Captain! Is This Battlefield Here? 4.8

Captain! Is This Battlefield Here?

Chapter 56

8.1M Jun 14,24 Limyo

Elite Special Forces Captain Lee Yoon-ah, who is said to be Korea's nerd. As a soldier to the bone, there was no romance in her life. However, a completely different world unfolds in front of her, who lost her mind after being hit by a shell while dispatched overseas. Being possessed by a romance fantasy novel written by a friend! She also becomes an extra 'Rosalie' who lives a miserable life. Tak
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My Harem Grew So Large, I Was Forced to Ascend 4.5

My Harem Grew So Large, I Was Forced To Ascend

Chapter 78

21.6M Jun 14,24 黎之恒

Tsundere heavenly master, big-breasted sister, barefoot poison cultivator, immortal swordswoman with white silk clothes, the last 5 out of the 6 strongest people in the world. I, Ye Gulou have become the first person to cultivate immortality through pure unbounded Yang. But wait, cultivating pure unbounded Yang means I can't form relationships with women or else I'll die?! Then what can I
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Dullahan-chan wa Kubittake 3.8

Dullahan-Chan Wa Kubittake

Chapter 15: Youth [End]

193.4K Jun 14,24 Kimura Mitsuhiro

I'm Dullahan Itoshino. A normal girl who can take her head off. From today on I'll be a middle schooler! I hope I'll get closer to my destined one~ but sometimes my heart suddenly beats faster, I want to run away, and my body and mind feel torn apart... is this the thing called "puberty" I wonder? Heart(head) and body apart, story about puberty and love, start!
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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School 4.6

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 204

8.4M Jun 14,24 Warm Color Su

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School manhua, She was originally a puppet of her family, a business spy, and an assassin that the police were pursuing. Then, she was betrayed and fell into the deep sea. When she opened her eyes once more, she had become a normal high school student in her third year. Because of her disgraceful birth, her relatives ostracized her since she was young, while h
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Locked to Death 5

Locked To Death

Chapter 2

0 Jun 14,24 Jaengnwo , Seongsil

“Hye-seong,” a boy living on a remote island, meets “Yoon-hae,” a mermaid he met in the sea, and they become each other’s only friends. However, the two soon break up against each other due to Hye-seong’s move. Six years later, Yunhae gains mysterious abilities and returns to Comet. However, many things have changed for Hyesung to spend all his time with Yunhae like he did when he was young. “I’m
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The Cursed Strongest Player Rules the World 5

The Cursed Strongest Player Rules The World

Chapter 1

0 Jun 14,24 Dream Age, Hayashi Toshi

In the popular VR Net game “Deep Space Frontier,” set in a world where humans, angels, demons, and beastmen exist together, the world is engulfed in chaos due to the threat of the powerful Demon King, Sada. Among the tens of millions of players, heavy user Zen Ichinose is the only one to successfully defeat him! However, his victory is short-lived as he is engulfed by light emanating from his moni
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Martial Inheritance: Chapter of Liuhe Gang 4

Martial Inheritance: Chapter Of Liuhe Gang

Chapter 8

0 Jun 14,24 猫要喝咖啡, gk工坊

This spin-off includes: (1) The life of "Feng," the white ape who accompanies the crane on Heban Mountain, (2) The story of Wencan, a wandering martial artist who had not yet become the protector of Binzhou Town, as he brilliantly handles the "Jieshi Mountain Misty Fairy" incident, (3) The story of Wencan, after founding the Six Harmonies Gang as the protector of Binzhou Town, inviting
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The Young Witch Wants to Have Sex!? 4.6

The Young Witch Wants To Have Sex!?

