Temple of dragon king 3.6

Temple Of Dragon King

Chapter 189

7.7M Mar 25,23 論本命漫画

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Senpai, oishii desu ka? 3.9

Senpai, Oishii Desu Ka?

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Takikomi Gohan And Homemade Datemaki

0 Mar 25,23 Mikanuji

Miho is a university student who bears trauma relating to food. Suddenly, she finds herself with a pretend partner. Not only that, her pretend partner is the #1 most beautiful woman in the university, Mori-senpai!? A girl's socializing story presented through food by the author of *Fuzuroi no Renri*!official voice comic promotion: (Raw)
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Bon Appétit! 4.7

Bon Appétit!

Chapter 41

7.5M Mar 25,23 Ryu-Ran,류란,뽀슈,Bbo-Syu

"If I die after eating, that’ll be great!" Luana was born an abandoned princess of a kingdom that would soon be occupied. It’s the story where her death was decided anyway, so she ate what she wanted to eat. Her cooking has captured The General of the Conquering Army, the duke who was cursed and can’t taste foods? "There was nothing I wanted in this small kingdom, but now I think I do.” Why are yo
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Bizarre restaurant 4.8

Bizarre Restaurant

Chapter 36

2.5M Mar 25,23 Shin Hyun Beom,Mezzed K,재라

The era of Stinky tofu, Durian, Surströmming is over. Have you heard about the cooking so bad that you could die on the spot! But your skill would be increasing!? Tera, whose cooking boasts the best(?) taste in all dimensions, through the bravest Yoo Seungwoo's help, has come to peaceful(?) earth. Endure it! If you eat it and don’t die, your level will go up! And then on behalf of me, protect th
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Silver Spoon (OZAWA Mari) 4.8

Silver Spoon (Ozawa Mari)

Chapter 38.2

304.6K Mar 25,23 Ozawa Mari

Gin no Spoon manga's story centers around Ritsu, a high school boy who, along with his younger brother Shirabe and sister Kanade, were raised by their single mother Kyoko. When their mother is hospitalized due to sickness, Ritsu begins to take care of his younger siblings and cook food for them, slowly entering the world of cooking. Things become more complicated when Ritsu finds out a shocking fa
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Tensei-saki de Suterareta Node, Mofumofu-tachi to Oryouri Shimasu 4.8

Tensei-Saki De Suterareta Node, Mofumofu-Tachi To Oryouri Shimasu

Chapter 10

3.4M Mar 25,23 Sakurai Yuu,Monitsunanoni

At the very moment the Prince cancels their engagement, the Duke's daughter, Letícia Gramwell, recalls her former life as a culinary lover. Much as she hates being run out of her own country, the abandoned Crown Princess resolves to go to the kingdom next door, spending her days in the royal palace with the king, surrounded by fluffiness!  But one day, after meeting and feeding a beautifu
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Please have a meal 4.8

Please Have A Meal

Chapter 85

21.3M Mar 25,23 Updating

A growing period of experiencing the five senses in [Real.], a virtual reality game, while cooking and adventure and re-challenging the chef's dream in re-ability.
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Tate no Yuusha no Oshi Nagaki 4.4

Tate No Yuusha No Oshi Nagaki

Vol.6 Chapter 36: Smoked Canapé

7.1M Mar 25,23 Aneko Yusagi,Tendou Akano

Naofumi was sent to another world, accused of rape, and betrayed by his fellow companions. Left penniless and alone, he was forced to purchase a slave in order to have a fighting chance in this world. Anyway, here’s a bunch of stories about them eating delicious food.
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Kitchen soldier 4.7

Kitchen Soldier

Chapter 55

3M Mar 24,23 JRobin (제이로빈)

He is a typical poor kid in the Republic of Korea, 21-year-old Kang Sung-jae, who is struggling to make ends meet when he receives his enlistment notice. He has a chance to become a legendary chef in the army by following a "game instruction" that only he can see.
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The Empire’s Hidden Hope 4.3

The Empire’S Hidden Hope

Chapter 70

405.4K Mar 23,23 Heinryun , Taego , Dagu

Han Wol is known as one of the military's finest young men, but Wol is a woman! After her father was framed for the former emperor's murder, she narrowly escaped execution by disguising herself and hiding in plain sight. Since then, the empire has been under the thumb of chief state councilor Shin, but the young emperor is hatching a plan to take back control. As the only one who holds the key to
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Golden Kamuy - Digital Colored Comics 4.1

Golden Kamuy - Digital Colored Comics

Vol.4 Chapter 37: Start Of Spring

10.6K Mar 23,23 Noda Satoru

In the early twentieth century, Russo-Japanese War veteran Saichi “Immortal” Sugimoto scratches out a meager existence during the postwar gold rush in the wilderness of Hokkaido. When he stumbles across a map to a fortune in hidden Ainu gold, he sets off on a treacherous quest to find it. But Sugimoto is not the only interested party, and everyone who knows about the gold will kill to possess it!
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I Favor the Villainess 4.6

