Codename Anastasia 4.2

Codename Anastasia

Chapter 29

1.1M Dec 11,23 Boy Season

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Onee-chan wa Game o Suruto Hito ga Kawaru Onee-chan 4.3

Onee-Chan Wa Game O Suruto Hito Ga Kawaru Onee-Chan

Vol.2 Chapter 18: The Caring Older Sister

6.6M Dec 11,23 Roots,Munyu

Toshi, an ordinary high school student, spent his days being fed and taught by a beautiful neighbor named Yū-neesan, who lived near his house instead of his parents, who were rarely home. The older sister was kind and perfect as an adult. However, she had a hidden side in that her personality changed completely when it came to games... Games aren't just for fun! Big sister gets angry, gets nak
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Boy's Abyss 4.4

Boy's Abyss

Chapter 159: The Devil And The Angel Of Death

50.5M Dec 11,23 Minenami Ryo

In a town with nothing, in the middle of a daily life with seemingly no signs of change, high schooler Reiji Kurose was "just" living. Family, dreams for the future, childhood friends. All of them were binding him down to that city. He thought he would "just" keep on living like that. Until he met her. Is there hope in living? Is there light waiting ahead? It's the start of
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Welcome to Another World, Now then, Please Die 2.5

Welcome To Another World, Now Then, Please Die

Vol.1 Chapter 5

1.6M Dec 10,23 Mizushiro Mizuki

"You all will not be heroes. You'll be Living Sacrifices, will you not?"Atsuto thought that by going to another world his unremarkable life would change and he would be granted all sorts of powers. However, in that other world he found nothing but despair.Atsuto is an ordinary and unpopular high school student with no remarkable talents or romantic success. One day, his school is enveloped
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Drama Mitaina Koi Janakute mo 3.7

Drama Mitaina Koi Janakute Mo

Vol.1 Chapter 3

68.1K Dec 10,23 Suzuki Hako

Despite his popularity with guys, Sudou Ginji, a gay writer never had a serious partner and only has had ONSs and FWBs.Now that he is almost 30, he's determined to retire from his playboy lifestyle and find someone to have a serious relationship. However, one night, his roommate Minamoto Chihiro, whom he thought to be straight asked advice on how to be skilled in gay sex?! Things should've gon
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Reincarnated Carrier's Strategy for Different World 4.6

Reincarnated Carrier's Strategy For Different World

Chapter 6

3.8M Dec 10,23 Koumi Tarou

A man who yearns for freedom is reincarnated and he chooses the undesirable job "Carrier"--The fastest way to conquer both women and other world with wisdom and courage! A new erotic fantasy series from Nocturne Novels!
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Off-Track Crush 3.5

Off-Track Crush

Chapter 3

96K Dec 10,23 숲이랑, Soop-Illang

For the past ten years, basketball player Lee An has been secretly in love with his hyung, Gunwoo. He has kept his feelings hidden all this time, but when he suddenly hears the news of Gunwoo's divorce, his heart starts to flutter once again! What's more, Gunwoo asks him to become the promotional model for his company? It's a rare opportunity, so he decides to make his move!“Lately, I— I’ve be
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Can I Live With You? 4.5

Can I Live With You?

Chapter 11: Would You Like To Come On A "date" With Me?

4.9M Dec 10,23 Sasuga Kei

Hiromi Sonoda has no girlfriend, no job, and no home, until he finds a shared-house with very cheap rent and goes to check it out. However, the share-house has a certain condition... Kei Sasuga presents a new "Share House Romantic Comedy"!
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Makikomarete Isekai Teni suru Yatsu wa, Taitei Cheat 4.1

Makikomarete Isekai Teni Suru Yatsu Wa, Taitei Cheat

Chapter 53

41.9M Dec 10,23 Kaidou Houshuu

One day 's lunch break, suddenly a male high school student Yuzo Ogata who has been transferred to another world of sword and magic together with four other friends. According to the Princess of Space-Time Magician, a foreign world who summoned them, they want them to beat the Demon Lord as Heroes to save this world. Suddenly I was surprised at four friends "Temple", but
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Love Sick Dog 3.1

Love Sick Dog

Chapter 22

910.4K Dec 10,23 Songhyel

Looking at the descendants of Wolves who had no choice but to love humans, I felt ashamed and pathetic.Looking at the descendants of Wolves who had no choice but to love humans, I felt ashamed and pathetic.Ye-Gyeom, who is thirsty for love, but always lived a life of being abandoned and betrayed, meets Joo-Yeong. The love he receives from him is twisted instead of affectionate.However,
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Shadow of the Moon 2.8

Shadow Of The Moon

Chapter 3

54.7K Dec 09,23 Yunee

Yeonho is a military officer who uses his supernatural abilities to protect the people from various demon-like beasts. Although the abilities he possesses are extraordinary, his energy gets thrown into a frenzy upon exceedingly long usage, and he loses consciousness if he isn't purified right after subduing those ferocious beasts.Yet, upon opening his eyes the next morning, he realizes that hi
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Predatory Marriage 4.6

Predatory Marriage

Chapter 15

926.2K Dec 09,23 Saha

Lea wrote a suicide note ahead of the wedding.Because she'll die after the first night.It was the miserable end of a princess who devoted her entire life to her country and the royal family.Before she gives up her life, Lea plans her final revenge on the royal family.It is to become a new bride who has lost her innocence."Why did you give up your first experience like this? Don
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Souiu Koto Nara, Watashi ga. 4.6

Souiu Koto Nara, Watashi Ga.

