I Became the Only Healer in This World 4.8

I Became The Only Healer In This World

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Ch. 4

13.8K May 25,24 Do Ye Woon, Onggi

Healer who is addicted to gambling has been on a single path for years. Somehow, the world changed and I became the world's only healer. ‘What? 'You have a tank dealer but no healer?' No, what. Is there any balance for X network with tank damage but no healer? *** It has been several decades since the Gate appeared. I heard that a lot of strategies and data have been accumulated over the years.
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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree 4.8

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Chapter 221

31.5M May 25,24 绯红之夜, 黑鸟社

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree manhua, Reborned as a willow tree! ? Resurrection of spiritual energy, rise of all things. The reborn willow has also embarked on the path of evolution. It can evolve infinitely, is it "divine power" or "curse"?
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Teihen Ossan, Cheat Kokusei de Isekai Rakuraku Life 4.7

Teihen Ossan, Cheat Kokusei De Isekai Rakuraku Life

Chapter 5.2: Appraisal

210.6K May 25,24 Giaman

Reincarnated from a bottom-tier salaryman to an adventurer, he possessed only one skill: . A seemingly dead-end second life enveloped in games even in another world… This is the record of a man’s meteoric rise from the depths to cheat-level life in another world!
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Igyou Atama-san to Ningen-chan 4.6

Igyou Atama-San To Ningen-Chan

Vol.5 Chapter 19

575.9K May 25,24 Mike Tama

Our main character, who is exhausted from being a corporate slave, gets transported to another world and lives as a pet of Heteromorphic head-san.They both have romantic feelings for each other, however, because of their racial differences, they can’t seem to progress, but…
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A Modern Man Who Got Transmigrated Into the Murim World 4.7

A Modern Man Who Got Transmigrated Into The Murim World

Chapter 87

24.2M May 25,24 Yeo Beop-ryong,Cheong Ru Yeon,Park Hee Jin

I was a public official who worked part-time to survive. I was knocked out by a speeding car while making deliveries in the middle of the night. I have a strong memory of dying prematurely in a hit-and-run. “…I’m Jo Hwi?” At some point, I became the second son of the collapsing Jo Ga-cheol Clan. This family has neither the authority to drop a flying bird nor the power to carry out one’s will. Ther
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Bocchi Jieikan no Isekai Funsenki 4.6

Bocchi Jieikan No Isekai Funsenki

Vol.3 Chapter 17: Sdf Go West 3

925.7K May 25,24 Heesokai

Takeshi Jinguji, an executive candidate of the Self-Defense Force, who had just graduated from the University of Defense, was reincarnated into a different world due to a traffic accident. The inventory had the standard equipment of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force! Jingoji Joe's self-defense officer battle action that makes the fantasy world unrivaled with equipment stronger than magic!!
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Catastrophic Necromancer 4.7

Catastrophic Necromancer

Chapter 88

19.1M May 25,24 黑鸟社

The game has emerged into reality, the rules of the world have been turned upside down and humanity has entered the era of becoming players with the world set as a game stage. The only way to become a player is by leveling up to become stronger! The only way to rise to the top of the world! On the day of world fusion Lin Moyue chose to take on the sole hidden class, Necromancer. From then on, Lin
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Wan Gu Shen Wang 4.4

Wan Gu Shen Wang

Chapter 399

36.6M May 25,24 Xiaomingtaiji , Huang Shaoxing Man ,

The past life died because of the imperial concubine, and he was born again in the high school era. It coincides with the recovery of the aura and the great changes in the world. When rejuvenating a teenager, he will follow the path of his journey, and he will protect his own friends. Loved ones. When he does not choose to stay, he will push him all the way.
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Overmortal 3.9


Chapter 31

183.4K May 25,24 TAPIR 梦貘映画, A Ni Wei (阿尼威)

Chen Xiao, who was diagnosed with a fatal illness was transported to a world of cultivation and obtained the ability to absorb the powers of curios. The more curios he touches, the more powers he gains and the more he knows about the secrets to forging them. Martial arts, rare curios and mysterious abodes, I want them all!---**Note:** You can think of a (
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How to Protect My Male Lead 4.6

How To Protect My Male Lead

Chapter 31

94.6K May 25,24 SEO Liha

Read manhwa How to Protect My Male Lead / Overcome with grief, Iris cradles her dying husband, Crown Prince Cedric, who was betrayed by her own bloodline. Suddenly, she's transported to another dimension where Cedric's life is written in a book, and pleads for the power to change the ending. That's when Iris is sent back to the time before her marriage, armed with the knowledge of impending tr
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The Daughter of Evil and Miss Devil 4.2

The Daughter Of Evil And Miss Devil

Chapter 65

3.4M May 25,24 拂晓联盟, Morel

Two girls, hand-in-hand, cross over to another world, into a magical academy set in a melodramatic Western fantasy novel. They transform into two people completely unrecognizable to each other: One is a rich villainess who is incapable of using any kind of magic, while the other is a young girl extremely talented in the field of magic, who's said to be the reincarnation of the Demon Lord. Original
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I’m Really Not A Supervillain 4

I’M Really Not A Supervillain

Chapter 148

13.6M May 25,24 衣月动漫

The human world is shrouded in fear of the unknown. In order to survive, a few awakened people rose up to fight. Yilin, an unlucky man who couldn’t become a hero in time, was tragically assassinated when he killed the boss. Unexpectedly, he was born again and gained the ability of a villain leader. He was originally an ordinary man but he became the lifelong enemy of countless gods and demon
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Buta no Fukushuu 4.2

