The Abandoned Wife’s Rebirth 4.1

The Abandoned Wife’S Rebirth

Chapter 13

34.1K Mar 28,23 连城漫画

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older."[Translated by Mosh Scans] Wu Ruo couldn't see the true colors of the people around him until the day he died. The family of the friends who he treasured had been using him, and the husband who he neglected was the one who rescued him in
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Absolute Possession 5

Absolute Possession

Chapter 14

0 Mar 28,23 蛇蝎点点

The two-faced elite x the bad-tempered mafia boss! Elite student He Chu San was kidnapped by the head of the Warrior Clan, Xia Liu Yi?! When this kind-hearted and upright citizen, who isn't influenced by the bad environment he is in, meets the "Twin-Blade Blood Asura," who causes people to tremble in fear, it seems to be a situation of the lamb entering the tiger's den, yet the "lamb" keeps p
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Fall In Love With God In The End Times 3.7

Fall In Love With God In The End Times

Chapter 11

0 Mar 28,23 书耽网

Alternative Name: , Fall in Love With the Lord G** in the Game of Destroying the World, Zai Mie Shi Youxi Li He Zhushen Tan Lian'ai , Fall In Love With G** In The End TimesSuper-controlling black-bellied g** stubborn and irritable human angel, extreme pull, sweet and exciting!They are happy friends who have been together for thousands of years. They have different opinions on the balance between
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Tayutau Kohaku 5

Tayutau Kohaku

0 Mar 28,23 Kagis

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Meteor Orbit 5

Meteor Orbit

0 Mar 28,23 Moscaretto , Mamadeul

Falling star to superstar! Forced to give up on his dream of becoming an idol, Yoosung laments having to spend the rest of his days working as his crush's manager. That is, until he wakes up as a trainee! How did he go back to the past? What are these mysterious skill bars only he can see? Could they be the key to success? (Manta) Yuseong, who is now a manager, used to be an idol trainee
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Spinach Bouquet 2.6

Spinach Bouquet

Chapter 59

57K Mar 28,23 Terra

Country life is supposed to be idyllic, isn’t it? A peaceful place full of amiable neighbors with big hearts, right? That’s what Jiwoo is looking forward to, but. Out of all the next-door neighbors to have, he gets Dongchan. Curt, stand-offish, and indiscrutable, Dongchan isn’t the most welcoming of folks. In fact, he looks like he doesn’t want Jiwoo and his family here at all. Bemused but not dau
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Necromancer Survival 4.1

Necromancer Survival

Chapter 63

6.8M Mar 28,23 Antstudio,Cm

When the weak and unconfident Choi Yikyung first found out that he was a user, he thought he had finally hit the jackpot. In Yikyung's mind, Necromancy seemed like the ultimate mix of cool and interesting. Back then, he had no idea that the Necromancer class was the weakest of them all! But as Yikyung enters the newly reopened Tower of Spirits in search of enhancement materials, he is sucked i
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27 College Street 4

27 College Street

0 Mar 28,23 Godly Fish Comic Club

This is a tale about the mysterious 27 College Street. The peach tree outside of the library bloomed out of season, and a man wearing an old military uniform stood under the peach tree…
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Traces of the Sun 4.2

Traces Of The Sun

Chapter 58

415.5K Mar 28,23 도해늘 , Do Hae-neul , Merin

S Tier Hunter Sa Hyun--a member of HN, one of the world's top guilds--came to see Jeong Yi-Seon. "I came to scout you, Mr. Jeong." "Like hell you are, if you're approaching me like that." "I don't think you know what exactly 'hell' is, but......" Sa-hyun let out a laugh, looking just as if he were in a painting. "Let's make a contract, shall we?" "I'm not interested in any 'contract,' so please
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Seducing The Monster Duke 5

Seducing The Monster Duke

0 Mar 28,23 魔仙社

Seducing The Monster Duke, Q rn ti shn, deceitfulYancheng became the new emperor in the book. In order to rewrite the fate of being a prisoner for the governor of Xichang, he fought back and ran away in various ways, but the endings all went back to the original one.Yancheng: "Forget it, I'm tired, why don't you try to counterattack?" Dugong OS: It's acceptable for my wife to kill me several times
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The Beloved One in Interstellar 3

The Beloved One In Interstellar

0 Mar 28,23 掌阅文化 , 沉乡

Become A Group Favorite In InterstellarIn the interstellar future, orcs have conquered the entire universe. Human beings have long since disappeared because of their weakness, but countless orcs are still persistently looking for humans, until the awakening of the only earthling, Si Yu, caused a sensation in the entire universe. The only rare human being starts a group pet life in the universe
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The Prince's Prince 5

The Prince's Prince

0 Mar 28,23 Liubeili , Mengzi

Ji Xi, a young man from China and the United States, traveled through a different world to become a prince. He thought he could accomplish a career, but his father-in-law gave him to the prince of another country in exchange for 100,000 tons of resources! What kind of strange adventure will Prince Ji Xi, who wants to be the hero of the young man but holds the script of the heroine of the young man
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Betrayed Again 4.2

