19 Days 4.7

19 Days

Chapter 447

75.1M Jul 12,24 Old Xian

 The super cute and funny adventures of a boy and his BFF(best friend forever). You'll find out the names of the main characters after 113 pictures(maybe). Enjoy the manga!
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High-end Player of Mystery 4.3

High-End Player Of Mystery

Chapter 8

514.7K Jul 12,24 忘川小妖

When he opened his eyes one day, Yuyu found that he had entered a strange game world filled with monsters, and if you die, your death is broadcast live. To survive, you must beat the game. Fortunately, Yuyu meets the game’s cold-mannered god, Yunze. Caring more about his life than his image, Yuyu clings to Yunze for help.
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Sweet Desire! The Cold Lord God, Who Can Tease, Coax, and Act Coquettish. 3.6

Sweet Desire! The Cold Lord God, Who Can Tease, Coax, And Act Coquettish.

Chapter 113

308.3K Jul 12,24 爱干饭的团子, 朝远远远

Prisoner No. 001 of Tianjie, Si Jin, was sentenced to go to the three thousand planes to experience various miserable lives because his crime value seriously exceeded the standard. A bankrupt movie king, an ancient king, Lord Poseidon, being treated like a bully? Absolutely impossible! Slap the villain in the face, do something wrong, and achieve a reversal of fate! Then he kidnapped a shady old f
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A Gangster Became a High Schooler 3.9

A Gangster Became A High Schooler

Chapter 3

0 Jul 12,24 Horol , Gitan

"My dream is to enter college." Kim Deuk-pal, an uneducated man whose lifelong wish was to attend school, dies in a car accident while trying to save Song Yi-heon, a boy who jumped off an overpass while driving, on a rainy day. 'I hope that little thing lives.' When Kim Deuk-pal wakes up and finds out that the real Song Yi-heon tried to kill him due to school bullying and outing, he de
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Film Emperors’ Apartment 4.1

Film Emperors’ Apartment

Chapter 146

341.1K Jul 12,24 Tian Ping Zuo

A sex scene that led to a tragedy. Because of a sex scene, a bright and simple young man (Shen Che), became entangled with the arrogant and two-faced iceberg and campus beau (Qin Xiu), who is sharp-tongued, mercurial, and unreasonable. Thus begins the hilarious and tear-jerking struggle of the future movie emperor from film academy to entertainment circle! This story teaches us that if you give in
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From North to South 3.5

From North To South

Chapter 88

226.7K Jul 12,24 麋王令

He is a person that always thinks that he's always right, and always does things that people don't expect him to do; He is a serious youth with does things the old-fashioned way. A coincident encounter made them tear down each others' disguises and help each other to heal. However, in the beauty of growing, there's also cruelty in it. Are they able to listen to the desires of their hearts, to enco
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Zhongcai Shuo Wo Fei Zhu Duiyou 3

Zhongcai Shuo Wo Fei Zhu Duiyou

Chapter 30

224K Jul 12,24 Zhu Meng Hui Dao

As an office worker, Ji Bai Ping’s biggest worry is how to get work done more efficiently during work hours and not having any overtime stay. But I didn’t expect him to be so ordinary. One day, it’ll be a miracle to see world peace being maintained. The most important thing is that he isn’t the main problem, but the piggy that’s being dragged off on his legs?! This is
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Meteor Orbit 3.5

Meteor Orbit

Chapter 71

496.7K Jul 12,24 Moscaretto , Mamadeul

Falling star to superstar! Forced to give up on his dream of becoming an idol, Yoosung laments having to spend the rest of his days working as his crush's manager. That is, until he wakes up as a trainee! How did he go back to the past? What are these mysterious skill bars only he can see? Could they be the key to success? (Manta) Yuseong, who is now a manager, used to be an idol trainee
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Mr. Dior 3.9

Mr. Dior

Chapter 111

786.4K Jul 12,24 Chen Guojian

.A ridiculous story about two presidents who have been married for seven years. In which, the one who's scared of his wife hit his head too hard and suddenly became a truly domineering president.
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Blue Sky Complex 4.7

Blue Sky Complex

Vol.9 Extra. : Booklet

3.1M Jul 12,24 Ichikawa Kei

From Moi-xRyu Scanlations: Narasaki, who only wanted a place where he could sit and read a couple of books, was blackmailed by his teacher to supervise the delinquent Terashima while working as the school library's receptionist. From the quiet days they spent together, they eventually became close... and will love bloom?
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MO MAI 4.1

Mo Mai

Chapter 32

86.8K Jul 12,24 Kazi , 木更木更 , 长佩文学 , 江景海琦

He, Lin Mu, grew up with his elder sister Lin Chao, who was born deaf. He is the "little sun" that illuminates the people around him. He, Lu Rong, lost his parents since childhood. He was tall and handsome, and lived with his grandmother who had Alzheimer's disease. He was forced to grow up at an age that should have been ignorant. "Kunqian", an institution that provides learning opportunities for
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Faithful Dog 3.6

