Their Weekend Situation 4.2

Their Weekend Situation

Chapter 13

276.9K May 28,23 Jung Chan

Woojoo attends college in order to chase after his unrequited love! But as soon as he’s admitted to that college, his crush gets enlisted in the army! As Woojoo loses his first love, he gains a new love at the same time who's his senior, Leehyun. In order for Woojoo to stay by Leehyun’s side, Woojoo proposes a part-time job for 200 won per month. That part-time job is precisely for Leehyun to play
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I'm dating a Dark Summoner 4.5

I'm Dating A Dark Summoner

Vol.2 Chapter 14

1.7M May 28,23 Shaoh

Amona, a dark summoner and demi-human who uses demonic powers, is the newest addition to the party of the uptight priest Roni. Everyone expected the two to dislike each other and to have nothing to do with each other. But to their surprise, on their first day together as an adventuring party, they had a one-night stand...!
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Housewife X JK 3.4

Housewife X Jk

Chapter 16

318.9K May 27,23 Yakiniku Teishoku

A housewife and her daughter's friend have a little affair. Will they be caught or will it end as just "sex-friends"?
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Bar Flowers 3.6

Bar Flowers

Vol.1 Chapter 8

280.7K May 27,23 Yukino

From the author of NTR series "1/10 no Hanayome". I am 30 years old, jobless and in despair, when I was invited to become a "Girls Bar Manager." So I entered the world of urban nightlife, and what awaited me was a very cute cast of girls. However, the owner had an ironclad rule for me: "Never touch any of the bar girls." I wonder if I will be able to stick to the rule...... This adult-themed rom
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Rouninsei to Eroiyatsu 4

Rouninsei To Eroiyatsu

Vol.1 Chapter 6

830.9K May 27,23 Jorori

A ronin's life is sent out of control by a mysterious beautiful woman!? A new serialization in Dokodemo Young Champion begins!Tadano Satoshi is in love with his good friend Fujiyoshi Fuyu. They applied to the same university and he's decided that he'll confess to her once they're both college students!However, this is a manga, so you know how this goes: she passes the entrance exam, he d
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My X Best Friend 3.4

My X Best Friend

Chapter 1

38.9K May 27,23 Kapa

Suwoo keeps meeting shitty guys who only cheats on him. He got drunk because of his trash ex-boyfriend. When he opened his eyes, he was lying down at a motel with his best friend, Hyukjae. Suwoo tried his best to pretend that nothing happened. He couldn’t say no to Hyukjae who suggested they take a month-long relationship to take responsibility for Hyukjae.
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Time's Up 3.5

Time's Up

Chapter 3

36.7K May 27,23 Oh Chae, Dalky

"May I ask how your social skills were in school?""I got along well with everyone in school."The blatant lie from Choi Yunho, a perpetrator of terrible school violence, marks the beginning of it all. Twin brothers, Lee Jin and Lee Joon, who were both victims of Yunho's bullying, seek to personally condemn the man. "I hope you don't just give up half-way." From now on, it's time for the rol
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Osananajimi to Sefure Keiyaku 3.1

Osananajimi To Sefure Keiyaku

Vol.12 Chapter 45

755.8K May 26,23 Miyagi Anna

Our secret relationship starts now. I'll be your fuckbuddy because I love you. This is my choice. “You're fine with anyone right? Then I'll do too innit?”. Ayane loves Hikaru, her one year younger childhood friend so much, by the way, she is aware of Hkaru's fuckbuddy girlfriend. Don't get a bloody “girlfriend” so easily! II don't want to give him to anyone else man! In order to be with him I'll
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Pear blossom love 3.2

Pear Blossom Love

Chapter 5

71.6K May 26,23 Hwim

Baek Si-woo returns to his hometown after 13 years, after he left to go Seoul. When he arrives, he is reunited with his childhood friends. Friends who felt uncomfortable after "that incident" that caused Baek Si-woo to leave.Despite everything, Si-woo was relieved to see his friends after a long time. In the welcome dinner he ends up becoming drunk then he falls asleep... Later woke up with a
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Double Leash 2.8

Double Leash

0 May 26,23 Kaesam

When Lycaon, the most elite ESPer at the agency meets the Guide, Belial, he dreams of a spring day. But the unusual Belial would rather avoid guiding.Can the two of them really be together?
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Isshou Sukitte Yutta jan 4.2

Isshou Sukitte Yutta Jan

0 May 26,23 Yokoyari Mengo

A collection of one-shots by Yokoyari Mengo.- Chapter 1. **Hagane no Kokoro**- Chapter 2. **Neo Dutch Wife**- Chapter 3. **Stand By You**- Chapter 4. **"Kawaii"**Meet Yukiho Amamiya, a 14-year-old girl who becomes a gravure idol to help her sister. She's cute, and she knows it - but she can't seem to be cute around the boy she likes. Will she ever hear him call her "cute"?
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Dark Castle 4.4

Dark Castle

Vol.3 Chapter 13.5: Feral Field

145K May 26,23 Faun

A dark gloomy castle with endless stairways and an ancient library. Scary, mysterious creatures live here, hiding in the night. One day, a girl who lost her memory ends up there. Who is she and how can she get back? And, most importantly, how will the owner of the castle decide her fate?
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Futago no Onnanoko wo 4.3