Chapter 20

1.8M Jun 14,24 Nakamura Enjitsu

Hiiragi visits Chikage Komori, a transfer student that has never come to school. His chastity is at stake when he comes across a beautiful girl that is wearing nothing but a jacket!? A magical-sex Spring Junior High Student journal begins now!
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Ancient God Games 4.7

Ancient God Games

Chapter 21

106.7K Jun 14,24 时代漫王

Ancient G** GamesLin Hao, whose appearance was of a high school student, actual age unknown. Is kidnapped by an unknown ancient g** along with 5,000 other people. From this day onwards, Lin Hao and the others will travel from one brand new world after another as warriors of the ancient gods, surviving in different worlds, exploring, and then constantly striving to become stronger. As the main char
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To My Husband’s Mistress 4.2

To My Husband’S Mistress

Chapter 43

1.6M Jun 14,24 Dancingbrain (댄싱브레인), LaChic

Read manwha To My Husband's Mistress / Leticia Violett is a woman that dedicated all her life to her husband, but after her husband asked for a divorce so he can get married to another woman, she decided to take her own life, however, just on the verge of death a man appears claiming that he will protect her and help her take revenge on those who were driving her to death. Where is this revenge
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Yuan Zun 4.1

Yuan Zun

Chapter 609-5

94.5M Jun 14,24 Future Days Media

"A teenager holds a pen, while a dragon dances; Chaos surrounds the world, lighting the sky. In this world, will the python swallow the dragon, or will the saint dragon rise?!"
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Loving the Forbidden Prince 3.7

Loving The Forbidden Prince

Chapter 47

141.2K Jun 14,24 Dm社 , 聚睿文化

Loving the Forbidden Prince manga read online on mangabuddy!A Desire to Love the Hostile / What Should I Do If My Enemy's Son is Always Flirting With Me? / What Should I Do When My Enemy's Son Always Teases Me? / Choudi Zhizi Zong Shi Liao Wo Zenme Ban? / Chud Zhz Zng Sh Lio W Znme Bn? / Guided by the goddess of love, Alice and Ethan from opposing countries fell in love, but with it came h
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Ice Lord 4.3

Ice Lord

Chapter 1

0 Jun 14,24 Valen, Tim Croissant , Sanjimseung

At the young age of twenty, Seol Mudok, a master swordsman, became the Lord of the Northern Sea Ice Palace. Plunged into despair after the death of his lover, he discovers that with the legendary flower, the “Lotus of Love,” that his deceased lover has been reincarnated. In his quest, he descends into another world…
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Raising the Princess After Her Death 4.8

Raising The Princess After Her Death

Chapter 34

0 Jun 14,24 Bang In-young, Gupanyi

The long-term public service exam candidate, Minseo, finds himself trapped in the game, “Raising Lena” as he tries to escape his grim reality. In the game, Minseo becomes a character named Leo, and he must navigate through a world with three different scenarios to accomplish his mission of turning the protagonist, Lena, into a princess. However, the game “Raising Lena” boasts an overwhelming level
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Shadows House 4.5

Shadows House

Chapter 196: Master Christopher

3.4M Jun 14,24 Soumatou

Faceless shadow nobles living in a vast mansion, attended by living dolls who spend much of their time cleaning up the soot endlessly emitted by their mysterious masters.    Follow the story of Emilyko, a young and cheerful living doll, as she learns her duties serving as the attendant for Kate Shadow-sama. What dangers and dark secrets will she and Kate encounter, as they become more deep
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My Love Tiger 4.5

My Love Tiger

Chapter 291

17.1M Jun 14,24 Kanel, Yoon Jae Ho

Sung Hoon was a normal High School student, but one day he finds himself with a tiger that Hwangun didn't marry, and is told that the world will end if he doesn't marry that tiger. The story begins with the cute smile of the tiger girl.
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The Celestial Returned from Hell 4.7

The Celestial Returned From Hell

Chapter 160

98.6M Jun 14,24 Writing Machine (글쓰는기계), Juyeong Hwang (황주영)

I returned from hell, after hundreds of years to save Humanity!
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Trash of the Count’s Family 4.8

