem child at school, Seishirou-kun… Even though I told him to give it back, he won't. He says I'm already his girlfriend…He'll chase me down if he sees me at school, he takes my lunch, keeps his eye on me, and e-even kisses me…Ah and doing perverted stuff…!!
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100% Possibility Of Meeting Girls 3.7

100% Possibility Of Meeting Girls

Chapter 12

140,147 Aug 07,22 Ashitani Abayo

Yoshida Junichi is a (below) average guy, trying to find his one true love but failing miserably until one day he was given a special book which seems to have the power to dazzle any woman and make them fall in love with him... How will he use this power he has and will he find his one true love?
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Love Sick Dog 1.8

Love Sick Dog

Chapter 2

31,796 Aug 07,22 Songhyel

Looking at the descendants of Wolves who had no choice but to love humans, I felt ashamed and pathetic.Looking at the descendants of Wolves who had no choice but to love humans, I felt ashamed and pathetic.Ye-Gyeom, who is thirsty for love, but always lived a life of being abandoned and betrayed, meets Joo-Yeong. The love he receives from him is twisted instead of affectionate.However,
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Shh! Top Confidential Report 3.4

Shh! Top Confidential Report

Chapter 11

260,290 Aug 06,22 Hyuk

A new employee, Ah-young, has been secretly in love with her boss, Cheon Seung-hee. Then one day, while secretly masturbating on Seunghee's desk, Ayoung discovers her secret diary and discovers the shocking truth..."What? My love, manager Cheon Seung-hee, actually scolds people with sex every night?!"
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Jiraikei Kareshi Suzu-kun 2.9

Jiraikei Kareshi Suzu-Kun

Chapter 1

8,898 Aug 05,22 Kasai Chiaki

Completely shutting out the outside world with a mask!!! One day, Suzu, a gloomy university student with no friends and poor communication skills, loses his one-of-a-kind, precious mascot, “Kappa-chan.”While looking around desperately, the one who picked it up and called out to him was the refreshing and handsome partier, Sasamuro Aiji, with flashy girls in tow. Though he wanted to get it back
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Doppio Senso 4.5

Doppio Senso

Chapter 24

75,080 Aug 05,22 김빠

“What are you thinking about?” “I’m thinking about a guy.” KyungHyun stopped in the middle of a deep kiss and sighed. His lips began to form a smile, but his fierce glare said otherwise. Possessiveness and jealousy spread across his sculpted face. “Will you tell me his name?” His easygoing and languid voice reached her ears. “Why?”
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Sono Koi wa Kare wo Mushibamu 3.1

Sono Koi Wa Kare Wo Mushibamu

Vol.1 Chapter 1: [Decensored]

7,523 Aug 05,22 Nekono Mariko

On his was back home, Mine Ryouta is accidentally got himself attacked at a park, a hotspot for gays, but is rescued by Souma, a guy from “the other side”.Ryouta is warned not to pass over to “the other side”, but he cannot forget the charming eyes of that junior. The closer he gets, the more barriers start to burn down. An unstoppable first love!A dangerously charming seme and an in love
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My 1000th lifetime as a furnace 3.9

My 1000Th Lifetime As A Furnace

Chapter 4: Immortal Spiritual Resonance

60,074 Aug 05,22 十音悦漫

Ye Yan, a thousand lifetimes as a furnace has actually been reborn again and became the direct disciple of an immort sect's sect master. However, fate isn't that kind, he as a furnace is actually being captive by this so-called discipleship. When he is about to be harvested, the system awakened!! He obtained a novice gift pack and obtained a bottle of pills to forcibly improve his cultivation for
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Exploratory Battle 3.7

Exploratory Battle

Chapter 6

5,010 Aug 05,22 PM406 (오후네시육분), Jipang (지팡)

Il-hoo, who is back to school after his military discharge, meets Chae-heon through mutual friends. It seems difficult to understand Chae-heon, who is always smiling; sometimes, he approaches Il-hoo with sweet words and a pretty smile, while at some other moments he does it suspiciously like an argument."I don't know the real him." The "exploratory battle" between the two of them, starts now.
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Batsu-Hare 4.2


Vol.2 Chapter 8: Lascivious Feeling

85,093 Aug 05,22 Inaba Minori

The story begins with the protagonist, Wakou Ichiro, who decides to return home early from work to celebrate his second anniversary with his wife. But, when he opens the door of his house.... He finds his wife cheating on him! Although the marriage was short-lived, his life changes again when suddenly, a certain woman appears in front of him? Thus begins a new story, a new erotic comedy!
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Sex Fantasy 4.3

