Yoru ni Kikasete 3.7

Yoru Ni Kikasete

0 May 26,23 Nakagawa Yuri

Miya's classmates hurry her to stop Harutaka from leaving the school, as Itone plans to confess to him. However, amidst the chaos, she mistakes Harutaka's name and shouts out a different name in front of many people.After becoming the school's laughingstock, Harutaka persuades Miya to start calling each other by their first names, just so the joke dies out.A few days later, they're set up
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Isshou Sukitte Yutta jan 4.2

Isshou Sukitte Yutta Jan

0 May 26,23 Yokoyari Mengo

A collection of one-shots by Yokoyari Mengo.- Chapter 1. **Hagane no Kokoro**- Chapter 2. **Neo Dutch Wife**- Chapter 3. **Stand By You**- Chapter 4. **"Kawaii"**Meet Yukiho Amamiya, a 14-year-old girl who becomes a gravure idol to help her sister. She's cute, and she knows it - but she can't seem to be cute around the boy she likes. Will she ever hear him call her "cute"?
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The Tiger Still Won't Eat The Dragon 5

The Tiger Still Won't Eat The Dragon

0 May 26,23 Inaba Hachi

In a distant place, on a certain mountain, a young dragon has been captured by a beautiful female tiger. The two, who were prey and predator, begin a journey to find a way for two animals with very different life spans to live by each other's sides.TL;DR: Tiger Woman x Dragon Boy
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Southern Bird and Northern Bird 4.8

Southern Bird And Northern Bird

1.4K May 25,23 Aman

When the northern goose meets the southern sparrow.
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Who Is My Perfect Match? 4.4

Who Is My Perfect Match?

Chapter 25

5.7K May 25,23 二次元动漫

Proving herself by working hard, Han merely wanted to get rid of the engagement arranged by her family and fulfill her promise to Cheng Mu. It never occurred to her that she would be betrayed by her boyfriend. After they broke up, her handsome and rich fiance helped her several times and chased her in a gentle way. Is it hard for her to forget her ex-boyfriend? Will her hurt feelings be cured?Aris
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Triplets: Mr Li’s Sweetheart 4.4

Triplets: Mr Li’S Sweetheart

Chapter 35

40K May 25,23

Read Triplets: Mr Li's Sweetheart (Official) / Getting to Know My Babe / Li's Darling Wife / Longfeng Sanbao: Li Ye De Xin Jian Qi / / : / After being framed and getting pregnant, she was kicked out of her own home by her evil stepmother and half-sister. Years later, she returns to take back what's rightfully hers. And she isn't alone. Her allies are her genius twin children, and a cute kid whose
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Oda Shinamon Nobunaga 5

Oda Shinamon Nobunaga

3.4K May 25,23 Megurogawa Una

Nobunaga perishes at Honnouji as in history, and reincarnates in modern-day Japan as a dog named Shinamon (Cinnamon). Along the way, he meets other prominent figures from Japanese history, who have also been reincarnated as dogs.
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Ashita mo Mata Yuusha no Tonari 4.4

Ashita Mo Mata Yuusha No Tonari

Vol.1 Chapter 3

5K May 27,23 KAIJI Supana, 梶井スパナ

Mao Kurose can't help but be intrigued by her classmate Kanade Momomiya, who sits next to her. She's got these mixed-up feelings she can't make sense of when suddenly, she remembers the moment when she, as the Demon Queen, killed the Hero. And that Hero has the same face as Momomiya...A girls' story that transcends time!
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Who Will You Kiss? 3.9

Who Will You Kiss?

1.8K May 25,23 Furomae Ari

Ángel, owner of Nuestra Casa and a stylish man who turns everyone around him on, loves and considers Aaron and Stefan family despite them being adopted. Now they help him with the restaurant, Stefan as the chef and Aaron as floor manager. But both want to be something more than just family with Ángel, so they take the initiative and start dating!Spin off on the first book in the Furomae Ari's
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Summer of 1999 5

Summer Of 1999

1.3K May 25,23 cloudraijuu

One summer eve of 1999, Rae, a 13 year old star student, wished upon 11:11 to see her soulmate. That same night, a love bug virus corrupted her school's computers which is triggered by Dylan, a 20 year old IT student 10 years from the future. This incident brought synchronicities which led them to meeting each other through dreams and eventually affect each other's timelines. Witness a journey of
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Genius Idol's Celebrity Strategy 4

