The Chronicle Of Teenage Boys 3.4

The Chronicle Of Teenage Boys

Chapter 82

157,434 Jan 18,22 Da Le Ge Yu

Ele, que é inocente e tímido, começou a desenvolver sentimentos pelo representante de sua classe, mas o representante tem suas emoções em altos e baixos! Ah, será que na primeira primavera de sua vida, poderá dar frutos? Nt. Essa história é dividida em duas etapas: eles jovens e a idade adulta.
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Beauty In My Bed 3.4

Beauty In My Bed

Chapter 30

64,149 Jan 18,22 百鬼随行

Ruan Tang, a beautiful wealthy man, was abandoned in a forest after getting his legs crushed. He wakes up finding himself in a broken down, tiny home. Who is this mysterious savior?
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Straight or Not 3.7

Straight Or Not

Chapter 218

2,879,602 Jan 18,22 Iie star

“Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.” He is a sunny, hilarious, positive and obscure actor. He is a composed generous and graceful general manager. Because of a strange request, they began a long journey of attracting each other. What should they do? Nonse
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Prejudice 3.1


Chapter 4

89,305 Jan 18,22 Suji

He, a boy band idol who appeared to be a cold beauty, actually struggled to restrain himself to stay in character. He, a young and innocent cute boy on the outside, was actually completely different from that… despite looking down on each other, and contending with each other in every possible situation, they were compelled to pair up in order to achieve the popularity that they needed?! Hm,
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Zero Hunting 4.4

Zero Hunting

Chapter 12

161,985 Jan 18,22 Chen Xiang

“Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.” A submissive, quick-tempered hunter and a sly, dominant vampire! The genius hunter, Bai Mu, a little-known celebrity, accidentally got captured. He soon realized the one who captured him was a young vampire, who also t
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The Boys of Summer 3.7

The Boys Of Summer

Chapter 10

65,719 Jan 18,22 박하

33 years have passed since the world filled with zombies. However, a boy named Lee Ji-seung, whose blood can heal zombies, appears. For this, he is worshiped as a guardian angel to his people. Ji Seung, who admires the Zero era (when there were no zombies), is strangely attracted when he is near a man who has just been awakened from his dream and who goes by the name of Jeon Ho-gyeong.
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ANTI P.T. 3.8

Anti P.t.

Chapter 57

3,505,253 Jan 18,22 Lee gpiee

A charming young man with a job at one of the top firms in Korea, Param is a catch by everyone's standards. However, he has a couple secrets that could topple his hard-won elite status: Param is gay, and has an oversensitive body that gets turned on at the slightest touch. So far, he's coped by hiding his crush on his boss and taking care of “emergencies” in the office bathroom. But one day,
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A Plot War In The Mary Sue World 2.9

A Plot War In The Mary Sue World

Chapter 53

104,996 Jan 18,22 Lu tianyi,yuanqi factory

As long as there's money .He Gu can even perfectly perform Mary Sue scripts !! Yet after so many stories he's successfully performed , he met his first waterloo all of a sudden .And the meddling initiator of all this is now after him like ghost ? Splendid , then it's war on ! Mary Sue vs Anti Mary Sue , Tricks vs Anti tricks , Egoism vs Egotism .The plot between two men . Mary Su
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Literature Boy 3.3

Literature Boy

Chapter 9

48,878 Jan 18,22 Kim Son

After winning several awards for writing competitions, it seemed that as a child, Sunwoo had a promising future when it came to writing. One day, after traveling further down the path of success, he declared that he would stop writing! While working at his mother's publishing company, he crosses paths with Haejin, a former classmate. Their friendship ended in a complicated manner, leaving them
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Suki koso momo no Jouzu nare! 4.1

Suki Koso Momo No Jouzu Nare!

Chapter 25

318,004 Jan 18,22 Kusomoto Touka

Momoi Sango has started living at Aono Sou's home. Upon looking, anyone would think they are a beautiful girl, but in actuality, they are a boy (男の娘)... Sou's heart begins to waver as he makes sweets, competes in cosplay competitions, and with certain events occurring in the bath... A cute and unpredictable ♂ × ♂ romantic comedy!!!
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Jazz For Two 4.5

Jazz For Two

Chapter 74

700,911 Jan 18,22 Clarju

Taeyi hears a familiar melody fill the empty halls and makes his way to the old music room. He knows his brother is dead, but he can’t help but hope, maybe, just maybe…it’s his brother playing his favorite song. When he slams open the door, however, he finds Seheon, the new transfer student, at the piano. Disappointment comes crashing down and Taeyi can’t control his anger
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One Take 4.1

