Tender Night (Tan Kong) 3

Tender Night (Tan Kong)

0 Oct 02,23 Tan Kong

Seongwon is a self-conscious beta who pretends to be an alpha. After being dumped by his boyfriend, he goes to his usual bar. There Hansol, a waiter and an actual alpha, seems interested in him. He is especially tender with him. What could be the reason?
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Make Love First Time in 8 Years 2.3

Make Love First Time In 8 Years

0 Oct 02,23 Asai Sai

Anyone is fineI want to be held by a man againNaoto, a popular teacher at a famous prep school, spends his days enjoying s** with his one-night stands.Because of his good looks, physical strength, and huge di**, he has been playing the role of the top for the past eight years.However, Andou, a student at the prep school, sees through his desire to be bottomed by a man.Naoto, who was forcibly embra
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A Fisherman's Dream 1.9

A Fisherman's Dream

Chapter 14

65.1K Sep 29,23 KaNd

A yokai and a fisherman fell in love, and thus a naughty flower was born.
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My tyrant 4

My Tyrant

Chapter 6

3.8K Sep 29,23 Anya Tran

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Junjou de Nani ga Warui 4

Junjou De Nani Ga Warui

Chapter 1

8.5K Sep 29,23 Fuyushima Shigure

"What's Wrong with Being Innocent?" I want to be sweetly embraced like a cherished treasure for my first time. That's when I thought to call a male escort service and make my dreams come true. What I got was a nightmare instead! Ryota would be the call boy who took my virginity, full throttle and nothing like how I wanted my first time to be. To make matters worse, turns out he's a student at my u
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Ore no Sub o Abaku na 4.4

Ore No Sub O Abaku Na

Chapter 1

10K Sep 29,23 Zarame Same

Haruki, a popular host, works at a host club while hiding his Sub nature, but because of his desire that can't be suppressed even with suppressants, he decides to find a partner on a matching app for Dom / Sub for one night stand and. The Dom he meets is a gentle and handsome guy. He is ordered to "KNEEL" and his body moves involuntarily and his excitement does not stop. His instincts were fulfill
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My Master, My Prince 4.1

My Master, My Prince

Chapter 22

20K Sep 29,23 Khbiyong

Can love really conquer all? Many might think Eun Joo-in lucky. As the son of a palace gardener, he was able to grow up in the presence of the powerful crown prince, Licht von Louis Kuellen, and even call him his friend. But Joo-in knows that his luck comes with its downsides. For one, being both a commoner and a beta in love with an alpha prince certainly doesn’t feel lucky. Licht must marry an o
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Marigold Dilemma 5

Marigold Dilemma

Chapter 1

1.8K Sep 29,23 Nire , 니레

Kwon Ga-eul, the younger brother, always invites someone with similar features to his older stepbrother to his room. Seo Yi-sol, the older brother who lives with him, is the only one who has not been able to enter his room. After 6 years of not being able to cross the line that Ga-eul drew, Yi-sol wants to cross that line.
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Chapter 2

7.7K Sep 29,23 Rust Ship , Necomiya

The story of a guy named Kuro that wears a mask for a certain reason (To protect his identity. He is a sex worker.), and an office worker named Nanashi who is feeling down in the dumps for a certain reason. * Caution: Contains some heavy past story content (with depictions of blood.) The first 2 pages are from Nanashi's point-of-view. From there on, it switches to Kuro's POV. It is
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My Awful Boss Is My Secret Jerk-Off Partner 4.1

My Awful Boss Is My Secret Jerk-Off Partner


30K Sep 29,23 KINACO

Workplace romances may help workers expand their skillsets... "My Handsome Junior is My Secret Jerk-Off Partner": Morishita has always admired Kase from afar. How can someone be so perfect? But now is not the time to be distracted; Morishita must focus on his (technically his coworker's) task at hand. It's looking like it'll be another late night for him at the office... with Kase...? "My Awful Bo
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Faded Moon and Sweet Fangs 4.2

Faded Moon And Sweet Fangs

Chapter 7

5.2K Sep 29,23 Salty , そるてぃ

Seijiro lives alone in the old house surrounded by mountains and forests. Seijiro is a writer whose recent book has gained massive popularity. But as the novel is based on his own life with his late master, he struggles to write an anticipated sequel. How can he continue a story that has already ended...? Perhaps a walk in the woods will help clear his mind...
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I Can't Resist That Voice 3.8

