Slime Life 4.6

Slime Life

Vol.9 Chapter 244: The Treasure, Slime, And Pocona

8.5M Mar 04,24 Megasawara

The stories of the everyday life of a black mage and a slime that run a magic store together as master and servant.
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From The Strongest Job of Dragon Knight, To The Beginner Job Carrier, Somehow, I Am Dependent On The Heroes 4.6

From The Strongest Job Of Dragon Knight, To The Beginner Job Carrier, Somehow, I Am Dependent On The Heroes

Vol.11 Chapter 42

17M Mar 04,24 Yukiji, Amauisiroichi

Accel Granz, the strongest dragon knight of them all has switched his job to become a beginner carrier. Relieved that he can finally take off his legendary dragon knight's helmet and escape the responsibilities of an elite S-class worker, Accel eagerly starts his new, low-class job!
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The Useless Skill [Auto Mode] Has Been Awakened ~Huh, Guild's Scout, Didn't You Say I Wasn't Needed Anymore?~ 4.5

The Useless Skill [Auto Mode] Has Been Awakened ~Huh, Guild's Scout, Didn't You Say I Wasn't Needed Anymore?~

Chapter 40: Charlotte Vs Claus

14.6M Mar 04,24 Nakajima Rei,La軍

Young boy Claus was gifted with a Skill called [Auto Mode]. It is an extremely rare skill and he was so pleased when first received it... Turns out, the skill's abilities [Auto Return] for "only to go home" and [Auto Travel] for "only to go to places that have been visited" are a completely useless ability for both combat and making money! However.. The now leveled up Claus has come to know the
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I'm the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire! 4.7

I'm The Evil Lord Of An Intergalactic Empire!

Chapter 28-2

34M Mar 04,24 Yomu Mishima,Nadashima Kai

Liam Sera Banfield is a reincarnator. He was reincarnated into a fantasy universe of swords and magic, but at a time that civilization was already making advancements into outer space. The setting takes place in an intergalactic empire, a space opera-like universe where humanoid weapons and spaceships do battle. Liam, who had incarnated into an aristocratic family in a monarchic socie
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Hajimete no Gal 4.4

Hajimete No Gal

Chapter 178: My First Time Meeting An Idol

66.3M Mar 04,24 Ueno Meguru

Spring. The "season of love" has arrived and it seems that finding himself a girlfriend was harder than Jun'ichi believed. To break the status quo, Jun'ichi's friends have forced him into confessing to the gyaru, Yame Yukana. However, things do not go quite as he expected. A series of "firsts" begins!
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Ruirui Senki 4

Ruirui Senki

Chapter 12

27.4K Mar 04,24 Amemiya Kento

Kasane are spirits who latch onto the shadows of people's hearts. But as long as Yayoi and Aoba are around, evil spirits won't be hurting any students at the school! Beautiful art and occult action! The door to the unknown has now been opened...
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World Trigger 4.8

World Trigger

Chapter 240

31.2M Mar 04,24 Ashihara Daisuke

Read World Trigger Manga Online In Mikado City (280 000 inhabitants), a "gate" to another world is opened unexpectedly one day. Creatures called "Neighbors" begin appearing from it, many people are scared of them because Earth's arms do not work against them, but a cryptic group begins fighting off the Neighbors. They, the "Border&q
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MamaYuyu 4.7


Chapter 24

558.5K Mar 04,24 Hayashi Yoshihiko

An era of peace between the hero and demon lord is upon us! In this peaceful world, the hero Corleo is nothing but an empty suit. But one day, a hero and demon lord from another world appear before him! How will Corleo deal with the chaos these invaders bring to his world?! A new type of fantasy epic now begins!
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Seraph of the End 4.7

Seraph Of The End

Chapter 135

36.9M Mar 04,24 Furuya Daisuke, Kagami Takaya

Seraph of the End Manga is a Japanese dark fantasy manga series written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Daisuke Furuya by Yamato Yamamoto with storyboards. It's released by Shueisha on Hop SQ as well as in English by Viz Media on Weekly Shonen Jump. The collection is placed in a world in which the world-wide society has been ravaged by a virus and making only kids b
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The Elusive Samurai (Official Version) 3.9

The Elusive Samurai (Official Version)

Chapter 112

11.1K Mar 04,24 Matsui Yuusei

Yusei Matsui, creator of Assassination Classroom and Neuro: Supernatural Detective, is back! Set in feudal Japan in between the Kamakura and Muromachi periods, our hero Hojo Takatoki is a boy on the run that history all but forgot! When the Kamakura shogunate is overthrown by Ashikaga Takauji, Takatoki's family and standing are visciously taken away from him, and he must flee to the far reaches of
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Two on Ice 4.6

Two On Ice

Chapter 22

30.9K Mar 04,24 Itsumo Elck

One day, Hayuma meets a familiar girl on the skating rink. She turns out to be Kisara, the one who inspired him to get into skating years ago. But why did she suddenly vanish from the world of figure skating? There will be fire on the ice when a self-taught skater with a dream and a former figure skating prodigy team up!
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Witch Watch 4.4

Witch Watch

Chapter 146

9.6M Mar 04,24 Shinohara Kenta

Morihito, a boy with the strength of an ogre, is about to start living together with his childhood friend Niko, who is training to be a witch. Niko's magic leads to all sorts of unpredictable trouble, and with two teens under one roof... Let the fantastical antics begin! Magical comedy series by Kenta Shinohara creator of SKET DANCE and Astra Lost in Space.
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Mako-san Wa Shindemo Jiritsu Shinai 4.5

