Tsukumo no Hanashi 4.8

Tsukumo No Hanashi

Chapter 2

124.3K Apr 10,17 Kannagi Satoru, Yamamoto Kotetsuko

Keita is tasked with cleaning up the cafe his uncle used to manage. But once he's there he meets...a yakuza and a gothic lolita? What an odd combo! A heart-warming tale about the interactions between humans and "non-humans."
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Kanojo ni Naru Hi 4.9

Kanojo Ni Naru Hi

Vol.tbd Chapter 20

1.7M Apr 06,17 Ogura Akane

Miyoshi is always competing and losing against his childhood friend, Mamiya, who is good at everything. One day, Mamiya collapses from illness and is hospitalized forseveral weeks. When he returns to school, it turns out he is genetically female, and has decided to try living his life as a girl now much to Miyoshi's horror.
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Granblue Fantasy - Tell Me That I'm The Cutest! 3.6

Granblue Fantasy - Tell Me That I'm The Cutest!

Vol.1 Ch.0

124.2K Mar 28,17 Strange Chameleon (Circle),Hisaka Tooru,Mikagami Hiyori

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Chotto Kawaii Iron Maiden 4.8

Chotto Kawaii Iron Maiden

Chapter 18

353.7K Mar 22,17 Fukami Makoto

From MangaHelpers: Muto Yuzuki was ready for a whole new life and a different self when she got to middle school but she didn't expect it to be literally torturous. Yuzuki is “persuaded” by an upper classman named Funaki Aoi to join the Torture Club on campus which has been secretly training students to enter the field of military and police organizations as interrogation experts. Aoi sees some
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The Night of the School Trip 3.8

The Night Of The School Trip

Ch.3 : Rag For Cleaning

190.4K Mar 20,17 Seiho Kei

Students are at a hot spring for a school field trip and two friends, one who happens to be a trap happens to end up alone with his friend, all said and done, some ecchi things occur leading to a love comedy of sorts.
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Kyoumen no Silhouette 4.5

Kyoumen No Silhouette

Vol.4 Chapter 25 : Epilogue - The Duchy's #1 Soul Set

348.9K Mar 19,17 Nagayama Tamase

Eruna was entrusted with ruling a country at a very young age when her father, the king of a small kingdom, fell very ill. With such a heavy burden placed upon a mere teenager, the king gave Eruna an important piece of advice about how he made his time of rule a success: find your shadow. By finding her double, she will find the will to live and be brave even in the most dire situations. Eruna doe
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Biyaku Cafe 4.5

Biyaku Cafe

Vol.7 Chapter 34.5 : Extra

1.9M Feb 28,17 Ukyou Ayane

From StarryHeaven: The aphrodisiac night retreat is a place with no menu, and the tea is made to the customer’s image by the employees. An omnibus story surrounds the overbearing masters, various customers, and the tea!
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Kaname etoile 4.9

Kaname Etoile


163.4K Feb 20,17 Kayoru

From Chibi Manga: Will Kaname's destiny as ballerina change? Because she wished to become a great ballerina, Kaname followed Miki-sama and entered in the prestigious ballet of her school. Kaname will secretly develop her talent as ballerina there.
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SSG - Meimon Danshikou Keppuuroku 4.7

Ssg - Meimon Danshikou Keppuuroku

Vol.4 Ch.20

448.3K Jan 21,17 Sakurai Shushushu

For her brother's sake Otowa, Subaru decides to take his place at an all male prestigious high school for a year until he recovers from being in the hospital. She gets to the school and runs into a few strange guys on her first day, but as soon as she tells them her name - they are surprised and make her go to the Lion Club. Hiding the fact that she's a girl will be difficult enough and now she ha
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Mayonaka no X Giten 4.7

Mayonaka No X Giten

Ch.27 : Epilogue

874.7K Jan 17,17 Yamaguchi Mikoto

From MangaHelpers: Kamiya Hiroki always thought women had it easy. This thought was throttled by the fact that his 24-year-old sister does not work and plays games all day. Why couldn't he have it this easy? He wanted to become a woman and be lazy like his sister. After blogging about his rants about his sister online, a mysterious reader comments on his blog, stating that there are ways to swa
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Tsuki no Shizumu made 4.2

Tsuki No Shizumu Made

Vol.2 Ch.10 : [End]

