Senmetsumadou no Saikyou Kenja: Musai no Kenja, Madou wo Kiwame Saikyou e Itaru 4.7

Senmetsumadou No Saikyou Kenja: Musai No Kenja, Madou Wo Kiwame Saikyou E Itaru

Vol.3 Chapter 7.2

6,175,035 Jan 18,22 Shinkou Shotou,Ponjea,Runami

Senmetsumadou no Saikyou Kenja: Musai no Kenja, Madou wo Kiwame Saikyou e Itaru
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Iron Ladies 4.6

Iron Ladies

Chapter 366: Great Encirclement Dragon Sparrow

93,410,965 Jan 18,22 Iron Scales Group, Bai Chen Guang

University graduate Mu Siyun sent his resume to the star fleet on a whim and somehow became the Fleet Admiral! Ths is the story about an admiral with a harem of 3000 female soldiers conquering the universe…
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Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku 4

Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku

Vol.15 Chapter 125: Bloody War!! High Waves At The Senkaku Islands!! 50

1,122,351 Jan 18,22 Owada Hideki

Junichiro Koizumi. Prime Minister of Japan, or God of Mahjong incarnate? Watch him clash with other world titans such as George W. Bush, Kim Jong Il, and Vladimir Putin in the one force that matters in the political world: mahjong.
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Angel Heart 4.6

Angel Heart

Vol.20 Chapter 212: The Price Of A Long Life

1,551,942 Jan 18,22 Hojo Tsukasa

A young Taiwanese assassin codenamed "Glass Heart" committed suicide by jumping off a building, and her heart was pierced by a metal fence. Miraculously, her life was saved by heart transplantation. During her recovery she began to experience strange dreams, which led her to Japan looking for the donor of her heart, who happens to be Kaori Makimura, former partner of City Hunter.
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Kings' Viking 4.5

Kings' Viking

Chapter 96

1,931,246 Jan 18,22 FUKAMI Makoto

18-year-old Koreeda Kazuki is a genius hacker who's only real skill lies with computers. Into his aimless life steps a wealthy man who makes him a proposition he finds impossible to refuse: that he will become Koreeda's investor on the condition that Koreeda use his abilities to help the man "conquer the world." In cyberspace where national borders hold no meaning, thus begins the story of two mod
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Nectar of Dharani 4.7

Nectar Of Dharani

Chapter 59

522,730 Jan 18,22 Yoshino Hiroyuki

Sakra, the last surviving princess of a fallen kingdom, is being hunted down for the power of Ambrosia she possesses - the ability to grant divine strength, but only to a human. With no human companion, she decides to summon one from another world in a desperate attempt to find a knight to protect her, but the man who answers her call is less than what she had hoped for.From the creators of Qwaser
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Yume de Mita Ano Ko no Tame ni 4.4

Yume De Mita Ano Ko No Tame Ni

Chapter 37

273,368 Jan 18,22 Sanbe Kei

Sanbe Kei of "Boku Dake ga Inai Machi" returns with yet another thriller! One rainy night when he was five years old, Senri's parents fell victim to a murderer, and his twin brother became missing. Now a high school student, he swindles people with the help of some friends, all while thinking of revenge. With the culprit's scar as his only clue, he will do everything to end the life of the one who
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Shiori's Diary 3.7

Shiori's Diary

Chapter 15.5

1,632,244 Jan 18,22 Tsuyatsuya

Shiori is turning 35, married for 3 years and trying to adapt to the unvarying and boring routine as a wife. She thought that this tranquility will be their future as a married couple but one she stumbles on a diary on her husband's study. As Shiori reads through the pages, she realizes it is her husband's diary where he put down in writing all his private moments with his lover! Is it tim
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Satou-kun wa Nozoteiru. ~Kami-sama Appli de Onnanoko no Kokoro o Nozoitara Do XX datta 4.6

Satou-Kun Wa Nozoteiru. ~Kami-Sama Appli De Onnanoko No Kokoro O Nozoitara Do Xx Datta

Chapter 8

766,695 Jan 18,22 Yukino

Satou Kazuya is a 30-year-old office worker and a virgin. His daily routine is Playing Eroge while Masturbating. One night he got the "Peeping Application" from God, It was not an ordinary application but an application that could read a woman's heart.
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Neeko wa Tsurai yo 4.6

Neeko Wa Tsurai Yo

Vol.6 Chapter 34

1,850,401 Jan 18,22 Aldehyde

Niito Nemuko, nicknamed Neeko, is 23 years old and still unable to find a job. This is her everyday life as she struggles with the fact that she's basically just a NEET.
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MF Ghost 4.7

Mf Ghost

Vol.9 Chapter 101: Amulets Cause Trouble

3,908,103 Jan 18,22 Shigeno shuichi

MF Ghost takes place in the 2020s, when self-driving cars are ubiquitous in Japan. Centered around Kanata Livington, a Japanese driver who goes back to Japan after graduating at the top of his class at a racing school in England. MF Ghost also focuses on the MFG, a racing circuit on public roads that has garnered attention worldwide.
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Dasei 67 Percent 4.5

Dasei 67 Percent

Chapter 85: Apologies For Being A Scumbag

2,690,912 Jan 18,22 Shimimaru

This comedy manga takes place in a college girl named Yoshizawa's room. Her friends, Itou, Kitahara, and Nishida often stop by, and they run into funny adult-level problems. For instance, there is the day when her friends drop by while Yoshizawa's hungover in bed, and she suddenly realizes that she doesn't have on any underwear under the covers. Yoshizawa also has unusual problems, lik
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Loplop 4.3


