Soaring Phoenix from the East Palace 4.3

Soaring Phoenix From The East Palace

Chapter 36

301,034 May 21,22 Lu feixi (路菲汐)

She is a venomous demon of a consort in the eyes of the world. On the wedding day, she snatches someone else's husband, scaring the wife into unconsciousness. The princess consort of North chen has an arrogant name, domineering Chang'an. But this world just happens to have someone more arrogant than her. Even when everyone condemns her, he only says: "I dote on the princess consort, w
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Back To Rule Again 4.1

Back To Rule Again

Chapter 237

21,790,722 May 21,22 Rose Office

A young man named Yang Fan was betrayed by his girlfriend while he and his sister at death’s door, when suddenly, he traveled back to the past. Last time, you guys bullied me and sold me out. This time, with the power of the ring, only the strongest can survive. And I, am the strongest.
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Magic Emperor 4.9

Magic Emperor

Chapter 288

132,152,177 May 21,22 Nightingale (original) + No two comics

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Everlasting Dragon Emperor 4.5

Everlasting Dragon Emperor

Chapter 52

770,873 May 21,22 Updating

After being betrayed by the people he once loved, Lu Ming experienced the cold reality of the cultivation world. However, as chance would have it, he obtained the inheritance of a supreme expert who once suffered the same fate as him. Henceforth, the world shall tremble at the birth of the Everlasting Dragon Emperor whose legends will resound through eternity.
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Sanzennenme no kami taiou 4.6

Sanzennenme No Kami Taiou

Chapter 47: Final Farewell

2,928,970 May 21,22 KATOU Fumitaka

3000 year old god decides she wants to quit being a god so she becomes a high school girl.
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The Bride of a Monster 4.4

The Bride Of A Monster

Chapter 38

1,299,750 May 21,22 Lim Eum, Salmonotti

I, Hana, am dirt poor, and my father is a complete irresponsible jackass. To make matters worse, different men are coming up to me asking to be their wife–wait what?! But, it turns out that they are holding a great secret… Just what are they?
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How to Become a Dragon 4.5

How To Become A Dragon

Chapter 113

1,944,241 May 21,22 eon

What should you do when a 1000-year-old imoogi named Bari suddenly appears in your apartment and demands you pay for the sins of your ancestors? Help him become a dragon, of course! Young Yoo’s life is on the line as he teaches Bari the ins and outs of getting along with humans in order to prepare for the Nakdong River Dragon Exam. Will Young be able to help Bari pass the exam and become a f
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Kiss Sixth Senses 4.8

Kiss Sixth Senses

Chapter 51

1,989,909 May 21,22 갓녀,조코봉

The moment Hong Yesul kisses, she can see the future! When accidentally kissing her boss, Cha Min-ho's neck, she sees herself with Cha Min-ho in the future lying in bed! She tries hard to deny the terrible future so that it doesn't become a reality, but Cha Min-ho keeps coming to her! Is there a real romance between them that is worse than their enemies?! A breathtaking, hot super-sensory
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Bameur Geonneun Seonbi 4.7

Bameur Geonneun Seonbi

Chapter 76

1,394,955 May 21,22 Jo Joo Hee, Han Seung Hee

Seong Yeol is a vampire scholar that has been hiding from people for many years, letting them believe that he is an old man with leprosy. The only person he lets enter his place is a smart bookseller, Yang Sun. Together they will try to fight against a conspiracy.
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Cases of Judge Zhang 2.8

Cases Of Judge Zhang

Chapter 77 : [Official]

0 May 21,22 大风刮过 , 千二百/鲜漫文化

Ministry of Rites met poor student Zhang Ping by chance. Seeing a talented person being so broke, he sent him in the office, and let him begin investigations. Look at an ordinary person rising in his career and being worshiped.
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Shi to Kanojo to Boku Yukari 4.3

Shi To Kanojo To Boku Yukari

Chapter 9.3

73,992 May 21,22 Kawaguchi Madoka

Sequel to Shi to Kanojo to Boku. (  I can see ghosts. I can feel their fear and loneliness. I want to help her who is trying to save ghosts because she has power to see them. I, Yuusaku Matsumi can hear the voices of ghosts. Ghosts who get hurt even after death, who keep embracing their loves who they can't forget. They are like me, who loves h
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Bad Girl-Exorcist Reina 4.7

Bad Girl-Exorcist Reina

Vol.5 Chapter 49: Exorcism #49 - Hanako-San Vs. Mary-San Vs. Hachishaku-Sama

3,529,909 May 21,22 Otosama

Reina Suzuno, a transfer student with a sukujan, blonde hair and loose socks looks totally like a criminal, is a stalker? It turns out that Reina is not a stalker, she is actually an exorcist, an excellent exorcist, the intimidating behavior she has is actually a unique method of exorcism, which exterminates the evil spirits that roam the earth, capable of exorcising hanako from the bath already m
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My Wife Is From a Thousand Years Ago 4.7