Faithful Dog

Chapter 11

16.2K Jul 12,24 Fuu Aikawa

not found...
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Show Me Some Love 4.3

Show Me Some Love


22K Jul 12,24 Imprisonment

not found...
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Monochrome Rumor 4.6

Monochrome Rumor

Notice. : Season 4

2.8M Jul 11,24 Chiyul , Momoko , Pyunbaeknamusoop

When I woke up after an unexpected car accident, K ended up possessing the body of a hopeless idol... He was nicknamed "Beautiful Trash", a man who seemingly knows nothing but money and is involved in a messed up web of sponsors. There's also rumors discarding his fellow members of 2 years in the midst of a contract with larger agencies? I thought I'd been scammed, but the origin
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Honey Coated S Class Guide 3.7

Honey Coated S Class Guide

Chapter 2

5.8K Jul 11,24 Canips , Sua , Dalpi , 달피, 수아

Grade S guide Hyo Seob joins a grade C guild 'Noapi'. As the guild leader Andante prioritizes and cares for Hyo Seob Hyo Seob too opens his heart more and more...
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Strategy on Seduction 2.5

Strategy On Seduction

Chapter 0: Preview

2.3K Jul 11,24 黑色礁石 , 三川 , 云坨坨工坊

As a behaviour manipulator, Cheng Ran was good at finding human’s weaknesses and manipulating their behaviour. He thought he knew the human heart like the back of his hand: “The reward I want is... to kill you.” Cheng Ran knelt on the ground, his hand and chin perched on Han Qi's knee, looking into Han Qi's eyes like a puppy with his head tilted. “Start a fire, I'll hold onto your corpse, and
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Chapter 113

278.2K Jul 11,24 Iamlalash

Shin doesn't want to get close with anyone, being afraid of his own dad. New school, new people, same problems. After running away from abuse of his father one night, he encounters his classmate Joy. Something in Shin is not letting Joy ignore him, on the contrary, he wants to help this fragile boy with all he's got.
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Otoge ni Trip shita Ore ♂ Reload 2

Otoge Ni Trip Shita Ore ♂ Reload

0 Jul 11,24 Kano Ikusa

Otoya Otonari is a university student who moved to the world of Otome games by chance. He has a trouble with the characters who are boldly setting up love events even though they know he's a man, but he gets a normal ending and is living a peaceful life. Then, a support character suggested to him that he should try (the game) again...! A business love comedy that unfolds in a different world!
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Kinou Nani Tabeta? 4.7

Kinou Nani Tabeta?

Chapter 168

399.3K Jul 11,24 Yoshinaga Fumi

A story of a gay couple trying to live a peaceful normal life as well as sharing hearty meals together. From Baka-Updates: Kakei Shirou, a straitlaced lawyer, cooks gourmet dinners for himself and his longtime gay lover, Yabuki Kenji, a carefree, hippie-ish hairdresser. The story is told through the lens of dinner preparation. Nominated for the first annual Manga Taishou (2008).
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Trapping the Foxy Doctor 4.3

Trapping The Foxy Doctor

Chapter 110

532.7K Jul 11,24 芝士棒

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older."Zhi Banyi has a secret. His heart only beats faster when he listens to a streamer called "Dust Under the Light" speak... So, Zhi Banyi decided to go see a psychiatrist. He never could have imagined that his psychiatrist would be the "fem
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The Transfer Student Who Came Down to Earth 3.8

The Transfer Student Who Came Down To Earth

Chapter 6

26.6K Jul 11,24 Hani , 하늬

It's Christmas Eve. Failing to confess to Yuji Sunbae, Gyunwoo meets a boy dressed in a space suit who's fallen like a shooting star. It's been a month since he's taken care of the strange boy who has nowhere to go, and today is the day of the high school entrance ceremony! Gyunwoo is excited to hear that he's attending the same school as Yuji Sunbae, but a transfer student who looks li
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In My Death, I Became My Brother's Regret 4.3

In My Death, I Became My Brother's Regret

Chapter 27

254.2K Jul 11,24 一亭

The half-demon, Jing Mo, was killed by his older brother Jue Ming when his demonic energy lost control. He found himself in the body of a young man named "Bai Shu", and this body seemed... abnormal. Due to suspicious circumstances revolving around the disappearance of Jing Mo's body, Jue Ming kept an eye on Jing Mo who desperately hid his true identity. With one of them hiding a secret and the oth
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[Adult BL Shorts] Bara-Boom!★ 3.4

[Adult Bl Shorts] Bara-Boom!★

Chapter 10

277.7K Jul 11,24 CHU

No other kind of bara under the sun!These men that fill up your hearts just by looking at them are coming to you!#HandsomeXBara #Adult #HugeTitties #BLShorts #AdultsOnlyBL+
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