Subete Ai no Shiwaza 4.8

Subete Ai No Shiwaza

Chapter 3

45,050 Aug 15,22 Monden Akiko

All Eros is permitted under the name of love! I am a business counselor in a company. My worry now is that I enjoy erotica with the director of that company. The director has powerful sexual desires and it never ends. Bondage, threesomes, perverted gameplay, adult toys, and aphrodisiacs. I know that I shouldn't like a pervert like that. But why am I so swayed by him….!?
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Uryuudou Yumebanashi 3

Uryuudou Yumebanashi

Chapter 11.1

16,115 Aug 15,22 Hatsu Akiko

This manga tells the stories of an antique store that is run by an elderly man and his grandson. The grandson watches the store while his grandfather is out, and it seems like the most interesting customers come by during these times. The grandson has the ability to perceive the supernatural, and his customers often end up being entwined with the stories of different antiques in the store.
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Sekai de Ichiban Yasashii Ongaku 4.8

Sekai De Ichiban Yasashii Ongaku

Chapter 77

494,712 Aug 15,22 OZAWA Mari

A cute and touching story of a single mother, Sumireko, and her daughter, Nozomi. The manga starts off with Nozomi being sixteen years old in the first chapter, then hops back to before she was born. Finally with the third chapter starts the "real" story, when Non-Non (Nozomi) is three years old.    Won the 19th Kodansha Manga Award for Shoujo in 1995.
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This Prince Is Lovesick 2.7

This Prince Is Lovesick

Chapter 115: Point Of No Return

239,493 Aug 15,22 Ake Culture

All Yuer wanted was to find herself a groom, but she accidentally led four fiancés to their premature deaths… Fine, if no one wanted her, she could settle with being single forever. Still, dear Imperial Uncle, we have to talk about this. Next time you want to visit me in my room, could you please use the door? I can leave it open for you! “No, this is our secret rendezvous. It feels more romantic
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Happy Parasite 2.5

Happy Parasite

Vol.1 Chapter 4.1: Kotae No Kazu Dake

139,397 Aug 15,22 Shakeda Nene

An encounter that leads to a pushy parasite?! "Thanks for your help!" "Please leave." The cool, low energy businessman and the super-positive NEET, the worst possible match(?), start living together! "I'll repay you with my body!" One night, Kazuhisa, a company employee who doesn't like getting involved with others, meets Haru, a backpacker lying down on the street. Surprised and annoyed by his de
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Eternal Love 4.9

Eternal Love

Vol.1 Chapter 23: 20 Dollars

46,567 Aug 15,22 晋江文学城, 竹已

When Wen Yifan returned to her hometown for work, she met the rumoured “First-Class Handsome Guy” in a bar, but he turned out to be Sang Yan, whom she hurt and rejected in high school! In a twist of fate, the two people who could never get along kept bumping into each other. They even rented the same unit by chance and became housemates! Unspoken feelings refusing to see the light of day, strong e
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Pride 4.1


Chapter 86

197,644 Aug 15,22 Ichijo Yukari

From JManga: Shio Asami, the wealthy daughter of a famous, deceased opera singer, aims to follow the same path as her mother. Moe Midorikawa, a young woman working several part-time jobs, dreams of becoming an opera singer as well. What will happen when these two meet?!
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Paru's Graffiti 4.1

Paru's Graffiti

Vol.1 Chapter 21: The Legend Of The Southpaw

82,571 Aug 15,22 Paru Itagaki

An autobiographical manga about Itagaki Paru, her two older sisters, mother, and father.
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Cotton Candy & Daydreamer 4.5

Cotton Candy & Daydreamer

Chapter 64: I Want To See You

2,727,223 Aug 15,22 Kozko

It was late at night. Bai Yimeng the drama actress went to a ramen restaurant for dinner after a toilsome rehearsal. At that time the news about Wu Suowei was being broadcast on television. All guests present took strong interest in this star of the police force and talked about him. What everyone didn't know was, Wu Suowei himself was drinking beer in silence alongside Bai Yimeng. So a good
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Zenith 4.6


Chapter 12

111,081 Aug 15,22 Bam Bam Bam, Kim Tae Hee

I was a top agent who was abandoned by my superiors. I thought I would finally have a peaceful death, but I became the Count’s beloved daughter! Life is full of pain, all that remains is betrayal. Filled with human distrust, she enters the battlefield of the social world. Girls with a fever of love and a mysterious death! I’m nervous about playing with fire and risking my life. “If you want, I
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The Demon Lord's 5500 Shadows 4.2

The Demon Lord's 5500 Shadows

Chapter 65

2,484,622 Aug 15,22 Yoon-Dal (윤달) Munto (문토)

.I hit it big with an erotica novel starring the demon lord, but then got sued by the real demon lord!I need to turn at least half the novel into reality to survive.The smut novel needs to become reality!Irene Yoo, whose life ended just as it began to bloom at nineteen, spent her second life as a virgin ghost full of yin* energy in the underworld. She made the most of her benefits after turning in
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Shh! Top Confidential Report 3.4

Shh! Top Confidential Report

Chapter 12

315,353 Aug 15,22 Hyuk

A new employee, Ah-young, has been secretly in love with her boss, Cheon Seung-hee. Then one day, while secretly masturbating on Seunghee's desk, Ayoung discovers her secret diary and discovers the shocking truth..."What? My love, manager Cheon Seung-hee, actually scolds people with sex every night?!"
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Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 4.6

Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms

Chapter 30: The Rebellion (Part 3)

808,342 Aug 14,22 Tang Qi

Through the course of unlikely coincidences, a man and woman meet again and again in three different lives. What will become of their love in the world of the immortals?
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Hanshin 4.4


Vol.1 Chapter 10: Kinyou No Yoru No Shuukai

51,149 Aug 14,22 Hagio Moto

Conjoined twins Yudy and Yucy are as different as possible. Older Yudy is intelligent but ugly, as her nutrients are used up by her beautiful but simpleminded sister Yucy. Loving and hating so deeply, where does one girl begin and the other end?
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Giratsuki Joushi to Gisou Kekkon!? 3.3

Giratsuki Joushi To Gisou Kekkon!?

