One day I was proposed to by my enemy 4.1

One Day I Was Proposed To By My Enemy

Chapter 15

475.5K Nov 30,22 이크

He looked down, bullied and scolded his subordinates endlessly, and after winning the war you asked me to love you out of nowhere and proposed in front of so many people? Are you out of your mind?
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Final Stop 4.2

Final Stop

Chapter 42

435.5K Nov 30,22 영찬

Song Ha-yoon has only the debt left by his father and the trait of a passionate omega in his life like a treadmill. One day, he suddenly receives a phone call stating that all his debts have been transferred to the Taewon group, and runs into an Alpha, Song Hyeon-tae, who is waiting for him at the house he arrives at. “I plan to pay the remaining debt with that expensive body.” #omegaverse #gangst
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Anemone Theater 3.9

Anemone Theater

Chapter 29

315.3K Nov 30,22 Zoy , Greensea

Seongho, who is under extreme stress because of his conservative father, suffers from chronic headaches.To get rid of the headache somehow, he takes the whole pill and accidentally kisses a man.And feel like that severe headache is fading away... Is it because of the drug? Or because of the kiss?
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My Brother's Lover 3.1

My Brother's Lover

Chapter 1

3.8K Nov 30,22 Ponpacha

After confessing at a high school graduation ceremony, Chan-ran, a piano prodigy and Hye-jun, a former lover of his deceased brother met again at the university. Hye-jun who has not yet forgotten his brother who committed suicide, is still shaken by the splendid voice that resembles his older brother. Hye-jun who is drunk at a dinner party, couldn't help but to fell into the temptation of his hesi
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Please, sleep with me 3.8

Please, Sleep With Me

Chapter 101

613K Nov 30,22 Yu ci

Garland Neuss, the vice captain of HeiYu team, is soon to be possessed and on the verge of death as he was parasited by a demon when he was a child. However, his secret was found out by a well-known perverted duke, Hazel... Notices: Manhua is only translated in Batoto and on my own site . If it is in another place, please report it in the comments immediately. Please don't sprea
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Emperor's Favor Not Needed 4.6

Emperor's Favor Not Needed

Chapter 133

180.9K Nov 30,22 Man Shen Dongman , Shu Dan Wang , Tao Ci Peng Ke Shao Nian

The irritable and perverted emperor X stubborn and cold power minister! The front is super abuse, the back is super sweet! Three years ago, in a palace change, Du Yuzhang abandoned his family just to save the life of his beloved. Unexpectedly, his lover ascended the throne as the emperor, but he didn’t have any pity for him anymore. From then on, in the daytime, he was a high-powered master Du Yuz
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My One-night Stand, I Can't Forget You 3.1

My One-Night Stand, I Can't Forget You

Chapter 76

1.8M Nov 30,22 3981 ; Yuandian Gezi Manhua ; Zhang Pei Wenxue ; 池总渣 ; 陆放

The alpha idol Qi Bo Yan and the alpha actor Ji Wang were previously an affectionate couple, but got separated due to some misunderstandings. After six years, Qi Bo Yan appears in front of Ji Wang once again, aggressively drags Ji Wang back into his life. After some time the two spent together, the truth behind the misunderstanding during that time was revealed. Qi Bo Yan and Ji Wang finally becam
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Juunen bun no Ai, Meshiagare 4.1

Juunen Bun No Ai, Meshiagare

Chapter 7

62.6K Nov 30,22 Abuku

A young man named Shun recently started working part-time at the nursery school that Takayuki works at. Shun is a friendly guy and even though it should be their first time meeting, Takayumi finds his smile somewhat nostalgic. During nap time, he heard a voice next to him say, "Sensei, do you remember our promise? That I'd marry you once I grow up?". He then froze up as he was not only hugged, he
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My Damned XXX 3.4

My Damned Xxx

Chapter 13

10K Nov 30,22 Ssaewoo

What does it take for a guy to get laid, you ask? Well, a hell of a lot of tries is the answer. Lee Si-hyeon is a 21-year-old virgin who has been in the bottom rungs when it comes to getting laid—and it’s not the kind of bottom he aspires to be. After four failed attempts at having sex, Si-hyeon’s fifth attempt is finally successful. Kind of. He wakes up in bed with his former-childhood-best-frien
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In the Private Room 4.3

In The Private Room

Chapter 60

30.1K Nov 30,22 Seobang Dasjwi

Yeo-ho is a k-pop idol who’s struggling to financially support his younger siblings and keep his comatose mother alive. Desperate to make it big, he tries to make connections with the right people—but it all goes wrong when he finds himself on the brink of getting dragged into a drug scandal. The only person who can save him is the powerful representative of a conglomerate, Hyung-joo. To save his
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Finding M 3.3

