The Young Lady Tames the Male Leads 4.4

The Young Lady Tames The Male Leads

Chapter 58

6.4M Dec 06,22 Updating

I was reincarnated as the young lady of a Marquis. Emir Sharon, who has no significance in the novel and her goal is to live a peaceful life! I met the main characters of the original novel as kids in the imperial kindergarten, which I'm currently attending to. I can't believe that I'm meeting all the main characters! I was happy for a while but somehow, everyone doesn't seem to be
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She came back and opened a dessert shop 4.4

She Came Back And Opened A Dessert Shop

Chapter 31

455.5K Dec 06,22 Han riang

A office worker who was reborn as a noble lady, and died again in a carriage accident, after discovering that her husband was a playboy. In her third life, she went back to the wedding day and this time, she ruined the wedding and opened a dessert shop!
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I Bought the Land, Not a Man 4.4

I Bought The Land, Not A Man

Chapter 33

2.2M Dec 06,22 Anhana, Ilgwa

I was envious of the side character who seemed to easily raise money compared to the distressed female lead. And one day, I was looking at inflating land and thought I could get rich if I bought it. Suddenly, a fortune comes with a suspicious voice! Eliana is a countess' loyal lady-in-waiting and an extra maid. Many have been eyeing the land to make investments as she got wealthy... even a creepy
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I’m Sick and Tired of My Childhood Friend’s, Now Girlfriend’s, Constant Abuse so I Broke up With Her 4.8

I’M Sick And Tired Of My Childhood Friend’S, Now Girlfriend’S, Constant Abuse So I Broke Up With Her

Chapter 2.2

10K Dec 06,22 U35,Manimani Ononata,Hige

My childhood friend is also my girlfriend. A dream come true, right? Hell no. She insults me on a daily basis. She grinds my dignity into shreds and it takes a toll on my mental well-being. I can’t take it anymore. So I’m left with no choice, I’m going to break up with her. In order to maintain my sanity, it’s the only option. And thus, the story of my break up begins… Web Novel Raw https://ncod
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I'm Too Lazy to Be the Villain 4

I'm Too Lazy To Be The Villain

Chapter 45

4.1M Dec 06,22 Semi

Versace family! A house that produced many swordsmen and possessed a powerful force. Such a family perished. Due to the poisoning of the Crown Princess and the involvement of a foolish woman named Olivia de Versace. She was a woman who was pointed out as a rare ugly or evil woman because of her tall and heavy body.I thought it was absurd when I possessed a novel character who is often referred
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Mitsuishi-san 4.9


Chapter 23: Ultra Positive Classmate Mom

3.1M Dec 06,22 Shirowasa

A cute story about the cute Mitsuishi-san and a boy named Hajime.
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The Sickly Tyrant With An Innocent Facade 3.9

The Sickly Tyrant With An Innocent Facade

Chapter 98

826.3K Dec 06,22 阅文漫画

Bng Jio Bo Jn Gi N Lch Jbn / The Sickly Loveable Tyrant Changed to Take the Green Tea Script / Yandere Tyrant Transforms to Take the Green Tea Script / Fu Xin, a powerful president of her company in the modern age, finds that she had travelled to the past and transmigrated into the body of the village girl Fu Qibao along with her Merit System. Now, not only did she have to suffer the consequences
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Unscrupuous Consort: the Evil Dotor 4.5

Unscrupuous Consort: The Evil Dotor

Chapter 145

3.3M Dec 06,22 Sanfu Comics

When she met him for the first time, she just wanted to escape from him. From then on, however, she gradually got used to his company. He is the god of death to everyone else, but he will always give the barest hint of a smile to her. Whenever there was a danger, he would always help her like a real god fallen from the heaven, mocking her at the same time. With the lapse of time, her feelings for
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Destined to be Empress 4.4

Destined To Be Empress

Chapter 90

831.1K Dec 06,22 HangMan

Game rookie, Mo Xiaoxi, inexplicable time-traveled into a game which she always plays. Moreover, she is forced by the system to become the empress...
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The Ex-tra Hot Neighbor 4.4

The Ex-Tra Hot Neighbor

Chapter 46

69K Dec 06,22 Jin Geun-a

Finding the perfect guy isn’t easy, but looks like Eunseo just hit the jackpot. Seung-hyuk’s a handsome, hot hunk with a pretty face that anyone would fall in love with. How could you resist someone like that, especially if they feel so much like Mr. Right? Well, as with any good thing, there is a small catch. Apparently, Seung-hyuk is a friend’s ex-boyfriend. Not just any friend, but Eunseo’s new
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Concubine Walkthrough 4.7

Concubine Walkthrough

Chapter 105

1.8M Dec 06,22 Bongbong

At first, Yona gave some major side-eye to the popular game “Concubine Walkthrough” until she got sucked into it—literally! Now stuck as the villain, she has her hands full facing the infamously cruel king, shaking off scheming concubines, and befriending NPCs. There's only one way the Game Master will let her out and that's to become the Queen! Will she be able to stay t
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The Double Life of a Daydreaming Actress 2.7

The Double Life Of A Daydreaming Actress

Chapter 72

50.4K Dec 06,22 NAKAJIMA Mao

She's spent her life daydreaming, and now she's a loser who's given up on love. Nao is a thirty-year-old woman who daydreams to escape from her harsh reality, but a mistake she makes at work forces her into a situation where she has to prostitute herself! She's toyed with by the handsome CEO of a porn production company, encouraged by an effeminate porn star, and bullied by a gyaru. While interac
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Teach Me, Mr. Sadistic Butler 3.1

Teach Me, Mr. Sadistic Butler

Chapter 29

96.3K Dec 06,22 DAIMATSU Yukisou

"My lady, it is time for your lesson on night companionship," the new, mysterious, and super sadistic butler announced. Layla Yanase dreams about marrying Fujigaya, her fiance, who she has never met. "All of your flowery, happy-go-lucky thoughts... will be mowed out by me." Fujiwara, the butler, leads Layla through brutal bridal training, which includes lessons on "night companionship." With his v
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All These Wild Men Want to Marry Me! 3.8

All These Wild Men Want To Marry Me!

