Fairy King's Daily Life 4.4

Fairy King's Daily Life

Chapter 203

5,399,618 Aug 15,22 Entertainment is right

This is an era of cultivating immortals for all! Everyone is working hard for the flying of the imperial sword and the cultivation of the immortal! Wang Ling is a counterexample! Fairy? Cultivation? Elixir? He didn’t care, but the repair was escalated like a plug-in. A 3-year-old Yu Jian and a 7-year-old deity, he wanted to live a low-key Buddhist life but fell to an ordinary high school! It
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Other World Warrior 4.5

Other World Warrior

Chapter 212

62,157,511 Aug 15,22 Keum Ho

Would you like to find a job? Even at the cost of your soul? If so, then you’ve found the right place. Our job hunting advice website, Soul Sellers, is a site geared towards those willing to even sell their souls for employment; that’s right, people like you. Are you dealing with angels or demons? 30-year old freeloader Chul Ho Kang made a deal through this shady site, eve
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If You Remove the Kind Protagonist’s Mask 4.4

If You Remove The Kind Protagonist’S Mask

Chapter 6

41,487 Aug 15,22 Gong Il, Yeolha

For the sake of survival, I kissed the protagonist and we became partners.But I just can’t believe that the ‘kind’ protagonist in the original novel was all an act!“If I kill you, this partner relationship will be broken.”“You can’t do that. We’ll both die at the same time.”We were tied together by a tightly shared fate.Sharing the same wounds, the same pain, the same life and
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Oh, Be Patient My Lady! 4.7

Oh, Be Patient My Lady!

Chapter 50

5,048,134 Aug 15,22 Daybook,Sushi

Rose, the lord of a small and poor territory, White. She just wanted to eat well and live well with the residents there, but all of a sudden, there's an increasing surge of immigrants moving in from other areas, and they're getting caught in incidents?! The delightful romance fantasy of Rose, a strong and capable lord, and the great Archmage Yggdrasil, who wants to secretly hide her in the
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Working Overtime to Destroy the World! 3.5

Working Overtime To Destroy The World!

Chapter 118: Some Things Can't Be Changed

206,068 Aug 15,22 Stray Reed Workshop

Limbo is a shut-in girl who doesn't care for anything except her tentacle comics. Aside from that, everything else is meaningless. On her birthday she wished for the "destruction of the world" and was instead met with a demonic female programmer! The two instantly hit it off, bonding over their common goal of world destruction, the two "project partners" hustle hard everyday to bring
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Senpai is Mine 4.5

Senpai Is Mine

Chapter 122

12,536,024 Aug 15,22 Yom

"Cute" love story of two girls who like their senpai illustrated by Yom on his twitter (Miru tights author)
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Peerless Ancient 4.3

Peerless Ancient

Chapter 120

1,978,747 Aug 15,22 Ake,Cai Yao Culture

Our main character found out that the village that he is living in is just a world created by his father to protect him. His journey starts....
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Matazoro 3.9


Vol.1 Chapter 10

28,958 Aug 15,22 horoda

A teen disaster comedy about 3 girls who failed the grade.After spending nearly a year as a shut-in, Koto enters first year of high school for the second time.Together with fellow repeating students Shiki (held back due to poor health) and Tomoe (held back due to excessive free-spiritedness), as well as the expectation-immune, habitually late grade retention reserve army cadet Kaede, her e
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Netsuai 2.5


Vol.1 Chapter 3

4,736 Aug 15,22 Hata Takashi

Top idol Hoshino Shuichi and handsome actor Onda Jou who co-starred in a blockbuster romance drama. The two quarrel on the day the drama cranks up. What's more, Jou knew a certain "secret" that Shuichi couldn't tell anyone...? Handsome Actor x Top Idol, sexual love romance!
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Don't Call Me a Naked Hero in Another World 3.1

Don't Call Me A Naked Hero In Another World

Vol.1 Chapter 4.5: Extras

173,665 Aug 15,22 Morishita Mao

You can get cheat skills in a different world, but... Somehow, she has no clothes⁉ The naked comedy of the girl from a different world begins! While bathing in a hot spring Runa Hatagami is mistakenly transferred to another world as a hero in a towel... Moreover, the goddess only gave her a weird "Hot Spring" skill and a high defensive power? She managed to get a
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The Cunning Princess and the Shark 4.5

