Undead + Unluck 4.7

Undead + Unluck

Chapter 138

11.5M Dec 06,22 Yoshifumi Tozuka

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My Master Has No Tail 4.5

My Master Has No Tail

Chapter 37

231.6K Dec 06,22 TNSK

About a tanuki girl in Osaka who wants to be human.
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Monkey Peak 4.6

Monkey Peak

Chapter 101: The 9Th Station

4.6M Dec 06,22 Shinasaka Kouji

A group of employees from the Fujitani Pharmaceutical Company are on a hiking trip. After the company suffered a crisis, the CEO hopes to improve teamwork and morale among new and old employees with this trip. Not everyone is as excited as he is. Unfortunately for them, they soon find themselves having to deal with problems that they weren't prepared for. What's going to happe
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Big Uncle’s Podcast of Mysteries 3.4

Big Uncle’S Podcast Of Mysteries

Chapter 118

318.5K Dec 06,22 Big Uncle Boyang

This is an anthology of short comics. It documents all of the amazing thoughts I’ve had based in this city. Even though it’s just a drop, or just a rumour, I’ve done my best to make them interesting. I hope you’ll like it.
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Douluo Dalu II - Jueshui Tangmen 4.7

Douluo Dalu Ii - Jueshui Tangmen

Chapter 387

71.5M Dec 06,22 Tang Jia San Shao, Hei Zhi Shi

A young boy ridiculed as a useless child makes pledge to himself to become a spirit master after his mother dies. what will happen to him on his adventures... You also may like: + Douluo Dalu 3: The Legend of the Dragon King + 
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Douluo Dalu 3: The Legend of the Dragon King 4.7

Douluo Dalu 3: The Legend Of The Dragon King

Chapter 395

45.8M Dec 06,22 Tang Jia San Shao

Following the advancement of spirit technology, the humans of Douluo Continent conquered the ocean and discovered two new continents. After being hunted by spirit masters excessively, the spirit beasts are nearly extinct. After countless years of lying dormant, the King of the Spirit Beasts has awakened in the Great Star Dou Forest. It will lead its remaining clansmen in taking vengeance against h
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The Evolution 4.6

The Evolution

Chapter 16

452.6K Dec 06,22 BOOM工作室 , 辉夜源漫画工作室

Twelve Alien destroyers turned into meteorites and hit the earth, bringing an unknown zombie virus and setting off a doomsday frenzy. The evolution zone has opened, and power user has started to emerge! Wang Zhe, who died in battle ten years later, has reborn and returned back in time. Now he decided to use the advantages of his memory and strength to become the strongest evolutionary!
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The Right To Invoke 2.9

The Right To Invoke

Chapter 13

126.5K Dec 06,22 샤이탄

He can control anything without interference. This ability is one that everyone just takes for granted, Rights. While using 'The right to control everything', Joo Hwiseong can spend his days conveniently, but a girl who can recognize that Right, Cheon Aram, began to interfere with Hwiseong's daily life. With this unexpected situation, a new phase is unfolding where 'rights activists' are violating
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Ikenie Monzenbarai 3.6

Ikenie Monzenbarai

Vol.1 Chapter 6.5

0 Dec 06,22 KATOU Susu

“I don't want a sacrifice or anything like that, so please leave.” Born into the prominent Uzumaki family, Nanao was raised to become a god’s sacrifice. On the day of the 111th year contract renewal, Nanao visited the serpent god’s shrine to be eaten. However, the god rejects Nanao at the door, saying that there is no need for a sacrifice!
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Mahou Tsukai no Yome 4.9

Mahou Tsukai No Yome

Chapter 92: Keep The Pot Boiling. I

20.2M Dec 06,22 Yamazaki Kore

With her mother dead and father long gone, Chise Hatori has spent her childhood being passed unwanted from relative to relative, until she finally makes her unfortunate way to a strange and improbable auction block. Offered as a “sleigh beggy” to the highest bidder, Chise is purchased by the (literally) boneheaded Elias Ainsworth, who promises to take her on as his apprentice. Elias is
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Your Dream Is DeliciousYour Dream Is Delicious 4.2

Your Dream Is Deliciousyour Dream Is Delicious

Chapter 109

755.4K Dec 06,22 Xi Yu'er

The loner kid who entered school a month late because he was sick became friends with the most popular boy in school! But later on, he discovered that this heartthrob with a good reputation is actually not human? The loner kid who easily gets nightmares catches the Dream Demon's eye. “Your dream is exceptionally tasty~” It's hard to make friends at school.
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Dear Door 4.4

Dear Door


13M Dec 06,22 Pluto

While in hot pursuit of wanted criminals, a police officer has an unexpected encounter with a rather uncanny demon. Barely surviving the accident, Do Gyeong Joon is left baffled, staring at the sky at the retreating form of the mysterious man he had just met. However, not long after, the two meet again when the demon crashes into Do Gyeong Joon’s apartment, whispering: “Hurry up!
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GANDA: Night Defender 3.6

