Gwang-an 3.3



2.9M Jan 30,23 Yuk mihwa , Rahye , Sora

Eun-Woo quietly worked as a court lady and hoped to become a Jimil Sanggung, a servant exclusive to the royal family.After 15 years of court life, she finally receives the favor of the Crown Prince.After getting drunk, the Prince visited Eun-Woo just once.But he keeps thinking of her...This is a story about Lee Hyun, a lonely but outstanding Crown Prince, and Court Lady Eun-Woo, wh
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Two Sions 5

Two Sions

0 Jan 30,23 Hwamma Sirae

Daeho, who has a crush on his friend 'Sion', decides to be courageous and confess to Sion. But then Sion sneers at Daeho's confession which leads to the start of a violent relationshipAfter being hurt by Sion, Daeho feels devastated by the book he was encouraged by to confess... But right at that moment, a strange light emanates from the book and takes Daeho to another world.
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99.99% Lovers 5

99.99% Lovers

0 Jan 30,23 Lash

"I’ll give you 1 billion won now, and 2 billion won after you give birth."Did I hit the jackpot?! Wouldn’t it be good to receive 3 billion won and then run away? Three times. We only have to sleep together three times.…That idea completely changed my life.
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The Former Prostitute Became a Rich Wife 5

The Former Prostitute Became A Rich Wife

0 Jan 30,23 Kanau Honoka

Domestic violence, rape — the life of suffering that took 18 year old Honoka. “I don't ever want to go back there again!” The place the girl without a place to go ended up with was: the sex industry! Everything was in order to find true happiness. A unique cinderella story starts now!
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Love-Shower for the Twisted Flower 3

Love-Shower For The Twisted Flower

0 Jan 30,23 Tobi Washio

When Kyousuke was heartbroken and getting drunk at a bar, he was invited by the refreshingly handsome Touma, and they ended up spending the night together in a drunken mood. However, the next morning, Touma confessed that he's been watching Kyousuke for a long time. Knowing that Touma is younger than him, Kyousuke, who likes older men, ran away from the place. But no matter how many times he rejec
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Kishukusha no Kuroneko wa Yoru O Shiranai 4.3

Kishukusha No Kuroneko Wa Yoru O Shiranai

Vol.2 Chapter 10

366.9K Jan 30,23 Taino Nikke

The sons of respectable families from all over the world gather at Blanc College High School, a boarding school. Yuki, a first-year from Class A and House X is a scholarship student at the top of his grade. He hangs out with no one and is aloof. The only one who approaches him without apprehension is the head boy, Gene, the object of adoration of the students and someone whose existence is abs
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It's My Baby! 3.5

It's My Baby!

Chapter 44

1.7M Jan 30,23 Sagong

I had a one night stand with the first person I met, but I conceived a baby. Every time this omega had a boyfriend, the relationship always ended up with being cheated and in the end, he even got kicked by hearing the words, “You are an omega, but I’m not attracted to you." Hae-soo, who was chugging alcohol while bursting out his anger at a friend who comforted him before leaving for his own lover
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Reincarnation Colosseum - Using the Weakest Skills in Order to Defeat the Strongest Women and Create a Slave Harem 4.6

Reincarnation Colosseum - Using The Weakest Skills In Order To Defeat The Strongest Women And Create A Slave Harem

Chapter 4

295.3K Jan 29,23 Harawata Saizou,Zunta

Average high school student Mikagami​ Kouji is a hardcore gamer. One day he gets isekai'd and he only gets the skill "copy" which is apparently useless but we all know it's secretly OP or something. He's enslaved to be a gladiator by his summoner, the big booba, head priestess Zayd. He has to fight in the Colosseum and if he loses he gets raped.
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The Reward For Keeping Quiet Was Sex With Girls Dressed As Men 4.2

