Bakuon Rettou 4.8

Bakuon Rettou

Vol.18 Chapter 105.5: Afterword

1,556,282 May 16,22 Takahashi Tsutomu

From Manga Updates: Kazei Takeshi moved with his parents to a new house and new school. One of his new friends is a motorcycle enthusiast and soon invites him to meet with his gang, the Zeros. Takashi comes to love motorcycles and soon gets involved in the gang's fights and issues. What has he gotten himself into and is he ready to face the consequences? From Baka-Updates: In the 80s, Kaze Tak
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Comic Girls 4.9

Comic Girls

Vol.4 Chapter 41

900,667 May 16,22 Hanzawa Kaori

The story concerns the daily life of young up-and-coming mangaka living together in a dormitory.
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My Wife is Niizuma-Chan 4.6

My Wife Is Niizuma-Chan

Chapter 27

4,928,845 May 16,22 ruch_f

Married life begins for Niizuma-chan and Daa-kun!
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Koisuru Yankee Girl 4.7

Koisuru Yankee Girl

Vol.4 Chapter 54

4,063,714 May 16,22 Orihara Sachiko

When a fiery yankee named Sudou Ayame suddenly confesses her love to Kazami Nagi, he literally can't resist out of fear for his life! Now with their relationship established, Nagi begins to learn that Ayame is more of an innocent maiden than he originally would have thought and subsequently, his own feelings for her may began to blossom too. Well, that is if he can survive Ayame's rough pe
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Monkey Peak 4.6

Monkey Peak

Vol.9 Chapter 83: The Last Night (Part 2)

3,313,261 May 16,22 Shinasaka Kouji

A group of employees from the Fujitani Pharmaceutical Company are on a hiking trip. After the company suffered a crisis, the CEO hopes to improve teamwork and morale among new and old employees with this trip. Not everyone is as excited as he is. Unfortunately for them, they soon find themselves having to deal with problems that they weren't prepared for. What's going to happe
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Sugar wa Otoshigoro 3.6

Sugar Wa Otoshigoro

Vol.3 Chapter 16: Coefficient Of Friction ↑

173,805 May 16,22 Ninomiya Hikaru

Hatanaka Keiko's an odd girl with odd aspirations(I mean, REALLY weird), but she tries her best to fit in with the other girls in her class... she still sucks at it, though. One day, she meets Asami, a girl who's even more of an outcast than she is... but unlike Keiko, Asami's own "outsider" status doesn't seem to bother her in the slightest. As they grow closer, what's going to happen to Keiko's
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Yancha Gal no Anjou-san 4.7

Yancha Gal No Anjou-San

Chapter 124: Toyoda-San Lets Out A Sigh

43,869,549 May 16,22 Katou Yuuichi

Seto is a serious kid who leads a quiet High-school life, until he starts to get teased by resident Gal Anjo.
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Parallel Paradise 4.3

Parallel Paradise

Chapter 183: Integrity & Trials

69,663,838 May 16,22 Okamoto Lynn

One day at school, Youta Tada sees someone strange entering school. Out of nowhere this being appears next to him and makes him fall from the third floor! But before he hits the ground, he wakes up in a strange world where beings like dragons exist! Youta then meets a young paladin named Lumi and discovers that he is the only man on the entire planet, and also that its inhabitants are extremely
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Get Schooled 4.4

Get Schooled

Chapter 83

8,534,642 May 16,22 Chae Yong Taek

Hwajin Na's teaching techniques are pretty violent for someone who works in the Ministry of Education. That being said, when punishments don't seem to work on even the worst of school bullies, there is no better man for the job. Sometimes you can't get a good education until those bullies are taught a lesson.
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Battle of the Six Realms 4.8

Battle Of The Six Realms

Chapter 14

1,392,705 May 16,22 Serina Oda

In a world where humanity escaped underground to survive, En is an impoverished boy who lives off the trash of those more privileged than him. He spends his days in the slums, looking through a trash heap for the decomposing bodies of "losers," those who were defeated and killed in the "Battle of the Six Realms." To participate combatants have to undergo an expensive "body modification surgery," a
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Otoyomegatari 4.5


Chapter 102: Finish Line

9,814,479 May 16,22 Mori Kaoru

From Yen Press: Acclaimed creator Kaoru Mori (Emma, Shirley) brings the nineteenth-century Silk Road to lavish life, chronicling the story of Amira Halgal, a young woman from a nomadic tribe betrothed to a twelve-year-old boy eight years her junior. Coping with cultural differences, blossoming feelings for her new husband, and expectations from both her adoptive and birth families, Amira strives t
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Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - One Poker Hen 4.7

Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - One Poker Hen

Chapter 419: Comparison

3,336,256 May 16,22 Fukumoto Nobuyuki

The Summary is updating... The Kaiji series is divided into five parts: 1. Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji 2. Tobaku Hakairoku Kaiji 3. Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji 4. Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - Kazuya Hen 5. Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji - One Poker Hen
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Massacre Happy End 4.8

Massacre Happy End

Chapter 18

1,051,304 May 16,22 Miyatsuki Arata,Mukoura Hirokazu

High school student Kusakabe Makoto has to work all day to raise money for the treatment of his younger sister, who suffers from a serious illness. The father is unemployed, the mother ran away, leaving the children, bullying at work ... Despite all this, he does not lose hope and continues to live for her sister. But having learned that she did not have long, Makoto falls into despair. Fear of th
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A Bouquet for an Ugly Girl. 4.7

A Bouquet For An Ugly Girl.