Finding M

Season 1 Chapter 45

406.7K Nov 30,22 Noru

Please support the author if you can.
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This Cheapskate Knight Wants to Make Me Cry 3.5

This Cheapskate Knight Wants To Make Me Cry

Chapter 9

23.5K Nov 29,22 Hare Takizawa

The super popular boy-on-boy novel has finally been adapted into a manga! Lute is the son of a tavern owner in a castle town, and he has a secret... when he sheds emotional tears they turn into magic stones, or "gems." One day, the royal knight Advald, a regular patron notorious for being a cheapskate, sees Lute crying outside the tavern and discovers his secret. Now, Advald wants Lute to cry for
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No Reason 3.8

No Reason

Chapter 26

625.7K Nov 29,22 Salty

Jeonghoon, a promising executive in the organization, decides to directly teach and discipline the youngest member of the organization. However, Jeonghoon, unlike the rumor, was interested in Hyunjae-who can only look pretty, became close to him. A year later, with those unknown words, Hyunjae disappeared without a trace. "Hyung, I will miss you." And to make matters worse, Jeonghoon's organizatio
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The Coffee Shop Owner Knows Nothing About Love 3.3

The Coffee Shop Owner Knows Nothing About Love

Chapter 4

9.6K Nov 29,22 Io Amaki

Natsuki's a coffee shop owner who took over his father's business. Akutsu, a regular customer, is a real estate businessman in charge of a redevelopment plan that involves evicting businesses in Natsuki's shopping district. They become adversaries as negotiations continue with the shopping arcade, which explains Natsuki's aloofness toward Akutsu in their daily exchanges. But, one day, they become
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Vanilla soda sky 4.2

Vanilla Soda Sky

Chapter 43

281.5K Nov 29,22 Dangko JJ

.Taeha Oh, a math teacher who is having a boring day because it is not peaceful. One day when I endured boredom with sensational online low-flying activities, a new physical education teacher came to school like Hyeseong... But when I met this physical education teacher, he was a college alumnus who was famous for being a gay king car..!! Even at some point he starts to linger around Taeha...(Goog
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Bad Memories 4

Bad Memories


1.3M Nov 29,22 Hui Nan Que , 回南雀

.Ning Yu is forced to marry Song Bai Lao, whom he was deeply entangled as a teenager. Because of the misunderstanding they had before, Song Bai Lao keeps bad-mouthing Ning Yu to the point that he even becomes Ning Yu's nightmare. As they get together, Song Bai Lao finally confronts his feelings for Ning Yu, and Ning Yu finally sees his true feelings and sincerity.
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Blackcat and Magician 4.3

Blackcat And Magician

Chapter 3

26.3K Nov 29,22 Gui

not found...
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Chapter 40

243.4K Nov 29,22 Kim YouBi

"You have bad intentions towards me, don't you?""It's not bad intentions, it's called being truthful."Having lived wealthy for all his life, Shin Eunchae is loved by his seniors who treat him well. However, Eunchae hides the fact that he's rich.Whilst Kang Joowon, an aspiring actor, has his eyes on Eunchae.After saving the clueless Eunchae from a senior trying to take advantage of Eunchae's innoce
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Contracts in Bed 4.5

Contracts In Bed

Chapter 20

195.2K Nov 29,22 Soil

- Lee Junseo is a poor Omega photographer who meets the rich Alpha CEO, Choi Changwoo - Believing that they are a match, Changwoo organized a marriage contract in exchange for money - With the two having many contrasts, will the relationship turn into something more than a contract?
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Dumb Husky and his White Cat Shizun 4.2

Dumb Husky And His White Cat Shizun

Chapter 34

243.2K Nov 29,22 Author Is Meat Bun Doesn't Eat Meat / 肉包不吃肉

.Emperor of the cultivation world Mo Weiyu deceived elders and slaughtered ancestors and committed all crimes and sins known to man. After ending his own life, he was reborn and transmigrated to the year he first became a disciple. In the shell of a boy held an old and weary soul. After coming back to life, truth after truth that had been hidden below the surface in the previous life floated to th
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Dear Door 4.4

Dear Door


12.9M Nov 29,22 Pluto

While in hot pursuit of wanted criminals, a police officer has an unexpected encounter with a rather uncanny demon. Barely surviving the accident, Do Gyeong Joon is left baffled, staring at the sky at the retreating form of the mysterious man he had just met. However, not long after, the two meet again when the demon crashes into Do Gyeong Joon’s apartment, whispering: “Hurry up!
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Run Away From My Ex-Boyfriend 3.2

Run Away From My Ex-Boyfriend

Chapter 128

643.5K Nov 29,22

Be Watched By My Ex Again ; When My Ex-Lover Has A New Lover
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