5,005 Aug 14,22 Kyo Kanai

"You're quite the stubborn wife." That throbbing feeling deep inside of me is about to make me pass out! Office lady Chiya takes up a special bonus from her full-of-himself boss, Hayato Honjou. However, the place he brings her to is a marriage interview!? Not only that, after he forcibly steals a kiss from her in front of a crowd of people, he announces that "she's the woman who will be my wife"..
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Can I Cancel The Confession? 5

Can I Cancel The Confession?

0 Aug 14,22 Shinmae

Hayan, a high school student, finally gathers the courage to confess to her crush. But somehow her confession ends up in the hands of another student named Bakha, who is rumored to be a bully and a womanizer. Hayan desperately tries to hide that she confessed to the wrong person because she is terrified by the rumors. Meanwhile, Bakha starts to take an interest in her, and opens up to her in his o
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You’re Perfect for Me 3.7

You’Re Perfect For Me

0 Aug 14,22

/ / You're Just Right for MeBaek Mir: an aspiring webtoon author who's never dated before. Kang Hyeok: the handsome and wealthy CEO of Sophist Hotel. To avoid his mother's pressure to get married, Hyeok suggests a contractual relationship with mismatched Mir. ...But why does it feel so real?
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The Saintess' Secret Night 3

The Saintess' Secret Night

0 Aug 14,22 Dallae , Geum Eun-ha

Saint Aristella, who sealed the goddess of lust in her body...Ever since she was imprisoned in the temple of Yigmentar from which she could not escape, she sometimes felt her body heat up and her consciousness fly away.The priests and knights of the temple, seduced by the power of her goddess within her, who is getting stronger day by day, fell in love with the saint..."I hate relationships withou
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Today the Villainess has Fun Again 4.8

Today The Villainess Has Fun Again

Chapter 49

10,531,621 Aug 14,22 Updating

My friend stole my boyfriend and then dared to hand me a wedding invitation with a smile? Ha! I had a blast enjoying my revenge and came home and fell asleep but... When I woke up I was in the body of the Villainess of a Romance Fantasy novel who has everything, appearance, assets, and intelligence. The only thing this girl lacked was the insight to judge a man. Throw the b
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Office Romance Confidential 4.4

Office Romance Confidential

Chapter 70

723,230 Aug 14,22 Bnew,Patsang,Rgi,You nari

Working for a counseling helpline is never boring, but when Yoochae takes one last call for the night, she learns of a company's sinister secret from the charming yet rash Sunho. Suddenly, that company's best problem-solver, the handsome Yool Sun, pays her a visit and offers her a fake job as a mental health counselor to secure her discretion. Determined to earn her keep at this cold conglomerate,
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Hug Me, Bossy CEO 3.9

Hug Me, Bossy Ceo

Chapter 297

7,843,571 Aug 14,22 Zhang Yue Culture

Just throw in two hundred bucks after a one-night stand and consider it a bad night! She thought that they would be strangers from then onward but she was being repeatedly dragged to bed… When she got fed up with it, he righteously said that he would be responsible for her. She wondered, “How are you going to be responsible?” He pounced on her like a beast. “Let’s continue!”
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Make Me Hard 4.6

Make Me Hard

Chapter 23

1,451,847 Aug 13,22 Shimanaga Nono

Umeko is a virgin and doesn't have a boyfriend. As an office worker moonlighting as a BL manga author, she's always fantasizing about her boss, Miyakado, as a bottom. One day, she gets told by her editor, "Your manga isn't erotic at all! You're fired if you don't get a good look at a real life p*nis!" A flustered Umeko turns to Miyakado for help. H
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The Kind Older Sister Is No More 4.8

The Kind Older Sister Is No More

Vol.1 Chapter 14

340,375 Aug 13,22 Yun Yeo-eum, Jugi, Selim

Irene has always been living in the shadow of her ill and frail sister, Riel. She believed that she could and had to do everything for her family… until Riel stole everything from her.After realizing that there is no place for her in her home, and that she was never loved by her family, Irene decides to do her utmost to become independent, and in doing so, crosses paths with Noel Kristen, a ma
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I Confessed to the Boss 4.8

I Confessed To The Boss

Chapter 31

195,419 Aug 13,22

Openly Workplace Romance / Openly Dating / Outspokenly In-House Love / / Everyone loves Mr. Perfect, team leader Ji Dohoon-- except for one person, that is. For the past two years, Dajung has only had eyes for her coworker, Hyunwoo. On the night of the company dinner, Dajung runs after him as he leaves and asks him to be her boyfriend. However, once the tall figure she confesses to steps out o
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