I'm The Great Immortal 4.3

I'm The Great Immortal

Chapter 587

94.8M Dec 11,23 June Snow Studio

The previous life was a peerless genius in the world of immortality. He was killed by 3 celestial beings. He was accidentally reborn to his 20s by the book of heaven. All he wanted to do was to become an immortal and return to the immortal world, and he became the strongest man on the earth, turning his hands into clouds and covering his hands with rain, provoking anyone who defies him! He is the
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Invincible After a Hundred Years of Seclusion 4.5

Invincible After A Hundred Years Of Seclusion

Chapter 310

8M Dec 11,23 创迹文化

He clearly transmigrated into the body of the young master of a powerful aristocratic family in the fantasy world, but was sent out of his ancestral home and made to live in a remote courtyard!? But Chu Xuan doesn't care at all, because he has a system that will help him get stronger! As long as he stay at home long enough, he can become strong! Ding~ Stayed at home for a day, reward- Indestructib
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I Determine My Own Destiny 4.3

I Determine My Own Destiny

Chapter 144

2.4M Dec 11,23 Sanfu Mutual Entertainment, Reading Comics

Jiang Beiran traveled through time and space and arrived at the Dragon Continent with a miserable beginning. And when he was lucky enough to obtain the system, it didn’t work as he expected. Therefore, he chose to stay low-key, avoid any chances of showing off, and only concentrate on cultivation. However, reality didn’t allow him to be ordinary. He still became a mysterious powerful cultivator wi
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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree 4.8

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Chapter 145

23.1M Dec 11,23 绯红之夜, 黑鸟社

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree manhua, Reborned as a willow tree! ? Resurrection of spiritual energy, rise of all things. The reborn willow has also embarked on the path of evolution. It can evolve infinitely, is it "divine power" or "curse"?
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I Will Become the Villain's Poison Taster 4.7

I Will Become The Villain's Poison Taster

Chapter 25

690.8K Dec 11,23 Nemolaming

I, an innocent office worker, possessed the devastating novel . On top of that, I’m Giselle Lloydsvin, a villainess who poisons herself to death before being hanged! But the poison brought by the assassins doesn't work? It even tastes like fruit!“You’ll be okay since it’s only a little bit, so hurry and drink it.”…Even though I possessed someone, it seems my destiny is to be tormented by a
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Grey Eminence Female Lead Is Trying to Make Me Her Stepmom 4.5

Grey Eminence Female Lead Is Trying To Make Me Her Stepmom

Chapter 94: Episode 94

10M Dec 11,23 목감기,하리힌

I possessed the role of Civilian 1 in the 'tragic novel' I wrote with my friends as a joke. However, I was soon discovered by the female lead's father, known for endlessly doting on his daughter. The problem is... "Then, what'll happen to my daughter in this 'tragic novel'?" "...What? Ten male leads?" The father of the heroine, Duke Henstone, declared revolution in order to change his daughter's m
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To Hell With Being A Saint, I’m A Doctor 4.6

To Hell With Being A Saint, I’M A Doctor

Chapter 76

34.7M Dec 11,23 Voke,Goriff (고리프),Lorenzo (로렌조),Hammi (함미)

Yusung is a genius doctor famous in the medical world. He, who spent his whole life in an operation room, died in a traffic accident, and when he woke up, he was in another world. But…a saintess? A holy empire? Healing magic? “I put so much effort into learning medicine, but now all I need to do is touch someone and they’re healed? Seriously, I think I’ve gone crazy.”
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The Sickly Tyrant With An Innocent Facade 4

The Sickly Tyrant With An Innocent Facade

Chapter 216

3.8M Dec 11,23 阅文漫画

Bng Jio Bo Jn Gi N Lch Jbn / The Sickly Loveable Tyrant Changed to Take the Green Tea Script / Yandere Tyrant Transforms to Take the Green Tea Script / Fu Xin, a powerful president of her company in the modern age, finds that she had travelled to the past and transmigrated into the body of the village girl Fu Qibao along with her Merit System. Now, not only did she have to suffer the consequences
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The Ultimate of All Ages 4.7

