Devil Sugar Blood 3.9

Devil Sugar Blood

0 Aug 14,22 Pyo Ryu

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Come and Take! 3

Come And Take!

Chapter 12

20,027 Aug 13,22 Tale , 테일

Hajin is a gifted violinist. Jaehyuk runs HJ company. Jaehyuk brings Hajin to his company when he's a teenager to support him as a violinist but Hajin falls for him. After confessing and leaving the company, they meet again after 7 years. +
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Peach & Musk 3.3

Peach & Musk

Chapter 10

10,006 Aug 13,22 두나래 , 누네

.Doonarae's series first work, the adaption of the webnovel !Yoonjoon and Kihyun becomes reunited again as new roommates.The alpha, Kihyun, makes sure that Yoojoon is a beta before living together with him.But one day, a peach fragrance starts to come from Yoojoon?!Yoojoon, who became an 'acquired' Omega, suffers from a heat cycle, and Kihyun promises to help him out... +
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Prequel Romance 3.5

Prequel Romance

2,001 Aug 13,22 Eunbi , Haejeo 500M

An factory worker and a celebrity actor working together to shoot a film. What will happen between those two during the shoot. An handsome, controversial actor celebrity and factory leader who looks down him.The prequel romance between the hot-blooded and the heartless their great love comedy begins! +
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Α Demo Ω Demo Nai Boku-tachi wa 3.5

Α Demo Ω Demo Nai Boku-Tachi Wa

Vol.3 Chapter 15

124,970 Aug 04,22 Tokoro Kemeko

"The Omegaverse love of 2 people living together while pretending to be Betas.""If only we were Alpha and Omega..."Yuu and Ren start living together as Beta friends. Yuu is secretly in love with the gentle & calm Ren. On the other hand, Ren feels the same way, but can't put it into words. Is there a reason why he can't let Yuu know his feelings...Includes a spin-off chapter of ??????????? ?????? (
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Swapping 2.9


Chapter 27

137,664 Aug 08,22 Gaet Saeng , Chaepali

Woo Jitaek, the chairman of Samjo Group, one of Korea's top conglomerates, became a case of DDCS (death during consensual sex), Soheon is under police investigation as the person he was with at the time of his death. Some time later, Soheon is suddenly called by Seoho, the president of the agency he works for... He offers Soheon some kind of deal, more like a threat he can't escape from. S
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My Husband Is Out Of Control Again 2.9

My Husband Is Out Of Control Again

Chapter 82

210,222 Aug 11,22 世间文化

MTL: Lu Can looked down at Chu Jin and joked: Recently, you have been following my illusion. SWAT buildings, hospitals, restaurants, bathrooms and toilets... Chu Jin covered Lu Can's mouth shyly and wanted to forget those discordant pictures: Stop it! I just want to steal some spiritual power! Don't make me so perverted! Lu Can raised his eyebrows and smiled: Do you just want spiritual strength?
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The Dreaming Trainer’s Ideal Master 3.6

The Dreaming Trainer’S Ideal Master

Chapter 5

140,138 Jul 22,22 Rai Yaezaki

While watching the beautiful boys being bought to be loved at the auction where a lot of money flies, my sama Kinosaki Kyo appears in front of the trainer Matsuzaka who had a delusion of sex with a wonderful husband …!
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My Master 3.2

My Master

Chapter 34

155,195 Jul 31,22 기회비용

Coming July 20th
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Ajimi wa Yoru ni Nattekara 2.8

Ajimi Wa Yoru Ni Nattekara

Chapter 5

12,556 Jul 18,22 Riko Mizushima

"Shall I prove it to you right now?" This is a story of love between two bakers - one's a pushy Prince Charming, and the other's stubborn and way too serious! Kazuya's bakery, which mainly sells Danish pastries, sits across from another bakery run by Atsushi, who devotes himself to baking white bread. Kazuya, whose philosophy is "romance makes the bread", is a hopeless romantic (with both men and
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To. Dominant 2.7

To. Dominant

Chapter 20

66,483 Aug 13,22 Enter

A crazy love between two men who only know how to push away and hurt others! Sungjin Yoon is a man born into wealth who never experienced true love. It’s only after he listens to Phillip Jung play the piano that his heart starts beating. But it turns out, Phillip is a deprived, twisted child in the body of a man! The two are at each other’s throats as soon as they meet…! Will these two men be able
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Beautiful You 3.1

Beautiful You

Chapter 33

89,405 Aug 13,22 Ganu

Ever since young, "Woojong Kim" adored cute and pretty things, and believed that once he became an adult, he too would become like the idols he watched on TV.Instead, he becomes a 195 centimeter, heavily muscled, masculine man.Timid Woojong thus decides to create beauty instead, and changes his plans accordingly.This is how he meets "Ryuhyun", who studies modeling in the same university.It's love
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The Royal Prince's First Love 3.5

The Royal Prince's First Love

Chapter 85.5

174,689 Aug 14,22 Nan Zha Zha Zi, Hao Le Shen Wen Hua

.In order to consolidate the status of the royal prince, he launched an offensive in pursuit of a plutocratic daughter, but soon he suffered the first critical hit in his life. The campus bully had declared that his daughter was a friend that he wanted to protect. Then, he was hit by a second critical attack on the day he was fighting against the bully. However, he was intimate with the bully in h
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Minmotion Syndrome 3.4

Minmotion Syndrome

Chapter 1

49,988 Jul 17,22 Niji

"I'll pay back the 600 million won." Because of the debt that his father left behind, Seo Taeyoon finds himself dragged in front of Park Jaein, who's looked down upon for being an Omega. Taeyoon smells Jaein's pheromones and realizes that he's an Omega. Jaein declares that he will buy Taeyoon on the condition that if Taeyoon is bought, his debt will be considered repaid! Jaein now holds the leash
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Puppy Love 3.1

Puppy Love

Chapter 6

100,092 Jul 28,22 Ongshim

[Translated by Mosh Scans]I, Lee Gyu-jin, only a 26-year-old Shepard Beast with a taste for beast. It's sad that I'm not manifested at this age, but my parents are going to announce my arranged marriage at a birthday party without knowing my feelings about it. But I'd rather ruin everything instead of living my life according to my parents' wishes. +
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To My Creepy Boy 3

To My Creepy Boy

Notice. : Dear Pam

53,249 Jul 18,22 Burano , 부라노

Hyeonu, a newcomer who radiates dark energy among newcomers who are excited about their fresh start in college life. Since none of the seniors are reluctant to become his mentor, Ji-ho decides to take charge of Hyeon-woo. Ji-ho, who was ignoring the gloomy energy and guided as kindly as possible, got goosebumps when he saw his name written in his notebook, but he tried to pretend he didn't know. A
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Define The Relationship (Yaoi) 3.8

Define The Relationship (Yaoi)

Chapter 37

315,329 Jul 24,22 Flona , Chada

Carlyle, a non-dominant Alpha born in an aristocratic Alpha family, had difficulty having a mandatory relationship with an omega and even received counseling. The counselor encouraged him to have sex with an Alpha in order to overcome his difficulties. As Carlyle searches for a partner, he gets to meet Ash by chance. The two once shared a kiss on New Year's Eve but unfortunately, the aristocrat do
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