Tamarowa 4


Chapter 38

7.3M Apr 15,24 Mikoto Yamaguchi,Mario

What happens when several women with special circumstances compete for a rich handsome businessman's hand in marriage? Let the curtains rise on the “Courtship Battle Royale” show, where anything goes! Thus begins the beauty Gotou Yuuna's struggle to overturn her debt-straddled life!
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No Moral 4.2

No Moral

Chapter 67

1.6M Apr 15,24 Tehanu , Shampoo , 테하

Do Yoonshin is a lawyer who defends the weak and powerless. Justice was his brand. One day, his elder sister convinces him to join Doguk, one of the nation's largest law firm, as an associate partner. He ends up working as an associate lawyer under Kang Sehun: he's an aggressive man who desires victory in his cases even if he has to use underhanded methods. Finding their outlook in life, Yoonshin
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Wish You All the Best 4.2

Wish You All The Best

Chapter 40

400.3K Apr 15,24 우변

Alpha transfection, in which the P-virus caused by pheromone imbalance is expressed. In order to stabilize pheromones, we are looking for a solidarity who will pray only for us for the rest of our lives and conducting a bonding of "P solidarity." Korea's only scentless and odorless omega, bond with Korea's notorious Alpha but despite not being enthusiastic, becomes pregnant. Sae-
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4 Week Lovers 4.1

4 Week Lovers

Chapter 92

2.3M Apr 15,24 Maroron

."You... never changed. The feeling of your lips... The way your hands gather, as if praying when you're tense.... looking like a fool." Exceptional looks, top of the department-- Jeong Do-joon, who entered the Business Department in 2018, thought his college life would be stable... But soon ended up meeting Song Jae-hee again in their University Dormitory. When I was in high school, there was som
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The Titan's bride 3.8

The Titan's Bride

Chapter 123

6.4M Apr 15,24 ITKZ

.Kouichi starts his day off leaving school with a big farewell from his other club members. When he gets home he hears a voice calling to him, next thing he knows he is surrounded by gians. One of whom declares that Kouichi is going to be his bride.
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His Biggest Fan 4

His Biggest Fan

Chapter 19

185K Apr 15,24 Uni Miura

“All I want is to sleep with you.” Sweet, young, and popular - actor Keima Akizuki has a secret: he’s actually a sharp-tongued video game nerd! When a mysterious younger man threatens Keima with that secret, he has no choice but pay the stranger off... with his body! Keima thinks the last he’ll ever see of the mystery man until he’s introduced to him the very next day! A junior actor at Keima's ag
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How to Tame My Beastly Husband 4.6

How To Tame My Beastly Husband

Chapter 45

294.9K Apr 15,24 Rachik

not found...
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Beware of the Full Moon In March 4.3

Beware Of The Full Moon In March

Chapter 62

1.9M Apr 15,24 Choi Song

After being released from prison former gangster Park Mok-hwa ran a flower shop with the help of Kim Jung-ae. Kim Nak-won, a corrupt police officer who does everything he wants to satisfy his selfish desires is under probation while investigating the 'Tongyang PK' case. However, Park Mok-hwa refuses to cooperate and submit to the greedy police officer's wishes. It leaves the corrupt Kim Nak-won no
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Monday'saviour 4


Chapter 25

171.3K Apr 15,24 Wageul

Won yo-il, who was bullied every Monday because of his Waggle name, is afraid of Mondays. At the center of the bullying was his best friend, and Yo-il, who had been wandering after dropping out. To a great shock he returns to a new high school.Read Monday'saviour on mangabuddy+
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Popping Candy 3.3

Popping Candy

Chapter 40

70.7K Apr 15,24 Mingur

[BY: NOSTALGIC SCANS]Hee Wong went to attend Liberal Arts lecture, he saw Hongyeon and fell in love at first sight. I've never seen a man that pretty in my life, and seems to be drawn to Hongyeon unexpectedly. "By the way, stay away from Lee Hongyeon. He's a dangerous person to play with." The more I get to know this man, the more strange he gets. Can their relationship go smoothly?+
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Chippai Kanojo to Bijin Kareshi 4.4

Chippai Kanojo To Bijin Kareshi

Chapter 38

4.1M Apr 15,24 Neco

Ayase Iori has a big complex about her flat chest. Luckily there's this alpha hunk with long eyelashes who's totally into that stuff and initiates her into the world of hot sex, even though she doesn't have big boobs.
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Ingoshima 3.4


Chapter 183

48.4M Apr 14,24 TENKAFEM

The Yoshinomiya Municipal High School 2nd year students embarked on what they'd hoped was an educational trip with their friends and away from family but it was not meant to be... Their ship was hit by unexpected rough seas and crashed on a strange island! The surviving students are trying to understand what happened but soon they realize they are not alone on t
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Be Quiet and Don’t Even Smile in the Office 4.6