I Favor The Villainess

Chapter 29

17.1M Mar 23,23 Sumio Aono,Inori,Hanagata

Ordinary office worker Oohashi Rei wakes up in the body of the protagonist of her favorite otome game, Revolution. To her delight, the first person to greet her is also her favorite character, Claire Francois–the main antagonist of the story! Now, Rei is determined to romance Claire instead of the game’s male leads. But how will her villainous lady love react to this new courtship?!
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The Banished Villainess! Living the Leisurely Life of a Nun Making Revolutionary Church Food 4.7

The Banished Villainess! Living The Leisurely Life Of A Nun Making Revolutionary Church Food

Chapter 21.5

8.8M Mar 22,23 Tsumuji Yoshimura

Event planner Yuka Sawatani‘s life ended as the result of overwork. Reborn into an Otome game with her memory intact, she becomes the villainess Elizabeth. She tries to resist her fate, but at the ending of the game, she is promptly banished.
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Azur Lane Smile Dish! 5

Azur Lane Smile Dish!

Vol.2 Chapter 6: Roast Beef As A Reward For Your Hard Work

3K Mar 22,23 neon., Azur Lane Camp

KAN-SENs from each factions are treating the Trio C-Class their most prized delicious dishes!An official cooking manga spin-off of the popular smartphone game "Azur Lane" featuring the Trio C-Class: Cygnet, Crescent, and Comet.
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What Should We Eat? 4.3

What Should We Eat?

Chapter 52

47.9K Mar 22,23 Damjang

Really? Chocolate for breakfast? Despite having 0 interest in food, Mia is a longtime fan of the famous cooking YouCuber Woonha, aka "Cook-it-All." In a strange turn of events, he ends up moving into her place, where he discovers her horrifying eating habits. This just makes him want to make her a nice, home-cooked meal...!I Need a Meal /
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New Normal 4.2

New Normal

Vol.4 Chapter 29

3.7M Mar 22,23 Akito Aihara

In the near future a pandemic spreads around the world, so people hiding their mouth with a mask has become the norm. Natsuki, a girl who is secretly reminiscent of the world before the pandemic, and Hata, her classmate, suddenly become friends and share a small secret. This is the story of two "extraordinary" people living in the world of the "new ordinary"!
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The Celestial Returned from Hell 4.8

The Celestial Returned From Hell

Chapter 121

70.1M Mar 22,23 Writing Machine (글쓰는기계), Juyeong Hwang (황주영)

I returned from hell, after hundreds of years to save Humanity!
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Battle Through the Heavens 4.7

Battle Through The Heavens

Chapter 398

123.6M Mar 21,23 Tang Jia San Shao

From DesperateScanners: In a land where no magic is present. A land where the strong makes the rules and weak has to obey. A land filled with alluring treasures and beauty yet also filled with unforeseen danger. Xiao Yan, who has shown talents none had seen in decades, suddenly three years ago lost everything, his powers, his reputation, and his promise to his mother. What sorcery has caused him t
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Kinnikuman 4.5


Chapter 798.5: The Birth Of The Kinniku Buster + Kinnikuman Diy

3.2M Mar 21,23 Yudetamago

Kinnukuman, a weak and clumsy super hero, constantly getting into wacky situations. As the series progressed, the story began changing from comedy to action as Kinnukuman battles stronger and stronger foes in the wrestling ring. The series continually introduced new Super Human characters, known as Choujins, who would challenge Kinnikuman and his friends for various purposes. (From Toriyama's
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A Rare Marriage: How to Grill Our Love 4.8

A Rare Marriage: How To Grill Our Love

Vol.8 Chapter 63: Goodbye, Worldly Pleasures! A Stoic Japanese Set Meal!

9M Mar 21,23 Shiori Hanatsuka

When 30-year-old Kenta meets stoic graphic designer Chihiro, he sears her cool exterior with his passion for barbecue! Now, after a flash of a courtship, they're newlyweds! Though their jobs keep them apart, they still have weekends together to grill, and fine meat isn't the only thing heating up in this sizzling relationship!
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Crazy Food Truck 4.8

Crazy Food Truck

Chapter 16

3.2M Mar 21,23 Ogaki Rokurou

Gordon is an unsociable middle-aged man driving his food truck through a world buried in sand. One day, he meets a girl named Arisa sleeping stark naked in the middle of the desert. While Arisa wolfs down any and all food she can fit in her mouth, a mysterious armed group seems to be pursuing her, too.
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Eating Life 5

Eating Life

Chapter 1: Iced Americano

1.4K Mar 20,23 Hongkki

Lots of food I want to eat in this world!!! This is my food diary!
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Me & Roboco 4.2

Me & Roboco

Chapter 124

285K Mar 20,23 Miyazaki Shuuhei

The year is 20XX… A time when every household owns cute maid robots known as OrderMaids. Average grade-schooler Bondo dreams of having his very own robot. But what he got was… Unable to compute!!! Life is gonna get a whole lot weirder when Roboco, the most powerful clumsy maid ever created, shows up at his door!
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765Pro's Kitchen 3.4

765Pro's Kitchen

Chapter 8

23.8K Mar 19,23 Bandai Namco Entertainment, kumamine

A story about THE [email protected]'s 765 Production idols taking it easy with some cooking.
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