Chapter 21

450,272 Jan 18,22 Chong Tak

Felix, who likes to watch different people and things on the subway, finally picks up a brush again after two years. Felix's roommate Harry is an eccentric yet brilliant person. The simple Felix and his roommate interactions are bizarre, and Felix has no idea that his roommate is watching his every move... But the surprising thing is, the artist's block that Felix came across oddly reso
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Kuutei Dragons 4.8

Kuutei Dragons

Chapter 66

1,110,722 Jan 18,22 Kuwabara Taku

It's time to see what dragon tastes like. The crew of the airship Queen Zaza makes their living hunting dragons. Succeed, and the reward is riches and all the meat they can eat! Fail, and all that awaits them is a messy end. Follow the grand hunting and cooking adventure of the Queen Zaza as they chase dragons across the sky.
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Witchcraft Works 4.8

Witchcraft Works

Chapter 105: The Night Of Takkamiya And Walpurgis Night (Part 3)

4,393,657 Jan 18,22 Mizunagi Ryuu

The main character, Takamiya Honoka, is a regular student whose only problem seems to be that he sits next to Kagari Ayaka, the school's #1 beauty. They have never crossed words before, and even a small interaction between them results in her fan club beating him. Yet when a falling part of the school's building is about to send him to the afterlife, it was her that came to his rescue. Exc
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Tongari Booshi no Atorie 4.9

Tongari Booshi No Atorie

Chapter 54

6,293,755 Jan 18,22 Shirahama Kamome

A girl in a small village. Coco always wanted to be a wizard. But those who can not use magic since birth can not become wizards, so she had given up her dream of becoming a wizard. However, one day, a magician visited the village. This is the story of despair and hope that visited the girl.
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Gingitsune 4.1


Chapter 19

240,934 Jan 18,22 Ochiai Sayori

When her mother passed away at a young age, Saeki Makoto was given the power to see Gintaro, one of the gods’ agents that have been protecting the small Inari temple since the Edo era. As only one person of the family can see the fox spirit, Gintaro, naturally as the only blood relative, when her mother passed on, Makoto inherited the sole power to talk to and see him. Although they have their dif
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Kusuriya no Hitorigoto 4.9

Kusuriya No Hitorigoto

Chapter 49: The Clinic

12,453,003 Jan 18,22 Hyuuga Natsu, Nekokurage

In the imperial court, a young woman is put into servitude, Maomao. The tale is just beginning for the woman doctor/pharmacist from the red-light district, as rumors circulate about the emperor's children's lives being short-lived. Her curious nature and thirst for knowledge pushes her to action. To satisfy her curiosity, this young doctor/pharmacist will investigate the origin! What is sh
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Jashin-chan Dropkick 4.5

Jashin-Chan Dropkick

Vol.18 Chapter 203: The Cat's Name Is

2,546,491 Jan 18,22 Yukiwo

Jyashin-chan Dropkick is a violent slapstick comedy about a delusional gothic lolita, Yurine, who summons a demon girl with the tail of a cobra, Jyashin-chan. They'll have to live together -- until Yurine finds a way to send Jyashin-chan back to hell, or until Jyashin-chan kills Yurine.
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The Four Sisters (Elves) Wait For The Night 4.4

The Four Sisters (Elves) Wait For The Night

Chapter 5

219,608 Jan 18,22 Bcoca,Hozumi Kei

Who will you “play” with tonight—? A sweet and sugary harem romantic comedy about sleeping with elves ♡
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A Bouquet for an Ugly Girl. 4.7

A Bouquet For An Ugly Girl.

Chapter 22

509,865 Jan 18,22 Roku Sakura

Hana Tabata is a lonely and unpopular high school girl with negative thoughts. Early morning in the classroom when she was pretending to be a manga heroine, the class's good-looking Yosuke accidentally saw her...!? This love, you will definitely want to support it! Masochistic system unpopular girl comedy!
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The Dreamlike Seal 4.5

The Dreamlike Seal

Chapter 33

317,723 Jan 18,22 BaoQingComic,Hao Jiasi

The 'Monarch's Seal' is a symbol of Zhaohua's imperial power. It mysteriously disappeared with Emperor Yangfeng's sudden death. The fights between the princes are growing more intense. In the midst of this unrest within the imperial court, which path will 'she' take?
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Maou desu. Onna Yuusha no Hahaoya to Saikon Shita no de, Onna Yuusha ga Giri no Musume ni Narimashita. 4.9

Maou Desu. Onna Yuusha No Hahaoya To Saikon Shita No De, Onna Yuusha Ga Giri No Musume Ni Narimashita.

Chapter 53

9,679,221 Jan 18,22 Kisetsu Morita, Ikuhashi Muiko

20,904 3,634 2 Description:   Meet Galt Luzen, the Demon Lord. Well, the Demon Lord of his own continent, anyway. After his wife passed away, he gradually withdrew from his social
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The Strongest Dull Prince’s Secret Battle for the Throne 4.7

The Strongest Dull Prince’S Secret Battle For The Throne

Chapter 20.1 - 20.2

11,693,957 Jan 18,22 Kokuichi,Aoi Kazuhide

The Adresia empire on the Vogel continent. There is a battle over the throne of such an empire that possesses powerful military and vast territory. With the successor undecided, the children of the emperor are vying to expand their power. However, there was one prince that everyone says will definitely not become the emperor. The seventh prince, Arnold Lakes Adler. The young man who wa
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