Isn't it good? 2.8

Isn't It Good?

Chapter 32

359,276 May 20,22 AM

.A teenage childhood friend and a stranger kiss by chance!By the way My childhood friend's first love is me?Hyo-bin Jung, who is often the only difference to his girlfriend, andWoo-chan Woo, a ten-year-old friend who always comforted Hyo-bin by his side.However,their relationship changes 180 degrees when he sees his friend, Woo Ki-chan, who was thought to be unchanged, kissing a man ?!'Who
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Give Me A Brush 2.9

Give Me A Brush

Chapter 23

75,350 May 19,22 第十一个立方体

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Irresistible Boss 2.9

Irresistible Boss

Chapter 30

34,562 May 19,22 阿飘 , 阿飘

ENA handsome man and a beautiful woman are destined to be a match made by the heavens, right? WRONG! What happens when the most fierce assassin on the PK list uses thousands of dollars to buy the most beautiful wife only for her to turn out to be a guy?! Kidnaped into the wedding room, clothes ripped apart from his body, flushed red to the ears, he can't take it anymore! They must get a divorce!
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I can hear it without a microphone 2

I Can Hear It Without A Microphone

Chapter 55

2,022,270 May 19,22 [알버트 ]albert [ 양은지 ] Yang Eun Ji

.The man next door has innocent + sexy + potato + bagel body.It's the perfect ideal type, but the first button was put in the wrong place due to the wrong delivery.One day, Apostle Won learned that Seolbeom was a sexy BJ!Can the passionate fan Sado-won and Sekbang BJ Seol-beom become an exhilarating relationship beyond the wall? +
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One Night Mate 2.1

One Night Mate

Chapter 29 : An Affair

10,006 May 19,22 Cherry Manju , Justice

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Finding M 2.1

Finding M

Chapter 17

91,039 May 18,22 Noru

Please support the author if you can.
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Find You In The Dark 2.6

Find You In The Dark

Chapter 16

35,804 May 18,22 Updating

Summit Dueling / Beloved Enemy / TIT FOR TAT / Zhenfeng Duijue / Tit For Tat
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Senior! Don't Pull My Skirt 3.9

Senior! Don't Pull My Skirt

Chapter 56

1,169,887 May 18,22 Bandit

Lu Zhun, a man, was forced by life. He put on a skirt, a wig and two bridges on his chest. He cheated a man, named mu juntan. Mu Junchen, a big wronged man with money and infatuation in his family, fell in love with me, a "girl who dropped out of school and half fell in love". I was chased to the end of my life
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Motto Teikou shite kure yo 3

Motto Teikou Shite Kure Yo

Chapter 20

128,093 May 18,22 Otomi, Chisa

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Aporia 4.1


Chapter 65

1,828,283 May 18,22 Seontae

"Goo Ja-Wook, construction and remodeling planning manager falls in love at first sight with Yung yeon, a VIP guest at a club he has visited for business reasons. They both spend a night full of frenetic impulses ... But SM games are out of the question. "
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Big Brother's Parenting Situation 2.5

Big Brother's Parenting Situation

Chapter 27

76,203 May 17,22 Updating

.Jae-in, a key figure in the illegal gang and the big brother, disappears after a decisive battle with the Yuksa. Four years later, Yu Nan, who closely followed Jae-in, reunites with his hyung who had dreamed of it... The relationship between the hyung who wears a hypermarket apron and the dongsaeng which doesn't seem so serious?! Jae-in, who buried his past and walks the path of child-rearing
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Blood and Love 3.8

Blood And Love

Season 2 Chapter 1

61,463 May 17,22 Haeson

."When sunbae drinks my blood... I get this weird feeling."Jiwon tried to offer his blood to the vampire he met in his dreams but the vampire disappeared.Now, the vampire who disappeared last night reappears in front of the happy and excited Jiwon.
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Stack Overflow 2.7

Stack Overflow

Chapter 44

230,247 May 17,22 Pilhyo

.If you become a game tester, not only money but you'll also be given a vacation?But participate in such virtual game had led him into an unexpected accident. Gowoon, who have just barely open his eyes, received a mysterious notification."Would you like to start a new game?"A game that has invaded reality!! Who's the other party that'll be with me till the end...!!?! +
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I was Reborn as the Villainess' Father and I Need XXX to Survive!? 2.2

I Was Reborn As The Villainess' Father And I Need Xxx To Survive!?

Chapter 68

350,388 May 17,22 Cocoon Production

.We all know the isekai formula. The MC is always some nobody, they wake up in a perfect body, and they always end up dominating their new world. Sure, Satoru got the first two tropes, but he sure didn't choose to be reborn as an evil king in his ex-girlfriend's otome game. He'll have to quickly figure things out before the hero slays him and his villainess daughter.... all while dealing with sexy
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