Ganda: Night Defender

Chapter 36

61.7K Dec 06,22

The cheerful but clumsy college student Rika encounters constant misfortune in her normal life. When a missing report forces her to break the school's rule against setting foot on campus after 9 pm, things take a turn for the worse. She soon finds herself under attack by an evil spirit known as a Djinn! Fortunately, Ganda, The Night Defender, comes to her rescue. To show her gratitude, she decides
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Killing Evolution From a Sword 4.4

Killing Evolution From A Sword

Chapter 78

1.8M Dec 06,22 噼咔噼

Ye Fan was reborn as a strange sword with its own upgrade system. Ye Fan has been continuously upgraded through the killing experience of the sword masters of the past dynasties, and has become an evil sword that everyone in another world competes for. As soon as the evil sword was born, it would definitely set off a bloody storm, and Ye Fan also worked hard to get rid of the sword body and restor
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Ero Wizard’s Research Journal 4.3

Ero Wizard’S Research Journal

Chapter 38

311.6K Dec 06,22 Areu

The warrior who helped save the world five years ago is left feeling empty. Deacon, a former warrior, has since been reduced to a beggar. Hoping to earn for a living, he signs a contract to work as a research assistant for a wizard named Lagavi..."Five years ago, you were dealing with so much more. You are the only one who can cope in an event of an emergency. So, please do your best", the wizard
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Neolith Girl 4.5

Neolith Girl

Chapter 79

3.1M Dec 06,22 Jae Ah,Han Ga Ram

Once, there lived a fearless girl who could defeat even the strongest of beasts with her bare hands. She was the strongest person alive. Thousands of years later, the same girl from the stone age has lived to learn what romance is. Will her strength scare everyone away, or will it let her fall in love?
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When a Thousand Moons Rise 3.9

When A Thousand Moons Rise

Chapter 44

122.9K Dec 06,22 Park Hee-Jung

What if you were fated to be murdered in every life? Living in a small countryside town, Nogyung Lee thinks her biggest problem is her unrequited crush on her childhood friend. But Nogyung is curseddestined to be slain by the same villagers every time she's reborn. With no memories of her previous lives, she must unravel the mysteries of her village and the legends surrounding it in order to stay
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The Script 3.7

The Script

0 Dec 06,22 0netwozer0

Revenge 13 years in the making. To reverse a curse put on her and her brother, Yeju has been searching for the shaman responsible for 13 long years. When the heir to the Tiger Clan, Heewu, sets Yeju up in order to steal her sword, the two realize that they have the same objective. But is this new man friend or foe?
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I’m A Tycoon In The Other World 3.1

I’M A Tycoon In The Other World

Chapter 26

790.4K Dec 06,22 创迹文化

The modern world's Xu Fei is a contemporary “average college student” with normal appearances, little money and barely any future. In the other world, where martial artists, cultivators, spell practitioners and personal forces wield all the power needed to take over the modern world. It cannot block more than a thousand of people nor shake the ground of ancient times, when medical care, food produ
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A Falling Cohabitation 4.5

A Falling Cohabitation

Chapter 118

1.7M Dec 06,22 Na (나)

А housewarming party with а Gumiho.
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Martial Arts Reigns 4.6

Martial Arts Reigns

Chapter 507

96.1M Dec 06,22 Xiǎo Yāo, Pòjiè Hùdòng, Pojie

True Heavens Continent is a place where those with great power can move mountains and overturn seas, kick the stars and step on the moon, punch through the sky and even shatter the earth itself! Ye Ming, a commoner born into a side branch within his family, sincerely and diligently tried to become stronger, hoping to avenge his parents’ deaths. As fate would have it, he obtained the "Divine Spirit
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Please, sleep with me 3.8

Please, Sleep With Me

Chapter 102

616.3K Dec 06,22 Yu ci

Garland Neuss, the vice captain of HeiYu team, is soon to be possessed and on the verge of death as he was parasited by a demon when he was a child. However, his secret was found out by a well-known perverted duke, Hazel... Notices: Manhua is only translated in Batoto and on my own site . If it is in another place, please report it in the comments immediately. Please don't sprea
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Sound Asleep: Forgotten Memories 2.1

Sound Asleep: Forgotten Memories

Vol.8 Chapter 813: These Days, Part 3

686.1K Dec 06,22 BasementRaccoon

The "calm" before the "storm."     A series of short stories centered on the lives of five girls before their world changed for the worse.    A 8-part side story to the parent story, "Sound Asleep."
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The Duke of Death and his Black Maid 4.8

The Duke Of Death And His Black Maid

Chapter 225: Honeymoon - Part 1

35.6M Dec 06,22 Inoue Koharu

A Duke was cursed by a witch to kill everything he touches. Unable to handle this curse his parents send him to live in a far off manor. As his maid and childhood friend now teases him everyday, he wishes more than anything to rid himself of the curse.
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