Genius Idol's Celebrity Strategy

Chapter 1

3.2K May 25,23 청도복숭아

On Haje, a face genius seen only once every thousand years!After turning down a sponsorship offer and losing the chance to debut, He vowed never to set foot in the entertainment industry again.So why was he chosen by an idol-nurturing game system???No money, no house, no knowledge.Haje’s experienced nothing but toil and moil in this new life of his. From finding hidden talents and
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Buon Appetito 3.5

Buon Appetito

Chapter 3: Gorgonzola

2.9K May 25,23 zzimctoon

The Story of My Kitchen Table in Italy.
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Chotto Dake ai ga Omoi Dark Elf ga Isekai Kara Oikakete Kita 4.3

Chotto Dake Ai Ga Omoi Dark Elf Ga Isekai Kara Oikakete Kita

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Going To School!

65K May 25,23 Nakano Sora

Hinata is a high school student who reincarnated into a different world and became a hero by the power of God. He defeated the Demon King with the help of the dark elf Mariabelle and other friends. Thus he safely fulfilled the wishes of God and returned to this world.One month after Hinata returned to this world, for some reason Mariabelle also came here from the other world !! The reason she
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The Way of the Osaka Loan Shark 5

The Way Of The Osaka Loan Shark

Vol.1 Chapter 1.1

1.4K May 25,23 Yuuji Aoki

(from ebookjapan):**"I will become the best financier in Osaka!"** Tatsuyuki Haibara, unemployed after his company went bankrupt, decides that finance is his true calling and goes to work as a salesman for the finance company Teikoku Kinyu (Imperial Finance). However, it is not a sweet job, and Haibara is confronted with various human dramas and underworld situations related to money,
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Masterpiece Rakugo Complete Works 4

Masterpiece Rakugo Complete Works

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Yawning Guidance

1.9K May 26,23 Akiyama George

Rakugo: A traditional form of Japanese storytelling, told orally by one sitting down. Often humorous, often filled with folly, rakugo has persisted throughout the ages with good reason. Within *Masterpiece Rakugo Complete Works*, 33 rakugo stories are closely adapted by George Akiyama, who gives them his own charming, chaotic touch.
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Absolute Safety Razor 3.7

Absolute Safety Razor

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Yes, Straighten Tour Back, It's Your Turn Now

2K May 25,23 Takano Fumiko

Takano's debut work. Later 1982 in the award-winning anthology of Takano short shojo manga with the same title (by Hakusensha).
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PaPiPuPe Poniko! 3.8

Papipupe Poniko!

Chapter 2: Welcome To Hinoji Village

1.6K May 25,23 Namagaki Yukina

To commemorate Ponycon X (10), the author has made corrections to the past Japony manga and is now in higher resolution. Japan Ponycon is an exchange event for fans of the cartoon "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic."This is a story about Poniko, the mascot character and her friends.
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Ah! My Job-Hunting Goddess 5

Ah! My Job-Hunting Goddess

Vol.1 Chapter 8.5: A Tonegawa Collaboration Interview!

5K May 25,23 Aoki U-hei, Fujishima Kosuke

In the wake of the recent recession, Keiichi's motorcycle shop has been experiencing financial difficulties. Belldandy enlists the help of her sisters and begins job-hunting to support him! Will she be able to find work? Only the gods can tell!
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Yuri is My Job! Official Comic Anthology 4.4

Yuri Is My Job! Official Comic Anthology

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Cat-Ears Liebe Girls Academy - Sakuragi Ren

4.8K May 25,23 Yoshimura Kana, Tsuke, Sakuragi Ren, Mikanuji, Itou Hachi, Oosawa Yayoi, Tamasaki Tama, Naekawa Sai, Shibori Kasugo, Mochi Au Lait, Yuama

The unique and talented artists depict their own Liebe Girls' Academy.
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Setsuka-chan Is Melting 3

Setsuka-Chan Is Melting

3.2K May 23,23 Dosei Fujiko

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Yoru ni Torokeru 4.4

Yoru Ni Torokeru

Vol.3 Chapter 38: Love Is Darkness Final Chapter

15K May 25,23 Shima Tokio

It's SHIMA Tokio's new sugary-sweet series! An assortment of flirty love stories that'll make you roll around your bed as soon as you read them. Included are three series, published in *Rakuen* web Special Edition, and various doujinshi works. Devilish heroine Ai-chan's series is also included ♪
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A Face You Shouldn't Show 4.9

A Face You Shouldn't Show

Chapter 1: Incognito


Serialized in Yuri Hime beginning in the July 2023 issue.
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