My Teacher Wants To Make Me Happy 3.7

My Teacher Wants To Make Me Happy

Chapter 69

300.3K Dec 06,22 Jin Shi Si Chai , Ersan Jiulu Studio

The handsome president meets the lonely TV host (Sly Old Fox x Little Horse) Xing Ming was an outstanding med student who changed careers and entered the media industry, earning the title "Ice Prince". For the sake of clearing his father's name, he sacrificed his own body to climb the social ladder. When he opened that room door, however, what awaited him was…
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My Majesty Your Grace 4.1

My Majesty Your Grace

Notice. : New Translator Team

853.5K Dec 06,22 偷偷写文

The entanglement between the young handsome general and the black-bellied emperor! Just because the general looked exactly like the emperor’s most hated love rival, he was forced to endure the threats and torture that he shouldn’t have. Between them, love and hate are entwined and carved into the blood, indistinguishable from each other…
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Demon Apartment 4.4

Demon Apartment

Chapter 68

1.2M Dec 06,22 Zui Yin Chang Ge and Jin Jiang Wen Xue Cheng

Gu Bai, carrying his painting board behind him, has moved into an amazing apartment. He noticed that the neighbor to his left is a headline queen, and on his right is the infamous acting king. On the upper floor, there is a supermodel living on the left side and a gold medal lawyer on the right side. And across his room, is a powerful big shot who is constantly featured in finance magazines. The o
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The Ex-tra Hot Neighbor 4.4

The Ex-Tra Hot Neighbor

Chapter 46

69K Dec 06,22 Jin Geun-a

Finding the perfect guy isn’t easy, but looks like Eunseo just hit the jackpot. Seung-hyuk’s a handsome, hot hunk with a pretty face that anyone would fall in love with. How could you resist someone like that, especially if they feel so much like Mr. Right? Well, as with any good thing, there is a small catch. Apparently, Seung-hyuk is a friend’s ex-boyfriend. Not just any friend, but Eunseo’s new
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I Thought He Was A Girl 4.1

I Thought He Was A Girl

Chapter 29

227.3K Dec 06,22 书耽网 , 漫糖出品

[Showoff Gap Moe School Bully X Ice Cold Possessive Academic Lord] Yu Yang thought he had picked up a cold and shy chick on the Internet, but when online date appeared, the other party turned out to be a 1.8 meters New Campus Academic Lord! The other party also witnessed his online date flop! Yu Yang: I treated you as my enemy, but you misses me? The two campuses merged, long-distance relationship
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A Rabbit Down In A Bite 3.9

A Rabbit Down In A Bite

Chapter 94

725.9K Dec 06,22 Orange Peel Studios , 橘子皮工作室

In a world where only animals live, a lion with a reputation of being the boss of the campus, Mu Wei, falls in love with a rabbit, Bailey. He is usually has a very domineering presence in school, but once he sees Bailey, he becomes a very shy big cat. Moreover, after constant mingling with lions, Bailey, who is normally timid, gradually opened his heart...... A very sweet school life romance manhu
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Listen Attentively 4.1

Listen Attentively

Chapter 78.5

999.4K Dec 06,22 Qing Shu

Born into a musical family, Gu Si was known as a genius, but was never recognized by his father because of the lack of emotion in his music. In order to overcome this shortcoming, Gu Si began to study the music of Charles, a musician known for his emotions. Who would have thought that halfway through the book, he would wake up 200 years ago and find himself in front of a paralyzed man with rusty p
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Be Watched By My Ex Again 3.4

Be Watched By My Ex Again

Chapter 130

578.7K Dec 06,22 Shu Dan Wang , 五彩石漫画社 , 橘猫哥哥

After five years, Yang Jiali met his ex-boyfriend again when he was most embarrassed. The ex-boyfriend who spoiled him a few years ago is now tossing him to death. He wants to keep his music portfolio, and his ex-boyfriend buys the brokerage company to disband; he desperately uses resources, and his ex-boyfriend directly stirs pornography. Yang Jiali: Are you not planning to let me go?
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I Suspect You Have A Crush On Me 3.3

I Suspect You Have A Crush On Me

Chapter 19

0 Dec 06,22 Three Smiles , 三笑 , 司南 , 黑璟樱

Born as an orphan, National figure skater Yi-rim, has always craved for someone to protect him by his side, until his encounter with National swimmer Chong-ho... Chong-ho, an Alpha with high sensitivity for pheromones and Yi-rim, an omega with scentless pheromone! Is this encounter fated, or just a coincidence...?
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Paixiu restaurant, only in but not out 4.9

Paixiu Restaurant, Only In But Not Out

Chapter 97

220.6K Dec 06,22 Changpei Literature, Hai Jingluo

The old monster Pai Yao went out and threw the trash into the bin, and the male ghost fell into his arms. The male ghost Wenxi is as beautiful as a flower, with a cold body and soft body, just enough to make Pai Yao, who has been condemned by the body heat, can be used as a pillow. Pai Yao swears to God that he just takes this ghost as a pillow, but no one believes it. Pai Yao: “Although the red t
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Run Freely 4.1

Run Freely

Chapter 71

87.6K Dec 06,22 Wu Zhe , Zuoer Cong Dong , Xi Yao

"I wish to have you by my left shoulder, with a smile by my right — I wish to run freely in your eyes. — I wish for one look to last a lifetime." Jiang Cheng, an accomplished student, was "exiled" to the steel mill where his biological father worked. This strange, foreign environment, coupled with his rather vulgar biological father, caused Jiang Cheng to feel quite depressed. That is, until one
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Truth or Lie 5