My Wife Is From A Thousand Years Ago

Chapter 49

4,449,765 May 21,22 Updating

Jiang He, a girl from the Tang Dynasty, traveled through a thousand years and appeared in front of Xu Qing. Fate brought together this love that spanned a thousand years. Everything the girl was familiar with has become history. Relatives, friends, and enemies have all been left behind 1,200 years ago. The boy is unreserved and leads the girl to start a new life. Pain, confusion, cheers, and laugh
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Moshi Fanren 4.5

Moshi Fanren

Chapter 450: Teacher Luo's Ability And Fashion ! (16P)

128,719,817 May 21,22 Amazing Works

Zuo Tianchen is the last living human in a mutated zombie-infested city. Just when he was sure he’d died, he finds his soul returned to just before that ill-fated day ten years ago. He swears he’ll protect the people important to him this time round and reunite with his past lover. Watch his struggles to survive equipped with his memory of the next ten years!
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Isekai Shikkaku 4.8

Isekai Shikkaku

Chapter 22

2,489,273 May 21,22 Hiroshi Noda,Takahiro Wakamatsu

Guy who was going to commit double suicide with his lover gets transported to another world instead. Now he wants to find her to try to commit suicide with her again.
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Akatsuki no Yona 3.6

Akatsuki No Yona

Chapter 225

38,877,662 May 20,22 Kusanagi Mizuho

Akatsuki no Yona Manga: Yona of the Dawn, known as Akatsuki no Yona in Japan. "Yona of the Dawn" , also called Akatsuki no Yona -The girl standing in the blush of morning-) is a Japanese manga series by Mizuho Kusanagi, serialized in Hakusensha's sh?jo manga magazine Hana to Yume from August 2009
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Superhuman Era 4.7

Superhuman Era

Chapter 120

7,938,719 May 20,22 Supp (섭이)

Unknown monsters have appeared on Earth, alongside ‘Superhumans' who appear to dispatch them. With these mysterious monsters and superhumans, a new ‘Superhuman Era' begins!
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The Blue Snake and the Red Moon 4.7

The Blue Snake And The Red Moon

Chapter 54

652,682 May 20,22 Sirial

Leerang has had a lot of bad luck, but getting tricked into being buried alive as the bride of a ghost might really take the cake. Leerang is tied to the ghost by a red string of fate, and somewhere between the world of the living and the dead, she's slowly dying. Just then a blue snake appears and tells her that she can return to the living if she ties herself to him instead. But there's
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Pure Love Incubus 4.6

Pure Love Incubus

Chapter 89

1,324,072 May 20,22 Ryoku

“I’ve come to take your virginity.” One day, a man appears before cool, insomniatic office worker Koume. He’s haughty, but his looks are exactly her type. He calls himself an incubus and states that he’s come to take her virginity…but something about him is weird. A love comedy between an innocent wuss of an incubus and an office lady who won’t fall in lo
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Reborn 80,000 years 4.4

Reborn 80,000 Years

Chapter 312

64,147,168 May 20,22 Burning Manhua,Zhang Yue

A generation of strong stars, Stardust, died at the hands of the villain and fell accidentally. When I woke up, I had been sleeping for 80,000 years. Things have changed. The four adopted sons have already become the strong men of the continent; a wild dog that has been saved has become the supreme demon king... that child, it is said 40,000 years ago, overcame common customs and became supreme! O
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Escape, Ray 3.9

Escape, Ray

Chapter 76

2,194,449 May 20,22 Geon-u

For Kile, it's just a normal day at work until Lou walks in. Tall, blond and dashing, he's not the type of guy that goes unnoticed. Lou eventually sweet-talks Kile back to his place… and that's when the bomb drops. “Your twin brother is dead. Soon, you will become an esper.” At those words, Kile's ordinary life is turned upside down. As the telekinetic powers begin to manifest, his body is o
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Estio 4.5


Chapter 39

2,547,713 May 20,22 Updating

"Are you the one who called me?"A black-haired beast looked at him with glowing yellow eyes."It's okay. It won't hurt anymore. You'll be okay."Estio was born as the youngest son of a farmer, but everyone hated him.He was a child who could read the hearts of people and animals. And"A cursed child."He finally turned 19, and it was now time for his coming-of-
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Picked Up A Little Fox 4.3

Picked Up A Little Fox

Chapter 143

2,403,007 May 20,22 Tong You, Dao Dao Jun

The little fox goes downhill to avoid the calamity. She encounters the rich and handsome Professor Tian You. Getting along with each other day by day, the naughty and cute little fox gradually falls in love with Tian You. But the coming of the calamity makes the fox show herself in her true colours. And the identity of Tian You is also a mystery. At the same time, the brother of the fox who is a s
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