One Take

Side 2

473,425 Jan 18,22 Applepie, KIM COOKIE

Former rising star, current no-name actor Jang Seungmin's lucked out. Not only has he nabbed a role in a TV show, but he's also getting to work with the biggest star in the country, Ha Hyunje. Charismatic, handsome, but also a little bit of a jerk, Hyunje has a magnetic presence that draws everyone in. Before Seungmin knows it, he's become yet another Ha Hyunje fanb
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Fragile Relationship 4.4

Fragile Relationship

Chapter 193 : Need Advice

943,777 Jan 18,22 Gua Gua Gua

Ye Shen is just your everyday ordinary designer and yet, the person he likes is the unreachable, aloof president, Lin Xiang Yao. On the surface, the two are seemingly friends, however secretly, they have an abnormal physical relationship. Ye Shen is aware that involving himself with Lin Xiang Yao, whose heart already belongs to someone else will not result in anything. He too knows that these f
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Resouweiji 3.4


Chapter 6

30,591 Jan 18,22 百川社

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older." A sensational confession hot search, will Sea Urchin Entertainment Yan Yan always pushes into the abyss of death. After resurrecting his life, Yan Yan is determined to overturn the scumbag in a purposeful and planned manner, and m
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I Will Not Reach You 4.5

I Will Not Reach You

Chapter 12

159,771 Jan 18,22 Mika

Childhood friends. Feelings.
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Angel Sweetheart Attack 4.3

Angel Sweetheart Attack

Chapter 13

137,487 Jan 17,22 ceci,星空社

What kind of sparks will fly between an angel and a devil? What is the feud passed down through generations of vampires and werewolves? How does a mermaid and a fairy date? On a continent where many races coexist peacefully, any kind of gay romance is possible!
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I'm Your Cute Copycat! 4.4

I'm Your Cute Copycat!

Chapter 31

636,566 Jan 17,22 Marob-mic

Semin always stalks the social medias of his favorite internet personality, John. One day, he suddenly finds out that John is actually his classmate, Jo Yohan. Strange feelings are starting to develop in Semin's second semester of third year...
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Hualongji 3.9


Chapter 160

2,863,163 Jan 17,22 Xianjun Guang, Li Ji

In his previous life, Qiongtian, after one thousand years of practice, was able to leap through the dragon gate and transform into a real dragon. However, he has fallen into a trap. Family and friends have turned against him, eventually leading to his demise. Now that he is reborn, he has vowed to take revenge against everyone who has caused him pain. Behind the truth lies a conspiracy that h
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Please, sleep with me 3.6

Please, Sleep With Me

Chapter 56

183,553 Jan 17,22 Yu ci

Garland Neuss, the vice captain of HeiYu team, is soon to be possessed and on the verge of death as he was parasited by a demon when he was a child. However, his secret was found out by a well-known perverted duke, Hazel... Notices: Manhua is only translated in Batoto and on my own site . If it is in another place, please report it in the comments immediately. Please don't sprea
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Unspeakable Contact 3.6

Unspeakable Contact

Chapter 53

254,807 Jan 17,22 MiAO

How important is reincarnation? Do souls actually exist after death? How will meeting Shi Chenhua change Xia Ke’s misfortune? An unspeakable and thrilling part-time job, exorcisms that embrace the soul, another fateful encounter…and a pair of hands hidden in the dark. A guarded young man with psychic abilities who lacks love asks an extremely lucky and bright college student: “W
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A Rabbit Down In A Bite 4.3

A Rabbit Down In A Bite

Chapter 27

85,246 Jan 17,22 Orange Peel Studios , 橘子皮工作室

In a world where only animals live, a lion with a reputation of being the boss of the campus, Mu Wei, falls in love with a rabbit, Bailey. He is usually has a very domineering presence in school, but once he sees Bailey, he becomes a very shy big cat. Moreover, after constant mingling with lions, Bailey, who is normally timid, gradually opened his heart...... A very sweet school life romance manhu
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Soul Contract 4.4

Soul Contract

Chapter 194

4,732,531 Jan 17,22 Ping Zi

Poverty-strikened Yang Jinghua had an accident. The moment he woke up, he seemed to be 10 years younger. Yang Jinghua thought he had been reborn, and when he was about to step out on the path for a new beginning, Duanmu Xi, appeared before him. He not only told Yang Jinghua that he was dead, he even asked for him to join him.. in a Soul Contract.
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No Choco for Doggo 4.2

No Choco For Doggo

Chapter 60.5

232,410 Jan 17,22 Lin Tan Tan x Jia Nian Gao

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Code of Silence 3.6

Code Of Silence

Chapter 64

129,325 Jan 17,22 Hao Le Shen Wen Hua,Nan Zha Zha Zi

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