The Reward For Keeping Quiet Was Sex With Girls Dressed As Men

Chapter 8

1.3M Jan 29,23 Ichimura Tetsunosuke , Raymon

Kay Brennan is a hero, no doubt about that. They're the strongest person in their school in terms of combat strength and magical power. Compared to Kay, Dino Turner - the eternal 2nd place - might as well be nothing, and as such Dino has declared Kay to be his archrival. However, Kay has a secret: she's actually a girl crossdressing as a boy. And Dino is the only one who knows her true nature.
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Ijimete Aishite 2.6

Ijimete Aishite

Chapter 3

0 Jan 29,23 Kihara Noriko

What I'm looking for is not stability but "stimulation". "The bite mark you put on me, it's gone, hasn't it?"Hina, who runs a detective agency, meets Seishi, a clerk at a coffee shop near his new office.Hina is intrigued by his rebellious attitude and charming demeanor and frequents the coffee shop.Kiyoshi, who runs the store by himself, gradually begins to open up to Hina, who has become a regula
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Double Play 3.6

Double Play

Vol.3 Chapter 13: My Summer

1.7M Jan 29,23 Murata Kouji

Having forgotten his keys, Tamao Hiroi a high-school student, returns home using the back entrance and is surprised to find a stranger in his bed… Soon he realizes this is no stranger but Ran Homura, one year younger, softball ace and one of the most beautiful girls at school! Hiroi watches her masturbating on his bed and instinctively does the same peeking through the glass door. He is soon found
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Joshi Shougakusei no Oujo-sama 4.4

Joshi Shougakusei No Oujo-Sama

Chapter 5: Sea, Shizuku, Himawari, And...

10K Jan 29,23 FUJISAKI Hikari

Himawari-chan, the Little Princess of the school-bag planet called "Girl's Elementary School Star" at the edge of the universe, has come to the Earth to find a husband. With the help of her maid, Sakura, Himawari-chan will start developing a bond with the earthlings. and with the big-breast Osananajimi, Kaguya as an extra, the Kawaii Bishoujo meteor love comedy now magnificiently dispatched.
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Drunken Love 2.3

Drunken Love

Chapter 32

523.2K Jan 28,23 조상덕

'Unnie… I really like you'. Those were the words that Fine Arts student, Shibi tells Yeju, her former teacher and current sunbae. Only having eyes for Yeju, she blurts out a drunken confession, and the two of them later spend the night together, but a rumour that a girl named Jay is trying to approach Yeju begins to circulate and reaches Shibi's ears, which complicates her love life. A romance bet
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Bokura no Micro na Shuumatsu 4

Bokura No Micro Na Shuumatsu

Chapter 12

162.4K Jan 28,23 Marukido Maki

In 10 days, the world will be destroyed by a meteor. To spend his remaining time as comfortably as possible, bad-luck magnet Masumi decides to visit the library of his alma mater and read as much as he wants until the end comes. But in this hellish world, he meets a devil there: the one man from his past that he never wanted to see again, Ritsu. And if things weren't bad enough, Ritsu has a favor
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Osananajimi to Sefure Keiyaku 2.6

Osananajimi To Sefure Keiyaku

Chapter 20

85.1K Jan 28,23 Miyagi Anna

Our secret relationship starts now. I'll be your fuckbuddy because I love you. This is my choice. “You're fine with anyone right? Then I'll do too innit?”. Ayane loves Hikaru, her one year younger childhood friend so much, by the way, she is aware of Hkaru's fuckbuddy girlfriend. Don't get a bloody “girlfriend” so easily! II don't want to give him to anyone else man! In order to be with him I'll
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Lendarios Story 2.3

Lendarios Story

Vol.3 Chapter 27: Invading The Church Of The Saint

58.5K Jan 27,23 Manga N.U

In 2023 in a universe where there are 4 realms BRILHO,ESCURA,CRISTAL and TERRA a rare feat happened a 13-year-old Brilloniann boy still didn't know how to use powers. You will get the adventures of Nikko Sasaki and many other heroes
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Get Out of My House! 3.5

Get Out Of My House!

