On a Lustful Night Mingling with a Priest 3.5

On A Lustful Night Mingling With A Priest

Chapter 151

0 Jan 30,23 Reon Maomi , uroco

.The story begins when a woman reunites with her first love at a class reunion.She discovers that Kuj? has taken over his family's temple as a priest.The woman thought that priests did not have romantic relationships, but a passion ignites between the two.She wonders if what she and the priest do is really right.
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The Origin of Species 3.7

The Origin Of Species

Chapter 63

5K Jan 30,23 Harusari,ASHK, TANSEOM

Lee Youngjin has never been like other Omegas. Rather than being physically superior to humans like the rest of his species, Youngjin is a gifted hacker. But when his talent leads him to an ill-fated heist mission, Youngjin finds himself trapped in the clutches of a powerful Alpha businessman named Seo Seunghyun. Now, he must do anything he can to guarantee safety for himself and his colleagues -
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The Werewolf Hunter 5

The Werewolf Hunter

0 Jan 30,23 掌阅 , 沉乡 , 西溪

The Origins of "The Hunter"! The master of the diseased, clean and obsessive blood clan X is a cruel and powerful werewolf servant. Eno Azeril is a wayward and clean blood clan. He signed a master and servant contract with a werewolf on a whim. Ordering him to do things for fun, but I didn't expect... I ordered, but the situation was a little bit wrong. "Wait! I didn't let you do this! "Master, pl
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Manhattan Romance 5

Manhattan Romance

0 Jan 30,23 Chilbam , Fyoryu , 칠밤

At a shabby hotel in New York, Hyun is barely making ends, working as a house keeper and enduring the abuse of his uncle. While working constantly, Hyun gets through his days by drawing, his one hobby, every dawn. Until one day, he happens to get entangled with the mysterious guest in Room 605. At first, the guest, Ruwan, interrogates Hyun saying that he's trying to find something he lost, but onc
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Sleepless Night 5

Sleepless Night

0 Jan 30,23 Ibelain , Adapted, Agar , ARROZ

Vampire Hunter Heilo carries out a murder commission for a client in order to find clues that could lead him to the person who murdered his family as a child. The target that Heilo has to deal with is the head of the Rivera group, Hereis. Whilst undercover, Heilo joined Hereis' company, known for being a big shot in the political world and behind the scenes. Then, he successfully manages to become
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What’s the Probability of A Successful Love? 3

What’S The Probability Of A Successful Love?

0 Jan 30,23 Bori Sooyeom , RiE

(What’s the probability of meeting your one-night stand partner and your one-sided love at a wedding? For a long time, Jitae has had a crush on his friend, Kyunghoon. However, until the end, he couldn’t bring himself to confess to the straight Kyunghoon. Then suddenly, Kyunghoon made an unexpected announcement of his marriage… Feeling distressed, Jitae then decided to have a one-night stand with s
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Friend's Milk 5

Friend's Milk

0 Jan 30,23 Koolkol , Kulkul

Tae-Yang and Hee-Tae have grown up alongside each other their whole lives. Hee-Tae’s feelings for Tae-Yang are so strong that all of their close friends are aware of them. But Tae-Yang, the subject of his affection, is oblivious. The two are so close they live together in the same house, but one day Hee-Tae notices something strange about Tae-Yang. He’s hiding something from him! Out of curiosi
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Kill the Lights 5

Kill The Lights

0 Jan 30,23 Mink

.Mason, a mercenary, dies after being betrayed by his teammates. However, the moment he opened his eyes, Mason somehow woke up in the body of Hollywood troublemaker, Haley, infamous for his drug overdose scandals and promiscuity. This also happened shortly after Haley was said to have put on a suicide show by hitting on America's one and only sweetheart, Noah!Mason plans to have that comfortable l
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Koisuru Sadistic Service 3.3

Koisuru Sadistic Service

Chapter 4

0 Jan 30,23 Kaworu Watanabe

Does he want to be on the receiving end? Subaru is a rock group vocalist the girls adore for his standoffish ways. Everyone believes he's domineering in his personal life, too. But, in reality he's actually a die-hard masochist... Subaru's given up on being true to his nature, but a bartender he meets after a live performance sees right through him... The musician's life is about to turn into da
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Stigma Effect 3

Stigma Effect

0 Jan 30,23 Dowe , Uginon , Kim Gyu Dong , 도위

Uriel will give anything to be with Rafflet Mogris, the commander of the Paladins, her savior, and... her master. For years, Uriel happily served as his maid until he left to enlist. Uriel waited for him for seven years before deciding to journey to be at his side in the capital. What the world doesn’t know is Uriel is more than just a maid. In a world riddled with monsters, she has the ability to
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Hotel Pharus 3.4

Hotel Pharus

Chapter 48

70.1K Jan 30,23 Bingo

It's was like song that was hidden from childhood memories The true image of Hotel Parus is revealed now! Daniel, who was sick of city life, inherited an old hotel located on a remote beach with the news that his father, who had not been in contact for a long time, died. Daniel went to Parus with the intention of disposing of the hotel. However, when he was a child, he went to see his parents the
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Asumi-chan is interested in Lesbian Brothels! 4.6

Asumi-Chan Is Interested In Lesbian Brothels!

