An Ode To Youth 3.1

An Ode To Youth

Chapter 25

441.7K Dec 11,23 Bbung5 , ₩5

Cheongwook and Unho have been living together for three months due to unavoidable circumstances. These two, who have nothing to do with each other, keep fighting over trivial matters. Just when the anger between them builds up and is about to explode, Unho gets caught with his secret by Cheongwook.
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I’m A Stand-in Puppet For His Ex-Lover 4.3

I’M A Stand-In Puppet For His Ex-Lover

Chapter 128

2.6M Dec 11,23 猫仆工作室

To He Yang, Shen Xiu Zhu is a cinnabar mole, his savior, and the white moonlight in his heart. Xu Cheng Yan, who has been in love with him for five years, is like an insignificant mosquito blood stain, like a substitute meal in the place of Shen Xiu Zhu, a replacement to fill the emptiness of his body. Then Xu Cheng Yan died in an accident, and He Yang waited, only to be met with a cold corpse. Re
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Traces of the Sun 4.5

Traces Of The Sun

Chapter 86

2.4M Dec 11,23 도해늘 , Do Hae-neul , Merin

S Tier Hunter Sa Hyun--a member of HN, one of the world's top guilds--came to see Jeong Yi-Seon. "I came to scout you, Mr. Jeong." "Like hell you are, if you're approaching me like that." "I don't think you know what exactly 'hell' is, but......" Sa-hyun let out a laugh, looking just as if he were in a painting. "Let's make a contract, shall we?" "I'm not interested in any 'contract,' so please
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His Extra-Large, Ever-So-Lovely... 2.5

His Extra-Large, Ever-So-Lovely...

Chapter 5

9.6K Dec 11,23 Omoimi

University student Aoi Yamamoto joins the Sake Research society hoping to get a girlfriend and lose his virginity, despite being unable to tolerate alcohol. At a club event, he gets wasted on liquor chocolates and is taken care of by Kobayashi-kun, a member of the same club. Despite being very handsome, Kobayashi-kun confesses that he is also a virgin... because of his enormous di**! How will the
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Eternal Contract 4.4

Eternal Contract

Season.2 Chapter 79

4.8M Dec 11,23 Haejin

"I didn't follow you, you came next to me."Ian Gloucester, a paladin of the religious country 'Derwin', secretly traces the source of the rumor for Cardinal Heron, who took him away when he was a child, when rumors of preparations for war in 'Arcaia', a great country with a peace treaty, circulate. Meanwhile, Ian realizes that human trafficking is secretly rampant in
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Loving the Now: Side Story 3.1

Loving The Now: Side Story


339.4K Dec 11,23 Nadan

“He looks just like your ex-muse, right?” Lee Muwan leads a quiet life as a writer. His friends constantly worry about him and his solitary lifestyle. One day, a friend of his decides to hire a housekeeper for him, so Muwan can at least live in relative cleanliness. There’s just one problem. The guy he hired, Wuyi, looks just like Muwan's ex-lover… Wuyi’s just a young college kid looking to make s
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Hyung, do you think i'm fat? 3.3

Hyung, Do You Think I'm Fat?

Chapter 9

158.9K Dec 11,23 Oheun , Cho Sangduck

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The Ghost's Nocturne 4.4

The Ghost's Nocturne

Chapter 55

2.5M Dec 11,23 Ananas , CRJade

Jae-shin, who became a criminal for the crime of touching causality and was expelled from the underworld. The only way he can return to the underworld is to win a human heart (love). In front of Jae-shin, who does not believe in human emotions, Crown Prince Nok, who has a heartache from his past love for a long time, appears, and Jae-shin is curious about Nok... Jae-shin: “There is a foolish id
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The Fox's Thief Marriage 4.2

The Fox's Thief Marriage

Chapter 25

278.9K Dec 11,23 Han Si-won , Lee Solwoo

On the day of his grandfather's funeral, his grandson Kin-Heon commits an irreversible relationship with his grandfather's hundreds of sponsors. Among them is Baek-Yeon, who grew up with his grandfather's support. One phone call, he gets caught up with Kin-Heon again, after forgetting him for 4 years. More than a hundred people who have had a relationship with him in the past claim to have his son
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Aren't You My Type 4

Aren't You My Type

Chapter 9

255.4K Dec 11,23 Ha Tae-jin , Toffee , Chasam

"You're here to meet Joogeon-ah, right? …I'm Joogeon-ah." *Ding* Lately there are many messages from people who mistake Geon-ah for his friend Hyesung. Usually, he would think of it as a prank from Hyesung and try to ignore it... However, the messages were pouring out that day! A message from "Hyundal" came when his work stress was at its peak. Geon-ah suddenly replies to the message sent by
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The Foul 4.3