171.3K Jan 12,17 Miyagi Tooko

From Fallen Syndicate: "My father's last words were a curse, binding me even after his death." Genkyou is a city-state ruled by status and comprised entirely of nobles. Crime and underhanded deals seem to be an everyday occurrence and one in which many turn a blind eye. To fulfill his father's dying words, Iori travels to Genkyou determined to do whatever it takes to extract his father's rev
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Sunu Sumu Muriku no Koibito 4

Sunu Sumu Muriku No Koibito

Vol.2 Ch.6 : Truth And Reunion (End)

134.7K Dec 31,16 Nojima Shinji

Nao and Nono decided when they were very little that someday they would get married and told everyone about it. But some people have a problem with the fact that despite how feminine Nono looks and acts, they’re both actually boys…
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Otoshiana ni Hamerarete 4.4

Otoshiana Ni Hamerarete

Ch.4 : Pinup Boy - 2

240.5K Dec 29,16 Michinoku Atami

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Boy of the Female Wolf 4.6

Boy Of The Female Wolf

Vol.17 Chapter 102 : End

1.4M Dec 12,16 Han Yu-rang

Eun-soo Cha is the main character of the story. Eun-soo has hated her mother ever since she was abandoned by her. Raised by her grandma, she became a wild child who likes to fight. She has even disguised herself so well as a guy that people won't believe her even if she says she's a girl. She can fight well, and is even referred to as hot by girls. One day, however, her grandma's already bad healt
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Glass Shoes (IM Hae Yeon) 5

Glass Shoes (Im Hae Yeon)

Chapter 19

220K Dec 07,16 Im Hae Yeon

A European mystery romance, "Glass Shoes" - the long-awaited conclusion!! The clever Bild, who has figured out that it's Al's spirit currently inside Saylie's body, begins a plot to get rid of Saylie, who will become an obvious obstacle in the future... Meanwhile, Debroyl asks for Saylie's hand in marriage, claiming that he loves her just the way she is, however...?!
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Kanojo ni Naru Hi Another 4.9

Kanojo Ni Naru Hi Another

Chapter 17

857.9K Nov 28,16 Ogura Akane

Sagara becomes a girl in his third year of middle school, and has to deal with his crush on Kurosawa, a female classmate.
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Hana wa Sakura yori mo Hana no Gotoku 4.4

Hana Wa Sakura Yori Mo Hana No Gotoku

Chapter 12.5

610.3K Nov 25,16 Kawai Yuumi

From Sound of Jewels: At a time when the world was still at peace, to the east of the capital, a beautiful dancer of Noh named Hakubi appeared. She was keeping a terrible secret that she couldn't tell anybody...
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Oto x Maho 4.8

Oto X Maho

Vol.4 Ch.20

337.1K Nov 25,16 Shirase Shuu

One day, ordinary junior high schooler Shirahime Kanata is forced by his mother, Konata to sign a contract that transforms him into a "magic girl" in times of trouble. As a magical girl herself, Konata wants to pass her job onto her son so he can protect the peace while she goes on vacation. Unfortunately for Kanata, canceling the contract means he'll permanently change into a girl, so now he's st
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Akuma Ni Chic x Hack 4.9

Akuma Ni Chic X Hack

Vol.1 Ch.1

126.4K Nov 11,16 Tanemura Arina

This is a fantasy love story about a demon princess who falls in love with a human boy. They exchanged a pact when he was young, and Giselle descends to the human world once again to convey her feelings. The target of her affections is a human boy, Shiina Ichiritsu. In order to get closer to him, she enrolls into his all boys' boarding school! But he's not how he was before at all!!!
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Yugamira 4.8


Ch.0 : Oneshot

165.4K Nov 05,16 Mika Mikami

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Yeonmo 4.3



207K Nov 02,16 LEE So-Young

The impossible happens in 15th century Korea.A princess who was disguised as her dead twin brother by her mother became king. Once her true gender is found out, the female king is sentenced to death by drinking a lethal dose of poison.This story details the events of that forgotten king's life.
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Gunner 4.6



511.1K Nov 01,16 Kim Joon-hyung

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Koijuu 4.2


Vol.1 Chapter 2

162.2K Oct 21,16 Umezawa Hana

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Granblue Fantasy - Uncle Cali 4koma 5

Granblue Fantasy - Uncle Cali 4Koma

Vol.1 Ch.0

109K Oct 20,16 Namuru
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