I Can't Resist That Voice

Chapter 4.2

20K Sep 29,23 Minan Saki

"I'm at my limit. I'm gonna stick it in." The sexy voice of his favorite idol echoes directly into his brain, and he's so sloppy he's on the verge of losing his mind...! This is the story of the romance between a closeted otaku and his favorite idol--a popular voice actor! He's unable to admit it to anyone, but college student Asuka Ogami is obsessed with the male voice actor Takaomi Yoshino. One
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Conditions of a Guide 4.4

Conditions Of A Guide

Chapter 16

35K Sep 28,23 Dada , Jinlamb , Ojing

Choi Tae-hoon, who was diagnosed as a Guide at the age of five and didn't find his Espers until he was twenty-eight, meets them for the first time one day at the signing of top actor Ji Kwan-young, whom he went to at his brother's request....... * * * "After all, Choi Tae-hoon, I have to let the words come out of your mouth first." The guide's face turned bright red in hindsight. It
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Secret Office 4.5

Secret Office

Chapter 33

7K Sep 28,23 Yureureu , 유르르

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Henkutsu na Yankee-kun o Hottokenai 4.6

Henkutsu Na Yankee-Kun O Hottokenai

Chapter 7

12.9K Sep 28,23 Yodogawa Yuo

Mikagura Shiki, who is a yankee but has excellent results, and Touji Yamato, who is tall and blunt. When Mikagura almost fell down the stairs, Touji rescued him, and this is how the two met. They grow close after that, but one day Touji's blunt words make Mikagura angry. That night, Touji dreams of being attacked by Mikagura, and to find out why, he attacks Mikagura while he is taking a nap ...
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Call Me Before Dawn 4.1

Call Me Before Dawn

Chapter 4

4.9K Sep 28,23 Save

A romantic love story between police officer Kai and special agent Shouyue
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I'm Being Used as a Toy by the One I Hate! 2.7

I'm Being Used As A Toy By The One I Hate!

Chapter 14

80.1K Sep 28,23 Benomoto

“From here on out, I’ll give you… the ultimate pleasure with this toy.” Nanase, who works in the sales department at an adult good company, and Togo, who works in the development department, are like cats and dogs. Even today, I was full-on rejected during my presentation and ended up working overtime into the night. For work… I was putting one of Togo’s products in my ass when, for some reason, T
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Shirouto Dakedo Ari Desu Ka 3.4

Shirouto Dakedo Ari Desu Ka

Chapter 5.2

7.3K Sep 30,23 Akira Roji

One rainy day, Mitsuhashi, an office worker, picks up a well-known AV cat actor, Ren. The lotus, which had been soaked with an umbrella, seemed to have a reason, and I couldn't leave it alone, so I ended up staying overnight while taking care of it. Then, he said, "I'll put it out as a thank you"... Mihashi, who had a quick attack on the technology of the popular provocative AV actor, started a co
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Mamotte Agetai Sawatari-san 4.3

Mamotte Agetai Sawatari-San

Chapter 5

7.3K Sep 27,23 NANATSUNO Wataru

Having lost his protection charm given by his Grandmother, Sawatari must now rely on his super lucky junor, Akutsu to ward off his unluck. Will their relationship turn into love?
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SK8 Log 2 3.9

Sk8 Log 2

Chapter 1

4.9K Sep 27,23 U_so_di , Utsumi Hiroko

Reki, a high school sophomore and skater, is addicted to “S,” a highly secret and dangerous downhill skateboarding race that takes place in an abandoned mine. The skaters are especially wild about the “beefs,” or heated battles that erupt in the races. Reki takes Langa, a transfer student returning to Japan after studying abroad, to the mine where the races are held. Langa, who has no skatebo
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Kono Isekai de Ummei to Tsugau Jujin Alpha ha Yasashii Kedamono 3.5

Kono Isekai De Ummei To Tsugau Jujin Alpha Ha Yasashii Kedamono

Chapter 5

11K Sep 27,23 Kisara

"I'm glad you're my destiny." One day, Haru of Ω woke up in an oasis in the desert and felt a trembling sensation all over her body when she saw a black beastman appearing in front of her. In a situation where he has lost his memory and does not even know his own name, Viano, the α, who is the leader of the black panther tribe and who himself summoned Haru, speaks gently. "This is a world rul
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Stranger in the Mirror 4.1

Stranger In The Mirror

2.6K Sep 27,23 Artois , Jo Eun

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