The Flower of Vampires 4.5

The Flower Of Vampires

Chapter 77

822,521 Aug 20,22 카나리아

A breathtaking vampire romance depicting adventure and love in search of the legendary ‘vampire flower’. The vampire Louvre sets out in his quest with the human contractor, Seoyoung, appearing in the human world after 500 years.
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Ice Cream Kanojo 4.7

Ice Cream Kanojo

Chapter 24: 【Ice:24】

619,112 Aug 20,22 くうねりん

Except for being a little short, Kanta Date is a completely ordinary high schooler. This nobody however, managed to get a girlfriend. This girlfriend is a real poker-face and to the world, seems cold as ice. However, just for Kanta, she is really sweet. Different from her outward appearance and sweeter than sugar, She always manages to Overwhelm Kanta.
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Above Ten Thousand People 4.5

Above Ten Thousand People

Chapter 144

7,615,639 Aug 20,22 Boyi Animation

Tens of thousands of big shots submit at his feet yet he says, “I'm really just a mortal...” The overpowered protagonist who's simultaneously the weakest in the world.
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Saijo no Osewa 4.6

Saijo No Osewa

Chapter 7

166,803 Aug 20,22 Sakaishi Yusaku,Mizushima Sorahiko

A poor high school boy, Izuki Tomonari, got caught up in a kidnapping attempt on Hinako Konohana, a young lady from one of Japan's largest conglomerates. On the surface, Hinako appears to be a brilliant and beautiful young woman, but in reality, she is a lazy girl with no life skills. However, due to family reasons, Hinako has to play the role of the "perfect young lady" at school. Wanting to prot
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Futari de Koi wo suru Riyuu 4.4

Futari De Koi Wo Suru Riyuu

Chapter 52

1,520,120 Aug 20,22 Hiro Chihiro

In her first year of high school, Urara Andou fell in love at first sight with the kind stranger who saved her on the train. Too flustered to ask for his name or contact information, she swears to take action the next time she falls in love. But it turns out he's a senpai at her school!? Reunited, Urara believes it must be fate. But before she can take action, h
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Monster no Goshujin-sama (Novel) 4.3

Monster No Goshujin-Sama (Novel)

Chapter 44.2

13,167,674 Aug 20,22 Higure Minto

An entire school has been tossed into a fantasy world without knowing what happened. Suddenly monsters attack and kill a lot of students, but then other students started to fight back with cheat abilities. A few days later, everyone has been divided into the Stay Home Group and Exploration Group. The exploration group wanted to see if there’s anything else to find and take care off in
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LaLa 2.9


Chapter 337

1,577,672 Aug 20,22 Pikapi

Xia Yu Xun é uma estudante que por ter faltado em uma prova, teve que repetir um ano. Para todos os seus colegas de classe que são um ano menor que ela, Xia Yu Xun é uma Xue Jie (senpai, veterana) genial, alta, decidida, muito bela e muito “cool”. Claro que ela não pensa assim, adoraria ser mais baixa pois assim conseguiria usar roupas mais bonitas. Sua obsessão é tanta que desenha sua
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15 Minutes 'Til They Actually Start Dating 4.7

15 Minutes 'til They Actually Start Dating

Vol.4 Chapter 34: 15 Minutes Before They Can't Seriously Say It

77,122 Aug 19,22 Perico

An adorable tale of two childhood friends who start dating. As third-years, no moment can be wasted, as they have little time available until college. It starts with "I think we should break up". ---
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The Weakest Occupation 3.7

The Weakest Occupation "blacksmith," But It's Actually The Strongest

Chapter 101: True Customers

4,910,254 Aug 19,22 Yoshimura Hideaki , Kijima Ryuta

The people of this world are given occupations and weapons called Divine Treasures by God. It was said that the treasure was very strong and couldn’t be compared to the Human-made weapons. That’s why, occupations which were called “Blacksmith”, who can make and modify weapons are called the weakest. The main protagonist Relius who has acquired such a weakest job. He gave up on becoming
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Tokimeki Tonight 4.4

Tokimeki Tonight

Vol.13 Chapter 80

497,407 Aug 19,22 Ikeno Koi

From Friendship Scans: Ranze Etou is an adorable immortal girl with a vampire father and a werewolf mother who would throw things at each other when they get into childish fights. However, Ranze just wants to live like a normal girl and lead a normal life. Unfortunately, she is "blessed" with the power to turn into anything she bites. For example, if she accidentally bites a cake the wrong way
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Chaos in the Nether World 4.3

Chaos In The Nether World

Chapter 11

1,996,554 Aug 19,22 Dada Cat Comics

Zhang Muji who only wanted to buy his muse a gift by doing a part-time job ended up facing a weird gate. His greed angered the tycoon on the other side of the gate, and was punished for another part-time job. Zhang Muji was very reluctant. What’s the difference between a part-timer without pay and a loser! Zhang Muji had an idea to get rich by charging a “Gate Construction Fee” f
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Defence Mechanism 3.1

