Kuchibeta Shokudou 4.5

Kuchibeta Shokudou

Chapter 51

316.9K Jun 14,24 Bonkara

For five years, she's been eating at the set-meal restaurant but didn't feel comfortable saying anything more, and the waitress at the restaurant who wanted to talk to that regular customer but couldn't get the words out.
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Beni Tsubaki 3.7

Beni Tsubaki

Vol.2 Chapter 18: Revengeance Of Yokomizo

824.6K Jun 14,24 Takahashi Hirona

Kisshioin Tsubaki aka the "Crimson Camellia", a beautiful lady reporter of the occult, wants to satisfy her intellectual curiosity by having a hands-on experience with every Yokai she can find. Follow her in her travels, accompanied by her trusted cameraman Yokomizo-kun.
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Choir! 2.9


Vol.3 Chapter 43: Shirayuki ☆ The Strongest -The Aura Road-

279.1K Jun 12,24 Tenpogensui

4 koma about an otaku girl and her friends
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Drunken My Boss 3.8

Drunken My Boss

Chapter 3

17.5K Jun 10,24 BBTan

Cha Iseul is a girl who, without money, is like a lifeless body. She indulges in a depraved lifestyle. But one day, her card is confiscated, and she faces the threat of being kicked out of the house. At that moment, a mysterious woman named Sori appears in front of Iseul. "Madam, do you really not remember me?"
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Summer, Lemon, and Overlay 4.5

Summer, Lemon, And Overlay

Chapter 4: Pride

2.2K Jun 10,24 Ru , MIYAHARA Miyako

A struggling voice actress who goes by the name of Yunimaru is barely making ends meet. Constantly thinking about when she will escape her miserable life, she's contacted by Konno Sayaka—a beautiful and successful woman working for a big company—with a job offer: to read a farewell letter at her own funeral. While grappling with whether or not to accept such an absurd job offer, Sayaka makes her a
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My Mom's a Superstar 2.8

My Mom's A Superstar

Chapter 33.5: Special Chapter: Lantern Festival

2.8M Jun 09,24 时一二, Shi Yi Er

What will happen when an overly-supportive daughter discovers loads of photos of her mom, a famous actress, on the internet posing with her female co-stars in ways that "friends" would not do?
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The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy at All 4.2

The Guy She Was Interested In Wasn't A Guy At All

Chapter 88: My Crush Has Gone Viral

11M Jun 09,24 Arai Sumiko

A popular Twitter shorts series depicting the love story between a gyaru and her classmate who she mistakes as a guy outside of school, bonding over their mutual love for rock music.
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Mikarun X 3.3

Mikarun X

Chapter 23: Second Season Prologue

237.4K Jun 09,24 Takatou Rui

Somebody wants the Earth! After being invaded for 6 times by monsters and aliens, Tokyo was damaged and almost destroyed. When Runna Minami meets an honor student, Mika Kujiraoka, the bishojo fighters of justice, Mikarun X, are born. They transform themselves in two giants and, without wearing anything, the two heroines fight against the various enemies.
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Seishokuki 4.2


Vol.9 Chapter 72.5: Sexual Demon Side Story Usamimi Space War

2.5M Jun 08,24 Inamitsu Shinji

From MangaHelpers: Nogawa Izumi is a good student, and a class representative, but she has an increasingly high libido. It's gotten to the point that she'll claim to feel bad during class, so she can run to the nurse's office and masturbate. When she learns that the Earth is being invaded by aliens that look like people dressed up as animals, it turns out her high sex drive may be able to help
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Onna Chara de Isekai Teni shite Cheatppoi kedo Zako Chara na no de Medatazu Heiwa na Shomin wo Mezashimasu! 4.4

Onna Chara De Isekai Teni Shite Cheatppoi Kedo Zako Chara Na No De Medatazu Heiwa Na Shomin Wo Mezashimasu!

Chapter 1: Susie Meets People

16.6K Jun 07,24 TA☆KA , KANIDA Nobi

A little weary salaryman. One day, after waking up… he found himself in another world in the body of a female character, Susie, from the MMORPG he liked to play. Confused, he tried an attack… and made all the monsters flee to the place people live, afraid of his destructive power that’s able to smash a mountain. Having dealt with them, he ended up saving Howard, a local tribune who invited his sav
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Just Right There! 4.3

Just Right There!

