Kyo mo Hajime-Senpai ga Sukisugiru 3.6

Kyo Mo Hajime-Senpai Ga Sukisugiru

Chapter 9

750.1K Feb 27,24 Yumachi Shin

Kokomi enters into a new school but ends up tering her clothes. The kind and popular Hajime lends her some clothes and she falls in love with him at first sight, after not being able to speak to him for a long time, she discovers a terrible truth about him but is undeterred into trying to win his heart.
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Gamer ga Isekai Konten Shite Harem Jinsei e Continue suru Sou desu THE COMIC 4.1

Gamer Ga Isekai Konten Shite Harem Jinsei E Continue Suru Sou Desu The Comic

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Episode 4

1.8M Feb 27,24 Etose

After opening the last route of a certain FPS game, the protagonist jumps for joy, slips and dies. However, due to God (a game lover) feeling sorry for him, he decides to continue his life in a different world as the boy Wayne (although he seems to have no memory of his previous life). Life at military school in a world where magic and adventure are commonplace, and meeting heroines who truly love
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Isekai Ten'i Shite Kyoushi ni Natta ga, Majo to Osorerareteiru Ken - Aoi-sensei no Gakuen Funtou Nisshi 4.6

Isekai Ten'i Shite Kyoushi Ni Natta Ga, Majo To Osorerareteiru Ken - Aoi-Sensei No Gakuen Funtou Nisshi

Vol.1 Chapter 2

20.1K Feb 27,24 Inoue Mitsuru

Aoi is a new teacher who has been transported to another world.Aoi is picked up by Owen, an elf, and as they live together, Aoi masters more and more of Owen's magic and even surpasses him. In order to refine her magic further, she is assigned to teach at the Fiddick Academy, a school of magic!Aoi starts her teaching career showcasing overwhelming magical abilities, and she is not daunted
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Vampires and Knight 3.8

Vampires And Knight

Chapter 251

17.6M Feb 27,24 Updating

I, a holy male knight, was captured after I lost a war against the vampires. “What, do you really want to die? That isn't going to happen. Embrace me, dear. From now on, you shall be my daughter.” said the silver-haired baby-face queen of the bloodsuckers. She lifted my chin and, with a viciously fanged smile, drew in toward my neck.
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3 and 1/2 3

3 And 1/2

Chapter 3

1.5K Feb 27,24 Bandeul

Choi Yul and I like Han Taekyung as 'us.'Joonhee has a crush on his childhood friend Taekyung.By chance, he realizes that his classmate Choi Yul also likes Taekyung..."I... need someone to like Han Taekyung with!""Okay, then let's like him together."But Joonhee is increasingly bothered by Yul.The fresh, bittersweet story of Yeon Joonhee's unrequited love.
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Boy ☆ Skirt 2.6

Boy ☆ Skirt

Chapter 6

10.2K Feb 27,24 Torino Shino

'I am a high school boy who wears skirts.' The day I wore a skirt to school, I was rejected by my girlfriend. It was a summer day when Momoi Taichi (17), a member of Class D of the 2nd grade, came to school wearing a skirt. His classmates and teachers are in an uproar over his sudden "wild behavior. The only one who finds it amusing is an eccentric girl (classmate) named Shirai. "You mean you
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I Have 90 Billion Licking Gold 4.1

I Have 90 Billion Licking Gold

Chapter 150

3.6M Feb 27,24 Fanqie Manhua (番茄漫画)

Chen Yuan, a loser college student, licked the goddess Lin Shutong wildly for three years but was kicked by her. In grief, he accidentally activated the dog-licking gold system. It has 90 billion dog-licking gold in its memory. It can only be used to lick women. The more you spend, the more cash you will get back, and you can also get various attribute bonuses and become Superboy. It’s called the
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Da Capo 5

Da Capo

Chapter 15

130.8K Feb 27,24 Circus

Every year the flowers bloom. Mysterious Cherry Blossoms blooming all over a crescent shaped island. That island is the island of Hatsune... The main character who goes to Kazami Academy, Asakura Junichi, has the power to see the dreams of other people in his sleep. He was also taught magic by an old lady that allows him to create sweets. One day, Junichi seems to have seen someone`s dream a
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The Little Prince 4.4

The Little Prince

Chapter 6

139.6K Feb 27,24 Kjorelo , Si Li Studio

An unrivaled top student An Min Yi, the school bully Guan Xu, the 2 people who initially had nothing to do with each other had a conflict over an examination. The battle has begun between the arrogant little sheep and grumpy little tiger! But, as time goes along and they know each other better, the atmosphere between them is changing...
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Gal ni Yasashii Otaku-kun 4.5

Gal Ni Yasashii Otaku-Kun

Chapter 7

273.2K Feb 27,24 138neko

Odakura, a high school boy who looks otaku, and Narumi, a high school girl who looks like a gal. Originally, they were polar opposites who didn't get along even at school, but by chance, Odakura used his natural dexterity to grant Narumi's wishes one after another!? Your school youth romantic comedy♪
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I Eat Soft Rice in Another World 4.4

I Eat Soft Rice In Another World

Chapter 155

6.6M Feb 27,24 Yuewen Manhua (阅文漫画)

Zhang Hao fainted after watching the rare blood moon in a century. After waking up, he found that the whole world had changed… The attributes and concepts of men and women are completely reversed. When a woman marries a man into a man marry a woman, the woman has to pay a gift. It has become very normal for women to make money to support their families. It has become normal for a man to be
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Senshun Kansoku 3.6

