Lovetrap Island - Passion in Distant Lands - 3.6

Lovetrap Island - Passion In Distant Lands -

Chapter 21

573.1K Dec 06,22 Nanairo Kasuga,Kubu Kurin

Five students, 3 women and 2 men, wash ashore a remote island, survivors of ship sinking. Finding themselves in this extreme situation, their instinct and conscience intersect and collide! Crossing thoughts, feelings of love and hate mixed with trust and betrayal. A story of uncontrollable libido and murderous intent… Original R18 web novel:
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Adamasu no Majotachi 4.4

Adamasu No Majotachi

Chapter 26: Illusion Of Libido

8.6M Dec 06,22 Imai Yuu

Kitou Yukinari is an ordinary high school boy. However, while playing a game of pocket pool one day, he suddenly felt as if he was passing a kidney stone. But this kidney stone was shiny and pink? A trip to the hospital shows that Yukinari has a medical malady called Adamasu Syndrome - in short, whenever he jets his juice, a little diamond pops out of his saltshaker. Of course, it'
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Fray (manhwa) 4

Fray (Manhwa)

Chapter 30

324.6K Dec 06,22

Fray manhwa,Frey, Add more firewood if you don't want to turn into ashes" In time of desperation, he have flames that can kill demons. However, the flames make its master a demon who
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In A World Filled With Zombies, I’m The Only One They Won’t Attack 4.2

In A World Filled With Zombies, I’M The Only One They Won’T Attack

Chapter 18: Suspicion

1.6M Dec 06,22 Uraji Roroku,Masuda Chihiro

Takemura wakes up after falling ill for 3 days and realizes the world has been overrun by zombies but for some strange reason he is not being attacked by them! What will he do now with this great power he has?
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My Master Has No Tail 4.5

My Master Has No Tail

Chapter 37

231.6K Dec 06,22 TNSK

About a tanuki girl in Osaka who wants to be human.
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Monkey Peak 4.6

Monkey Peak

Chapter 101: The 9Th Station

4.6M Dec 06,22 Shinasaka Kouji

A group of employees from the Fujitani Pharmaceutical Company are on a hiking trip. After the company suffered a crisis, the CEO hopes to improve teamwork and morale among new and old employees with this trip. Not everyone is as excited as he is. Unfortunately for them, they soon find themselves having to deal with problems that they weren't prepared for. What's going to happe
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Boarding Diary 4

Boarding Diary

Chapter 119

7.2M Dec 06,22 Suspect H

Jun-woo is a new student who is living in his friend's boarding house that's located nearby the school. While he lives there, he receives care from Mi-kyung, the female owner of the boarding house. But one day, he catches her watching a secret video in her room… "Ajumma… I didn't see that correctly, right?"
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Ranker 4.3


Chapter 3

10K Dec 06,22 Shin Gun 

, An online membership game run in secrecy. Kang Junseo coincidentally jumped into Ranker. Junseo from who knows when, started to see his opponents as monsters and it was his player, Jeongjun’s voice that allowed him to find his calm again. With Jeongjun, Junseo is prepared to heal the symptoms. However, Ranker is not only a quest where your life is at stake, it is filled with characters battling
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Company Grievance Squad 4.4

Company Grievance Squad

Chapter 6

10K Dec 06,22 Jeong Ju-haeng

Ilgang Group, the number one business group that controls the Korean economy. However, the inside is steamed and stained with various kinds of corruption and corruption.The chairman, who needed a solution to save the decaying Ilgang group, makes a secret proposal by calling the youngest member of the Ilgang family, Lee Seon-ho, to Korea, who was living quietly in the United States…“Humans
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Have a Great Sunday 3.9

Have A Great Sunday

Chapter 36

68.7K Dec 06,22 Ono Natsume

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Majokko Tsukune-chan 4

Majokko Tsukune-Chan

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Tsukune-Chan Vs. Aliens

0 Dec 06,22 Hiroaki Magari

In this surreal comedy, the witch Tsukune-chan travels the countryside doling out just deserts, be they good or bad. She's a peculiar magical girl who keeps trying to help others and fight evil-doers despite of her questionable sense of justice.
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Kimi wa Nazotoki no Ma Cherie 5

Kimi Wa Nazotoki No Ma Cherie

0 Dec 06,22 Ito Natsumi

Mitsuko is Japan’s first woman detective in the turbulent 1930s! When a handsome college student shows up with a new case, he ends up assigned as her new assistant! Join Mitsuko and Saku as they solve cases, explore the changing cultural landscape of early Showa-era Japan, and maybe grow a little closer along the way in this fashionable mystery series.
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Saikyou no Chikara wo Te ni Ireta Kawari ni Onna no Ko ni Narimashita – Onna dake no Party ni Boku ga Haitte mo Iwakan ga nai no wa Komarun desuga 3.5

Saikyou No Chikara Wo Te Ni Ireta Kawari Ni Onna No Ko Ni Narimashita – Onna Dake No Party Ni Boku Ga Haitte Mo Iwakan Ga Nai No Wa Komarun Desuga