Futago No Onnanoko Wo "wakaraseru" Anthology

Chapter 6: À La Mode Twins - Nichiru

330.4K May 26,23 Minamito, Nichiru, Gen, Shirano Akihiro, Shibano Nanao, Ominaeshi, Asami Yuriko

Cover Illustration: ( ( of flirting with twin girls!Introducing an anthology comic filled with the charm of twin girls!A mischievous child, a naïve idol, the same appearance but opposite personality, etc.A book where you can enjoy being swayed and swung by the charm of a girl!
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Atashi no Senpai 4.4

Atashi No Senpai

Vol.1 Chapter 6: Sprouting

62.3K May 26,23 Shioya Teruko

Tsukamoto is an average girl who, for no particular reason, is drawn to Okazaki-senpai – a girl who might as well have a sign above her head that says “I am in an abusive relationship.”
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Can I Live With You? 4.7

Can I Live With You?

Chapter 3: What Is A Girl?

278.1K May 25,23 Sasuga Kei

Hiromi Sonoda has no girlfriend, no job, and no home, until he finds a shared-house with very cheap rent and goes to check it out. However, the share-house has a certain condition... Kei Sasuga presents a new "Share House Romantic Comedy"!
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Kyo mo Hajime-Senpai ga Sukisugiru 3

Kyo Mo Hajime-Senpai Ga Sukisugiru

Chapter 2

15K May 25,23 Yumachi Shin

Kokomi enters into a new school but ends up tering her clothes. The kind and popular Hajime lends her some clothes and she falls in love with him at first sight, after not being able to speak to him for a long time, she discovers a terrible truth about him but is undeterred into trying to win his heart.
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Who Will You Kiss? 3.9

Who Will You Kiss?

1.8K May 25,23 Furomae Ari

Ángel, owner of Nuestra Casa and a stylish man who turns everyone around him on, loves and considers Aaron and Stefan family despite them being adopted. Now they help him with the restaurant, Stefan as the chef and Aaron as floor manager. But both want to be something more than just family with Ángel, so they take the initiative and start dating!Spin off on the first book in the Furomae Ari's
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Fever 3.8


Chapter 7

59.4K May 25,23 Lee Hyun (이현), Sojogeum (소조금)

'Yeah, well done. Don't let other people touch you.'"Myungha is a young man abandoned by his family and lives alone in the mountains to protect the tombs of his ancestors. One day, his father tells him that he will recognize him as his legitimate son in exchange for fulfilling a simple errand. However, that errand is to marry Prince Howon and live in his house. Thank goodness the prince treats
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Choukyori Renai no Kodoku 3.9

Choukyori Renai No Kodoku

Chapter 0.3

9.9K May 25,23 Hashiba Maki

The sweet story of the long distance relationship between a hockey player and a dentist — Shawn and Arthur.At times, reticent Arthur causes Shawn to have doubts. At times, the dentist's actions and the things he says unexpectedly always puts those uneasiness at rest, leaving Shawn more sure than ever of his love.Also includes a oneshot called Subway '88.
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Wizard of Eden 3.7

Wizard Of Eden

Chapter 15

151.4K May 25,23 Bandi

One day, a circus troupe came across the street from Eden's school. Passing by the barracks, Eden meets the ring master of the troupe, Luke. Eden, who feels guilty for Luke for a certain childhood incident, recognizes him at one glance. However, Luke does not recognize him, and Eden felt upset leads him to getting drunk at the circus welcome party. The two accidentally spend a passionate night and
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Looking up to Magical Girls 4.8

Looking Up To Magical Girls

Chapter 49

7.2M May 25,23 Akihiro Ononaka

Hiiragi Utena, a girl who loves Magical Girls, lives her ordinary everyday life wishing to be like them. One day a curious character appears in front of her and offers her the power to make her wishes come true, but… Magical Girls vs. The Forces of Evil, the fierce battle begins!
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Cheat Skill “Shihai” Otsukatte Isekai Harem! 4.1

Cheat Skill “Shihai” Otsukatte Isekai Harem!

Chapter 3

195.2K May 25,23 Kt60

One day, the protagonist suddenly transferred to another world."It looks like the world of the anime I was watching last night, but when I tried to imitate the hero of the anime, the status screen appeared in front of me! I was surprised by the high specs of my abilities, but I was shocked when I saw the name on the status screen! Surprisingly, I am a small fry character who is defeated by th
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The Devil in the Suit 3

The Devil In The Suit

Chapter 1

14.9K May 25,23 Rui Fujimori

"I'm going to make you come right in front of him."My boss is touching me, right next to my sleeping coworker. My moans are echoing through the room, but I can't help it... Oh my God... They're going to find out!
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Pride Goes Before A Fall 4.1

Pride Goes Before A Fall

Chapter 3

11.1K May 25,23 Wanshik

Esper, Seo Kang, wants only pretty and handsome Guides to guide him. Later, he starts suffering from a lack of guiding. He's at the point where he'd rather go insane than be guided by someone whose looks don't suit his sexuality. Woo Tae-san, the Center's eccentric researcher, appears before Seo Kang with a disturbing proposal. "I've got a nice body, why don't we find out if I can get you hard or
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