An Ode To Youth 3.1

An Ode To Youth

Chapter 25

441.7K Dec 11,23 Bbung5 , ₩5

Cheongwook and Unho have been living together for three months due to unavoidable circumstances. These two, who have nothing to do with each other, keep fighting over trivial matters. Just when the anger between them builds up and is about to explode, Unho gets caught with his secret by Cheongwook.
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Yubisaki Kara Honki no Netsujou 4.4

Yubisaki Kara Honki No Netsujou

Chapter 150

12.6M Dec 11,23 Tanishi kawano

"I can't get enough of how you're so strong-willed, but you still lose yourself in me." I never wanted to be held by a flirty man... But for some reason, inside his strong arms, his warmth feels so good... Notices: This manga has sexual content and censurable scenes, which means that it's smut, so please don't remove the smut tag Please remember to sup
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His Extra-Large, Ever-So-Lovely... 2.5

His Extra-Large, Ever-So-Lovely...

Chapter 5

9.6K Dec 11,23 Omoimi

University student Aoi Yamamoto joins the Sake Research society hoping to get a girlfriend and lose his virginity, despite being unable to tolerate alcohol. At a club event, he gets wasted on liquor chocolates and is taken care of by Kobayashi-kun, a member of the same club. Despite being very handsome, Kobayashi-kun confesses that he is also a virgin... because of his enormous di**! How will the
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Loving the Now: Side Story 3.1

Loving The Now: Side Story


339.4K Dec 11,23 Nadan

“He looks just like your ex-muse, right?” Lee Muwan leads a quiet life as a writer. His friends constantly worry about him and his solitary lifestyle. One day, a friend of his decides to hire a housekeeper for him, so Muwan can at least live in relative cleanliness. There’s just one problem. The guy he hired, Wuyi, looks just like Muwan's ex-lover… Wuyi’s just a young college kid looking to make s
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The Virgin Witch 4.3

The Virgin Witch

Chapter 168

12M Dec 11,23 Face Park

.30-year-old virgin Mihye is burning up with lust, but the only company she has on her 30th birthday is wine, cake, and a life-sized pillow of her favorite idol singer. Well, a girl's gotta drink up and dream big. She blows out the candles with just one wish for her coming yearto finally pop that cherry. When she opens her eyes, lo and behold, a handsome hunk has materialized out of thin air. And
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Hyung, do you think i'm fat? 3.3

Hyung, Do You Think I'm Fat?

Chapter 9

158.9K Dec 11,23 Oheun , Cho Sangduck

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The Ghost's Nocturne 4.4

The Ghost's Nocturne

Chapter 55

2.5M Dec 11,23 Ananas , CRJade

Jae-shin, who became a criminal for the crime of touching causality and was expelled from the underworld. The only way he can return to the underworld is to win a human heart (love). In front of Jae-shin, who does not believe in human emotions, Crown Prince Nok, who has a heartache from his past love for a long time, appears, and Jae-shin is curious about Nok... Jae-shin: “There is a foolish id
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Aren't You My Type 4

Aren't You My Type

Chapter 9

255.4K Dec 11,23 Ha Tae-jin , Toffee , Chasam

"You're here to meet Joogeon-ah, right? …I'm Joogeon-ah." *Ding* Lately there are many messages from people who mistake Geon-ah for his friend Hyesung. Usually, he would think of it as a prank from Hyesung and try to ignore it... However, the messages were pouring out that day! A message from "Hyundal" came when his work stress was at its peak. Geon-ah suddenly replies to the message sent by
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Do You Believe Humans Are Born Evil 3.3

Do You Believe Humans Are Born Evil

Chapter 7

141.2K Dec 11,23 Viper

not found...
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The Titan's bride 3.8

The Titan's Bride

Chapter 111

5.8M Dec 11,23 ITKZ

.Kouichi starts his day off leaving school with a big farewell from his other club members. When he gets home he hears a voice calling to him, next thing he knows he is surrounded by gians. One of whom declares that Kouichi is going to be his bride.
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Shobo Shisan to BLkissa 3.9

Shobo Shisan To Blkissa

Chapter 5

45.7K Dec 11,23 Syachi Asaseno

not found...
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The Fifth Friend 4.7

The Fifth Friend

Chapter 10

90.1K Dec 11,23 Bonbing

A solid office worker who is good at work,Deputy manager Jung Ji-soo, has been single for 7 years,But she has secret friends who helps her to get through the lonely nights.The first friend is an "egg vibrator" ,the second friend is an "internal vibrator",the third friend is a "silicone di***", andthe fourth friend is a "suction vibrator".And the fifth friend,the successor to the company, Han Se-hy
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From Hate to Fate 3.6