Chapter 7

35K Dec 06,22 SASA Tougorou

B-Rank adventurer Rain(♂) had the good luck of finding an Ancient Class item in a dungeon he snuck into. If he sells it, he can have a comfortable retired life! But the joy was brief because due to the item's effects: Rain obtained power equal to that of an S-Rank adventurer and a "Girl's Body"! Furthermore, before he even gets the chance to feel depressed, a certain incident leads to Rain(♀) bei
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Murcielago 4.7


Chapter 133

4.3M Dec 06,22 Yoshimura Kana

In a city overflowing with heinous crimes and violence, two girls make it their job to kill criminals who can not be dealt with by police. (Warning: Contains explicit gore and sex in future chapters.)
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Chapter 17

290.3K Dec 06,22 Lee Sungwoon, Yosam

ETRANGERE manhwa, Etrange, Introduction of the work You guys have been summoned.' South Korean special forces captain Kang San' and female military officer Kim Bi-yeon' have a sudden accident during descent training. Immediately after the accident, an unfamiliar world opened up in front of the two of them. A desperate survival story of two men and women unfolding in an unfamiliar world!
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The Eminence in Shadow 4.8

The Eminence In Shadow

Chapter 47

84M Dec 06,22 Anri Sakano, Daisuke Aizawa

Just like how everyone adored heroes in their childhood, a certain young man adored those powers hidden in shadows. After hiding his strength and living the mediocre life of a mob character by day while undergoing frenzied training by night, he finally reincarnates into a different world and gains ultimate power. The young man who is only playing at being a power in the shadows, his misunders
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Amai Seikatsu 4.6

Amai Seikatsu

Vol.20 Chapter 223: Disturbances

4.2M Dec 06,22 Yuzuki Hikaru

The complicated story of a young man who goes to work for a lingerie company.
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Boku wa Kimitachi wo Shihai suru 3.6

Boku Wa Kimitachi Wo Shihai Suru

Vol.2 Chapter 10

561.4K Dec 06,22 Daisuke Chida

Seven women, one man, a suspenseful harem story! During a class reunion, the school became an enclosed dimension without warning. Yelling and screaming brought no response. 26-year old unemployed Haruka Sato has to survive by cooperating with seven of his former classmates. Soon, the extreme conditions began to eat away at their sanity, and Haruka's hidden desires began to take hold.
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Kamiina Botan, Yoeru Sugata wa Yuri no Hana. 3.3

Kamiina Botan, Yoeru Sugata Wa Yuri No Hana.

Chapter 26

3.1M Dec 06,22 Hey 塀

Kamiina Botan is a 20-year-old college student. At the welcome party for the dorm she was assigned to, the dorm leader Ibuki gives her a highball to drink and she becomes tipsy, leading to her involvement with Ibuki from now on... A tipsy teasing girl's comedy!
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My Wife is Niizuma-Chan 4.6

My Wife Is Niizuma-Chan

Vol.4 Chapter 39

8.6M Dec 06,22 ruch_f

Married life begins for Niizuma-chan and Daa-kun!
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Mogusa-san 4.6


Vol.5 Chapter 43

1.9M Dec 06,22 Ootake Toshitomo

High school boy Koguchi Torao sees Mogusa Minori, a quiet, reserved girl in his class, walk into the restaurant run by his family and order an unbelievable amount of food, and even more surprisingly, sees that she keeps unagi pie (a sweet biscuit made with powdered eel) in her wallet?! The story revolves around Koguchi and Mogusa's meetings in daily life and Koguchi's observations of Mo
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Hatarakanai Futari 4.5

Hatarakanai Futari

Vol.19 Chapter 1174: Out Cold

16.7M Dec 06,22 Yoshida Satoru

A slice-of-life story about two siblings, both jobless shut-ins.Haruko is a teenage girl who shares with her brother a love of laying around the house in sweats, watching television and playing video games. Her brother has a few friends, but Haruko has a lot of problems with social anxiety. The two of them pass their days happily playing together, though their mother worries about how she's going
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God of Martial Arts 4.6

God Of Martial Arts

Chapter 524

176.8M Dec 06,22 Jing Wu Hen

In this world, respect is earned with martial arts. Weak martial artists have strengths of tens of thousands of pounds, capable of cracking boulders. And the strong ones can cut off rivers and split mountains. There are even martial kings who know everything and can travel across the universe. Martial art decides your fate as well as your life and death. The weak is humiliated while the strong loo
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Zeikin de Katta Hon 4.5

Zeikin De Katta Hon

Vol.4 Chapter 26: Stuffed Animal Sleepover

384.6K Dec 06,22 Zuino,Keiyama Kei

Zeikin de Katta Hon manga, Ishidaira is a delinquent who visited the library for the first time since elementary school. He discovered that he still hadn't returned a book he borrowed 10 years ago. He ended up having to work part-time at the library to pay for it. This is the beginning of a manga that makes you want to go to the library after you read it.
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