Aibuka! (Kari) 2.8

Aibuka! (Kari)

Vol.1 Chapter 7: You're My Idol + Bonus Drawings

25K Mar 28,23 Shiwasu No Okina

Ch. 1-6 Aibuka (Club Activities as an Idol)A club is on the verge of shutting down, so what will the club president do to save his club? Of course, create an idol!Ch. 7 You're My IdolShione-chan is his favourite idol. He even went to idols' swimsuit contest which she attended. And while relaxing in bathhouse after that he suddenly sees her entering man bath by mistake. And he takes her
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Imouto to Lockdown 2.1

Imouto To Lockdown

Chapter 3: Heaven

40K Mar 28,23 Ichihaya

TAGS-male: sole male-female: blowjob, exhibitionism, handjob, lolicon, schoolgirl uniform, sister, sole female, twintails-mixed: incest
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R Shitei 3.1

R Shitei

Vol.2 Chapter 11: Sexy Sibs Epilogue

35K Mar 28,23 Yoriu Mushi

Volume 11. Sexy Sibs: Little Night Crawling2. Sexy Sibs: Farm Play Story3. Sexy Sibs: Imoshibo4. Sexy Sibs: Tsuhan Seikatsu5. Natsu no Patricia 6. Shishunki no Mori-kun 7. Kagami no Kuni Arisu 8. Neverland 9. MebaeVolume 2:1. Sexy Sibs: Her Unreasonable Pearl2. Sexy Sibs: Teacher's Pet3. Sexy Sibs: Family Ties4. Sexy Sibs: Newly Weds5. Pi
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Brother & Sister 3.9

Brother & Sister

Vol.1 Chapter 5

25K Mar 28,23 Hindenburg

This is extracted from the tankoubon "Kyoudai Nikuyoku Soukan" and contains the story of Kousuke and AkikoTAGS-male: sole male, sweating-female: anal, impregnation, lactation, lolicon, nakadashi, pregnant, rape, sister, sole female, sweating-mixed: incest-other: story arc
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Imoten 4.1


Vol.1 Chapter 10: Home Of The Saegusa Girls

10K Mar 28,23 Saegusa Kohaku

1-3. Onegai SisterKid-sister Kana is always hanging onto her beloved onii-chan. But she's not a "kid" anymore, and it's not just "cute" anymore--not for her older brother. How can he tell this adorable girl to quit being so lovey-dovey...? But a tearful kid-sister comes to her reliable onii-chan and asks for help: she felt an itch and rubbed it--and couldn't stop! Is she sick? Oniichan decides
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L.O.F ~Ai Fool~ Shinsouban 3.4

L.o.f ~Ai Fool~ Shinsouban

Vol.1 Chapter 10: Someday, Those Two...

20K Mar 28,23 Saegusa Kohaku

Extended version of L.O.F ~Ai Fool~1. Nakayo ki koto wa bi shī koto ka wa? (Is Getting Along A Beautiful Thing?)2. Kanojo no Yuuutsu (Girlfriend Melancholy)3. I wish...4. Chotto Stalker kamo!? (Just A Stalker)5. Ki ni Naru Otonari-san (Bothered By My Neighbor)6. Hontou ni Attara Kowai Hanashi (A True Horror Story) 7. Sokokara Hajimaru (Start From There)8. Koi seyo M
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Eiyuu*Senki - The World Conquest 5

Eiyuu*senki - The World Conquest

Vol.2 Chapter 9

5K Mar 28,23 Endou Okito

Waking up with no memories in the arms of his little sister(?) Himiko, our hero decides to cast his lot in with her to bring about world peace by uniting it all under one banner.That said, the only way they can do this is through fighting their way past many of the legendary heroes of old. Only this time, they all seem to be cute girls instead!Journeying to the four corners of the Earth, t
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Inner Equal Bloomers 3.4

Inner Equal Bloomers

Vol.1 Chapter 9.5: Bonus

20K Mar 28,23 Kaneko Toshiaki

1. Imouto no Yokogamiyaburi (A Sister's Unusual Behavior)2. Tanjoubi no Murijii (Birthday Extortion)3. Machi ni Matta Mono (A Long Awaited Thing)4. Marumie no Kimochii (Feelings in Plain Sight)5. Hikikomori no Tedasuke (Helping the Shut-In)6. Warikomi Kyoushi (Interrupting Teacher)7. Suki ga Kojirete (Love Is Complicated)8. Shikata no Nai Kikkake9. Ki wo Tsukanai de
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Hitori de Yoru wa Koe Rarenai 3

Hitori De Yoru Wa Koe Rarenai

Vol.1 Chapter 3

0 Mar 28,23 Matsumoto Yoh

1950s Japan. Ex-soldier, Seishirou, is working as a waiter in a cabaret near an American military base, passing his days in a stagnant cycle. One day, he is approached by Jim, an American soldier who speaks fluent Japanese. Seishirou is moved by Jim's soft smile, and Jim soon confesses his interest in him. Seishirou sees this as a chance to change his life."Shall we try doing this whole 'coupl
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Honestly, I like you a lot! 4.1

Honestly, I Like You A Lot!