From Hate To Fate

Chapter 60

1.7M Dec 10,23 Lee Ho Rim

For as long as he can remember, Chaemin’s been an unlucky guy. But he’s also learned that there’s nothing he can do but pull himself up by his bootstraps and do the best with what he’s got… until he’s hit by a truck and dies. Or at least that’s what Chaemin thought when he was rudely awakened by a grim reaper who, to Chaemin’s surprise, decides they’re willing to give him a second chance at life!
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Master On Saturday's 3.9

Master On Saturday's

Chapter 21

432.6K Dec 10,23 Seom Onhwa

•This series relies heavily on honorific's, it's part of the storytelling. •The series is under the tag "비욘드 하드코어" which means beyond hardcore. Meaning this series is not suitable for everyone and can be very extreme
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We Got Ourselves Stuck Inside an Adult Fantasy Novel 4.7

We Got Ourselves Stuck Inside An Adult Fantasy Novel

Chapter 24

946.1K Dec 10,23 hyeyong , CHUNG

There’s only so much one can take of her friend squealing over yet another cliché romance fantasy novel. But the biggest cliché of all happens when Jiwon and Yein reincarnate with Sihyeon in the exact story their friend is so obsessed with! Though God has summoned them to this new world to save it from impending doom, the three women have other plans. Jiwon wishes to rebel against the imperial pal
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Be Quiet and Don’t Even Smile in the Office 4.6

Be Quiet And Don’T Even Smile In The Office

Chapter 24

465.5K Dec 10,23 Kim Chacha , Hong Gwa

Kim Nayool, a hard working office woman, had recently been dumped by her boyfriend due to her being too busy with work all the time, even cancelling her own anniversary trip to work on a project. Making things more difficult, a terrible work PC destroys the 3 days of working overtime. The cause of all her unhappiness and misfortune, Kwon Sijin, her perfectionist, overworking boss, CEO of Right Com
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Tender Night (Tan Kong) 3

Tender Night (Tan Kong)

Chapter 10

142.2K Dec 10,23 Tan Kong

Seongwon is a self-conscious beta who pretends to be an alpha. After being dumped by his boyfriend, he goes to his usual bar. There Hansol, a waiter and an actual alpha, seems interested in him. He is especially tender with him. What could be the reason?
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Another Lie 3.5

Another Lie

Chapter 20

577.8K Dec 10,23 Lee Song Go, Kim Son

Korea's leading company, H Group.Taeyoung is sponsored by the group and adopted by their assistant. He lives a quiet life, thinking that he was only blessed by chance, but he also had one simple wish. To reunite with his first love from his childhood, at a charity banquet.Then one day, Taeyeong finds out that the first love he has had in his heart is Heo Minjae, the spoiled adopted son of
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Devil on Top 3.1

Devil On Top

Chapter 9

21.2K Dec 10,23 Beolma

not found...
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He's A Better Top Than Me?! 3.4

He's A Better Top Than Me?!

Chapter 18

1.2M Dec 10,23 Kurocastle , Digdug

not found...
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Security Alert! 4

Security Alert!

Chapter 11

1.1M Dec 09,23 Cheok Kong

Woomin, a talented hacker, infiltrates Taeyoung Corporation at the request of a criminal organization. However, he was caught by the security network in the middle of it. Instead of reporting Woomin, the CEO of Taeyoung Corporation, Beomhyun, proposed a contract that is nothing short of a slave contract. "Why don't you pay me back with your body? Mr. Criminal." Woomin, who had no ch
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The Devil You Know 4.6

The Devil You Know

Chapter 24

220.3K Dec 09,23 Chyom Chyom

After eight long years away, Eunseo finds herself back in Korea. When her best friend Mi-yo offers her a place to stay while she gets back on her feet, Eunseo only ever intends to rest for a while before getting out of her hair. The problem is, Eunseo's demons have come looking for her much sooner than she was expecting, and she soon finds herself facing one in particular. Kang Mido may be somewha
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My Perverted Stalker 3.7

My Perverted Stalker

Chapter 128

1.8M Dec 09,23 Minmi , みん未

The cat's out of the bag! Turns out that girl you thought you were in bed isn't what you thought! Rindo Tachibana is a clerk at a piercing and accessories shop who is too kind for his own good. Unfortunately, he's got bad luck with the ladies, and on top of that...he's being stalked. When Rindo suddenly gets asked out by a girl who is everything he ever wanted, he feels it may be too good to be tr
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Rix Vanus 4.1

Rix Vanus

Chapter 185

2.2M Dec 09,23 Chanseong

.The handsome and strapping Prince Rix Vanus has returned to his homeland after winning a brutal war against demons! And yet... cursed by a vicious demon, the warrior prince is tormented nightly with shameful, lust-filled hallucinations as the demon takes the lascivious form of all his associates. Escaping to the wild, miraculously, a benevolent divine spirit named Nuah joins the prince, seeking t
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