Fate/Extra CCC - Foxtail 4.5

Fate/extra Ccc - Foxtail

Chapter 83.5: Maiden Coaster 4

2.6M Feb 27,24 Type-moon, Takenoko Seijin

Being flung from the world of Fate/Extra Kishinami Hakuno finds himself in a very strange predicament. Caster Route. Note: There are no missing chapters. Chapter #32-33 are missing due to a difference in the volume and magazine numbering. Some earlier small chapters were combined in the volumes causing the number difference. Chapter 34 directly follows Chapter 31.
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Kyo mo Hajime-Senpai ga Sukisugiru 3.6

Kyo Mo Hajime-Senpai Ga Sukisugiru

Chapter 9

750.1K Feb 27,24 Yumachi Shin

Kokomi enters into a new school but ends up tering her clothes. The kind and popular Hajime lends her some clothes and she falls in love with him at first sight, after not being able to speak to him for a long time, she discovers a terrible truth about him but is undeterred into trying to win his heart.
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Touhou Chireikiden ~ Hansoku Tantei Satori 4.3

Touhou Chireikiden ~ Hansoku Tantei Satori

Chapter 33: Subterranean Animosity (Pt. Iii)

381.7K Feb 27,24 ZUN

The first official Touhou webcomic written by ZUN and drawn by newcomer Ginmokusei, featuring Satori Komeiji as the master armchair detective from the depths of the Earth. The first issue is currently free to read on the official Touhou web blog:
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The Non-Ability Fighter 4.8

The Non-Ability Fighter

Chapter 11

115.6K Feb 27,24

To revive the mixed martial arts that has been ruined due to being overshadowed by the Special Ability League, Se-yeon calls upon Hwang Kwang-ho, a champion who was permanently Banned in the past. The reason is because he is the G** of box office Success'. The distinction between ability and Non-ability becomes meaningless before this man. He wields skills that have ascended to the Peak level
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Spirit Catcher 4.4

Spirit Catcher

Chapter 92

104.2K Feb 27,24 Xiao Xiang Gu

Yangyao is a renowned exorcist who drives out spirits that bother the normal lives of humans. When he is faced with a difficult case, he enlists the help of his winemaker friend, Yan'an. A tale of ghost-hunting centered around Yangyao that is filled with mystery and monsters
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The Daughter of the Elemental King 4.8

The Daughter Of The Elemental King

Chapter 155

21.4M Feb 27,24 Gureumbit

Her father is the Water Elemental King, a timeless being with absolute power. Her mother, a half-elf, is a talented wizard as well as an elemental mage. Born out of their overwhelming love for each other, her birth breaks the notion that elemental spirits cannot have descendants! From the author of “Tales of Arin”, an unexpectedly sweet story of joy unfolds! (Summary from Kakao, TL fro
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The Descent Of The Patriarch 4.6

The Descent Of The Patriarch

Chapter 92

2.7M Feb 27,24 尹天下 , 春日文化

Wudang Mountain, the sacred place of Taoism, is divided into internal and external. It inherits the highest classics of the Great Daoshu. Xie Luo, a modern Taoist, was trained in the heavenly book when he was young. In one fell swoop, he was the best in the northern quan zhen, the southern sect of longhushan, the eastern sect, and the western sect of shushan. The younger generation has been promot
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Da Capo 5

Da Capo

Chapter 15

130.8K Feb 27,24 Circus

Every year the flowers bloom. Mysterious Cherry Blossoms blooming all over a crescent shaped island. That island is the island of Hatsune... The main character who goes to Kazami Academy, Asakura Junichi, has the power to see the dreams of other people in his sleep. He was also taught magic by an old lady that allows him to create sweets. One day, Junichi seems to have seen someone`s dream a
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Girl and Science 4.6

Girl And Science

Chapter 543

20.3M Feb 27,24 诈术师德德

They were childhood friends, and she had always been more powerful than him. But when they accidentally traveled (summoned?) to another world, it was finally time for him to become the knight in shining armor! He had to find her first though, since they were separated... Come and witness his fight to be better in a crazy world where monsters roamed and technology wa
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Become the Lord of Cthulhu 4.5

Become The Lord Of Cthulhu

Chapter 52

3.4M Feb 27,24 Updating

The main character, Su Qi, dies and crosses over to Los Angeles and becomes a high school student. Due to his otherworldly muse, he finds himself surrounded by a variety of spirits and demons. In order to survive and not be eaten by the spirits or have a mental breakdown, the hero embarks on a journey of becoming a god and exploring the mysterious world of the Cthulhu Islands.
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Nekogami Yaoyorozu 4.3

Nekogami Yaoyorozu

Vol.1 Chapter 3: God Of Poverty Inspection

67.1K Feb 27,24 Flipflops

Even in this day and age of the 21st century, many gods live amongst humanity. Mayu is a cat god who is the master at finding lost objects, but she is very lazy and all she does all day is eat, sleep, and play video games. Mayu lives with her caretaker, Yuzu, who operates a pottery store while at the same time doing everything for Mayu. The pair meets other gods in their daily lives and have excit
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Mystic Prince 4.5

Mystic Prince

Chapter 113

1.8M Feb 27,24 Aheuredal (아흐레달)

The fourth prince Jeokyeon chose to hide being a woman and live as a man. Then later competes against nineteen other princes for the throne to become an immortal god. But amidst the sharp confrontations, an ancient conspiracy slowly unveils, and the fourth prince attracts more and more attention as his hidden talent comes to light.This is an epic of love and hate that blooms around a mystic prince
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Nanbaka 4.8