Truth Or Lie

0 Dec 06,22 Changpei literature , Ranana , 金古文化

This is a story about a former idol who's always fooling around with the boss of a company who never properly goes to work
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Please, sleep with me 3.8

Please, Sleep With Me

Chapter 102

616.3K Dec 06,22 Yu ci

Garland Neuss, the vice captain of HeiYu team, is soon to be possessed and on the verge of death as he was parasited by a demon when he was a child. However, his secret was found out by a well-known perverted duke, Hazel... Notices: Manhua is only translated in Batoto and on my own site . If it is in another place, please report it in the comments immediately. Please don't sprea
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Stop Bothering Me, Emperor! 3.8

Stop Bothering Me, Emperor!

Chapter 108

1.5M Dec 06,22 Lu Ye Qian He

Song Xiao only wanted to be a man of virtue, but somehow ended up being forced into a marriage with his Highness, plotted by the cunning emperor himself. However, just as the generation of great businesses began to flourish, the emperor died… When Song Xiao opened his eyes again, he finds himself in a college entrance exam… but why does his seatmate look so familiar?! His Highness: ▼
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Hello, My Wolf 3.4

Hello, My Wolf

Chapter 44

20.9K Dec 06,22 Yu Yan Wen Hua (欲言文化) , 莹飞漫业

Werewolf President x Vampire President, who does not know, X City's two largest company's president is a vampire and the other a werewolf, not only that, the two grew up together. In order to be able to catch up with his beloved vampire, the werewolf volunteer to become a vampire assistant and slave, only for the success of the pursuit of his wife, color and taboo urban love began...
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Please Do Not Open the Beast 3.7

Please Do Not Open The Beast

Chapter 73

432.5K Dec 06,22 Wang Tao

.From Chocoreito TeamWhich one do you prefer to cherish, the one you broke up with nine years ago or the new lover who has come to your heart?
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Blue Checkerboard 4.1

Blue Checkerboard

Chapter 37

78.2K Dec 06,22 Liang Azha

Lin Bo and Zheng Xiaotao have always been secretly attracted to each other, but because they don't know of each other's feelings, they're too embarrassed to confess. Helpless, they each turn to their own sisters. Lin Bo's little sister is a great god-like BL writer, while Zheng Xiaotao's elder sister is a great god-like BL novel reader. The two girls, priding themselves on their perfect qualificat
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The Art of Taming A Tiger 4.7

The Art Of Taming A Tiger

Chapter 75

101.8K Dec 06,22 Kom

.Yoonjae lives in an old villa and on his way out one day, he accidentally falls on some boxes in the hallway owned by Beomjin who is moving into a unit downstairs. This is where the soul calling bell entwines itself on Yoonjae's wrist and from that day on, he started hearing weird sounds and seeing strange apparitions. A few days later, Beomjin realizes that the bell is on Yoonjae so he visits hi
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Ni Jiu 4.1

Ni Jiu

Chapter 62

315.3K Dec 06,22 Changpei literature , Milk Mouth Card , 二三玖陆工作室 , 奶口卡 , 有鹿文化 , 长佩文学

The beautiful omega once crossed into the normal society, but fell into the street because of the pheromone he released.
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I and My Ideal Type Are Dying! 4.3

I And My Ideal Type Are Dying!

Chapter 56

219.9K Dec 06,22 Iciyuan动漫

Ren Chuan Tangtang, a president, pretended to be sick and was admitted to the hospital in order to avoid trouble. Beauty cuts feet and fights with tattoos. Only a little tenderness was shown to Ren Chuan. But unfortunately, the other party's cancer is at an advanced stage. They have bought each other's coffins, and plan to spend the last time with each other. One month, two months, three months..
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Emperor's Favor Not Needed 4.6

Emperor's Favor Not Needed

Chapter 134

190.7K Dec 05,22 Man Shen Dongman , Shu Dan Wang , Tao Ci Peng Ke Shao Nian

The irritable and perverted emperor X stubborn and cold power minister! The front is super abuse, the back is super sweet! Three years ago, in a palace change, Du Yuzhang abandoned his family just to save the life of his beloved. Unexpectedly, his lover ascended the throne as the emperor, but he didn’t have any pity for him anymore. From then on, in the daytime, he was a high-powered master Du Yuz
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Semantic Error 4.7

Semantic Error

Chapter 64

3.6M Dec 05,22 J. soori , Angy

You're a semantic error in my perfect world. Sangwoo Choo is a stickler for rules. So when his classmates free-ride on a group project, he doesn't credit them. But this prevents one senior, Jaeyoung Jang, from graduating. And like oil and water, Sangwoo and Jaeyoung don't mix. Can Sangwoo debug Jaeyoung – a semantic error in his perfect life?
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FOG (E-sports) 4.2

Fog (E-Sports)

Chapter 21

159.7K Dec 05,22 Manman He Qi Duo

Two years ago, Yu Sui had his teammate sold out, and had himself criticised by the public. He didn’t care about any of it. The only thing he cared about was the kid on his team, Shi Luo. After coming back to China, the two meet again. Yu Sui is starting a new team — will Shi Luo give himself once again to the one who hurt him before? Can there be a new path for their relationship? [i]I
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