Defence Mechanism

Chapter 9

56,015 Aug 19,22 zed

YES to sex, NO to dating! Kim Suho is a complete serial maneater. To make matters even worse, after suffering(?) from falling in love at first sight with Lee Yul, Suho is asked by Yul to protect him in a request he can’t refuse...
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Beyond Myriad Peoples 4.7

Beyond Myriad Peoples

Chapter 144

9,756,739 Aug 19,22 Boyi animation

A Myriad of big shots grovel at his feet, yet he insists: “I'm really just an ordinary mortal.” The overpowered protagonist who's simultaneously the weakest in the world. 万人之上 / Who's Your Daddy / Beyond A Myria Of Peoples
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Devil's Bride 3.3

Devil's Bride

Chapter 144

400,494 Aug 19,22 Rhim Ju-yeon

Jeong-Hwan received a letter from his sister Ji-Yeong that said, "Please rescue me, the devil is here!" His sister goes to an all-girls school and in order to rescue her, he must disguise himself as a female student. In this school, all students are candidates to become "the bride of the devil."
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Blend-S 4.2


Vol.5 Chapter 57

252,307 Aug 19,22 Nakayama Miyuki

English Maika Sakuranomiya is, by nature, a person with bad luck and always gets into trouble, but knows Dino, who manages a cafe. However, it is not just any cafe, and the waitresses have to act according to their "attributes." Portuguese / Português Sakuranomiya Maika é, por natureza, uma pessoa que tem má sorte e que sempre entra em problemas, mas um dia, ela
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Usami-san Ha Kamawaretai! 4.8

Usami-San Ha Kamawaretai!

Chapter 35

10,546,260 Aug 19,22 Hibaru Shunsuke

Usami Nagisa is a yankee who suffers from a rare disease which causes her health to decline if she feels lonely. Sewa Natsuhito, the boy who sits next to her in class realizes this and keeps her company, but the only way Usami believes she can cure her illness is to make lots of friends, a process she might find harder and complex than she initially would have hoped.
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Peerless little Doctor 3.8

Peerless Little Doctor

Chapter 180

3,903,217 Aug 19,22 流氓鱼儿 , Rogue Fish

The comic is adapted from the novel “Peerless Little Doctor” of the rogue fish child in the Chinese and English network. The school flower is ill, flash away, let me come! Little Loli is sick? Let uncle look! Boss Wang has advanced cancer? I’m sorry, I’ll go to the registration line. There is no time tonight. Sister Chang’e has an appointment!
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Aporia 3.9


Chapter 75

2,203,985 Aug 19,22 Seontae

"Goo Ja-Wook, construction and remodeling planning manager falls in love at first sight with Yung yeon, a VIP guest at a club he has visited for business reasons. They both spend a night full of frenetic impulses ... But SM games are out of the question. "
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The Nether World Mix of Jiang Long 4.6

The Nether World Mix Of Jiang Long

Chapter 11

117,166 Aug 19,22 Dada Cat Comics

“Warning: Mature content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.”Zhang Muji who only wanted to buy his muse a gift by doing a part-time job ended up facing a weird gate. His greed angered the tycoon on the other side of the gate, and was punished for another part-time job. Zhang Muji was
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Safe Partner 3.9

Safe Partner

Chapter 32

1,579,775 Aug 19,22 Rotten GreenT

Hakyung went to a bar to find a one-night stand to satisfy his craving for Jang Hyunsoo, the guy who he’s been crushing on ever since the first day he joined the company. Suddenly, he runs into Hyunsoo himself at the same place. “Don’t do it with that guy. Do it with me, sex partner.” “But the president has a fiancée.”
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A Gifted Doctor 2.6

A Gifted Doctor

Chapter 180: Episode 180

1,261,452 Aug 19,22 Qianhui A&C

This comic is adapted from LiuMangYuEr’s “A Gifted Doctor”, a zongheng novel. The campus belle has fallen sick. Move aside and let me through! Is Little Loli sick? Let uncle take a look! Boss Wang has terminal cancer? I’m sorry, take a number and get in line. I don’t have time tonight. I have an appointment with Big Sister Chang E!
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Girl and Science 3.9

Girl And Science

Chapter 178

9,022,968 Aug 19,22 诈术师德德

They were childhood friends, and she had always been more powerful than him. But when they accidentally traveled (summoned?) to another world, it was finally time for him to become the knight in shining armor! He had to find her first though, since they were separated... Come and witness his fight to be better in a crazy world where monsters roamed and technology wa
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My Husband Is Out Of Control Again 2.6

My Husband Is Out Of Control Again

Chapter 85

250,269 Aug 19,22 世间文化

MTL: Lu Can looked down at Chu Jin and joked: Recently, you have been following my illusion. SWAT buildings, hospitals, restaurants, bathrooms and toilets... Chu Jin covered Lu Can's mouth shyly and wanted to forget those discordant pictures: Stop it! I just want to steal some spiritual power! Don't make me so perverted! Lu Can raised his eyebrows and smiled: Do you just want spiritual strength?
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