Bitter Pain 4.9

Bitter Pain

Chapter 3

123.4K Nov 11,17 Mio Junta

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Yoidore Koi o Sezu 4.8

Yoidore Koi O Sezu

Chapter 8

579.1K Nov 10,17 Hashimoto Aoi

From Exiled Rebels Scans: Thirty-two year old Suwa Misumi is a Master of Sake and has just recently been fired from his job due to causing trouble from being "too friendly" since he doesn't like to refuse requests. At the lowest point in his life, he now finds a restaurant he desperately wants to work at. Only problem is that his latest drunken one night stand is the owner!!
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Kami Tori Yawa 4.7

Kami Tori Yawa

Chapter 5

274.7K Nov 09,17 Sakamoto Akira

Ch.1-3, 6 -- A Night Story of a God's Abduction - After knowing the secret of gods' power, humans at Miyako have become degenerate to the point of treating gods as play thing / sex toy. All gods with horns; dragon god, devil god, mountain god, etc. have been abducted by humans to be auctioned off one by on. Ch.4 -- Lustful Hero Ch.5 -- The Demon King's Sexual Companion
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Torawareta Amai Kemono-tachi 4.8

Torawareta Amai Kemono-Tachi

Chapter 5.5

191.6K Nov 08,17 Fujisaki Kou

Kazuki, the heir to the Todou Group, goes alone to America to learn in earnest to be the next president upon graduating from college. How is Saiju Chiharu that has been together forever with him supposed to let go of Kazuki...!?
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Iro Otoko 5

Iro Otoko

Vol.5 Chapter 3

251.5K Nov 07,17 Toribito Hiromi

From Loveless' Site: Amidst the crowds in Asakusa district, Tokyo, a young man is assaulted by a group of bandits. When a red-haired stranger comes to his rescue, Suoh falls in love at first sight, but all's fair in love and war.
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Getsuei 4.8


Chapter 5

122.5K Nov 06,17 Shoowa

Gomenne boku wo aishite.. A very interesting story..
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Tongari Aikouka 4.9

Tongari Aikouka

Chapter 3

113.5K Nov 02,17 Yuma Satoru

From BangAQUA and Dangerous Pleasure: The hostile and irritable Hoshino-kun is trying his best to hide the secret about his "nipples" ♥. His classmate Machida, who's in love with him, finds out about his secret when his "little boy" is ready to go all out! Also, there's a story about a nature airheaded uke and a M perverted seme. You can enjoy all the love, H and laughter in this book. New stor
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Neko Irimasen ka? 4.4

Neko Irimasen Ka?

Chapter 6

164.9K Nov 01,17 London Pariko

A cat falls in love with a human who once took care of him. Wanting to stay by the young man's side, he agrees to a deal that would allow him to take human form--except in the eyes of the one he has feelings for! What will become of this love?
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Step Wise Step 5

Step Wise Step

Chapter 1

74.5K Nov 01,17 Aikawa Fuu

We've been best friends for years and vowed to be so forever more, but he suddenly said, "I don't want to be your friend any more!" I said, "Does that mean we can't be together forever?" To which he replied, "Well, there is another way..." But what is this other way? "I don't get it, but as long as he stays by my side, it's all good!" Or so I naively thought...
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Kunkou Schale 4.6

Kunkou Schale

Chapter 1

161.9K Oct 31,17 Taino Nikke

Takashina, who usually finds it unpleasant to maintain close relationships with others because of his extreme sensitivity to smell, accidentally encounters the perfect scent while helping out one of his senpai at the college lab one night. From that day on, his desire to keep experiencing that smell grows ever stronger, and then...
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The First Love is By My Side 4.7

The First Love Is By My Side

Chapter 5

141.1K Oct 31,17 Uno Yukiaki

From honyakusha: By coincidence, college student Morimoto reunites with his former teacher, Jinno. After having a meal together, Jinno is touched by Morimoto’s home cooking, and they end up eating together almost every day! However, sometimes when they’re enjoying their meals, Morimoto will have a sad look in his eyes. Jinno may have forgotten, but he’d dismissed Morimoto’s confession in the pa
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Hatsujou Eyes 5

