Teihen Ossan, Cheat Kokusei de Isekai Rakuraku Life 4.7

Teihen Ossan, Cheat Kokusei De Isekai Rakuraku Life

Chapter 5.2: Appraisal

210.6K May 25,24 Giaman

Reincarnated from a bottom-tier salaryman to an adventurer, he possessed only one skill: . A seemingly dead-end second life enveloped in games even in another world… This is the record of a man’s meteoric rise from the depths to cheat-level life in another world!
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Fist of the North Star - Strawberry Flavor 3.8

Fist Of The North Star - Strawberry Flavor

Vol.4 Chapter 50: Souther Vs The Espresso Gentleman

87.1K May 25,24 Kawata Yushi, Hara Tetsuo, Buronson

In this *very* zany take on the dramatic series by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara, the end of the century… wasn't so bad, actually. A *very* special and brave Holy Emperor, Souther, wants to become more "involved" and to be on "friendly terms" with the noble Kenshiro & his posse. *Especially* Kenshiro. Due to his very outgoing nature, he also crashes the homes of his other buddies, often when they *espe
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Cooking Sorcerer 4.5

Cooking Sorcerer

Chapter 49

4.4M May 24,24 Ppili Ppala,Purple Lemon (퍼플레몬),Dahan

A food-loving tattooist, YooJung. After losing consciousness due to a sudden accident she opens her eyes to find herself possessing ‘Sylvia’, a character from the novel she read. In addition, she happens to meet ‘Felix’, the hero of the novel, who, due to the abuse of his stepmother, suffers from anorexia and will soon turn the continent into blood. In order to eat more delicious food, to cook mor
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Temple of dragon king 3.4

Temple Of Dragon King

Chapter 241

11.2M May 24,24 論本命漫画

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Alcohol and Ogre-girls 3.5

Alcohol And Ogre-Girls

Chapter 41

211.7K May 24,24 Hashiba Minori

Shida Naori is a college student who loves making alcoholic drinks but has no friends to share them with. At a mixer, she meets Ibuki Hinata, who she ends up taking home with her. After making her a drink, Naori discovers that Hinata is an ogre-girl descended from Shuten-doji who needs alcohol to live, can only drink alcohol offered to her by humans, and grows horns whenever she drinks. Thus, Hina
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3-gatsu no Lion 4.8

3-Gatsu No Lion

Chapter 208

11.8M May 24,24 Umino Chica

A youth named Kiriyama Rei, who lost his family as a child, endures loneliness to become a professional shogi player. Then, through a chance meeting, he develops a relationship with the three Kawamoto sisters (Akari, Hinata, Momo), who hail from a working-class district of the city, and little by little his frozen heart begins to thaw. --- - **Won the 4th Manga Taisho Award in 2011**
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Suito-to! 4.3


Chapter 23: Ramen [End]

757.4K May 23,24 Okino Yui

Momose is an ordinary college student who harbors two secrets. The first is that, despite posting lots of sweet and sugary foods onto her social media, she actually hates them and wants to eat more fatty, rich meals. And the second is...
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The Evil Princess Dreams of a Gingerbread House 4.8

The Evil Princess Dreams Of A Gingerbread House

Chapter 107

24.7M May 23,24 Friedrich , Marron Pie

I thought I had reincarnated into a poverty-stricken family, until… “I have come to escort Her Highness Anastasia of the imperial family!” It seems I have been reincarnated in a novel as an imperial princess who coveted power and met a wretched end! I diligently baked pastries with the help of the spirit I made a contract with so I could fulfill my dream in my past life to becom
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One Day Outing Foreman 4.2

One Day Outing Foreman

Vol.14 Chapter 110: Shoe Path

127.9K May 23,24 Fukumoto Nobuyuki, Hagiwara Tensei

At a certain prison under the surface, the "bottom of the bottom" that is the Teiai Underground Labor Facility, there is a man who uses his "one-day outing passes" to go above ground and enjoy all the luxuries of life while living in the poor conditions of the underground. His name is Ootsuki, and he is the leader of Squad E and a master of enjoying himself all day long with eating, drinking, and
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Oishinbo 4.3


Vol.2 Chapter 17: Life With Chuka Soba

13.3K May 22,24 Kariya Tetsu

Around the offices of Tozai News, Shiro Yamaoka has a reputation for being over-blunt, under-ambitious, and generally an all-around slacker. So why has he been given the important job of coming up with the "Ultimate Menu" to celebrate the newspaper's 100th anniversary? Because he possesses qualities his other colleagues don't: an exquisitely discerning palate, an encyclopedic knowledge of food and
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The Archmage's Restaurant 4.9

The Archmage's Restaurant

Chapter 33

4.3M May 22,24 Bad Boys, chassi

A man who was reincarnated in another world as a 9th class wizard and retired after saving the continent from a dragon war. He decides to open a small restaurant in the countryside, but his routine is anything but ordinary. On the second floor of his restaurant, there lives a black dragon who has transformed into a woman, named Rurin. She is greedy, cute and loyal to him, but also ignorant and clu
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Underworld Restaurant 4.8

Underworld Restaurant

Chapter 43

7.4M May 22,24 Assam , HYUNG Sangjun

"8, 8, 8, 8.2 billion?!" 8.2 billion buildings suddenly appeared in the life of earth spoon!! And restaurant? The behavior of the customers who come to the restaurant is suspicious, and they say only unknown things . taking place in the heart of Seoul A spine-chilling touching story. Every night from eleven to one. Jeoseung Restaurant is open now! The underworld restaurant is open now!Underworld
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Hitorigurashi no OL wo Egakimashita 5

Hitorigurashi No Ol Wo Egakimashita

Vol.1 Chapter 30: The Day She Did Her Best 2 Office Lady Who Lives Alone Went Home Right After The Party.

