Martini Sweetheart 2.9

Martini Sweetheart

Chapter 28: Episode 28: The Script Was Leaked

34,239 Aug 15,22 Leng Gue , cold Bird , 伶雀, 某漫画工作室

Jiao Yang, a naïve intern, finds out the handsome man he met at the bar is renown scriptwriter Li YuanXiao, his new boss. After endless pestering from his friend Pei Qui, Jiao Yang slowly acquaints himself with Li YuanXiao. As Jiao Yang gets to know Li YuanXiao, he also meets his inner demons. Getting to know Li YuanXiao is like sipping a martini. Bitter but sweet, bittersweet.
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Fatal Oxygen 4.2

Fatal Oxygen

Chapter 167

2,956,210 Aug 15,22 Cheese Cat,Tiao Geng (spoon),Xia Shao Ying

Will you become my Alpha? Become the oxygen I rely on to survive… I don’t care if you’re fatal… I will still be perfectly happy to rely on you. Xia Shao Ying’s newest work “Fatal Oxygen”. Stay tuned!
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Demon Apartment 4.4

Demon Apartment

Chapter 63: Hefty Red Envelope

1,019,295 Aug 15,22 Zui Yin Chang Ge and Jin Jiang Wen Xue Cheng

Gu Bai, carrying his painting board behind him, has moved into an amazing apartment. He noticed that the neighbor to his left is a headline queen, and on his right is the infamous acting king. On the upper floor, there is a supermodel living on the left side and a gold medal lawyer on the right side. And across his room, is a powerful big shot who is constantly featured in finance magazines. The o
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Above Ten Thousand People 4.5

Above Ten Thousand People

Chapter 142

7,340,388 Aug 15,22 Boyi Animation

Tens of thousands of big shots submit at his feet yet he says, “I'm really just a mortal...” The overpowered protagonist who's simultaneously the weakest in the world.
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Shota Oni 3.9

Shota Oni

Chapter 38

752,713 Aug 15,22 Okmgmk (中山幸), Nakayama Miyuki

Artist’s Twitter
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Film Emperors’ Apartment 4

Film Emperors’ Apartment

Chapter 94: Theatrical Soul

110,232 Aug 15,22 Tian Ping Zuo

A sex scene that led to a tragedy. Because of a sex scene, a bright and simple young man (Shen Che), became entangled with the arrogant and two-faced iceberg and campus beau (Qin Xiu), who is sharp-tongued, mercurial, and unreasonable. Thus begins the hilarious and tear-jerking struggle of the future movie emperor from film academy to entertainment circle! This story teaches us that if you give in
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Mr. Y & Mr. J 4.2

Mr. Y & Mr. J

Chapter 32: A New Challenge

129,273 Aug 15,22 闻源文化

The actor Ye Changshi unfortunately discovered that he had advanced stomach cancer at the peak of his career, but he did not expect to transmigrate into his younger self in another world, and accidentally "dropped" into the bathtub of the Great Master Ji Ling... Immediate Violation / Jíshí Wéiguī / 即时违规
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Dear Mr. Candy 3.1

Dear Mr. Candy

Chapter 20

74,965 Aug 14,22 Tseng

The triennial Candy Star competition is coming again. In order to fulfill his mother’s last wish to obtain the Candy Star honor, Mengtai, the owner of MR. CANDY, asked his childhood partner Ning Te to develop new candy together. However, the process of developing the new candy was not as smooth as expected. Mengtai was frustrated for a while and ran out of the store. Just when Mengtai was in
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Silent Lover 4.6

Silent Lover

Chapter 122

1,961,221 Aug 14,22 Qiang tang

The cruel and lecherous prince x The meek and mute servant. The Prince of Zhen Bei has his eyes set on the gold and riches of the Chen Family, and wants to take their daughter as a side concubine. In order to reassure his adoptive mother in her old age, the mute, male servant Chen Yu conceals his gender and takes the place of the daughter to be sent to Prince Zhen Bei. Chen Yu is afraid that once
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I Married My Father-in-Law 2.4

I Married My Father-In-Law

Chapter 146

2,025,507 Aug 14,22 Plumage,Xingkong she,Yue guanri

On the day of the wedding between a male dentist and a female doctor, the female doctor suddenly swapped body with her own father after a mysterious lightning strike. From that moment onwards, the male dentist’s wife is officially his father-in-law! My Father-in-Law is My Wife / Father – in law is my future wife! / Nhạc phụ đại nhân là lão bà / Yuefu daren Shi laopo / Yuèf
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The Royal Prince's First Love 3.5

The Royal Prince's First Love

Chapter 85.5

174,689 Aug 14,22 Nan Zha Zha Zi, Hao Le Shen Wen Hua

.In order to consolidate the status of the royal prince, he launched an offensive in pursuit of a plutocratic daughter, but soon he suffered the first critical hit in his life. The campus bully had declared that his daughter was a friend that he wanted to protect. Then, he was hit by a second critical attack on the day he was fighting against the bully. However, he was intimate with the bully in h
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Outside the Law 3.5