Hatsujou Eyes

Vol.1 Chapter 8

157.3K Oct 30,17 Tarira Bee

This volume includes short stories of four couples.
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Hate You, Love You 4.4

Hate You, Love You

Chapter 12

1.2M Oct 25,17 ĸ?爷

I hate you!The first word the strange little boy shouted at me?!We’ve been knowing each other since the early childhood. He’s been around me all the time. Does he hate me or love me?
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Hatsukoi Counter Attack 4.7

Hatsukoi Counter Attack

Chapter 5

484.4K Oct 25,17 Ohana

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Koi da Ai da wa Sateoite 4.8

Koi Da Ai Da Wa Sateoite

Chapter 6

378.9K Oct 25,17 Amamiya

From honyakusha: On the way home from work, Okazaki Taichi finds a man named Fuji, sleeping on a bench one day. Okazaki ends up bringing Fuji to his house, and somehow, he ends up on top of him, and they become friends with benefits. It's the start of an erotic BL between a heterosexual salaryman and a lewd bartender ☆
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Tao Yan Ni Xi Huan Ni 4.7

Tao Yan Ni Xi Huan Ni

Chapter 13 : What If I Do Love Him?

311.4K Oct 25,17 Dong Ye

I hate you! The first word the strange little boy shouted at me?! We’ve been knowing each other since the early childhood. He’s been around me all the time. Does he hate me or love me?
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Aisaresugi Confusion 4.6

Aisaresugi Confusion

Vol.1 Chapter 4

203K Oct 24,17 Hidaka Haru

Clean freak Mochida meets his match with his classmate in the same major, Mutou. Oblivious to everything, he clings onto Mochida and doesn’t take care of the things Mochida lends him. On top of that, he gives Mochida a porno as a thank-you gift! Like a big dog, he goes all out and doesn’t know how to read the mood, joking all the time. But after a certain incident, he stops touching Mochida. But h
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Eigyou Nika! 4.8

Eigyou Nika!

Chapter 9

794.2K Oct 20,17 Kanai Kei

From Starry Sky Scans: Happiness does not exist for gay men who fall for straight men. I’m happy just being by his side — was what I was thinking up until… Sakisaka, stationed in the second Sales Division, has an unrequited love for Toujou, his directing senpai. He had no intention of confessing his feelings. However, Toujou has been awfully touchy-feely lately… Is there
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Kuchi no Naka no Shita 4.9

Kuchi No Naka No Shita

Chapter 5

347.2K Oct 20,17 Nyan-nya

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Henshokuka no Kawaii Akuma 4.7

Henshokuka No Kawaii Akuma

Chapter 7

202.9K Oct 19,17 Konno Satomi

Michiru, a demon who feeds off of human's dreams, loves sweet and warm dreams! When he meets Taiga, a human who gives him those kind of dreams, his life takes a complete change! Everyday without Taiga noticing he fills his stomach with delicious dreams. However one day, though humans shouldn't be able to see his form, it seems as though his eyes meet Taiga's.... Could it be he's finally being c
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Chashitsu Yuugi 4.7

Chashitsu Yuugi

Chapter 2

106.1K Oct 19,17 Dite

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News na Kare! 4.8

News Na Kare!

Chapter 4

193.6K Oct 19,17 Yamato Nase

From JManga: For various reasons, Kota Kuramoto lives a plain life without TV, oblivious to fads and fashions as a completely out-of-touch high school student. One day, he begins pummeling a boy who suddenly appears in his yard, not realizing the boy is none other than world-famous, super-popular actor Togo Kihara! Togo takes to Kota despite their first meeting and tips him handsomely to work as
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The prince is depressed 4.2

The Prince Is Depressed

Chapter 6

116.3K Oct 19,17 AOIRO Iriko

Romances of the princes who work at Royal Cafe Frahmvoine.
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