Betrayed Again

Chapter 45

235.7K Mar 28,23 晋江文学城 , 碉堡rghh , 极光动漫

There are thousands of scum men in the world, and each has its own scum. They camped step by step, abandoned them all the time, were deeply saving, and playing with emotions. They abandoned the sincerity of others and threw them behind after using it. There was nothing else in their eyes except fame and fortune. The system raised his arm and shouted: Transform it well and be a new person! The sea
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Gossip 3.9


Chapter 20

137.7K Mar 28,23 Kie (키에)

Casanova, Bliss Ackland is the second son of the Ackland family, a U.S real estate famous conglomerate, top analyst who conquered the show business and also constantly having rumours with Hollywood female celebrities.  During his college days, he came out with "one meter male access ban" which led him to be attacked by various human rights association. But no one would
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Brilliantly Beautiful White Lotus Teaching Online 3.9

Brilliantly Beautiful White Lotus Teaching Online

Chapter 181

1.1M Mar 28,23 五彩石漫画社 , 진수윤(까망소금)

He is the top-tier White Lotus loved by the transmigration system. He relies on a pure and innocent appearance to play with other people's hearts as he transmigrates through various worlds. Watch as he stages a fantastic drama presenting the reunion of a couple after separation, the seduction of the Film Emperor and overbearing Emperors becoming infatuated with him in succession. But after that, h
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Serious Joke 3.9

Serious Joke

Chapter 82

722.2K Mar 28,23 Dobeot

In March, when the new semester begins, Han Seok, who was attacked by a cat on his way to school first meets Han Ki Woon, who takes care of the cat that attacked him. The two meet again in the same classroom by chance and Han Ki Woon, who hits the wall like he's strangely frivolous, continues to be interested in Han Seok!
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Please, sleep with me 3.9

Please, Sleep With Me

Chapter 113

767.1K Mar 28,23 Yu ci

Garland Neuss, the vice captain of HeiYu team, is soon to be possessed and on the verge of death as he was parasited by a demon when he was a child. However, his secret was found out by a well-known perverted duke, Hazel... Notices: Manhua is only translated in Batoto and on my own site . If it is in another place, please report it in the comments immediately. Please don't sprea
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The Art of Taming A Tiger 4.5

The Art Of Taming A Tiger

Chapter 93

428.8K Mar 28,23 Kom

.Yoonjae lives in an old villa and on his way out one day, he accidentally falls on some boxes in the hallway owned by Beomjin who is moving into a unit downstairs. This is where the soul calling bell entwines itself on Yoonjae's wrist and from that day on, he started hearing weird sounds and seeing strange apparitions. A few days later, Beomjin realizes that the bell is on Yoonjae so he visits hi
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The Third Ending 4.2

The Third Ending

Chapter 70

1.1M Mar 28,23 Chobom

.Seo Yoon Seul, who's lived a perfect life so far, becomes a wreck when he starts having nightmares of a boy whom he coldly rejected when he was a student. The nightmares get even worse when he reunites with Kang Joon. Following his advice on becoming a good person to avoid nightmares, Yoon Seul approaches him to win his favor.
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A Sunny Night Walk 3.4

A Sunny Night Walk

Chapter 43

101.8K Mar 28,23 Nada , Shinryo

Hyun Jihwan is an aspiring musician who can teleport. One day, he takes a trip to Germany on a whim, and is discovered by Nigel Ernst Kerne. Ever since that fateful encounter, Jihwan begins to frequently visit Nigel, who showers him with good hospitality and affection in return. But as the visits become more frequent and Nigel begins to want more of him, Jihwan isn't sure if this unique double lif
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Zero Hunting 4.1

Zero Hunting

Chapter 114

1.2M Mar 27,23 Chen Xiang

“Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.” A submissive, quick-tempered hunter and a sly, dominant vampire! The genius hunter, Bai Mu, a little-known celebrity, accidentally got captured. He soon realized the one who captured him was a young vampire, who also t
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Breaking Through the Clouds 2: Swallow the Sea 4.3

Breaking Through The Clouds 2: Swallow The Sea

Chapter 94

1M Mar 27,23 Huaishang

Wu Yu, a newcomer to the Public Security Bureau, is gentle and frail. He doesn’t care about the difficulties posed by Bu ZhongHua, his strict boss, and only wants to stay in the background and be paid on time with enough to sustain himself. However, no one knows that he is being targeted by top drug traffickers for a large bounty, or that this courageous young man had previously slaughtered
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Enemy Or Lover? 3.7

Enemy Or Lover?

Chapter 14

23.9K Mar 27,23 伊依以翼 , 叙梦社漫画工作室

As an Alpha, during school Ling Yunfan only rival was Ji Canghai, who was also an Alpha. Whether studying or falling in love, Ji Canghai would compete with him. After entering the society, the two parted ways. They met again when Ling Yunfan was hiding from debts. For the sake of face, in the past…
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When the Killer Falls in Love 3.8

When The Killer Falls In Love

Chapter 41

65.1K Mar 27,23 Eresemo

Breaking News: Professional killer Joo Tae Man fell in love with Korea's favorite actor, Kang Da Hyuk! Professional killer Joo Tae-man has endured extreme physical training, mental education, and cruel torture-- but somehow easily falls apart to Kang Da-hyuk's kindness...? Joo Tae Man who has trained for NN years as a professional killer thought “is this love?”, What should I do at
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