Starting Today She's My Childhood Friend 4.7

Starting Today She's My Childhood Friend

Chapter 1: Childhood Friend And Transfer Student

0 Nov 30,21 Obiya Midori

Yuuki, a transfer student, is Aida's neighbor, both at home and in the classroom. Aida tries to get friendly with Yuuki, but their conversations lead nowhere. On the other hand, when it comes to their situation as neighbors, Yuuki...
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The Witch Controls Her Age and Magic With a Kiss 4.8

The Witch Controls Her Age And Magic With A Kiss

Chapter 5

132,333 Nov 27,21 Funeno Maho

Mugura Tooru is a boy so low-profile that even his family sometimes loses sight of him. One day, he encounters a witch. Since her true identity was found out by Tooru, the witch is cursed to lose half her magic, and she says that his most heartfelt wish must be granted in order for her to get her magical power back. And what's more, the thing necessary for her to restore her power every day is...
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Eru-Eru Sister 3.4

Eru-Eru Sister

Chapter 10

13,831 Nov 27,21 Yokoshima Takemaru

Konakai Futaba loves her older sister more than anything else in the world. Kind, beautiful and intelligent, Ichina was everything that Futaba wished that she could be... she even encouraged Futaba when she was feeling down. As such, Futaba went to the same highschool as Ichina, hoping to be reunited after two whole years of being apart, but sadly Ichina has completely changed from the sweet, gent
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Itoshi no Karin 4.6

Itoshi No Karin

Chapter 20.5

63,439 Nov 27,21 Horiizumi Inko

Meet Yutaka Hanagasaki is 20-year-old gardener at the theme park Fuegaoka. Meet Merun-chan, the mascot of Fuegaoka, with lots of popularity. Hanagasaki just so happens to secretly like her, but can never work up the courage to even talk to her, always admiring her from afar like a flower. A sweet story of how Hanagasaki works up the courage and becomes closer to Merun!
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The Mute Girl and Her New Friend (Serialization) 4.3

The Mute Girl And Her New Friend (Serialization)

Chapter 40: A Missing Voice

67,138 Nov 25,21 Yamura Ichi

A serialization of the story of a mute transfer girl who uses a sketchbook to talk to people, and a bullish classmate with a special ability who befriends her.
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Next door Kuroki-san is dangerous when she drinks 4.8

Next Door Kuroki-San Is Dangerous When She Drinks

Chapter 8: Never Get Drunk At Welcome Parties

207,849 Nov 27,21 Kitsuneko

Hajime Goto is a new university student who moved to Tokyo alone from the countryside. In the room next to his, lives a super office worker, Asami Kuroki, who is beautiful, has a great style, and is very good at her job! Hajime is excited about his new life and the girl next door, but Kuroki-san has a fatal “weakness”… A funny and exciting neighborly love comedy begins!
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Necromancer Survival 4

Necromancer Survival

Chapter 10

39,840 Nov 26,21 Antstudio,Cm

When the weak and unconfident Choi Yikyung first found out that he was a user, he thought he had finally hit the jackpot. In Yikyung's mind, Necromancy seemed like the ultimate mix of cool and interesting. Back then, he had no idea that the Necromancer class was the weakest of them all! But as Yikyung enters the newly reopened Tower of Spirits in search of enhancement materials, he is sucked into
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Once, It Was Love 3.2

Once, It Was Love

Chapter 40

106,647 Nov 30,21 Fumiko ichi,Sora minazuki

Just like always, I made dinner and waited for my husband to come home. But when he came back, he kept ignoring me. He acted as if I wasn't there. What's more, after he finished dinner, he started checking his phone with a beaming face I had never seen before. It seemed like he was secretly texting with a girl. And that girl was none other than my younger sister... "Why did it have to be my sister
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To You Who Protects 4.3

To You Who Protects

Chapter 5

8,129 Nov 30,21 Kim soon dol

Born as a spirit medium, Tae-nam has lived and escaped ghosts. She lived a limited life under the protection of her grandmother, a shaman, but she finally found her freedom when she went to a university! In addition, the guardian spirit of a person, whom she met at the entrance ceremony, is a god with general-level ability to exorcise the surrounding ghosts, and will Tae-nam enjoy the freedom of c
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The President’s Special Instructions 4.6

The President’S Special Instructions

Chapter 23

134,147 Nov 27,21 Jina,Park hanna

What'll happen if he becomes the new secretary of the "Great Demon", CEO Choi Jeong-woo? 사장님의 특별지시, President's Special Order , CEO's special order , Married to my boss
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Being With You Means the World to Me 5

Being With You Means The World To Me

Chapter 5

5,736 Nov 27,21 大柠,漫美映画

The journey of a very sweet, fluffy and warm couple! The author, Da Ning, recorded 10 years of her relationship with her lover, Lin Zhi Min. The two love birds fell in love at first sight in the university's garden. Time and distance tested their relationship but they used their love to overcome these challenges and build their own world. "No matter how big the world is, the sight that suits me th
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The Last Will of a Crush 4.6