130.8K May 21,24 Yori Kurokawa

The life of a Japanese salaryman or OL (office lady) can be a thoroughly depressing one. Waking up early, working all day, staying out late for (mandatory) drinks with clients and coworkers, and then catching a few hours of sleep if you’re lucky, only to repeat it again and again and again.<br><br>This is the story of a “Single OL” and her pitiful lifestyle.
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Makigama no Pandora 4.8

Makigama No Pandora

Vol.1 Chapter 6: Sandwich Showdown

44.4K May 21,24 Kuzumochi Matsuri

Eri Hourai, a second-year high school girl, takes over "Pandora" - a bakery specialising in wood fire cooked goods.
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I’m a Banished Villainess, but I’m Accompanied by a Fluffy Creature?! My Peaceful Life Starts 4.9

I’M A Banished Villainess, But I’M Accompanied By A Fluffy Creature?! My Peaceful Life Starts

Chapter 13

6.1M May 21,24 TOMONO Kouko,NEKOTA Taishi

I'm Airi, an office worker who reincarnated as an otome game's villainess, Irene. I was on cloud nine ready to start my second life when I was expelled from the academy. With the help from the townspeople, I opened a quaint café. I was supposed to enjoy my new, peaceful life when suddenly "a fluffy creature" appeared! I tried to feed him my signature sweets, but...?!
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Saving the Doomed Idols with my Touch 4.6

Saving The Doomed Idols With My Touch

Chapter 36

1.8M May 21,24 Meronard, Yu Seongyeon

I can save even the most doomed restaurant with my touch!Im Hyeonseong, a famous chef who has even shown up in a TV show as the CEO of a food industry.He built his wealth and fame from the ground up, but meets an unjust death because of his stepmother and step-sibling.At that moment, a system window appeared in front of him.They will give him a chance to take his revenge if he succeeds in making &
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The Young Lady Is a Royal Chef 4.6

The Young Lady Is A Royal Chef

Chapter 140

23.5M May 21,24 Risha

Sena’s been tossed into another world, as the despised daughter of a noble family. Her little restaurant was her refuge in her last life, so she’s got some tricks up her sleeve—cooking skills! As Senianna, she’ll put her brains and fine-tuned taste buds (Korean fried chicken, anyone?) to the test so she can take back the kitchen and gain this society’s esteemed title of Chef Royale. Will her c
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Let's Buy the Land And Cultivate in Different World 4.8

Let's Buy The Land And Cultivate In Different World

Chapter 50

54.4M May 21,24 Jun Sasameyuki,Murakami Yuichi ,Rokujuuyon Okazawa

As our humble corporatist Itonami Norio is suddenly summoned to another world, it would look as if he'll be sent to a battlefield-- he, however, holds no skill to speak of, and as he is deemed to be useless. He negotiates with The King and receives a plot of land -- an empty, deserted plot of land, with no inhabitant in sight. Norio holds something he couldn't bring himself to tell anyone:
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A Late-Start Tamer's Laid-Back Life 4.7

A Late-Start Tamer's Laid-Back Life

Chapter 32

3.8M May 21,24 Tanaka Yuu,Tachibana

The Law of Justice Online, also known as LJO, is the hottest new VRMMORPG of the season, and office worker Yuta Sasaki is one of the lucky few granted access to the official launch. After some careful research, Yuta is chomping at the bit to start his virtual life as a Tamer, a class that harnesses the powers of wild monsters. Luckily, upon building his character, Yuta manages to land not only his
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Renge to Naruto! 4.6

Renge To Naruto!

Chapter 13: Staff Meals!

759K May 20,24 Nicolai

It's been a few months since the neighborhood Chinese restaurant closed down, and when I stopped by for the first time in a while, I found that it had been transformed into a flashy, mysterious restaurant with its old signboard still intact. When I went inside, there was a gal there... This is a story about a Chinatown restaurant where gals are hospitable.
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Mako-san Wa Shindemo Jiritsu Shinai 4.6

Mako-San Wa Shindemo Jiritsu Shinai

Vol.3 Chapter 47

523.6K May 20,24 Daisuke Chida

It's been one year since Rin moved to Tokyo for high school. He was told by the landlord of his apartment that he didn't have to pay rent if he takes care of the landlord's granddaughter, which he immediately accepted. However, that granddaughter, Mako, ended up being a 20 year old college student who is completely incapable of taking care of herself. Even so, it was love at first sigh
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Spirit Farmer 4.8

Spirit Farmer

Chapter 175

55M May 20,24 수색영장

The average Korean citizen who has been desperately trying to be a hero for 11 years has realized that this is not his craft or his dream. After giving up everything, Lee Kun Woo decided to become a farmer and live his quiet life. But is it that simple?
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Ramen Aka Neko 4.9

Ramen Aka Neko

Chapter 101

840.4K May 20,24 ANGYAMAN

Tamako comes for an interview at a ramen shop run only by cats, with no humans. The cat manager asks her if she likes cats, and when Tamako honestly says she is a dog person, she is easily hired. However, her job is not to run a ramen shop, but to look after cats...?
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Meiten Restaurant 4.8

Meiten Restaurant

Vol.3 Chapter 21.5: Omake - Afterwards

122.7K May 20,24 Suzuno Suke

As the distinguished son of a family who run a financial conglomerate, Gatarou Barazono took full advantage of his money to live a rosy life and enjoy it to its fullest. But one day, he suddenly got hit by a truck, and when he awoke, he found himself in the "Afterlife!" There, he finds the dubious-looking "Meiten Restaurant" (Underworld Restaurant), where the deceased are served their final meal b
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