The Ultimate Of All Ages

Chapter 251

49.5M Dec 11,23 Jack norway,Tai yi shui sheng

First among the ten martial emperors, Peerless Martial Emperor Gu Fei Yang met his demise in the Tiandang mountains. He was reincarnated fifteen years later, as Li Xun Xiao of the Tianshui Nation, and thus began a heaven-defying battlefront with the countless talents of the current generation. Martial arts of the nine heavens and ten divine realms. From then on, the whole world was set ablaze.
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The Strongest Unemployed Hero 3.6

The Strongest Unemployed Hero

Chapter 54

4.6M Dec 11,23 Jakto, Seo Tae Hoon

Shin Min-cheol had been recruited to the world called ‘Anhelles’. He was one who had lived 200 years fighting to survival and destroying the enemies, in the end the ruler of the continent Zero, was lead to the victory of war. And finally, Min-cheol, who has finally returned to Earth leaving the peace of Anhelles behind, wants to live his long-awaited life as a ‘rich unemployed man’, but another
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Oswald the Overman in the Lesser Planes of Hell 3.8

Oswald The Overman In The Lesser Planes Of Hell

Vol.1 Chapter 12: Death Match!

39.2K Dec 11,23 Technoccult

An idiot wakes up in hell, and goes on a journey to reclaim their life.
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Leveling Up My Isekai'd Abs 2.9

Leveling Up My Isekai'd Abs

Chapter 12

230.7K Dec 11,23

Sung Suwoo has it all he's handsome, strong, and popular. His only problem is he can't grow abs no matter how much he trains! After being dumped by his girlfriend for having a flabby tummy, he gets isekai'd into a webcomic universe! Can he successfully return if his only ticket back home is by becoming the hottest male character of the romance genre with S-rank abs?
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Legend 4.1


Vol.13 Chapter 77

3.6M Dec 11,23 Kannazuki Kou

Reiji Saeki was living in a north-eastern countryside town and lost his life in an accident during summer vacation. But before he knew it, a mysterious ball of light appeared in front of his eyes in a world of whiteness. Being a magician from a parallel world, that ball of light is looking for someone qualified to inherit the magic they had created in order to prevent it from being lost. Reiji, wh
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Yohane of the Parhelion – Unpolarized Reflexion 4.3

Yohane Of The Parhelion – Unpolarized Reflexion

Chapter 20

202.5K Dec 11,23 YATATE Hajime , MATSUDA Kouta

The story of the girl everyone knows, but no one knows the story of. The daily life of Yohane, who runs a fortune teller's shop in a town by the sea, is relaxed, heartwarming, sometimes full of black magic? A short comic depicting the days of an illusion, near and far.
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The Little Princess and Her Monster Prince 4.5

The Little Princess And Her Monster Prince

Chapter 88

40.9M Dec 11,23 Jang Namu,Hagwa

She transmigrated into the body of Ancia, the current wife of the monstrous crown prince, Blake, in an R-19 romance novel. In the original story, Ancia committed suicide on the day of their marriage, leaving Blake with massive trauma. But this time, Ancia wouldnt do such a thing. Blake was the second male lead in the original novel. He was portrayed as a beast that possessed an exquisite facade. Y
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I Became the Mother of the Bloody Male Lead 4.8

I Became The Mother Of The Bloody Male Lead

Chapter 13

315.3K Dec 11,23 Jong Ibam, Peril

When I opened my eyes, I became Sheriel, the mother of the male protagonist in the novel, A Wasteland Without Blood or Tears. In the original novel, the male lead, Cardicel, was famous for being cruel, so I looked at him with trepidation, thinking he would be different from the beginning, but what was this? My son, who will soon become the lead male protagonist, is so cute.“We can’t let such a
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Only I Can Speak the Ancient Language of Magic 4.6