The Last Will Of A Crush

Chapter 15

18,989 Nov 30,21 Goonbam

Mingyeol is a happy-go-lucky twenty-six-year-old girl who recently quit her job. With extra time on her hands, she spends her days crushing on Tae-eun, a cute boy who works at her favorite coffee shop owned by Tae-eun's older sister Huiyeon. Mingyeol stops by every day despite Tae-eun's lukewarm reactions. What seems like a lucky break finally arrives when he asks for a favor. He hands her
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Fading Vows 3.6

Fading Vows

Chapter 20

20,207 Nov 26,21 Kuri

I now pronounce you… roommates?! Wedding planner Muran has finally moved into her own apartment, but she gets so swept up in the excitement that she ends up spending all her money on decorations. Now, she finds herself in desperate need of a roommate. What will happen when her coworker suggests her younger brother, Sachung? Oath as the Morning Mist / 誓如朝雾
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My Deepest Secret 4

My Deepest Secret

Chapter 102

79,631 Nov 13,21 Updating

Having a handsome, kind and caring boyfriend like Elios means the world to Emma. Even a look at him makes her heart flutters. But little does she know about a secret lies deep in their relationship. What is the said secret?
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Don’t Be Soft Rice Man 3.4

Don’T Be Soft Rice Man

Chapter 22

27,187 Nov 28,21 百川社,碉堡rghh

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older." In this world, there exists certain types of men; they do not believe in working hard, or improving themselves. They are self-serving and care only for themselves. These men's goal in life is to “eat soft rice” and they use
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One Episode is Enough for Unplayed 4.7

One Episode Is Enough For Unplayed

Chapter 2

47,243 Nov 12,21 미챠 작가님,하루한숨 작가님

One day, I became the heroine of a love simulation game, Deborah. After seeing that I would be sent back to my world after achieving a Happy Ending, I finally managed to receive the confession of the male leads through many struggles. [ Normal Ending achieved! ] ‘What? Normal ending? Didn't the happy ending with the female lead and male lead end well?!' The second round started again after failing
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Not My Ideal Type 3.3

Not My Ideal Type

Chapter 3

9,594 Nov 12,21 Beans,silver

A romance to find the perfect ideal type for a 29-year-old man who has never had a date, let alone a relationship with a 29-year-old woman who has reached the full level of dating experience! Kim Jin-hyeon, a young man who appeared in front of Cha Eun-tae, who is at the peak of love. With his worst fashion sense, he doesn't even drink alcohol and plays games at home on the weekends. This man who s
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Midori no Mahou to Kaori no Tsukaite 4.7

Midori No Mahou To Kaori No Tsukaite

Chapter 3

185,248 Nov 26,21 Mamezo,Megu Toki,Rabbit Meg

Misuzu, a female college student who loves herbs, noticed one day in a lush forest. What a different world where magical power and monsters exist! It was the hunter Alex who helped her when she was about to be attacked by a monster. Misuzu offers to treat his injury in gratitude. When a compress is applied using herbs, his arm, which had been stuck due to a curse, immediately moves …!? A reincarna
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Right now, she's still my childhood friend's sister. 4.6

Right Now, She's Still My Childhood Friend's Sister.

Chapter 5

201,071 Nov 15,21 Koh Suzukure,Kazepana

Touki Futahara is the younger sister of Iori Fuyutsuki's childhood friend and an incoming student at their high school. She's a self-proclaimed little devil and "the girl most envied by seniors." Now she's waiting at Touki's door every morning. "Senpai! Give me your hand! Let's hold hands to stay warm!" But Iori knows that Touki's actually more like a shy puppy who blushe
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To a New You 4.2

To A New You

Chapter 2: Falling Apart

27,986 Nov 06,21 Shinji Mito

Sakuma, a teacher at an all-girls school, sees his wife in the red-light district cheating on him one day. In response, he runs away and decides to tour Japan, going wherever his heart may lead him. He finally reaches Odawara and meets a young girl, that looks like the one he always sees in his dreams. He barely manages to stop himself from crossing the line with the girl, and he eventually return
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Love-Kyo ~My private tutor is too xxx for me to study~ 4.3

Love-Kyo ~My Private Tutor Is Too Xxx For Me To Study~

Chapter 6.5: Special Short Extra

230,144 Nov 21,21 Taki Rei

Hinata, an innocent high schooler, is suddenly confronted by his super sexy tutor, Aoi! In addition, Aoi looks exactly like the porn star, Sumire Nanasato. WIth both parents out of the house, Hinata is at the mercy of Aoi-sensei. Will he be able to study without losing his mind? This is the start of a lesson about worldly desires taught by a super sexy Onee-san!
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