Vol.1 Chapter 6

310.5K Dec 09,23 Komura Ayumi

I love you so much so just why do I have to wait until I turn 30!?Nagase Kana (28) is the daughter of a company president and she now works as an OL at the company. Kana is actually secretly dating her boss, Haruhiko (40) and her current source of worry is the fact that he still hasn't made a move on her.Meanwhile, Shindou Haruhiko decided on his own that, "I won't lay a hand on you until
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Hoshigari JK Ria 2.7

Hoshigari Jk Ria

Chapter 6.1

903.9K Dec 09,23 Tsukimori Coco

Ria is a bored, horny high school girl who's out to see the world burn as a distraction from boredom.
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Devil's wish 4.3

Devil's Wish

Chapter 14

162.1K Dec 09,23 Team Ddakkong

"How about a kiss for a wish?"Seo Do-ya, a demon, had a strange dream one day and on the same day he met Sowon, a new student at school.Why does my body react even if I just glance slightly at Sowon!?Meanwhile, Sowon attended the new student's welcome party and met the popular actor Woo-Jae Hyeong.Between Woo-Jae Hyeong and Seo Do-ya,who will Sowon choose?A thrilling, dizzying,
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My Girlfriend's Friend 3.3

My Girlfriend's Friend

Vol.4 Chapter 70

12.9M Dec 09,23 Jyura

He got a cute girlfriend who was the first in his life, but her friend tempted him with a body that was lewder than her ... What would you do if your girlfriend's friend pressed you like this? A fascinating erotic story drawn by Jura from the popular doujin circle "JACK-POT".
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The Change of Season 4.6

The Change Of Season

Chapter 10

205.3K Dec 08,23 Min Hye Yoon and Nachyo

To have Gyu-young, a woman who keeps appearing in his dreams, Yong-geon sets a trap. " If you don't mind, you can use me ''. Yong-geon whispered to Gyu-young who is heartbroken by her friend and cheating fiance , to use him to get revenge. Gyu-young is shaken by Yoon Geon's sweet proposal and the relationship deepens.
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Semen Extraction Ward (All-Ages Version) 4

Semen Extraction Ward (All-Ages Version)

Vol.2 Chapter 8

2M Dec 08,23 Sakusei Kenkyuujo,Aomushi

Yamada was hospitalized after breaking both hands, to make things worse, due to a unknown condition he has to ejaculate every three hours. The ward is full of evil nurses. Will Yamada be able to live and be discharged from the hospital? TLDR: Guy has busted hands, gets sent to hospital for chronic ejaculation, guy gotta get his nuts busted by busty whacko nurses.
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Why Are You So Kind To Everyone Except Me? 4.1

Why Are You So Kind To Everyone Except Me?

Chapter 24

778.6K Dec 08,23 Mallinflower

Kang Chaeheon.He's a high school alumnus, a university colleague in the same cohort and also Jeongyun's long-time crush. A man who's always at the top of the food chain but is kind and friendly to everyone. However, one day, Chaeheon is starting to become colder and colder to Jeongyun.'Why are you so kind to everyone except me?'Jeongyun, who can't seem to see the reason behind it, had
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Hero of the Rebellion: Use Your Skills to Control the Mind and Body of the Maddened Princess 4.3

Hero Of The Rebellion: Use Your Skills To Control The Mind And Body Of The Maddened Princess

Chapter 5

3.2M Dec 08,23 Kawasaki Yuu

When Sasahara Shinta was suddenly summoned to another world with the objective of subjugating the Demon Lord, he makes full use of his cheat skill that sees people’s status and tries taking a look at the Princess who summoned him, but when he did, it says that the Hero is arranged to be assassinated after the Demon Lord’s subjugation.That’s right, this is a shitty otherworld where the Hero’s l
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Gray maid 4.2

Gray Maid

Chapter 5

266.9K Dec 08,23 Yoo Rang Bam

There are rules that must be followed in this mansion-Never see, hear, or know the existence of the " Secret Corridor " and its manager. Hired in a mysterious mansion , Maid Ashe meets the hidden master of the mansion who has lived alone in the basement. The two, who were shunned around, continue to covet each other in the secret room…
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Exploratory Battle 4.3

Exploratory Battle

Chapter 27

906.2K Dec 07,23 PM406 (오후네시육분), Jipang (지팡)

Il-hoo, who is back to school after his military discharge, meets Chae-heon through mutual friends. It seems difficult to understand Chae-heon, who is always smiling; sometimes, he approaches Il-hoo with sweet words and a pretty smile, while at some other moments he does it suspiciously like an argument."I don't know the real him." The "exploratory battle" between the two of them, starts now.
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Heat and Love 3.6

Heat And Love

Chapter 36

274.3K Dec 07,23 Mo-an (모안)

Ji Gwi, a lad who became a heated ghost after loving Queen Sun Duk one-sidedly. Eun Chong, a descendant of Ji Gwi, found that by touching the Hong Kong exchange student Hae Bum, his body temperature lowers. So seeking help -"If the type of touching changes the body temperature, shouldn't we progress this further?" Due to the very forward Hae Bum, Eun Chong's life becomes shaken.
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