Outside The Law

Chapter 46

909,750 Aug 14,22 卡比丘,古拉漫社,长佩文学

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older." The canary I kept is actually my sworn enemy? This is the story of playing dumb to take advantage of the situation. When the two-faced Ruan Zheng encounters the big shot Luo Yu of the criminal world, what will hap
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Hope You've Been Well 2.8

Hope You've Been Well

Chapter 58

260,730 Aug 14,22 Bei Nan

Ten years ago, the frustrated Gu Zhuoyan met Zhuang Fanxin, a bright ray of sunshine. Zhuoyan was healed, and Fanxin was moved- but their mutual interest ended due to the distance between them.Ten years later, Gu Zhuoyan finds himself on a blind date with the one that got away. All the feelings he had long sealed away in the depths of his heart awakes once again, but how will he win back the heart
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Chess & Jack 2.8

Chess & Jack

Chapter 29

5,003 Aug 14,22 Eunjoo Han

In the far future, advanced technology made it possible to build a dome city in space.Chess arrives in this city after learning that Esther, his rich sister, has died.
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Crushing Jade and Casting Pearls 4

Crushing Jade And Casting Pearls

Chapter 16

152,755 Aug 14,22 Bei Nan

When Ding Hanbai, the young master of the centuries-old jade-carving shop, first laid eyes on his timid shidi Ji Zhenzhu, he bullied him relentlessly, not expecting that Jiangnan could produce someone who would break down his defenses and melt his heart this way. They go from being unable to stand each other to admiring one another, but as the days pass, even this admiration begins to evolve&helli
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Hope You’ve Been Well 3.6

Hope You’Ve Been Well

Chapter 58: Meeting Family?

687,100 Aug 14,22 Bei Nan

Ten years ago, the frustrated Gu Zhuoyan met Zhuang Fanxin, a bright ray of sunshine. Zhuoyan was healed, and Fanxin was moved- but their mutual interest ended due to the distance between them. Ten years later, Gu Zhuoyan finds himself on a blind date with the one that got away. All the feelings he had long sealed away in the depths of his heart awakes once again, but how will he win back th
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Hirano to Kagiura 4.6

Hirano To Kagiura

Chapter 16.5

647,660 Aug 14,22 Harusono Syou

Hirano, a second-year in high school, lives in a dormitory on his campus and has recently become roommates with Kagiura, a first year. Kagiura is a hard-working student on the basketball team, though he does have difficulty getting up in the morning, leaving Hirano to be his support system in that regard. They get along great, and Hirano is very fond of his earnest, straight-forward roommate. What
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Deliverance of the Counterattack 3

Deliverance Of The Counterattack

Chapter 238

1,865,775 Aug 14,22 Haier

.Having a two-faced bitch as a love rival isn't scary What's scary is that the bitch has the upper handreincarnating as his little brother! Due to his "little brother," his lover was snatched away, his grandfather suffered a terrible death, the family business was taken over, and on top of all that, he was chained and thrown into prison.However, on the night before his release, h
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Yet You Love a Guy Like Him 3.1

Yet You Love A Guy Like Him

0 Aug 14,22 白月梦

not found...
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The Concubine is a man 2.8

The Concubine Is A Man

Chapter 72

166,019 Aug 14,22 Updating

Happy and "scared" Xie Yan-huan vs. "Cruelty" Emperor Yan-gui. Xie Yanhuan who was discovered on the night of the wedding, thinks he can't save his life anymore, but the Ming emperor seems addicted to Xie Yanhuan! Can the cold-blooded emperor conquer this scared concubine, who runs away with all his heart and says nothing?
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Xiu Zhen Nai Ba 2.9

Xiu Zhen Nai Ba

Chapter 101

242,966 Aug 14,22 青葶动漫

.The almighty Demon Cultivator Xie Tian gave birth to a child during the demon king selection and lost his place as the demon king! Now at the bottom of the pit, he decides to bring his son Duoduo and get his man back from the succession and marriage ceremony of the righteous sect! Who is the father?!Bai Jing: Since you're already, then you won't be going anywhere else. I want both the father and
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Spring is Near 2.8

Spring Is Near

Chapter 62

460,909 Aug 14,22 Yu Chi Jin Ze

.He Wei originally used to live a peaceful life in a small sleeping town, with a more than lovers friend, Wan Jun. But suddenly, two guys who aren't used to living in small towns came from the big city. It was his non blood related brother, Song Qiurang, that caused He Wei to leave from home and Zhu Ma Bai Lin who he has a good impression of. The arrival of these two people changed He Wei'
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ShaZi 3.2


Chapter 74: Fault

423,020 Aug 13,22 Nagy

A pair of innocent childhood friends--because of an unfortunate event in the family, the two begin to live separate lives. Around 10 years later, the two reunite after experiencing devastating changes, but the only thing that won’t change is that they will never be apart again.
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Cultivator x Contract Spirit 4.2

Cultivator X Contract Spirit

Chapter 68

610,554 Aug 13,22 Chao Fan

In a world where all the cultivators and demonic beasts are chasing after peak cultivation and looking for a strong partner to create a contract with, a weak and low-ranking fox spirit was successfully left out. While wallowing in his disappointment and despair, he met a dashing little cultivator, who at the age of 11 was already a genius cultivator that could guide Qi into the body!? Would he rea
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