Be Quiet And Don’T Even Smile In The Office

Chapter 42

982.2K Apr 14,24 Kim Chacha , Hong Gwa

Kim Nayool, a hard working office woman, had recently been dumped by her boyfriend due to her being too busy with work all the time, even cancelling her own anniversary trip to work on a project. Making things more difficult, a terrible work PC destroys the 3 days of working overtime. The cause of all her unhappiness and misfortune, Kwon Sijin, her perfectionist, overworking boss, CEO of Right Com
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Dear, Teddy Bear 4

Dear, Teddy Bear

Chapter 13

103.2K Apr 14,24 Pi Sang-gu

"Because in order for me to have a brother, it has to be like this."Minhyung, a psychopath who has lusted after Lee Jae, who raised him since childhood.He succeeds in hiding his crooked nature and making Lee Jae rely solely on himself, but their long-standing plans and relationship begin to go astray due to the intruder, Hyeon-ho, who appears in front of them.+
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Bad Plan 3.8

Bad Plan

Chapter 51

212K Apr 14,24 Titi

Lee Joo-hyuk (the team leader) doesn't understand why his subordinate Park Hwi-rim is only very cold and stiff with him whereas he has good interpersonal relationships with the rest of his colleagues.getting furious, Joo-hyuk decides to approach Hwi-rim with a wicked plan !! +
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Tender Night (Tan Kong) 3.2

Tender Night (Tan Kong)

Chapter 28

291.4K Apr 14,24 Tan Kong

Seongwon is a self-conscious beta who pretends to be an alpha. After being dumped by his boyfriend, he goes to his usual bar. There Hansol, a waiter and an actual alpha, seems interested in him. He is especially tender with him. What could be the reason?
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Hazure Skill 3.9

Hazure Skill "kage Ga Usui" O Motsu Guild Shokuin Ga, Jitsuha Densetsu No Ansatsusha

Chapter 36

503.3K Apr 14,24 Kennoji

Roland is an assassin who, one day, breaks from his team and single-handedly "kills" the demon king.After returning to the kingdom, the king graciously promises Roland whatever he wants for his heroics. Conflicted in his desires - he hasn't thought of anything outside of killing for years - he remembers that one of his teammates told him what she plans to do after evil is defeated:Live an ordinary
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Ryouseika Majiwaru Unmei no Tsugai 4.2

Ryouseika Majiwaru Unmei No Tsugai

Chapter 27

451.8K Apr 14,24 Kirato Ruka

Aritoki's scent keeps getting stronger... And, his sweaty body, red face, and deep eyes draw Yuyu in deeper... Yuyu Kusakabe is a college student who wants to go into disexuality studies. After getting approval from her professor, she tries to become the assistant to fellow college student, Aritoki Ujyou, who's always cooped up in his lab, but he keeps turning her away. After repeated tries, Yuyu
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On a Lustful Night Mingling with a Priest 3

On A Lustful Night Mingling With A Priest

Chapter 166

1.8M Apr 14,24 Reon Maomi , uroco

.The story begins when a woman reunites with her first love at a class reunion.She discovers that Kuj? has taken over his family's temple as a priest.The woman thought that priests did not have romantic relationships, but a passion ignites between the two.She wonders if what she and the priest do is really right.
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Death To Dignity 2.1

Death To Dignity

Chapter 26

78.5K Apr 13,24 Geundang

Once thriving but now facing financial ruin, Jang Solbi becomes the secretary of Choi Seokyoon, the chairman of a powerful corporation. Grateful for the support during her family's hardship, she works tirelessly to repay their debt. However, following the loss of her parents, Solbi uncovers the dark truth behind their tragedy and seeks revenge against Chairman Choi. After years spent working for h
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The Tale Of Oshin 3.6

The Tale Of Oshin

Chapter 16

30.1K Apr 13,24 Arahan

Read manhwa "The Tale Of Oshin" for free at Summary:Naskaya, the Wolf King, is a fierce warrior and a successful conqueror. Oshin, meanwhile, remains at home, watching as her husband heads out time and time again to wage war. Alone in the palace, she finds herself rescuing an injured salamander and nursing it back to health, feeling that for once she has something resembling a friend.Until the sal
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One of the Lewd Demons 4.5

One Of The Lewd Demons

Chapter 86

4.7M Apr 13,24 Kim Mare

On the way home from meeting her friend, Oh Ha-na meets 'Mama', a demon who feeds on human greed and lust. In order to avoid this devilish crisis, she asks for help from a suspicious man, Luxria, whom she meets by chance, but this man makes a dangerous proposal to Hana. "Do you want help? Then you should have sex with me."
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Twenty Nights 3.9

Twenty Nights

Chapter 28

47.6K Apr 13,24 0.S

Read manhwa "Twenty Nights" for free at Summary:Ha-eun, a romance novelist, gets rejected for her adult-themed novel because it sounds more like educational material than anything risqu. Feeling unbearable humiliation, Ha-eun ends up having a drunken one-night fling with her long-time friend Shiwoo. What she thought was just a one-off incident leads to Shiwoo's sincere confession"Ha-eun, I really
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