Chapter 8

235.3K Mar 28,23 Tama

Ji-Hyuk reunites with his old female friends from college to celebrate him finally entering the workforce.The always cold ‘Lim Ji-Ah’ and the cute ‘Choi Yoon-Ha’ with her bobcut.After Yoon-Ha went home early, an already awkward situation for Ji-Ah and Ji-Hyuk alone grew worse when Ji-Ah frantically bolted from Ji-Hyuk’s room and huh…what’s that in her bag!
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Staying with Ajumma 4.1

Staying With Ajumma

Chapter 51

13.9M Mar 27,23 Geurogoreu (그레고르)

Middle School Graduate Jeong-Hoo is an orphan… His only warmth was an Ajumma. He endures life day by day but in a place like this, can he be with his Ajumma forever?
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Reborn with a big dick! 3.6

Reborn With A Big Dick!

Chapter 4

430.5K Mar 27,23 Great Pillar

A webtoon adaptation of the original adult web novel “Let me be born as a great creature!” from Pillar of Raging Fire!Lee Jung-woo, a middle-aged man with everything he has! But there is a fatal complex that others don't know about... that is his dick! Lee Jung-woo, who tragically ended his life, received God's grace and was reborn as Daemul Lee Do-Hoon in his youth. Witness Lee Do-hoon's extr
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Theater Society 4.7

Theater Society

Chapter 112

2.7M Mar 25,23 QRQ , 슈리넬

."You are just my type!" Jeon Jae-woo joins P&M, a theater and film club after twists and turns. But what? The beauties of the club actively attack Jeon Jae-woo! Will Jaewoo be able to survive their armed attack and win his own love?
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Meeting You Again 4.6

Meeting You Again

Chapter 25: Please Put It Back In, Sir!

550.6K Mar 24,23 Hijun

Kyung-Soo, a high school teacher has his eye on Yura, a girl student who resembles his first love. Even if I draw the line by saying "I am a teacher and she is a student", Yura tempts me even more "Sir... I am an adult now so don't hold back."
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Siblings 2.5


Chapter 18

4M Mar 23,23 Iron

My father remarried my first love’s mother, I never confessed and looked at her from afar… Now we are considered ‘Brother and Sister’. “Do you like me too? Could we live a normal life?”
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Takeout Honey 3.4

Takeout Honey

Vol.1 Chapter 14: Afterschool Experience

210.3K Mar 22,23 Shouno Kotaro

1. Honey Game2. Killer Complex3. Change!4. Yoi Koi (Drunken Love)5. Kimi ni Muchuu♥ (Crazy About You)6. Pure Bitch! (Pure Slut!)7. Watashi Dake no Idol♥ (My Personal Idol)8. Make Live9. Himeko-chan to XXX (XXX with Himeko-chan)10. Chiyo no Daibouken★ (Chiyo's Big Adventure)11. Mini Mini Girl12. Summer Vivid Girl13. Irekoi.14. Houkago Experience (
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Tanin ni Naru Kusuri 3.6

Tanin Ni Naru Kusuri

Chapter 5

160.2K Mar 22,23 Senpenbankashiki (Circle)

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Keep This a Secret From Mom 4.4

Keep This A Secret From Mom

Chapter 81

18.9M Mar 21,23 NOAH

Hae-sung is living with Yeon-ah, his mom’s friend. He thought studying hard was all he had to do, but the other top students are enjoying their romantic affairs on top of that. "Studying isn't the only thing you do in a classroom?"---- (
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Punch Drunk Love 4.1

Punch Drunk Love

Chapter 27

551.1K Mar 21,23 Moscareto (모스카레토)

Park Sunwoo is a member of the finance team at DM Electronics. He styles his hair with a deep side part, wears thick glasses, and prefers his suit oversized. His inflexible personality has earned him an awful reputation, but he prioritizes his own comfort and happiness and pays no mind to the badmouthing that happens behind his back… However, even a guy like him has unrequited f
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Miya-chan 1-nen Choukyou 2.8

Miya-Chan 1-Nen Choukyou

Chapter 2: Second Part

190.2K Mar 20,23 Ririo Gatto (Circle), Kaenuco

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Displeased Fruits 4

Displeased Fruits

Vol.1 Chapter 9: A Silver Mirror

245.3K Mar 20,23 Kuroiwa Menou

Ch.0 "Muscle training of love"One on one training between abducted boy and bodyguard. Sequel illustration to ch. 1 and 2. (Translation: InsanePraetor, Edit: blueRose)Ch.1 "The Young Woman and her Dog ~Virgin Hunt~"Rich girl abducts young boy to play with. (Translation: desudesu, Edit: LzyAtoms)Ch.2 "The Young Woman and her Dog ~Anxious★First Experience!~"Rich girl crossdresses
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