Mako-San Wa Shindemo Jiritsu Shinai

Vol.2 Chapter 33

480.5K Mar 04,24 Daisuke Chida

It's been one year since Rin moved to Tokyo for high school. He was told by the landlord of his apartment that he didn't have to pay rent if he takes care of the landlord's granddaughter, which he immediately accepted. However, that granddaughter, Mako, ended up being a 20 year old college student who is completely incapable of taking care of herself. Even so, it was love at first sigh
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Ranger Reject 4.7

Ranger Reject

Chapter 130: Revenge Is Best Served After Remembering

9.6M Mar 04,24 Haruba Negi

Thirteen years ago, suddenly the Villainous Army of evil appeared in their gigantic floating castle 10000 meters in the sky to invade Earth! The villainous army have reviving capabilities that make them immortal, making them a serious threat to humanity. To protect us against these invaders, the Divine Dragon Rangers, the Dragon Keepers, wield their miraculous powers and their weapons, Divine Tool
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Kanan-sama Is Easy as Hell! 4.5

Kanan-Sama Is Easy As Hell!

Chapter 86

12.2M Mar 04,24 Nonco

Kanan is a demon hiding in a high school in the human world to feed on the souls of humans. She sets her sights on a single high school boy, but somehow ends up in a lovers contract with him!? Kanan, who has never been in love, is now filled with new feelings! The romantic comedy of a pure-hearted demon's first love, begins! (Source: Shounen Magazine, translated)
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Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl 4.3

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl

Vol.2 Chapter 6

65.9K Mar 04,24 Atlus

This manga is based on the 3DS game of the same name. Highlander Lindis Farne's help is requested in the far away city of Etria, where an organization called the Radha hires him to explore the Yggdrasil Labyrinth and discover the cause of local earthquakes. Soon, the highlander discovers an amnesiac girl in a futuristic tube inside of a run down ruin, and meets fellow investigators from the Midgar
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Helmut: The Forsaken Child 4.8

Helmut: The Forsaken Child

Chapter 59

33.2M Mar 04,24 Honyo,Kim Nan-Sae

Helmut was a child who had been abandoned in the Demonic Beast Forest at birth. Raised by Demonic Beasts, the first human that he met was the Sword Saint Darien. Little did Helmut know that the chance encounter would soon shake the foundation of his fate… “Grow stronger If you want to get out of here.” The boy who’d lived like a beast was thrown into the human world! He possessed overwhelming sw
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Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together 4-koma Kings 4.8

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together 4-Koma Kings

Chapter 12

38.8K Mar 04,24 Sasaki Yoshino, Kokushi Musoko, Seya Masahide, Riichitsumuko Ronko, Tsukumo Banjou, Hazama Masashi, Takenashi Eri, Matsuda Madoka, Hayama Makoto

A 4-koma anthology of the game Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. Published in 1999.
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I Work Nine To Five In The Immortal Cultivation World 4.7

I Work Nine To Five In The Immortal Cultivation World

Chapter 56

5.3M Mar 04,24 欢欢 , 闻源文化

Hua Qingyuan, died suddenly due to being overly exhausted from working the ‘996’ schedule. However, he found himself transported to a fantasy world and became a disciple of the Qingyun Sword Sect. Determined not to repeat the mistakes of his past life, he resolved to work only 8 hours a day and not to spend even a half a minute practicing cultivation. He became an anomaly in the entire Qingyun Swo
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Long Live the Drama King 4.8

Long Live The Drama King

Chapter 94

3M Mar 04,24 Gobyeol , Aira (II)

After his first drama flopped, Lee Hyunseok gave up on being a PD. But when he finds himself being granted one last wish in his dying moments, he wants only one thing: to produce the ultimate makjang drama. Now, he's been given a second shot at life (and the assistance of a ghostly PD), but he's on a time crunch to achieve ratings and recognition. With no budget, rookie actors, and an amateur writ
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Mikadono Sanshimai wa Angai, Choroi 4.7

Mikadono Sanshimai Wa Angai, Choroi

Chapter 103: Yuu's Answer?

13.4M Mar 04,24 Hirakawa Aya

Though Ayase Yuu is the son of a renowned and talented actress, he is below average in anything he does. He is entrusted to live under the care of his mother's friend, and later discovers that he will also be rooming with the three sisters from his school who possess both beauty and talent. Though Yuu thought that an understanding would be impossible to reach between an ordinary person and those b
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Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku F2P 4

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku F2P

Vol.1 Chapter 4

1.5K Mar 04,24 Endou Asari

Trapped between two sides. The Resistance, or The Land of Magic? Rumors have spread of a Magical Girl with the ability to cancel death. To confirm these rumors, the Land of Magic sends two Magical Girls to investigate. What they found instead was a large dome-like barrier. Inside were a group of Magical Girls, calling themselves The Resistance. They claim to fight
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Seitokai ni mo Ana wa Aru! 4.5

Seitokai Ni Mo Ana Wa Aru!

Chapter 24: So Silly

687.7K Mar 04,24 Muchi Maro

When it comes to the face of this student organization, it's a little weird, like a fool, scary, or moody. However, mysterious and futuristic days that seem strangely cute pass by. The world's cutest daily life 4 frames presented by a little genius Muchimaro!
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Green Green Greens 4.6

Green Green Greens

Chapter 13

73.7K Mar 04,24 Terasaka Kento

Haku Yaesaki is a bored high school student with no direction in life. Right as he starts noticing how all his friends have dreams they are striving for, he meets pro golfer hopeful Nadeshiko Oga and his empty life begins to change. Now, it's time to find a whole new you as this golfing adventure tees off!
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