My Second Husband 4

My Second Husband

Chapter 43

230.2K Dec 02,22 Goeulwon

Eunha Lee is a smart, successful lawyer who has life figured outthat is, until she loses both her parents in a tragic accident and divorces her husband, Taeyang, a famous actor, who she discovers has been cheating on her. Things take a turn for the surreal after Eunha slips on a staircase only to wake up in her past. She is now 22 years old and back in law school. Determined to make better choices
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The Return of Princess Amy 4.1

The Return Of Princess Amy

Chapter 37

515.5K Dec 02,22 Cheng zi , Hotread Comics , Tapas Media , Yingzhiwenhua

A prophecy declared that a child would lead the empire back to glory. That same year, Amy and her half-sister, Aurora, were born. Both girls competed for the title and when it seemed like Amy was going to win, Aurora convinced everyone that Amy was an evil witch and she had her burnt at the stake. But Amy didn't die. She traveled back in time to her childhood and with the help of her best friend,
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Night by the sea 4.4

Night By The Sea

Chapter 44

610.6K Dec 02,22 Euja

Omega Kim Euihyun, who had given up everything due to reaching his limits, ran towards the sea with a child in his arms and was caught by an alpha, Yeo Taejoo. Euihyun, who is left with only debt was given by Taejoo, money, house, and even a job if he give his body "But why am I so turned on? You smell so fucking good" -VV Scans (VVS)-
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Mao 4.6


Chapter 166: Box Of Transformation

397.3K Dec 02,22 Takahashi Rumiko

The story is set in a "land where two worlds intersect," and it centers on "a strange romance between a boy and girl who meet by fate."(from ebookjapan):Onmyoji and Yokai? A girl's bizarre Taisho romance! When she was in the first grade of elementary school, her whole family was involved in an accident, but she is the only one who survived. In her third year of junior high school, she pass
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It's Not Meguro-san's First Time 4.1

It's Not Meguro-San's First Time

Vol.8 Chapter 62: I Want To Update

14.1M Dec 02,22 9℃

Third-year high school student Makoto Koga decides to confess to his crush, the school's most beautiful girl, second-year Saki Meguro. To his surprise, she agrees to date him. But what surprises him even more is her following words: "I'm not a virgin." Unbeknownst to Koga, the surprisingly passive Meguro has the reputation of being the lascivious "easy girl" at school, not rejecting any b
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Policewoman and Assassin 4.7

Policewoman And Assassin

Vol.1 Chapter 6

762.3K Dec 02,22 Orihara Sachiko

The assassin with a scary mug has arrived in the town where the (air-headed) policewoman with a strong sense of justice lives! Although his target is a businessman, his constant flirting with the policewoman is causing him great trouble! The assassin constantly tries to stop the businessman who is in love with the policewoman…and if you look closely, there's a possible love triangle!?
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Exorcist and Devil-chan 4.8

Exorcist And Devil-Chan

Chapter 51: Exorcist And Demon-Chan 1

6.3M Dec 02,22 Tonamishou

A story about a demon who falls in love with an exorcist.
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The Second Lead Syndrome 4.5

The Second Lead Syndrome

Chapter 11

29.7K Dec 02,22

As a former childstar, the last thing Eun-Young wants is to return to showbusiness. Content with her studies and part-time job, she's happy to keep a low profile until the hottest trio in the K-drama world barge into her life. Dragged back into the whirlwind of stardom, she knows one thing: she won't have any of it. Will fame's spotlight expose her quiet life? Or will this second chanc
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Heavenly Eats 3.7

Heavenly Eats

Chapter 25

13.2K Dec 02,22 Myoung rang

Dalsu, the son of God, has been kicked out of the afterworld and sent to Earth on a mission: find out what makes humans truly happy. Teamed up with his friend Lisa, who happens to be an angel and talented chef, the two start a food delivery service. Because what could make humans happier than delivery food? Only when the happiness meter on his motorcycle hits 100% will he be allowed to return. Wil
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A Guide to Proper Dating 4.7

A Guide To Proper Dating

Chapter 139

3.4M Dec 02,22 Nam Soo

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Yuzukawa-san wa, Sasshite Hoshii. 4.6

Yuzukawa-San Wa, Sasshite Hoshii.