Chapter 63

1.8M Jun 07,24 Withyou , Hiyon Katsuragi

Min Do Yeon is an art teacher and is happily engaged to her boyfriend when suddenly he broke up with her thru text. Desperately cried to her best friend Bo Kyung, she was asked by her if she's free and they went to a bar. Little did she knew it was a "Girls Only" bar and there she got drunk and kissed the girl who will change her life.
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45 Seconds 4.2

45 Seconds

Chapter 10.5: Blending

29.8K Jun 05,24 Klesha , TEAM Nam Yoon , Beonnoe , 번뇌

Siyeon, who returns home after studying abroad for college, finds out about the 'Understanding Wine' course that her younger sister has picked for her. It's very popular because it's about tasting wine, but Sihyeon is a lightweight that can't drink alcohol! When she decides to correct the course and attended it, she is reunited with her high school friend Eunha… !?
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Love Wins 2.1

Love Wins

Vol.2 Chapter 43

319.2K Jun 04,24 목도리 Shawl

"Da-yeon was excited by the news of legalization of same-sex marriage.I filed a marriage registration with a woman I didn't know because I was drunk.!? "
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Anemone is in Heat 4.6

Anemone Is In Heat

Chapter 42: Junior

4.2M Jun 03,24 Ren Sakuragi

Nagisa Ootsuki shed her former self out of shame from failing her highschool entrance exams. On her first day in her new highschool, who does she meet but the girl who made her fail the exam! How does Nagisa deal with these complicated emotions?
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Sakura Nadeshiko 3.8

Sakura Nadeshiko

Vol.2 Chapter 11: Those Who Train In Martial Arts

210.5K Jun 02,24 Haga Yui

Two girls who want to become idols are entering into their long dreamed school—Kiraboshi-juku—Kiraboshi Nadeshiko and her close friend Mangetsu Sakurako. These two are so close that despite both being girls, they're often compared to a married couple by people around them. And so begins their life in the dormitory as roommates. However, on their first night, an unusual
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I Wouldn't Mind Being Loved 4.4

I Wouldn't Mind Being Loved

Chapter 6: I Wouldn't Mind Snooping Around

287.1K May 30,24 Amano Shuninta

Kimura Rin is a young office worker who's constantly harassed, bullied and otherwise spends her time at work suffering. With no future ahead of her, and nothing she wants to do, she wonders why the world hurts her this way... Until, after an incredible night with an incredible woman, she decides to become a lesbian escort.
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I Want to Trouble Komada-san 4.1

I Want To Trouble Komada-San

Vol.2 Chapter 14: Komada-San Is Curious About The Past — Part 2

521.9K May 28,24 SUZUO

I Want to Trouble Komada-san manga, Komada-san wo Komarasetai , Komada is a short high school girl who is constantly troubled with something. Her junior, Kagai, who is big in various ways, is always playing with her and annoying Komada! However, there is a reason why Kagai annoys her, and that is simply because The more you love someone, the more you want to annoy them!
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Ano Koro no Aoi Hoshi 4.5

Ano Koro No Aoi Hoshi

Vol.6 Chapter 17.3

1.3M May 25,24 Kani

One day, a mediocre high school girl, Koumoto Umi, falls in love with Segawa Shou, a beautiful woman in her next class. Although he was confused by his feelings, he wanted to get along with Segawa, who had a mysterious atmosphere somewhere...
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Does It Count if Your First Time Is With an Android? 4.3

Does It Count If Your First Time Is With An Android?

Vol.5 Chapter 22

1.2M May 25,24 YAKINIKU Teishoku

Beautiful, brainy Tsuda Akane is indispensable at the robotics manufacturer where she works, but her colleagues never saw her private side. At home, Akane’s a hot mess with an apartment that looks more like a landfill than a living space. When she drunkenly orders a maid to help her tidy up, the lady android who arrives is a horny hottie who’s about to give Akane more service than she bargained fo
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Sorry but I'm not Yuri 4.5

Sorry But I'm Not Yuri

Vol.6 Chapter 33: Dodgeball Arc (3)

2.6M May 24,24 Mochi Au Lait

In an attempt to win her homeroom teacher's heart, Itsumi Toudou purchashed a shady love potion, and tested it out on her stuck-up student committee president, Yomotsuka. Now, she has an uncharacteristically affectionate girl to deal with, and she's not even a lesbian! Right?
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Yamada to Kase-san 4.4

Yamada To Kase-San

Chapter 38: Curry Rice And Kase-San (Part 1)

3.1M May 23,24 TAKASHIMA Hiromi

Sequel series to:
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As a Result of a Classmate's Obsession with Yuri, I Was Exposed as an Author 3.5

As A Result Of A Classmate's Obsession With Yuri, I Was Exposed As An Author

Chapter 219

2.1M May 21,24 KoniroSango

What happens when a classmate finds out about another girl's secret yuri obsession/feelings? A yuri comedy ensues!
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Citrus + 4.6

Citrus +

Special. : Partners

4.7M May 21,24 Saburouta

The continuation of Yuzu and Mei story.
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