Chapter 42

55.1K Dec 06,22 Jiu Chuan Dongman

Waking up in the world of “Love and Pandora”, a trashy otome mobile game set on the Pandora Continent, the main character found that she had transmigrated as the renowned villainess of the game, Medea, the queen who would be executed in the future. To change her fate, she decided not to cross paths with the male leads, or the original female lead of the game. Unbeknownst to her, however, all the m
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Comedown Machine 4.2

Comedown Machine

Chapter 52

1M Dec 06,22 Amapora,Saza

“Warning: Mature content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.” After Tommy finds out that her long-term boyfriend is cheating on her, she jumps into a relationship with a celebrity in the city. As their relationship develops, so do their problems, especially as Tommy continues living with h
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Honnou Switch 4.7

Honnou Switch

Chapter 31.5

3.3M Dec 06,22 Kujira

[from cotton candy scans] The morning after she got dumped by her boyfriend, when she woke up, she was in the same bed as her childhood friend, Hijiri?! Despite the heartbreak and shock of it all, Koyori just can't seem to forget Hijiri telling her "I love you"...?! How do you get from being "Childhood friends" to "Lovers"?! Super popular on th
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Vampires and Knight 4

Vampires And Knight

Chapter 189

11M Dec 06,22 Updating

I, a holy male knight, was captured after I lost a war against the vampires. “What, do you really want to die? That isn't going to happen. Embrace me, dear. From now on, you shall be my daughter.” said the silver-haired baby-face queen of the bloodsuckers. She lifted my chin and, with a viciously fanged smile, drew in toward my neck.
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Boarding Diary 3.9

Boarding Diary

Chapter 119

7.2M Dec 06,22 Suspect H

Jun-woo is a new student who is living in his friend's boarding house that's located nearby the school. While he lives there, he receives care from Mi-kyung, the female owner of the boarding house. But one day, he catches her watching a secret video in her room… "Ajumma… I didn't see that correctly, right?"
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Through the Rumors 4

Through The Rumors

Chapter 28

275.9K Dec 06,22 그림 글 따쓰

.After getting a job, Jin SolYi suddenly discovers himself to be an omega. Caught by his colleagues, SolYi is forced to scoop around a famous alpha actor, Baek GiEun for a dating scandal. For the sake of getting some dirt on Baek GiEun, SolYi hides behind a club and catches a slightly drunk Baek GiEun kissing another omega. He secretly takes photos of them. It is the perfect scandal to drag Baek G
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How to Be an Alpha 3.2

How To Be An Alpha

Chapter 24

512.2K Dec 06,22 Dohan

Jinha, an omega who suffers from alpha phobia, is dating the beta, Tae-Oh whose secondary gender hasn’t awakened yet. Jinha suspects it’s his fault that Tae-Oh can't awaken into an alpha, and if Tae-Oh awakens, he’s afraid that he won’t be able to overcome his fear. Meanwhile, some lowly alphas from school start conspiring against Jinha, who’s easily intimidated by alpha pheromones...
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Your Sound 4.5

Your Sound

Chapter 6

153.2K Dec 06,22 Biseol (비설), Crow (까마귀)

Min Eun-hoo, general manager of JK Group. Handsome looks, wealth, and a strong future! He had everything, and at some point, the thought of an unknown woman begin to ring in his mind. while she was complaining of pain not knowing who the biggest hindrance in her life was, there was a woman she encountered like fate. The candidate who came to JK on the day of the interview to hire his assistant, Se
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Mr. Snail 1.3

Mr. Snail

Chapter 87

228.7K Dec 06,22 Yi Gen Tui Mao

As September comes, a new semester has begun at Shan Ming High School. The school doctor, Song Yue, has also welcomed a new roommate - canteen chef, Xu Xiaodao. Mr. Song thinks Xu is like the "Snail Girl". Ever since he starting living here, the dorm has been super clean. Not only does he clean, he also cooks all the meals and does all the laundry! This is truly suspicious! Things get even weirder
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 My Bad Younger Man 4.6

My Bad Younger Man

Chapter 111

3.1M Dec 06,22 Kim suyoun,Yoon choa

When Sol receives an engagement party invitation from Minji, the girl who stole her first love, she's determined to attend just to prove how great she's doing. But she needs to find a hot boyfriend first, when her dating life's been nonexistent! The only viable candidate she can find is her younger brother's friend, Joohyuk, who has had a major glow-up since his scrawny teenage years. “I'm not
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My Younger Brother’s Friends 4.3

My Younger Brother’S Friends

Chapter 82

1.4M Dec 06,22 Nimni

After her parents died in an accident, Gaeun, a senior student in college, lived with her younger brother, a high school student. She lived brightly and confidently while hiding her pain. After breaking up with her boyfriend, who was her ideal type, she thought she wouldn't date anymore. However, she ended up getting tied up with Dowan, who knew her since they were young, Sangwoo, who was her
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