Chapter 357

12M Feb 27,24 Futamata Shou

Welcome to Nanba, the world's largest, most impenetrable prison. Locked away in cell block 13 are four inmates - Juugo, Uno, Rock, and Nico - who provide more than enough trouble for prison guard Sugoroku Hajime to deal with. Between attempted breakouts, gambling and general misbehaviour, these four believe that just because they're in prison doesn't mean they can't have fun! But i
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Chapter 155.5

6.9M Feb 27,24 Mojito

Peaceful Egypt, stained with blood from the god of war, Set. Set's fate confrontation begins with the gods tyrannical bow and ultimately rebel against him.
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I’m an Ex-class Hunter 4.7

I’M An Ex-Class Hunter

Chapter 39

4.5M Feb 27,24 Neuf

Eight races join hands against an unknown enemy to challenge it to one final battle… However, the eight races were unfortunately completely annihilated, except for one person, a hero of the human race, Arden. Using his memories from his previous life, Kiritani Sho was reborn into the modern world. While fighting as a hunter, he aims to reunite with his previous comrades. Sho may have lost his powe
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What Do You Do When You Suddenly Become an Immortal? 4.4

What Do You Do When You Suddenly Become An Immortal?

Chapter 112

3.4M Feb 27,24 糖人动漫

What Do You Do When You Suddenly Become an Immortal at When your soul goes into others, others are also going into you. On this day, Lin Fan and the Saintess transmigrated at the same time, and later found out that they could transmigrate infinitely! Constantly going back and forth between the two time and space, the two's chaotic journey through the immortal cultivation began. "Excuse me, your na
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Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai! 4.7

Jahy-Sama Wa Kujikenai!

Chapter 87: Jahy-Sama And Pets

17.2M Feb 27,24 Konbu Wakame

Jahy-sama is an existence to be feared and respected throughout the Demon Realm. Well, was. The (former) Demon Realm No. 2 is now busy with house chores and the human realm! Her dinner is just beansprouts, and she can't afford anything except water at cafes, but she won't get discouraged!
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Chapter 13

6.5M Feb 27,24 One,Azuma Kyoutarou

Humanity has been oppressed for hundreds of years due to the rise and invasion of the natural enemy "demons". The world was ruled by the "Great Demon Lord" and his 47 "Demon Lords". While people live in fear, 47 people selected from all over the world have been named "Heroes" and are preparing to fight against the Demon King's army. And now, a desperate operation with the survival of mankind on th
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Mesugaki ga Watashi wo Wakarase ni Kuru no de Shouri no Mesugaki no Chikara wo Karite Kocchi mo Wakarase ni Ikimasu. 3.8

Mesugaki Ga Watashi Wo Wakarase Ni Kuru No De Shouri No Mesugaki No Chikara Wo Karite Kocchi Mo Wakarase Ni Ikimasu.

0 Feb 27,24 Shouma Keito

The protagonist Iroha is no good at either studies or sports, which is why her classmate Hifumi (a bratty girl) is always making fun of her.Appearing by Iroha's side is the goddess of victory Cheeky (also a bratty girl), and she lets Iroha use various special items to claim victory, but then...!?The curtain rises on bratty girl vs bratty girl setting things straight with each other!!(S
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Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight Axis 5

Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight Axis

0 Feb 27,24 Ark Performance

Universal Century 0096. Several months have passed since the incident surrounding Laplace's box also known as the Universal Century Charter. The Earth Federation Forces dispatches a group of investigators to the severed Axis which is drifting outside the Earth Sphere. Two civilians participate as members of the research group: Arlette Almage and Danton Hyleg. Both have pasts with government servic
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A Falling Cohabitation 4.5

A Falling Cohabitation

Chapter 182

2.8M Feb 27,24 Na (나)

А housewarming party with а Gumiho.
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Boku no Ma na Musume 5

Boku No Ma Na Musume

0 Feb 27,24 Sankaku Head

Sami-chan, who lives alone with her dad, has inherited her mom's silver hair and perfectly round eyes, making her an incredibly adorable daughter. However, this daughter has a secret. When she feels lonely, horns sprout from her head. She's a "half-demon" born from a devil...! Would having a daughter like this bring happiness!? Or... A heartwarming comedy filled with the bond between father and da
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Rebirth in Paradise 3.8

Rebirth In Paradise

Chapter 47

24.6K Feb 27,24 gosaribaksa

Rebirth in ParadiseWhile haunting her usual subway car one day, lonely ghost Park Ja-eon receives a chance from a deity to redo one year of her life and earn a spot in eternal paradise. With the aid of a grumpy divine guardian and a newfound ability to see ghosts, Ja-eon restarts her senior year of high school. As the unlikely duo ends up helping spirits and humans alike, they begin to reflect on
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Sorry, My Skills Are Automatically Maxed Out! 4.7

Sorry, My Skills Are Automatically Maxed Out!

0 Feb 27,24 Meng Yue Culture (萌月文化), 北冥天子

Jiang Li, after being reborn on the Blue Star, has passed eighteen years. With his excellent learning ability, he is praised by everyone as a genius. However, this genius, during the Awakening Ceremony at the age of eighteen, only awakened as an ordinary mage, mocked by his enemies. However, only Jiang Li knows at this moment that he has awakened a divine-level talent, and all his skills are autom
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