Senshun Kansoku

Vol.1 Chapter 6

149.7K Feb 27,24 Toriya kou

Wakamatsu Haruka (3rd year of middle school) finds the new student Hachiya Shuuto (1st year of middle school) sleeping at the train station and Haruka can't help wanting to take care of the small Shuuto. This is the story of a member of the baseball club and the leader of the school band.
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Season Of Alabaster 4.3

Season Of Alabaster

Vol.3 Chapter 17: Year End Sublime

1.2M Feb 27,24 TAKATSU Makoto

Maeda Gin is a student who enjoys drawing graffitis at an abandoned apartment complex building near his school, with his friends and acolytes, Teppei and Kon-chan. One night, while they're at work on one of their masterpieces, they're interrupted by a mysterious ghastly pale-skinned woman who scares them. In the process of fleeing, Gin loses his sketchbook to her and then from this point onwards,
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Oshibana! 3.7


Chapter 27.5: Extra

1.2M Feb 27,24 Shima Tokio

A romantic comedy centered around "The School Prince" bringing the tense conflict of young boys and girls to the breaking point!
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Seishun Heavy Rotation 4.7

Seishun Heavy Rotation

Chapter 25

339.4K Feb 27,24 Minase Ai

Nao falls in love at first sight with the hottie prince Haruna-kun, who helps her overcome anxiety during the high school entrance examination. She safely gets into high school and feels that she’s fated to the guy sitting next to her. However, Haruna-kun is very popular and has a habit of saying “I hate girls who tell me they like me.”. Even so, Haruna-kun still messes with Nao.Nao gradually
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Girl's World 4.5

Girl's World

Chapter 378: 377 - Part 2.162

5.1M Feb 27,24 Morangji

It seems perfect, but in fact the lonely swans and the good-looking ducks meet and struggle with each other and become real friends ...
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Now That We Draw 4.6

Now That We Draw

Chapter 21.2: Calm Down ②

1.7M Feb 27,24 Kyuu Takahata,Kaba Yuuji

Uehara-kun loves 2-dimensional characters and his desire is to become a manga artist! However, his dreams are dashed when an editor rejects his work as too boring. The next day while contemplating giving up on his dream, a gal in his class, Miyamoto Niina, sees his manuscript and starts a pseudo-romance with him that's a little too close to comfort, to help him with his manga! This is a
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Shouwaru Tensai Osananajimi to no Shoubu ni Makete Hatsutaiken o Zenbu Ubawareru Hanashi 3.9

Shouwaru Tensai Osananajimi To No Shoubu Ni Makete Hatsutaiken O Zenbu Ubawareru Hanashi

0 Feb 27,24 Inukai Anzu

A twisted girls' love story featuring: An honor student hiding behind a devilish mask x An ordinary girl who hates losing.Wakaba Yoshizawa has a childhood friend named Komaki Umezono.This girl wore the mask of an honor student with good morals who's blessed with both beauty and brains, but in reality she's an evil genius who looked down on people. For the sake of regaining the dignity she
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Sprite 5


0 Feb 27,24 Oobadouzu

Suzuho, tormented by relentless bullying, crosses paths with Raiko—a girl whose personality is a stark contrast to her own—following an unexpected motorcycle accident. Inspired by Raiko's vibrant spirit, Suzuho begins to embrace a more positive outlook on life, until she is confronted once again by her tormentors.---(
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Back to the Year When My Husband was the Most Handsome Boy in the School 4.6

Back To The Year When My Husband Was The Most Handsome Boy In The School

Chapter 25

83.5K Feb 27,24 Fire工作室 , 昔闻今上

Better to chase after my future husband than to chase after idols! Bai Yaoyao, who traveled ten years back in time, decided that she was going to bring forward her claim to married life and woo her wealthy (now hottest guy in school) future husband!Back to the Year When My Husband was the Most Handsome Boy in the School, Back to the Year When My Husband Was the School Hunk, Chong H** Laogong Dangx
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Pastel Love 3.1

Pastel Love

Chapter 21: Important Friend

199.9K Feb 27,24 applesoda

"Millie" (golden head), the perfect little girl whose life is fully equipped with everything, but because of her timeless mother, Millie has become an indifferent day-to-day person until she meets "Zen" (black-headed), an ordinary little girl whose life focussed on only studying, without Zen knowing that she herself was stirring up Millie's heart to beat again.
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The Dog Diaries 4.7

The Dog Diaries

Chapter 143

734.2K Feb 27,24 YI Seon

Happiness, joy, bitterness, sadness that I learned by raising a dog. I Gave Birth to a Dog
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Mao no Kishuku Gakkou 4.7

Mao No Kishuku Gakkou

Vol.3 Chapter 16: +Extra: State Of The Dorm Baths

627.5K Feb 27,24 Karin Anzai

Mao, who likes plants and does things at his own pace, has been enrolled into the prestigious Eiou Academy (Ougaku for short)! He becomes friends with his mixed roommate, Louis, and might become entangled in a romance with a mysterious beauty.
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Navigatoria 5


0 Feb 27,24 Oshiishi Waka

Enter a world where the First Space War has ended, and Earth has claimed its first extraterrestrial colony. Manabu Houo, a boy born into a totalitarian state, finds his only joy in watching forbidden movies with his childhood friend, Hina-chan. However, one day upon returning home, he finds a group of government officials waiting for him...?! Watch as this thrilling sci-fi school drama unfolds on
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