Vol.5 Chapter 28: Here Is A Storm

1,002,122 May 16,22 Roku Sakura

Hana Tabata is a lonely and unpopular high school girl with negative thoughts. Early morning in the classroom when she was pretending to be a manga heroine, the class's good-looking Yosuke accidentally saw her...!? This love, you will definitely want to support it! Masochistic system unpopular girl comedy!
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New Normal 4.3

New Normal

Vol.3 Chapter 19

2,224,516 May 16,22 Akito Aihara

In the near future a pandemic spreads around the world, so people hiding their mouth with a mask has become the norm. Natsuki, a girl who is secretly reminiscent of the world before the pandemic, and Hata, her classmate, suddenly become friends and share a small secret. This is the story of two "extraordinary" people living in the world of the "new ordinary"!
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Drawing While Masturbating 4.5

Drawing While Masturbating

Chapter 38: 38Th Manuscript

8,170,795 May 16,22 Yui Igarashi

Ashida Mamoru is a god-tier manga assistant but his habit of turning authors lazy has left him without a job. Luckily one of his classmates from university happens to have a little sister who is a serialised manga author in need of an assistant.
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Obaachan Shoujo Hinata-chan 3.4

Obaachan Shoujo Hinata-Chan

Chapter 50

100,356 May 16,22 Kuwayoshi Asa

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Roujoteki Shoujo Hinata-chan 5

Roujoteki Shoujo Hinata-Chan

Chapter 50: The Detour-Like School Walk

3,796,435 May 16,22 Kuwayoshi Asa

Worldly knowledge and artistic refinement! Hinata-chan is on a completely different level to your average toddler. But she has a secret... that she's the reincarnation of an 88 year old grandma, with her memories intact! Enjoying green tea on the veranda, a taste for pickles, and an old-fashioned dialect! Why has she been reincarnated? A comedy full of old-wives
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Dasei 67 Percent 4.5

Dasei 67 Percent

Chapter 93: Fake

3,343,231 May 16,22 Shimimaru

This comedy manga takes place in a college girl named Yoshizawa's room. Her friends, Itou, Kitahara, and Nishida often stop by, and they run into funny adult-level problems. For instance, there is the day when her friends drop by while Yoshizawa's hungover in bed, and she suddenly realizes that she doesn't have on any underwear under the covers. Yoshizawa also has unusual problems, lik
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Uma Musume: Cinderella Gray 4.7

Uma Musume: Cinderella Gray

Vol.7 Chapter 61: Unknown Realm

136,844 May 15,22 Sugiura Masafumi, Itou Junnousuke

Uma Musume: Cinderella Gray is a spin-off title of the Uma Musume project by Cygames. It follows Oguri Cap through her time at Kasamatsu Training Center Academy and on her journey of becoming a legendary horse girl. Visit the main series website at:
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MPD Psycho 4.5

Mpd Psycho

Vol.19 Chapter 119: Blind-2

1,410,842 May 15,22 Otsuka Eiji

The main character is a detective, Kazuhiko Amamiya, suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder (a.k.a. Dissociative Identity Disorder). Starting out as a violent detective series with a twist (the twist being the variant personalities that take over Detective Amamiya at various intervals), the series evolves into an exceptionally complex and involved sci-fi conspiracy story.
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Entanglement: My Truth and your Lies 1.5

Entanglement: My Truth And Your Lies

Chapter 17

510,654 May 15,22 Miike Kei,Katsura Airi

One day, four school friends, cross the line as they are interested to find out more about sex. Once you spark that flame though it is hard to go back and the bodies and minds of these four people begin to be intricately entwined. This is an adaptation of the "Karami Zakari" best-selling adult manga with over 1 million downloads which is reborn as a Seinen manga!
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The Apothecary Is Gonna Make This Ragged Elf Happy 4.7

The Apothecary Is Gonna Make This Ragged Elf Happy

Chapter 47

6,226,710 May 15,22 Giba-chan

The Apothecary Will Make This Battered Elf Happy is a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua in (English/Raw) language, Seinen series is written by Giba-chan This Comic is About An injured slave elf is saved by an apothecary. Support original artist Giba-chan (@gibagibagiba) on twitter.
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Manager Kim 4.5

Manager Kim

Chapter 32

10,376,515 May 15,22 Park Tae Joon,Jeong Jong-taek

"Please don't touch the guy wearing glasses…" Department head Kim, who quit his job as a special agent only for his daughter Minji and chose to be normal. Then one day, Minji disappeared silently, and Manager Kim began to find his daughter by turning the country that monitors him into the enemy.
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