Sex Fantasy

Vol.1 Chapter 4.2

850,890 Aug 05,22 Kagami Yuu

With his temptation powers, corrupt the most powerful princesses! A limit-breaking war fantasy story.*Source: MangaUpdates*
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Boy's Abyss 4.5

Boy's Abyss

Chapter 103: Sin -Karma-

26,247,056 Aug 05,22 Minenami Ryo

In a town with nothing, in the middle of a daily life with seemingly no signs of change, high schooler Reiji Kurose was "just" living. Family, dreams for the future, childhood friends. All of them were binding him down to that city. He thought he would "just" keep on living like that. Until he met her. Is there hope in living? Is there light waiting ahead? It's the start of
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I'll Be Here for You 3.4

I'll Be Here For You

Chapter 10

12,532 Aug 05,22 Lee Hyeon-Sook

A beautiful and precarious love story unfolded by Hyeon-sook Lee of ! Baek Seon-woo, who lost his job due to a riff raff at work, while waiting for an interview at a fine dining restaurant, he ends up meeting Ki Yoojung, who he had a crush on during their high school days. Just like that, a chance ecounter with a fragment of an old love excites Sunwoo, However.... somehow, Yoojung, doesn't seem to
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Defence Mechanism 3.2

Defence Mechanism

Chapter 7

23,507 Aug 04,22 zed

YES to sex, NO to dating! Kim Suho is a complete serial maneater. To make matters even worse, after suffering(?) from falling in love at first sight with Lee Yul, Suho is asked by Yul to protect him in a request he can’t refuse...
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Gwang-an 4.3


Chapter 48: Season 1 Finale

1,056,112 Aug 04,22 Yuk Mihwa, Rahye

Eun-Woo quietly worked as a court lady and hoped to become a Jimil Sanggung, a servant exclusive to the royal family.After 15 years of court life, she finally receives the favor of the Crown Prince.After getting drunk, the Prince visited Eun-Woo just once.But he keeps thinking of her...This is a story about Lee Hyun, a lonely but outstanding Crown Prince, and Court Lady Eun-Woo, wh
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How to Be an Alpha 2.1

How To Be An Alpha

Chapter 10

19,778 Aug 02,22 Dohan

Jinha, an omega who suffers from alpha phobia, is dating the beta, Tae-Oh whose secondary gender hasn’t awakened yet. Jinha suspects it’s his fault that Tae-Oh can't awaken into an alpha, and if Tae-Oh awakens, he’s afraid that he won’t be able to overcome his fear. Meanwhile, some lowly alphas from school start conspiring against Jinha, who’s easily intimidated by alpha pheromones...
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Campus Trap 3.1

Campus Trap

Chapter 3

8,047 Aug 02,22 Dips

A rising star of the Department of Vocal Music, Seol Chaewoo. However, that's a thing of the past as he now moves around various part-time jobs to restore his broken home. "Chaewoo, have you, by any chance, thought of getting set up with an Alpha?" Chaewoo receives a proposal to be a "reset partner" and give birth to an Alpha's child. "Sunbae, you're an Omega, right?" And his partner in this, of a
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Dungeon Tou de Yadoya wo Yarou! Souzou Mahou wo Moratta Ore no Hosoude Hanjouki 4.6

Dungeon Tou De Yadoya Wo Yarou! Souzou Mahou Wo Moratta Ore No Hosoude Hanjouki

Vol.3 Chapter 13

1,651,758 Aug 02,22 Bunzaburo Nagano

One day, Sanada Shirou, who works for a black company, is transported to another world. Using his "creation magic", an ability he gained when transported, he opens an inn and is supposed to lead a slow life, but this other world is a little strange?! It is a world where women are overwhelmingly dominant, where women do dangerous work and battle, and men are powerless and are protected! The daily l
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Noise Cancelling 2.2

Noise Cancelling

Vol.1 Chapter 3

16,789 Aug 01,22 Sadahiro Mika

Muku and Mizuki meet on a trip to Nagasaki. Muku, a university student, is in the middle of a trip to recover from his heartbreak over his uncle. Mizuki, who is twelve years his senior, is in Nagasaki to see his stepson by his ex-wife, Hiroto. Muku hopes to fill the empty place in his heart. Mizuki is hoping to overcome his forbidden feelings toward Hiroto. At the beginning, both are only trying
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Omega Complex 4.2

Omega Complex

Chapter 24

59,188 Aug 01,22 Today Spring (오늘봄)

‘I hate omegas.’Discovered to be a dominant alpha, Taegyeom suffered after accidentally triggering and evading an omega into heat and spent his days relying on his childhood friend Yoonwoo.In the meantime, after it was revealed that he was an omega, Yoonwoo avoided Taegyeom for 5 years and accidentally bumped into him at a bar near the campus.‘Are we friends?’Yoonwoo was confronted
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