Dullahan-chan wa Kubittake 3.8

Dullahan-Chan Wa Kubittake

Chapter 15: Youth [End]

193.4K Jun 14,24 Kimura Mitsuhiro

I'm Dullahan Itoshino. A normal girl who can take her head off. From today on I'll be a middle schooler! I hope I'll get closer to my destined one~ but sometimes my heart suddenly beats faster, I want to run away, and my body and mind feel torn apart... is this the thing called "puberty" I wonder? Heart(head) and body apart, story about puberty and love, start!
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Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei 4.1

Zekkyou Gakkyuu Tensei

Vol.3 Chapter 10: Beautiful Girls Part-Time Job

22.5K Jun 14,24 Ishikawa Emi

A reboot of the award winning series Zekkyou Gakkyuu, with brand new stories.
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Love Train 2.9

Love Train

Chapter 7: Straws

4.1K Jun 14,24 돈곰

On the first day of school, six students felt their hearts flutter all at the very same moment in time! This is the story of each of them pursuing and being pursued out of their earnest wishes for love.
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Weak-kneed Teacher 4.4

Weak-Kneed Teacher

Vol.4 Chapter 32: Yowayowa's Photography Club 5

837.7K Jun 14,24 Kamio Fukuchi

It's the start of a new school year. The new homeroom teacher for Abikura-kun, a second-year high school boy, is Hiyori Uwamura, who is known as a "Scary Teacher", rumored to curse you if she gets offended! One day after school, Abikura-kun witnessed the other side of "YowaYowa-sensei"... and he is shocked by the gap between reputation and reality! The opening of a romantic comedy that will stir
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Puniru is a Cute Slime 3.8

Puniru Is A Cute Slime

Chapter 57

665.7K Jun 14,24 Maeda-Kun

The first unique romantic comedy manga in the history of CoroCoro! The slime he created transformed into a girl!? Kotarou, a young boy, is constantly pushed around by Puniru's freewheeling behavior. It's a fun and exciting daily life!
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Puniru wa Kawaii Slime 4.4

Puniru Wa Kawaii Slime

Chapter 57

951.9K Jun 14,24 Maeda-kun

The first unique romantic comedy manga in the history of CoroCoro! The slime he created transformed into a girl!? Kotarou, a young boy, is constantly pushed around by Puniru's freewheeling behavior. It's a fun and exciting daily life!
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Lookism 4.6


Chapter 506

98.2M Jun 14,24 Park Tae Joon

Park Hyung Suk, overweight and unattractive, is bullied and abused on a daily basis. But a miracle is about to happen... Hihi You may also like: + My ID is Gangnam Beauty
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Konjiki no Gash!! 2 4.9

Konjiki No Gash!! 2

Chapter 23

2.8M Jun 14,24 Raiku Makoto

The sequel to Konjiki no Gash!!, aka Zatch Bell. Once the battle to decide the King of the demon world, in which 100 demon children fought against each other, had come to an end… the King of the demon world was crowned, and the demon world lived out the rest of its days in peace. Or at least, that was how it was supposed to be. Now, a shocking fact about the demon world comes to light. And i
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Remote Jugyou ni Nattara Class 1 no Bishoujo to Doukyo Suru Koto ni Natta 4.7

Remote Jugyou Ni Nattara Class 1 No Bishoujo To Doukyo Suru Koto Ni Natta

Chapter 2

29.1K Jun 14,24 Mihagi Senya , jaguchi

High school student Kanata Yoshino who was at his wit's end, meets Haruka Hoshikawa, the most beautiful girl of his class, who was waving her smartphone alone in a park in the middle of the night. He was asked by help from Hoshikawa who is bad with machines and doesn't know how to connect to the internet. He ends up visiting her house, but little does he know, she has a secret purpose...!
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Oh! Dangun 4.7

Oh! Dangun

Chapter 23

89.8K Jun 14,24 LEE Gyuntak

There are animals that were abandoned by Dangun and live secretly in the human world. Narae, an ordinary high school student, discovers their existence...A modern version of Beauty and the Beast with comedy and exorcism action.‘Will the project of becoming human, for the animals that could not become human, be successful?'
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Yancha Gal no Anjou-san (Web) 4.7

Yancha Gal No Anjou-San (Web)

Chapter 23: Convenience Store Oden Episode [End]

44.5K Jun 14,24 Katou Yuuichi

Seto is a serious kid who leads a quiet High-school life, until he starts to get teased by resident Gal Anjo. This is web version of Yancha Gal no Anjou-san
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Cardfight!! Vanguard YouthQuake 4.4

Cardfight!! Vanguard Youthquake

Vol.4 Chapter 16: Siblings

167.4K Jun 13,24 Itou Akira

"I Think it's time for me to stop...playing Vanguard." "You've Got to Grow out of this Kid's Game."Sentatsu Meguru, a first-year high school student, was wondering whether or not to continue playing Vanguard when his childhood friends and classmates are starting to quit.One day, the master of his favorite café takes him to a fight with his grandfather,Kuranaga Sanzou.Through the fight,
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Mizudako-chan kara wa Nigerarenai! 4.8

Mizudako-Chan Kara Wa Nigerarenai!