Chapter 35.5: Extra 35

4.9M Dec 02,22 SAKAYAMA Shinta

Kushima-kun has just started going out with his classmate Yuzukawa Kururi. But Yuzukawa-san is not good at expressing her emotions, so she wants Kushima-kun to understand her feelings...? This is a new kind of romantic comedy about two people who are "already dating" instead of "not together yet."All the 0.5, 0.6, etc chapters are part of the story so don't skip them! The author labels them a
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Romance 101 4.6

Romance 101

Chapter 139: Episode 139

1.3M Dec 02,22 Namsoo

Jung Ba-Reum has always been top of her life; everything from her college assignments to her workouts are perfectly planned and executed. However, there is one thing that has eluded Ba-Reum her whole life: dating. Determined to find love, she impulsively joins her university's programming club to be with her crush Jae-Hyun, but soon finds herself butting heads with another senior Yoo-Yeon. Wil
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Papa Told Me 4.5

Papa Told Me

Chapter 61

626.4K Dec 02,22 Nanae Haruno

Story about a novelist and his daughter, Chise-chan, elementary school girl in Tokyo. Because Chise's mama died when she was very young, papa takes care of her. She loves papa so much that she carries papa's photo at a magazine interview instead of the idol stars' photos, and she's very happy that her papa's working at home because that way she can be with papa almost all
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Somehow, I Started Living With a NEET Otaku Kunoichi 4.5

Somehow, I Started Living With A Neet Otaku Kunoichi

Chapter 33

3M Dec 02,22 kotatsu358

A man is the target of a kunoichi's mission, and a lot of blood was spilled for him to learn this. However, said kunoichi is taking some "liberties" with the mission... Or are those part of the mission too? Approved scanlation by @kotatsu358
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Karakai Jouzu no (Moto) Takagi-san 4.7

Karakai Jouzu No (Moto) Takagi-San

Chapter 256

55.5M Dec 01,22 Inaba Mifumi,Yamamoto Souichirou

The (former) Takagi-san and her daughter, Chi-chan, bring you this teasing home comedy. Is Dad going to make an appearance too?
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Lookism 4.6


Chapter 425

63.8M Dec 01,22 Park Tae Joon

Park Hyung Suk, overweight and unattractive, is bullied and abused on a daily basis. But a miracle is about to happen... Hihi You may also like: + My ID is Gangnam Beauty
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Shed! Ryugasaki-San 4.6

Shed! Ryugasaki-San

Chapter 96

6.3M Dec 01,22 Kazutomo Ichitomo

Ryugasaki-San in my class is a lizard-man, and as such she will shed several times a year. It appears that such a time came, and sooner than i expected.
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Hana wa Saku, Shura no Gotoku 3.3

Hana Wa Saku, Shura No Gotoku

Vol.3 Chapter 11: Self-Confidence And Pancakes

55.6K Dec 01,22 Musshu,Takeda Ayano

Hana, who lives on Tonaki Island, a small island with a population of 600, loves reciting so much that she holds public reading sessions for the children of the island. Mizuki feels that Hana's "reading" has the power to attract people, and invites her to join the broadcasting club, of which she is the head. "Tell me your true wish and I'll make it come true." "I want to join the broadcasting clu
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Senior, Don't Run Away 3.1

Senior, Don't Run Away

Chapter 19

5K Dec 01,22 肆嘉 (si Jia) , None

Polar opposites attract. Yu Sheng doesn’t want friendship, romance, or any social interaction. All she wants is to write horror fiction. That is until her new neighbor, a sports major freshman from her school, begins to chase after her all day long and her life begins to change drastically!
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The Lazy Swordmaster 4.5

The Lazy Swordmaster

Chapter 50

9.3M Dec 01,22 Chorok Cha

He is a warrior who was chosen by the Holy Sword regardless of his will for the sake of mankind, but he became tired of living for others. Out of salvation, he defeated the last enemy, the Demon King, and decided to die. In order to relieve the burden of being a warrior and a master of the holy sword, he was going to give up on his life and fall into eternal rest... "Oh!! It seems like the young
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Ani no Yome to Kurashite Imasu. 4.3

Ani No Yome To Kurashite Imasu.

Vol.12 Chapter 112: Diary 112

4.1M Dec 01,22 Kuzushiro

Since the death of her brother, seventeen year-old Shino Kishibe has been living with her sister-in-law Nozomi. Nozomi wants to be a person Shino can lean on, while Shino is determined not to be a burden. Together the orphaned high-schooler and young widow try to support one another while carrying on with their everyday lives.
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At the North Fort, Happy Days That I Spend With Everyone! 4.8

At The North Fort, Happy Days That I Spend With Everyone!

Chapter 21

3.8M Dec 01,22 Tsukasa Mikuni,Akaya Tawa

Paw pads wrapped in white fur. Fluffiness around the neck. A bushy tail. A rounded figure that was the very definition of fur ball! ――A certain Japanese girl had been reincarnated into such a fox cub; Milfiria. Milfiria was told to watch the house by her mother, as the mother left for the capital. However, unable to bear with the loneliness and deciding to chase her mother to the capital, Milfiria
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Yancha Gal no Anjou-san 4.7

Yancha Gal No Anjou-San

Vol.11 Chapter 138: Anjou-San's Feelings

55.1M Dec 01,22 Katou Yuuichi

Seto is a serious kid who leads a quiet High-school life, until he starts to get teased by resident Gal Anjo.
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