Chapter 54

1.7M Jan 26,23 Team Aemae

“She's now your “responsibility”!” Cha Hong, a freelancer; heard as soon as she stepped foot onto the set the biggest drama. This job was everything that she wanted but she was only left to become an assistant. She ends up having to take care of Noh Seung-Ah; the nation’s actress with a really stubborn attitude. Hong will have to look out for the actress 24 hrs daily up until the drama is aired. H
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Libido Effect 3.7

Libido Effect

Chapter 9

225.6K Jan 26,23 Eom Joo-Seok

Graduate students Garib and Jinjoo, who study insects, are a couple who have been dating for a long time since they were freshmen. Boredom comes to them, who have lived together for over 3 years. One day, trembling in fear that Garib would leave him, Jinjoo stung a finger at an unknown insect, Libidine, who had just entered the laboratory. Jinjoo suddenly starts to get an erection in front of Gari
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Scary Campus College University 4.1

Scary Campus College University

Chapter 24: Children Who Could Not Choose

755.9K Jan 26,23 Nagashii Kouhei

Makina Chiraishi is a college student plagued by strange phenomena. She visited some ruins with her senior Fujinomiya, and from that moment on she became plagued with nightmares of being raped every night. Trying to save herself, she visits a mysterious man on the university...
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I'll Be Here for You 4.4

I'll Be Here For You

Chapter 22

317.2K Jan 25,23 Lee Hyeon-Sook

A beautiful and precarious love story unfolded by Hyeon-sook Lee of ! Baek Seon-woo, who lost his job due to a riff raff at work, while waiting for an interview at a fine dining restaurant, he ends up meeting Ki Yoojung, who he had a crush on during their high school days. Just like that, a chance ecounter with a fragment of an old love excites Sunwoo, However.... somehow, Yoojung, doesn't seem to
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I've Never, Ever Learned This 2.6

I've Never, Ever Learned This

Vol.10 Chapter 38

1.4M Jan 25,23 Nashizuki Uta

Serika's younger cousin, Taichi, 6 years her junior had passed his university entrance exams and until he's found a place to rent, Serika will be looking after him.Although he appears to be as pretty as girl and a sweet angel, he's grown into a sadist devil in the time they haven't seen each other!He suddenly hugs her and kisses her ーーーSerika's self control is on the brink of collapsing be
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Silent Miyashita-san's Sexy Channel 4.2

Silent Miyashita-San's Sexy Channel

Chapter 4: Shooting Day 4

252.9K Jan 25,23 Mitsudoue

Kei Sakai, a high school boy, had a problem. One thing led to another, and he was deeply uninterested in everything and had no sexual desire. Then one day, he learns of a mysterious, beautiful girl named Yami, who is the talk of the town on SNS, from a fellow part-timer. Yami is an unidentified internet idol who uploads naughty videos and pictures of herself in outrageous outfits, and has a huge
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Himekishi ga Classmate! 4.3

Himekishi Ga Classmate!

Chapter 53

38.3M Jan 24,23 Ekz, NO. Gomesu

After he and his entire class die on a field trip, Odamori accepts an offer from a mysterious man to be reincarnated. However his new job turns out to be that of a 'Slavemancer' with the power to dominate the minds of others and turn them into his toys, which he happily takes on. Soon however his evil actions lead to a Princess Knight (who turns out to be one of his previous, more popular
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Campus Trap 4.2

Campus Trap

Chapter 10

572K Jan 23,23 Dips

A rising star of the Department of Vocal Music, Seol Chaewoo. However, that's a thing of the past as he now moves around various part-time jobs to restore his broken home. "Chaewoo, have you, by any chance, thought of getting set up with an Alpha?" Chaewoo receives a proposal to be a "reset partner" and give birth to an Alpha's child. "Sunbae, you're an Omega, right?" And his partner in this, of a
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