Chapter 4: Watch Team

50.8K Jun 13,24 Megame

Akigai Kanisuke is an ordinary high school boy. His daily life changes when Mizuda Yuuko (a.k.a. Mizudako-chan), a demi-human girl, transfers to his school.A cute, mysterious, and slightly scary story begins!
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Fake Saint Of The Year 4.5

Fake Saint Of The Year

Chapter 27.1

1.5M Jun 13,24 KABEDON Daikou , Ekakibito

[The Eternal Scattering Flowers: Fiore Caduto Eterna] is a game ill-suited of being known as a galge, as the main heroine would – regardless of the chosen route – meet her demise. Fudou Niito, a resident of Japan, went to bed dissatisfied with the ending of the game. When he next awoke, he found himself in the body of the game’s hated fake saint, Elrise. Confused, but with an understanding that E
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Star Dream Idol Project 4.3

Star Dream Idol Project

Chapter 357

3.7M Jun 13,24 White Bear,Yan Tou

The shining lights, the magnificent stage! Friendships created through singing, making a future through dancing, the girls embark on their journey towards their dreams! One who has lost status due to a scandal is hiding a plot behind her back. A pair of bosom friends, separated by fate. A girl who tries to exonerate her mother sets off on her journey for a talent competition. When the stage turns
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New Testament - Star of the Giants 3.7

New Testament - Star Of The Giants

Vol.3 Chapter 22: Light And Shadow

22.3K Jun 13,24 Kajiwara Ikki, Kawasaki Noboru, Murakami Yoshiyuki

Mitsuru Hanagata, the genius little league pitcher. He injured his shoulder in a little league match and withdrew from baseball. His shoulder should have healed, but in a match against the a baseball club full of hooligans, he realises that his shoulder is permantly injured. He will never be able to pitch again. So he turns to becoming a genius batter instead!
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How to Capture Love 4.7

How To Capture Love

Chapter 15 [End]

440.7K Jun 13,24 Tana Kanoka

"Whenever I fall in love, the camera always shows me the person I'm in love with." The head of the photography club, Sasaki Tsugumi, is rumored to never smile no matter what. Freshman Kawashima Mamoru is asked to capture her smile for her graduation album. He looks through his viewfinder and sees "another Tsugumi" smiling next to her. With camera
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Atsumare! Fushigi Kenkyu-bu 4.7

Atsumare! Fushigi Kenkyu-Bu

Chapter 373: The Mystery Of Hiking

35M Jun 13,24 Anbe Masahiro

Goryo Daisuke is still unsure about which club to join. When he meets the three girl members of Mysterious Research Club while looking for the school's warehouse, he gets hypnotized to sign the registration form. Suzu who is obsessed with scary curses, Chiaki who only relies on her monstrous strength to perform dangerous magic tricks, and Kotone who can control people by hypnosis.
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I turned my childhood friend (♂) into a girl 4.4

I Turned My Childhood Friend (♂) Into A Girl

Chapter 83

10.1M Jun 13,24 Banjo Azusa

A popular guy that's secretly interested in cosmetics asks to practice makeup on his dull childhood friend and he ends up looking cute?!
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Tonari no Neko to Koi Shirazu 4.7

Tonari No Neko To Koi Shirazu

Chapter 14.1: Twitter Extra 8

790.4K Jun 13,24 Akinoko

Minato Seno, who has always been very shy since he was young, struggled to make friends during his first few days of high school. He also never got a glimpse of his classmate Nekozane-san's face, as she was always asleep at the desk next to him. However, one day after school, a chance encounter revealed a side of Nekozane-san that was completely different from the one Minato knew in the classroom.
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I am Worried that my Childhood Friend is too Cute! 4.2

I Am Worried That My Childhood Friend Is Too Cute!

Vol.7 Chapter 39

9M Jun 13,24 Atar,Aki Ota

Amano, who returned to the city where he lived as a child for the first time in 10 years, meet Yukio Sawatari, a childhood friend on the first day of transfer, when he (a male friend) turned female! Although she shares her joy, as she suddenly turns into a girl and cannot hide her embarrassment. Yukio was affected by an illness like 100,000 other people, suddenly becoming a girl so-called " s
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Mousou Sensei 3.6

Mousou Sensei

Vol.1 Chapter 12: What Kind Of Panties Are You Wearing?

171.6K Jun 13,24 Yuzuchiri

The beautiful English teacher Momoko Irosaki receives what she thinks are the lustful gazes of her male students every day... or so she misunderstands!? What goes on in the school life of a teacher who inadvertently indulges in fantasies full of allure...?
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