Hagoromo-sensei wa Kyou mo Kanzume 4.1

Hagoromo-Sensei Wa Kyou Mo Kanzume

Chapter 3

35K Sep 28,23 Jirou Katou

Hagoromo Aoba is a mangaka best known for her series revolving around delicious meals. Inaba Nichiro is assigned to be her assistant, but discovers a shocking secret: Hagaromo-sensei is a massive canned food nut!
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Alcohol and Ogre-girls 3.6

Alcohol And Ogre-Girls

Vol.3 Chapter 18

17.7K Sep 30,23 Hashiba Minori

Shida Naori is a college student who loves making alcoholic drinks but has no friends to share them with. At a mixer, she meets Ibuki Hinata, who she ends up taking home with her. After making her a drink, Naori discovers that Hinata is an ogre-girl descended from Shuten-doji who needs alcohol to live, can only drink alcohol offered to her by humans, and grows horns whenever she drinks. Thus, Hina
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Junkissa Camellia No Midori-san 4.6

Junkissa Camellia No Midori-San

Vol.1 Chapter 1

40K Sep 21,23 Izumi Rei

Here is a quaint, old-fashioned café where the scent of freshly brewed tea always lingers. The owner, Midori Hanatsubaki, is a somewhat eccentric lady with a fondness for black tea. Together with her newly hired part-time employee, Daisuke Kise, they open the café for another lively day.
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Toriko - Digital Colored Comics 5

Toriko - Digital Colored Comics

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Rainbow Fruit!!

4K Sep 15,23 Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi

Delicious Foods!! Bloody Battles!! Enter Bishokuya Toriko and Chef Komatsu's adventures to assemble the greatest full course the world has ever seen! Follow the adventures of the Gourmet Heavenly Kings and friends through the exotic Gourmet Universe in Full Color!!
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Be Sweet Today 5

Be Sweet Today

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Macaron

4.9K Sep 16,23 Haddon

A mysterious dessert cafe opens in Tierribe Village, where humanized animals live together.
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Kuriko to Biyori 4.8

Kuriko To Biyori

Vol.1 Chapter 1: Giant Pancake

15.9K Sep 15,23 Yukimoto Shuuji

Sojiro, employed at a confectionery company, and his wife, Makoto, have joyfully opened their home to a foster child, Kuriko. But there's a catch – Kuriko seems to communicate mostly with a simple "mhm," perhaps due to nerves. Sojiro, who has vague memories of his own early childhood, struggles to bridge the gap between him and Kuriko. However, Kuriko harbors a deep fascination with Sojiro's speci
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Isekai Mofumofu Cafe 4.8

Isekai Mofumofu Cafe

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Chapter-2

54.5K Sep 15,23 Puni-Chan

Taichi Arima is overworked at his day job. One day, going home late due to working overtime, he saves a fluffy white cat from being run over. He gains a special "Tame" ability and is transported to another world. With such a strange ability, what will he do... Why, open a Fluffy Cafe, of course!
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Tadashi, Kimi ni Horeteiru 4.9

Tadashi, Kimi Ni Horeteiru

Chapter 7.5

47.1K Sep 23,23 Kashiko

Nishimori has recently suffered a series of misfortunes. After being unfairly fired from her job, Nishimori wonders the streets until she comes across a small bakery. There she discovers they are looking for help, but the store is run by an ex-yankee. Could this scary man be the answer to all her problems?
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Yakyuujou de Itadakimasu 4.6

Yakyuujou De Itadakimasu

Vol.1 Chapter 1: Zozo Marine Stadium

21.9K Aug 24,23 Ideuchi Tetsuo

Tsubame Sakamoto, 25 years old and single. She relieves the everyday stress by indulging in food and alcohol in front of baseball games. Trying out different dishes at different stadiums, with adults loudly cheering around her. It might be expensive, but nothing tastes better than beer after a win. Free from the pressure of society, she will enjoy the best baseball stadium food!---- (https
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Lunch Zake 5

Lunch Zake

Chapter 1

5.6K Aug 24,23 Harada Hika

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Gohan No Otomo Ni, Shinigami To! 4.2

Gohan No Otomo Ni, Shinigami To!

Vol.1 Chapter 3

22.5K Sep 12,23 Neji

Yoshida-san, the malnourished corporate slave, and Miku, the clumsy grim reaper who came from the underworld to extend her lifespan. The dining table where these two very different people gather is a messy, but somewhat gentle place. Will Yoshida-san be able to become "healthy"!? The mysterious communal life of a human and a reaper begins!
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Getting Shot on the Frying Pan 3.7

Getting Shot On The Frying Pan

Vol.2 Chapter 8: Halva

29.1K Sep 11,23 Aoki Juntaro

Meet Juntaro. A Japanese fishing addict who was born and raised in what is perceived to be one of the roughest parts of Japan. It is through his lens where you can experience various parts of the world, their culture, and of course their food. He particularly loves to visit countries and cities that are also believed to be highly dangerous due to his personal belief that they will absolutely have
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Once Again, as Clouds Part 3.7