Buta No Fukushuu

Vol.6 Chapter 25: Selfish Woman

1.2M May 25,24 Nitou Sau

Before successfully being able to commit suicide, Takeshi Hirota, a bullied high school boy is transported to another another world where he is accepted by the orcs due to his appearance.
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I Can't Fall In Love With Paperman 3.8

I Can't Fall In Love With Paperman

Chapter 26: It Was Your Plot

129.4K May 25,24 肆嘉 (Si Jia), 七渺渔

When a BL comic artist transmigrated into the princess of Liao, she resumed her career... but encountered her "dear son" who crawled out of the book and refused to be gay! Faced with a sword to her neck, will she surrender or resist? What's worse, the plot is no longer under her control; who's the mysterious person behind the scenes controlling everything?
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Garbage Hero: A Revenge Story of a Hero who got Summoned to Another World 4.4

Garbage Hero: A Revenge Story Of A Hero Who Got Summoned To Another World

Chapter 44.1

88.8M May 25,24 Kinashi Haruka,Nanja Monja

While on a regular school day, Tsukuru along with his classmates got transported to another world. However, at the other side of the summoning there was a hero's auction, where each nation would bid for the heroes to defeat the demon kings of each territory. While his classmates received cheat jobs and got auctioned quickly Tsukuru got the useless job "Chef", as no nation bid for him
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I, the Demon Lord, Am Being Targeted by My Female Disciples! 4.7

I, The Demon Lord, Am Being Targeted By My Female Disciples!

Chapter 19

451.6K May 25,24 芝士雪豹嗷, 奇了漫画

Bai Feng transmigrated into an ancient chinese style dating game and became the Demon Lord, Bai Qingling. The Bai Qingling in the game is cold-hearted and ruthless. In order to seek immortality, he cultivates the Path of Gu, makes human puppets, and does all kinds of evil. What’s even more hateful is that his three stunning female disciples he regards as pawns, are the villain bosses in the game’s
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MONMUSUGO! 〜Living in Another World with the Strongest Monster Girls with Translation Skills〜 4.6

Monmusugo! 〜Living In Another World With The Strongest Monster Girls With Translation Skills〜

Chapter 8.3

5M May 25,24 Kimimaro

Amakawa Keisuke, a hapless corporate slave who suddenly dies, wakes up in a different world! He tries his best to enjoy life in another world, but he has only been given the bottom-tier skill "Translation" and on top of that, the most powerful monster was in front of him...!
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Ending Maker 4.9

Ending Maker

Chapter 64

20.9M May 24,24 Chwiryong (취룡),Does

The two who are among the best pro players of the game, Legend of Heroes 2. “Outboxer009” who is eternally first, and the forever second-place “YellowStorm”. One day, these two woke up inside the game… “Hey… you too?” “Hey… me too!” The ending of Legend of Heroes 2 comes with the destruction of the world. But thankfully the two are together. The server’s Rank 1 and 2, at that! It’s time for th
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S-Class Hunter Doesn't Want to Be a Villainous Princess 4.7

S-Class Hunter Doesn't Want To Be A Villainous Princess

Chapter 40

1.7M May 24,24 Blue Canna, Assam, 아쌈 , 푸른칸나

Read manhwa The S-Class Hunter Doesn't Want to Be a Villainous Princess, Class S Hunter doesn't want to be a villain princess, S , The S-Class Hunter Detests Being A Villainous PrincessShe had transmigrated into a hunter constellation fantasy novel, and after 10 years, she finally attained the No.1 Hunter ranking and cleared the towerBut now she transmigrated into a Romance-Fantasy novel as an
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I'm the Only One with a Failure of a Skill in Another World's Summoning Rebellion — Until the Weakest Skill [Absorption] Swallows Everything 4.3

I'm The Only One With A Failure Of A Skill In Another World's Summoning Rebellion — Until The Weakest Skill [Absorption] Swallows Everything

Chapter 49: Last Chance

22M May 24,24 Skyfarm,高幡隆盛

The student Nakatani Yuto was supposed to be having a regular life, however his whole class was transferred to another world. All the students gained powerful skills and were worshipped as heroes, but for Yuto who got the unfavorable skill [Absorption]...! ?
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Isekai Tensei Soudouki 4.7

Isekai Tensei Soudouki

Chapter 97

92.3M May 24,24 Takami Ryousen, Honoji

Balud Cornelius is the son of a noble of the Mauricia kingdom and inside him also dwell the souls of the niggardly warring states commander Oka Sadatoshi and animal ear otaku high schooler Oka Masaharu. With these 3 souls in a single body, he can exhibit extraordinary abilities when it comes to combat or managing the domain.
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"shiryou Jutsushi Nado Kegarawashii" To Shokei Sareta Node, Mazoku Ni Tenshin Itashimasu

Chapter 6.2

171.8K May 24,24 Kaname Ryu,Hayase Kuroe

A duke's daughter and the crown prince's fiancee...I, Rachel Sheringham, was both and wielded dark attribute magic, which allowed me to use necromancy. I was accused of colluding with demons due to it and was executed.With regret as my source of power, I will return to life as a lich!!!
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Drawing: The Greatest Mangaka Becomes A Skilled “Martial Artist” In Another World 4.3

Drawing: The Greatest Mangaka Becomes A Skilled “Martial Artist” In Another World

Chapter 103

17.8M May 24,24 Kim Kwang Hyun,Im Dal-young

Akira Kamishiro was a very successful manga author, who was diagnosed with blood cancer one day. He regretted the way he lived, where he could only build up empty relationships. Angry at his mother for asking him to send her some money, he died in a car accident. He was given a chance to choose his new mother and reincarnate in another world. Akira, not wanting to have a repeat of his past life, d
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