Trash Of The Count’S Family

Chapter 131

132.5M Jun 14,24 Elegant yoo ryeo han 유려한

When I opened my eyes, I was inside a novel. [The Birth of a Hero]. [The Birth of a Hero] was a novel focused on the adventures of the main character, Choi Han, a high school boy who was transported to a different dimension from Earth, along with the birth of the numerous heroes of the continent. I became a part of that novel as the tr*sh of the Count’s family, the family that oversaw the te
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Did You Know That a Playboy Can Change His Job to a Sage? ~The Level 99 Jester Expelled from the Heroes' Party Will Become a 'Great Sage'~ 4.5

Did You Know That A Playboy Can Change His Job To A Sage? ~The Level 99 Jester Expelled From The Heroes' Party Will Become A 'great Sage'~

Chapter 51

38.7M Jun 14,24 Shippo Senoo,Yuno Yuzuki,TRY

The Jester ― More commonly known as the ‘Playboy’ Dylan, was fired from the party of the Heroes. The self-centred Heroes didn’t understand Dylan’s importance to the group. They were just a group of one-man teams. Not interested in cooperation at all. Any failures are blamed on the Jester. Dylan, who was disgusted with such companions and was sick of playing as their c
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Reversal of Yin and Yang 4.3

Reversal Of Yin And Yang

Chapter 2

2.5K Jun 14,24 Xiao Xiao Zuo Wen , Hu Jing , 胡鲸 , 小小作文

A captivating beauty who stirs up trouble (top) x A fallen genius who destroys all obstacles (bottom)! In the cultivation world, where only dual-cultivation can recharge and replenish spiritual energy, It's hard to be a top, especially one coveted by everyone. It's hard to be a bottom, but it's hardest to be a domineering bottom who forces the top into dual-cultivation!
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The World After the Fall 4.7

The World After The Fall

Chapter 131

64.4M Jun 14,24 Sing N Song (싱숑),S-Cynan

Humans were suddenly summoned to become “Walkers”, and they needed to clear the tower to save the world. Then, the “Regression Stone” was discovered. Walkers could now “return” to the past. And slowly… everyone left. Humanity's last hope, “Carpe Diem”, was formed by people who refused to abandon the world. But once
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Fate/Grand Order: Epic of Remnant: Pseudo-Singularity IV: The Forbidden Advent Garden, Salem - Heretical Salem 4.3

Fate/grand Order: Epic Of Remnant: Pseudo-Singularity Iv: The Forbidden Advent Garden, Salem - Heretical Salem

Vol.4 Chapter 30: The Third Knot - 5

1.3M Jun 14,24 Type Moon

As a result of the efforts of the people of Chaldea, the human incineration plan of those who called themselves the Magic King was bitterly stopped at the water's edge, and the destiny of the world seemed to be breathing again. However, suddenly, the singularity of the same level as the singularity so far is observed in modern times. A master wh
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Fate/Grand Order: Epic of Remnant - Subspecies Singularity IV: Taboo Advent Salem: Salem of Heresy 4.5

Fate/grand Order: Epic Of Remnant - Subspecies Singularity Iv: Taboo Advent Salem: Salem Of Heresy

Chapter 30: The Third Knot - 5

2.9M Jun 14,24 Type-Moon,Ohmori Aoi

As a result of the efforts of the people of Chaldea, the human incineration plan of those who called themselves the Magic King was bitterly stopped at the water's edge, and the destiny of the world seemed to be breathing again. However, suddenly, the singularity of the same level as the singularity so far is observed in modern times. A master who has opened up the future once again puts himsel
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Konjiki no Gash!! 2 4.9

Konjiki No Gash!! 2

Chapter 23

2.8M Jun 14,24 Raiku Makoto

The sequel to Konjiki no Gash!!, aka Zatch Bell. Once the battle to decide the King of the demon world, in which 100 demon children fought against each other, had come to an end… the King of the demon world was crowned, and the demon world lived out the rest of its days in peace. Or at least, that was how it was supposed to be. Now, a shocking fact about the demon world comes to light. And i
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