Once Again, As Clouds Part

Vol.1 Chapter 3

13K Aug 15,23 Sorai Mone

Kaede Momose leaves the hustle and bustle of Tokyo for a new life alone in the mountains. On his first day there, he goes to greet his neighbor and meets Riku Tsukumo, who also lives alone in the mountains. Clean air and mountain fare; so begins a cozy mountain-life romance!
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Watashi no Oshi wa Akuyaku Reijou. Maid's Kitchen 4.3

Watashi No Oshi Wa Akuyaku Reijou. Maid's Kitchen

Chapter 3: Sea Bream Carpaccio Pasta And Shaved Ice

52K Aug 29,23 Inori.

An "I'm in Love with the Villainess" official spin-off! A cooking comedy in which two maids, Rei and Rene, are busy making sweets for the villainess Claire!
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Tensei Shachiku no Cheat Saien - Ban'nou Skill to Benri na Tsukaima Yousei wo Kushishitetara, Kidzukeba Tairiku Ichi no Seisan Kyoten ga Dekiteita 4.4

Tensei Shachiku No Cheat Saien - Ban'nou Skill To Benri Na Tsukaima Yousei Wo Kushishitetara, Kidzukeba Tairiku Ichi No Seisan Kyoten Ga Dekiteita

Chapter 5: Forbidden Corps

845.9K Sep 12,23 Yoshigae Tamaki,Momokadai Touru

Mahato is a former corporate slave who has been reincarnated into another world. Through an incredible coincidence, he tames a large number of Dryad - fairies who bestow blessings upon plants and vegetation - and his stats become instantly boosted to MAX! Using his now-overwhelming power, he even makes friends with a dragon. With his newfound friends, he begins living out his dream of being se
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Nonhyeon-dong Merchant 5

Nonhyeon-Dong Merchant

Chapter 3

106K Jul 20,23 Kim Young-hyun

Gwangsu Seong, a 27-year-old young man who ended up running into debt four times after starting a business with my youthful ambition. I thought it was really over, but the last chance is here, the owner of a Jjamppong restaurant in Yeongdong Market who is called the “goddess of business”. I’m trying to gain something by going under this person’s tutelage… “I’m not raising any disciples, so get o
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Kanoko Momogumi! 4.5

Kanoko Momogumi!

Vol.1 Chapter 1

5.5K Jul 21,23 Yoshimura An

Momoki Kanoko hides her gift for combat so those around her will accept her, and learns to show her true colors.
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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Gaiden - Yuna no Yorimichi Techo 4.5

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Gaiden - Yuna No Yorimichi Techo

Chapter 2

149.8K Jul 21,23 Kumanano

A completely original story of Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear. An exciting tale of featuring Yuna, a bear girl dressed in overpowered and cute bear equipment!While living free-spirited in another world, there are incidents that make Yuna want to rest. An original story that no one knows yet begins with delicious food in hand ♪During their stay in the royal capital, Yuna and Fina hear rumors of a phan
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Misojibyou no Uta 5

Misojibyou No Uta

Vol.1 Chapter 4

34.5K Jul 01,23 Kawakami Daishirou

Six old friends in their thirties meet at a gathering of former high school mates. Today, everyone has a stable life, but they feel dissatisfied. Because they left behind their childhood dreams, those they would like to find back...
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Ramen Aka Neko 4.8

Ramen Aka Neko

Chapter 30

199.4K Sep 18,23 ANGYAMAN

Tamako comes for an interview at a ramen shop run only by cats, with no humans. The cat manager asks her if she likes cats, and when Tamako honestly says she is a dog person, she is easily hired. However, her job is not to run a ramen shop, but to look after cats...?
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Meiten Restaurant 4.3

Meiten Restaurant

Vol.1 Chapter 1: Please End Your Rosy Life

18.6K Jun 19,23 Suzuno Suke

As the distinguished son of a family who run a financial conglomerate, Gatarou Barazono took full advantage of his money to live a rosy life and enjoy it to its fullest. But one day, he suddenly got hit by a truck, and when he awoke, he found himself in the "Afterlife!" There, he finds the dubious-looking "Meiten Restaurant" (Underworld Restaurant), where the deceased are served their final meal b
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Nagatan to Aoto - Ichika no Ryourichou 4.5

Nagatan To Aoto - Ichika No Ryourichou

Vol.1 Chapter 2

34.4K Jun 20,23 Isoya Yuki

Set in Kyoto in the 1950s. The daughter of a long-established Ryoutei restaurant, Ichika was left only a kitchen knife as a keepsake from her husband, who did not return from war. Wanting to be independent, Ichika decided to work in the kitchen of a hotel for western cuisine. Now 34 years old, Ichika has found herself forced to marry a boy from a ​wealthy family who is 19 years old in order to sav
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