The Foul

Chapter 70

2.7M Dec 11,23 Aczer X Chaepali

After the death of his father, Joo Hawon is left with his father’s astronomical debt in the foreign land of Macau. With no future in sight, Hawon works as a casino dealer, barely getting by each day. One day, a mysterious man, Kwon Taeha, shows interest in him. “Now then, let’s have some fun, shall we?” Hawon agrees, believing that they will be spending their time together in a more frivolous an
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Do You Believe Humans Are Born Evil 3.3

Do You Believe Humans Are Born Evil

Chapter 7

141.2K Dec 11,23 Viper

not found...
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The Titan's bride 3.8

The Titan's Bride

Chapter 111

5.8M Dec 11,23 ITKZ

.Kouichi starts his day off leaving school with a big farewell from his other club members. When he gets home he hears a voice calling to him, next thing he knows he is surrounded by gians. One of whom declares that Kouichi is going to be his bride.
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Nameless 3.7


Chapter 20

200K Dec 11,23 Gidde

Nuka, who has been taking illegal guide drugs as an unregistered esper, is kidnapped by the military guide Astin one day in the name of esper management. Quarantined by the military, Nuka is fascinated by Astin's strong guiding, and "You'll have to consider it a lifetime honor to be guided by me."
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Forest Sea 4.2

Forest Sea

Vol.1 Chapter 53

1.3M Dec 11,23 Muyu , 무유 , Yuuji , Kuku2

After a long war, the Avian Race and the Serpent Race finally signed a peace treaty. Both races agreed to promote peace and coexistence and, as the first step, a new joint training center was established. Sa Hwa-hyeon, a long-time general of the Avian Race who made a significant contribution during the war, was going to start a new life as an instructor there. While cadets felt great respect tow
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Shobo Shisan to BLkissa 3.9

Shobo Shisan To Blkissa

Chapter 5

45.7K Dec 11,23 Syachi Asaseno

not found...
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From Hate to Fate 3.6

From Hate To Fate

Chapter 60

1.7M Dec 10,23 Lee Ho Rim

For as long as he can remember, Chaemin’s been an unlucky guy. But he’s also learned that there’s nothing he can do but pull himself up by his bootstraps and do the best with what he’s got… until he’s hit by a truck and dies. Or at least that’s what Chaemin thought when he was rudely awakened by a grim reaper who, to Chaemin’s surprise, decides they’re willing to give him a second chance at life!
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Into the Rose Garden 3.8

Into The Rose Garden

Chapter 27

1M Dec 10,23 Meg , Winterbaum , Gazealle

who was proud to be an aristocratic nobleman, fell in love at first sight with Klop, a lower-class aristocratic family he met by chance. Arok approached regardless of the difference in status, wealth or even the taboo of being the same alpha, but Clough ignored him and married another omega. In the end, Arok, blinded by jealousy, commits a terrible sin. And after learning the truth, Klopp executes
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Master On Saturday's 3.9

Master On Saturday's

Chapter 21

432.6K Dec 10,23 Seom Onhwa

•This series relies heavily on honorific's, it's part of the storytelling. •The series is under the tag "비욘드 하드코어" which means beyond hardcore. Meaning this series is not suitable for everyone and can be very extreme
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Mary Jane 3.9

Mary Jane

Chapter 14

670.8K Dec 10,23 Gwagen

Dowon, a famously known psychoanalyst in the United States, returns to Korea to work as a counselor at a research institution affiliated with the government agency, where he encounters an arsonist who’s infamously known for never leaving behind a trace. MJ, a man suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder and unable to control his urges, asks Dowon to cure his illness. Eventually, Dowon accepts
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Shutline 4.5


Chapter 77

7.2M Dec 10,23 Kyou. , Kyo Woo

.A street mechanic scene where people work hard on broken cars on the street.He finally meets Jake, who rides in a broken car and pays a large amount of money for maintenance. he tries to offend Jake, who gives him a sexual glance, but he forcibly passes his contact information because he doesn't want to miss Jake, who pays his living expenses for several months at a time.But soon after learni
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A Tree Without Roots 4.1

A Tree Without Roots

Chapter 43

2.5M Dec 10,23 라포 , Lapo

Hee-seo, who lost his only family member, his mother, in an accident when he was young and is now raised by his adoptive parents and is curious about who his secret supporter/sponsor is. That night when he was hospitalized for causing an arson, he meets the person he has been looking for so much...
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Written in the stars 3.2

Written In The Stars

Chapter 19

135.7K Dec 10,23 Cheongdam

Joo-hyuk has spent a lifetime at the bottom of the societal food chain as a recessive alpha. That hasn’t stopped him from maintaining a peculiar relationship with the dominant omega at the top of the food chain, Yoosung. For ten years, Joo-hyuk finds himself longing for Yoosung, who only comes to him when he needs to hide away from the world for a night. After spending ten years as Yoosung’s occas
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