Only I Can Speak The Ancient Language Of Magic

Chapter 47

914.9K Dec 11,23 Gajang

Waking up in a fantasy novel set in an ancient magical world was confusing enough for Sisha. But on top of that, she happens to be the only person who could read and understand the old texts recovered from the secret library kept hidden for thousands of years Furthermore, to Sisha's surprise, the ancient language of forbidden magic turned out to be none other than modern English! With the emperor
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Welcome to Another World, Now then, Please Die 2.5

Welcome To Another World, Now Then, Please Die

Vol.1 Chapter 5

1.6M Dec 10,23 Mizushiro Mizuki

"You all will not be heroes. You'll be Living Sacrifices, will you not?"Atsuto thought that by going to another world his unremarkable life would change and he would be granted all sorts of powers. However, in that other world he found nothing but despair.Atsuto is an ordinary and unpopular high school student with no remarkable talents or romantic success. One day, his school is enveloped
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The Mighty Extra: One Girl Changes the World 4.8

The Mighty Extra: One Girl Changes The World

Chapter 42

723.8K Dec 10,23 AliceW

Read manhwa The Mighty Extra: One Girl Changes the World / This Overpowered Extra Will Change Your Life / / / It's easy to overlook the extras in a novel, but when one avid reader wakes up in the body of "extra" extraordinaire Princess Lyla, she's ready to shed the side character image and step into her mightiest form! Armed with hidden magic more potent than the empire of Belliana has ever
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Revenge of the Sword Clan's Hound 4.7

Revenge Of The Sword Clan's Hound

Chapter 55

24.6M Dec 10,23 설아랑,이산책

He was the hound of the Baskerville family: Vikir.Yet his loyalty was rewarded by the blade of a guillotine dirtied by slander.“I will never live the life of a hound slaughtered after the rabbit is caught.”In place of death, an unexpected opportunity awaits him.Vicir’s eyes glowed red as he sharpened his canines in the dark.“Just you wait, Hugo. I will rip out your throat this
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For the Happy Ending of the Tragic Novel 4.7

For The Happy Ending Of The Tragic Novel

Chapter 40

3.3M Dec 10,23 Ho , 호

I' was possessed in [The Miracle of Dawn], a bad ending novel in which the deplorable male leads do whatever they can to possess the priestess Bell'. I think I was reincarnated as Rosiana, an obstacle that hinders the main character's happiness. "Maybe I'll be able to change the ending of this novel?"For a Pushover's Happy Ending,For the Happy Ending of the Waste, mangabuddy is a website dedicate
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We Got Ourselves Stuck Inside an Adult Fantasy Novel 4.7

We Got Ourselves Stuck Inside An Adult Fantasy Novel

Chapter 24

946.1K Dec 10,23 hyeyong , CHUNG

There’s only so much one can take of her friend squealing over yet another cliché romance fantasy novel. But the biggest cliché of all happens when Jiwon and Yein reincarnate with Sihyeon in the exact story their friend is so obsessed with! Though God has summoned them to this new world to save it from impending doom, the three women have other plans. Jiwon wishes to rebel against the imperial pal
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The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door 4.6

The Runaway Lead Lives Next Door

Chapter 57

5.8M Dec 10,23 Beluha

Seina Rohill is a D-class hunter making a living off of killing monstrous fiendsor so she thought. In actuality, she's become an insignificant character in the novel, "A Secret in the Flower Shop." What's more, she happens to be neighbors with the female lead, Ellen Euclis! The story revolves around Ellen receiving daily love confessions until she meets the male lead. But when Seina encounters a s
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Overpowered Healer 4.4

Overpowered Healer

Chapter 38

7.4M Dec 10,23 EtchedWarp

Summoned to another world and living as a mediocre healer, Sido, by a stroke of luck, begins to hear the voices of the gods. It turns out that the gods have been playing a long-term game with humans?!
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