Ao Ashi 4.4

Ao Ashi

Chapter 258

7,657,043 Jun 22,21 Yuugo Kobayashi, Naohiko Ueno

Seinen sports series, serialized on Big Comic Spirits. Nominated for the 2017 Manga Taisho Award.
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Remake Our Life! 4.7

Remake Our Life!

Chapter 22.5

2,459,768 Jun 22,21 Nachi Kio, Bonjin Hirameki

Hashiba Kyouya is a 28 year old game developer. With his company going bankrupt, and him losing his job, he returns to his hometown. Looking at the success of creators of his age, he finds himself regretting his life decisions as he lay distressed on his bed. But when he opens his eyes, he finds that he has travelled 10 years back to the time before he entered college. Will he finally
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Girl's World 4.4

Girl's World

Chapter 263: 263 - Part 2.49

2,172,079 Jun 22,21 Morangji

It seems perfect, but in fact the lonely swans and the good-looking ducks meet and struggle with each other and become real friends ...
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So Pure, So Flirtatious ( Very Pure ) 4.2

So Pure, So Flirtatious ( Very Pure )

Chapter 330

10,584,867 Jun 22,21 You Lu Wen Hua

Yang Ming is the epitome of delinquency; getting in fights, skipping school, and cheating on tests. One day, he gets a mysterious pair of contact lenses that changes his entire life.
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The Omniscient POV Of An Unrequited Love 4.5

The Omniscient Pov Of An Unrequited Love

Chapter 58

572,710 Jun 22,21 Jung Ha Rim,Kim Yeon Woo

Hyeji is a famous SNS star with over 100,000 instagram followers. Due to her popularity, Hyeji has received many confessions, but despite that, she doesnt really have much dating experience. One day, Hyeji received an invitation to go out on a date with another popular SNS star who she secretly followed. On the day of the long awaited date, Hyeji couldn't stand the subtle light coming from the
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A Beloved Existence 4.8

A Beloved Existence

Chapter 51

319,445 Jun 22,21 Hyang-u creative

__arim: Soyou, who received heart transplant surgery. The donated heart belongs to the father of the guy in her class? A Loving Existence / 사랑하는 존재
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We Are Not Friends 4.3

We Are Not Friends

Chapter 51

41,734 Jun 22,21 Zhi Wu Ah

Originally these two men who meets up always end up fighting, fated never to be friends, what kind of relationship would this start? A cold and proud elite young master faced with a radical rebellious teenager
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Social Temperature 4.5

Social Temperature

Chapter 47

365,208 Jun 22,21 卡比丘

Song Yuanxun, an indifferent homophobic, matched with Fang Zhaomu, who he hates, on a dating app! Unexpectedly, he found out that Fang Zhaomu is clingier than he thought…
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The Tyrant Falls in Love (Can Can) 4.3

The Tyrant Falls In Love (Can Can)

Chapter 69

1,613,150 Jun 22,21 Can Can, Xiatian Dao

Xiao Man, the beloved heir to the north area's martial arts club, suddenly decides to transfer to a south area high school to pursue "him". However, on her first day as a transfer student, everyone –including the teachers– mistakes her for a male delinquent. How will she get the boy she likes to see her as a love interest instead of a "buddy"? Adventure into
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Cinderella's Man 3.5

Cinderella's Man

Chapter 70

1,160,271 Jun 22,21 Mj.k, hokyoung

Years after losing his first love, Sina, to another man, Geonwoo is out for revenge. He's gone from rags to riches, but finds out that she's drowning in debt; it's the perfect chance to get her back with his wealth and power. After tricking Sina into signing a binding contract, Geonwoo hires her as his housekeeper. What exactly do his secret plans entail, and will the two be able to rekindle their
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Cloud 3.7


Chapter 19

468,970 Jun 22,21 Kim pas (paskim) , 김파스

Skylar has a secret hobby - taking photos of his crush, Chan-il. But when Cirrus stumbles upon Skylar's cloud storage with its impressive collection of Chan-il's photos, things escalate pretty quickly. At first confident his secret is safe with Cirrus, Skylar continuously finds himself in compromising situations, making him question Cirrus' true motives.
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Haru to Arashi 4.6

Haru To Arashi

Volume 2 Chapter 5

136,072 Jun 22,21 Ayuko

From Lovesick Alley and Sunday Scans: Tsubomi is in her second year of high school and has a crush on her homeroom teacher. She plans to give her teacher a birthday gift, but unfortunately his birthday falls on a weekend... After finding out that her classmate Fuma Yabuki is her teacher's cousin, she tried to get him to help her but despite being related to her homer
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Ballroom e Youkoso 4.9