The Cunning Princess And The Shark

Chapter 53

600,972 Aug 15,22 Jinsheyaofen,Tangdi

Yubei, a stunt actress, accidentally fell into the sea into the territory of the mersharks, the enemy of humans. To survive, she bluffed that she was a human princess. In order to meet the human emperor and negotiate for a ban on the slaughtering of ocean life, the mershark prince who has been cut off from communications with the land dwellers for hundreds of years held a sensational underwater “m
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Hundred Demon Spectrum 4.4

Hundred Demon Spectrum

Chapter 93: I'm A Good Hostage

718,498 Aug 15,22 Sha luo shuang shu

The Ghost doctor sees evil and good as a mystery/riddle. She is the savior of all monsters as well as the nightmare of all monsters. The doctor works outside of this world, in a place where monsters exist, called Peach Capital. And as she tours around, she takes her little monk to go through the world while searching for the “hundred demon spectrum”
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Hero or Demon Lord? Let me choose! 4.4

Hero Or Demon Lord? Let Me Choose!

Chapter 11: The Busy Festival

940,958 Aug 15,22 Takayomi

Nanami died in her previous life, but an Angel suddenly appears before her then gives her a second chance!? But... Miss Angel reincarnates her as both Hero and Demon Lord?!?! Poor Nanami has a tough road ahead, against herself!
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Irregular Empress 4.6

Irregular Empress

Chapter 91

7,335,912 Aug 15,22 GEUM Naru (금나루),HAN Mint

“Do you want to live as Estella instead of Estien?” A member of the famous Arthur family that went into ruin, Estien. Estien hid his talent and lived as a regular knight but one day the crown prince offered something weird.
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I was Stuck on the Same Day for One Hundred Thousand Years 4.5

I Was Stuck On The Same Day For One Hundred Thousand Years

Chapter 165

16,914,560 Aug 15,22 iCiyuan

Lin Yue crossed to the Hongmeng Continent, but he was accused of being on the same day for one hundred thousand years. No matter how he struggles, he will return to yesterday after dawn. In one hundred thousand years, Lin Yue learned all the knowledge, understood the secrets of countless sect powerhouses, and gradually admitted that he could not escape the cycle of reincarnation. However, on the l
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Above Ten Thousand People 4.5

Above Ten Thousand People

Chapter 142

7,340,388 Aug 15,22 Boyi Animation

Tens of thousands of big shots submit at his feet yet he says, “I'm really just a mortal...” The overpowered protagonist who's simultaneously the weakest in the world.
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A hard heart to win 3.1

A Hard Heart To Win

Chapter 26: Episode 26

208,942 Aug 15,22 Unknown, 万画筒漫画, Chen Guojian

He fell in love with her at first sight. To win her heart, He had changed himself from a playboy to a good student and her personal cook. He even helped her dying ex-boyfriend who she never forgot…He had basically given her all he had and done all he could do for her…but, in the end, he still couldn't win her heart...
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Mio's Diary 4.5

Mio's Diary

Vol.1 Chapter 17

57,707 Aug 15,22 Arai Cherry

4-koma manga by Arai Cherry, depicting the everyday life of elementary schooler Mio Maeda.
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Kakao 79% 4.6

Kakao 79%

Chapter 231: Natsume (2)

27,782,445 Aug 15,22 Aoi Umi

Ayano, Tsubasa and Ichinose, Yuu are childhood friends. Since they were kids, they were inseparable. But one day they have to part each other's way because both of them are transferring homes. Clueless of where they will transfer, they were shocked when they see each other going to the same school from the place they transferred in.
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Hypnosis School 4.3

Hypnosis School

Chapter 30

903,594 Aug 15,22 park eun-hyuk,박은혁

Recommended for 15 years and above audiences.
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Peerless little Doctor 3.8

Peerless Little Doctor

Chapter 175

3,878,183 Aug 15,22 流氓鱼儿 , Rogue Fish

The comic is adapted from the novel “Peerless Little Doctor” of the rogue fish child in the Chinese and English network. The school flower is ill, flash away, let me come! Little Loli is sick? Let uncle look! Boss Wang has advanced cancer? I’m sorry, I’ll go to the registration line. There is no time tonight. Sister Chang’e has an appointment!
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Mieruko-chan 4.9


Chapter 45

33,606,538 Aug 15,22 Izumi Tomoki

All of a sudden, a girl is able to see grotesque monsters all around her; but no one else can. Rather than trying to run away or face them, she instead musters all of her courage and... ignores them. Join in on her day-to-day life as she keeps up her best poker face despite the supernatural goings-on.
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