Chapter 16

4.5M Jan 30,23 Itsuki Kuro

Asumi-chan uses a lesbian brothel to try to find her childhood friend.
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Sasaki, ore wa amakunai kara na. 4.1

Sasaki, Ore Wa Amakunai Kara Na.

Chapter 18

0 Jan 30,23 Yoji

Yui Sasaki is a closet fangirl who lives for the 2D world and its hotties. She daydreams about love and wants nothing more than to experience a beautiful romance, but she's never had a boyfriend before. One day, her strict boss Kazuki Takase finds out that she's been listening to a kinky CD and says something absolutely unforgivable! He tells Yui that love is meaningless which greatly angers her.
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Secret Class 4.4

Secret Class

Chapter 159

1.2M Jan 30,23 Wang Kang Cheol Minachan

Dae Ho, who became an orphan at the age of 13, was adopted by his father's friend. However, Dae Ho in adulthood knew nothing about the relationship between men and women. Aunt and sisters decided to give pure Dae Ho a secret class...
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Yume no Shizuku, Ougon no Torikago 4.4

Yume No Shizuku, Ougon No Torikago

Chapter 64

2.1M Jan 30,23 Shinohara Chie

From Friendship Scans: Beginning of 16th century, Alexandra was captured by slave traders in Ukraine during one of their many raids. When the traders arrived in Greece to sell the female slaves, a young handsome man named Mateus bought her and promised to give her true freedom. He hired countless teachers, scholars, and palace ladies to train her into the one perfect woman of her time. Mateus'
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Love in Kitsch 4.7

Love In Kitsch

Chapter 48

348.3K Jan 30,23 Dell Studio

The Mandarin House, a kitschy B&B on Jeju island. Lured in by an ad featuring a hot guy, first-timer Yeonwoo is a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 23 year old that has come to work here, looking for a little fun and excitement over the summer. The hot guy in the photo? Tae-hoon, your classic tsundere. Hard(body) on the outside, but you know he’s got that soft, gooey interior that just needs to be coa
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Cold-Blooded Beast 2.4

Cold-Blooded Beast

Chapter 64

20K Jan 30,23 십분 , Sibbun

The death of Chae-heon, a boss at work, who he has been watching for a long time while hiding his affection. Chae-ul, who tried to hold on by pretending to be timid, collapses. However, a familiar face suddenly appears in the blurred vision with tears. Chae Heon is back from death. But his memories, his eyes, and even his body temperature have changed...? What is the identity of the beast in Chaeh
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4 Week Lovers 3.5

4 Week Lovers

Chapter 61

15K Jan 29,23 Maroron

."You... never changed. The feeling of your lips... The way your hands gather, as if praying when you're tense.... looking like a fool." Exceptional looks, top of the department-- Jeong Do-joon, who entered the Business Department in 2018, thought his college life would be stable... But soon ended up meeting Song Jae-hee again in their University Dormitory. When I was in high school, there was som
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The Secret Queen 4.3

The Secret Queen

Chapter 157

7.4M Jan 29,23 Lee eun young

Praised solely on her looks for years, Lia was eager to put everything behind her and start anew… Until she got kidnapped and tossed into the harem of an unknown ruler. Desperate and afraid, Lia makes a deal with Karian, the handsome yet ruthless regent to the king, who seems strangely drawn to her. Will Lia be able to keep up appearances as Karian’s concubine long enough to search fo
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Under the Moonlight 3.1

Under The Moonlight

0 Jan 29,23 Chada

.An assassin drops in on a troublemaker vampire who creates havoc all over the continent. But turns out, he was brainwashed! Can he make this man, who's very much his type, his?
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There, Not There 4

There, Not There

Chapter 38

92.5K Jan 29,23 JJ , Kang Bok-chi

Kido Kyung is the new owner of the "Grand Sauna." To a talented Wall Street trader, how hard can running a sauna be? What Kido didn't know was that this sauna has been the "gay hot spot" for years. Kido is sick and tired of getting hit on and stopping customers' indecent behaviors daily. And one day, Erok Seo, an old regular of the sauna shows up and Kido ends up having a steamy one-night stand in
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Hoshii Toki Dake, Suki na Dake 2.2

Hoshii Toki Dake, Suki Na Dake

Chapter 3

5K Jan 29,23 Omayu

Fuhoe Scans: Tsubaki, who was perfect in looks and at his job, was going through a stressful time at work due to unreasonable power harassment. Then one day, he was assigned to look after Makino, who had just come to work from the countryside. Tsubaki was yelled at by Makino, who has a strong sense of justice, which soured his mood, but it turned out Makino had moved into the room next to Tsubaki'
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Love Gym 1.8

Love Gym

Chapter 0

5K Jan 29,23 Mu Handae

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