Ballroom E Youkoso

Chapter 60.2

5,488,139 Jun 22,21 Takeuchi Tomo

An ordinary middle school student, Fujita Tatara couldn't find any objective in life and spent his days idly. One day, a group of delinquents picks a fight with him and he is saved by a mysterious man. After that, the man surprisingly takes him to a ballroom dancing class! While being inspired by a girl dancer who goes to that school, Hanaoka Shizuku, and her partner, a genius dancer, Hyoudou
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Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi 4.8

Kunoichi Tsubaki No Mune No Uchi

Chapter 34

1,491,678 Jun 22,21 Yamamoto Souichirou

The plot centers on the titular Tsubaki Kunoichi, the best student in her school, and a curiosity that she cannot reveal.
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Seven Years Later 4.4

Seven Years Later

Chapter 15

105,603 Jun 22,21 Hievasp,Tirapuw

Kala Maharani is an ordinary girl who's always restrained by her father. One day, she chose to run away from home to celebrate the new year 2014 in Bali. But who would have thought that she drowned in the sea and was saved by her friend who told her seven years have passed. What will happen? What about her family and friends? Can she go back to her original timeline?
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Die, Please! 4.1

Die, Please!

Chapter 26

55,470 Jun 22,21 Euntae

I just want to tell him how I feel! Mina has been planning on telling Yeomyung she likes him. But every time she goes to confess, something foils her plans. It turns out Yeomyung and Youngwoong, her best friend, were actually plotting to kill her. But why?! Please, Die / 부탁이니 죽어주라
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Ultimate Legend: Kang Hae Hyo 4.2

Ultimate Legend: Kang Hae Hyo

Chapter 129

3,695,416 Jun 22,21 Choi Byung Yeol

Delinquency has become a major problem among the youth, especially the high school population. Taking the matter into their own hands, the government has created a special school just for these troubled youths. Kang Hae Hyo, a seemingly normal high school student who is bullied frequently, somehow ends up in the school! He's not sure he belongs there, but something about him, and his past, may be
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My Stepmom's Daughter Was My Ex-Girlfriend 4.8

My Stepmom's Daughter Was My Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 14.2

6,396,604 Jun 22,21 Rei Kusakabe,Kyosuke Kamishiro

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School Flower Master 4.1

School Flower Master

Chapter 180

4,909,693 Jun 21,21 Updating

Flowers and sisters, beautiful and strong sisters, pure beauty teachers, all cherishing their hugs … Normal high school students, incidentally, get a pen magic, and life has changed since then. Colorful diversity.
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30 Minute Walk 4.5

30 Minute Walk

Chapter 77

549,846 Jun 21,21 Lee On Do

The romantic way back home from Galaxy Institution of Wi Seong Eun and Ji Gu Bong. The world most thrilling time, this 30 minute walk.
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4-Koma Starlight 4

4-Koma Starlight

Chapter 27.5

158,809 Jun 21,21 Makimaki Mawaru

A four-panel spin-off story following the adventures of the 99th Graduating Class from the main series of Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight! Serie included many short stories: - Many chapters haven't been scanlated yet.
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Survive on a deserted island with beautiful girls 4.6

Survive On A Deserted Island With Beautiful Girls

Chapter 93

4,888,660 Jun 21,21 Updating

Ancient beasts, modern humans, future technology, time and space chaos of the desert island; Stone Age, Power Age, Electric Age, rapid development of the desert island civilization. Exile on an uninhabited desert island, opening a system, Qin Tian from zero to survive. The first thing you need to know is how to get the best out of your child.
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Deadly VS Romance 4.8

Deadly Vs Romance

Chapter 12

209,572 Jun 21,21 Guru

A woman who is like a martial arts manhwa character “Yubi”. A man who is like a shoujo manhwa character “Shin-woo”. The two who are used to living in their own genres won’t easily fall for each other! Will they be able to achieve a happy ending according to the standard of manhwa?!
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Beware of Your Boyfriend 4.2

Beware Of Your Boyfriend

Chapter 40

107,110 Jun 21,21 이네

Da-In and Si-Hyun are in the same class, but they’ve never spoken to each other. One day, an unfamiliar guy appears and says he is the Lee Si-Hyun from the future, and that they’ll go out with each other. Da-In doesn’t believe him, but as his predictions come true, she starts to trust him. As Da-In shows interest in Si-Hyun, their classmates say they are flirting with each other.
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