Onna Kishi to Kemomimi no Ko 4.5

Onna Kishi To Kemomimi No Ko

Chapter 31: Luna The Youngest

1.9M Mar 04,24 Turbo Engine

A different world where demons are rampant and murderous. Olivia, a female knight, lives with her apprentice Noah, an animal eared child. A tale of a master and apprentice growing up, adventuring and being healed by the strong bond between each other.
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From The Strongest Job of Dragon Knight, To The Beginner Job Carrier, Somehow, I Am Dependent On The Heroes 4.6

From The Strongest Job Of Dragon Knight, To The Beginner Job Carrier, Somehow, I Am Dependent On The Heroes

Vol.11 Chapter 42

17M Mar 04,24 Yukiji, Amauisiroichi

Accel Granz, the strongest dragon knight of them all has switched his job to become a beginner carrier. Relieved that he can finally take off his legendary dragon knight's helmet and escape the responsibilities of an elite S-class worker, Accel eagerly starts his new, low-class job!
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Midwood 4.3


Chapter 23

766.4K Mar 04,24 Kim Won

Midwood manhwa, As the monster slayer troops, also known as Sretu', no longer functioned as it used to, humans became monster feed. Jin Cheongdo', who has been living in a world full of monsters for his entire life, uses a legendary item Midwood', to turn back in time, for the sake of killing Ian' who was the centerpiece of this whole mess
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Nito's Lazy Foreign World Syndrome 4.7

Nito's Lazy Foreign World Syndrome

Chapter 33.1

83M Mar 04,24 Fujimi Shoubou

Hidako Masamune is a high school student who suffers from continuous bullying by his classmates. Becoming tired of it all, he decides to commit suicide, but instead he is transported to another world along with all his classmates. When they arrive, they find that they now possess amazing abilities, but he was only granted the status of a "healer," the weakest skill of all. The king decid
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The Useless Skill [Auto Mode] Has Been Awakened ~Huh, Guild's Scout, Didn't You Say I Wasn't Needed Anymore?~ 4.5

The Useless Skill [Auto Mode] Has Been Awakened ~Huh, Guild's Scout, Didn't You Say I Wasn't Needed Anymore?~

Chapter 40: Charlotte Vs Claus

14.6M Mar 04,24 Nakajima Rei,La軍

Young boy Claus was gifted with a Skill called [Auto Mode]. It is an extremely rare skill and he was so pleased when first received it... Turns out, the skill's abilities [Auto Return] for "only to go home" and [Auto Travel] for "only to go to places that have been visited" are a completely useless ability for both combat and making money! However.. The now leveled up Claus has come to know the
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Saihate no Paladin 4.8

Saihate No Paladin

Chapter 63-3

44.2M Mar 04,24 YANAGINO Kanata, OKUBASHI Mutsumi

William is the lone human in a city of the dead. Born with vague memories of a past life in contemporary Japan where he failed to do anything useful, he is determined not to make the same mistake again, and that this time, his life will be lived. But what does that really mean? Raised by a group of the undead, William must discover what circumstances brought him to this city and these people as we
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I'm the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire! 4.7

I'm The Evil Lord Of An Intergalactic Empire!

Chapter 28-2

34M Mar 04,24 Yomu Mishima,Nadashima Kai

Liam Sera Banfield is a reincarnator. He was reincarnated into a fantasy universe of swords and magic, but at a time that civilization was already making advancements into outer space. The setting takes place in an intergalactic empire, a space opera-like universe where humanoid weapons and spaceships do battle. Liam, who had incarnated into an aristocratic family in a monarchic socie
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MamaYuyu 4.7


Chapter 24

558.5K Mar 04,24 Hayashi Yoshihiko

An era of peace between the hero and demon lord is upon us! In this peaceful world, the hero Corleo is nothing but an empty suit. But one day, a hero and demon lord from another world appear before him! How will Corleo deal with the chaos these invaders bring to his world?! A new type of fantasy epic now begins!
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Level-Up Doctor (manhwa) 4.7

Level-Up Doctor (Manhwa)

Chapter 103

17.2M Mar 04,24 Yoon Baek-hyun

Level-Up Doctor manhwa, Growing up as an orphan, Jeong He-Jin didn't open his heart to anyone.After giving his all to become a cardiothoracic surgeon, he got into an unfortunate accident,after which he woke up not as Jeon He-Jin' but as Choi GiSeok'.And on top of that, he has to using his skills?The accident changed his fate drasticallyCan he become the Greatest Cardiothoracic Surgeon' as Choi
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Wo Jia Dashi Xiong Naozi You Keng 4.2

Wo Jia Dashi Xiong Naozi You Keng

Chapter 395

8.2M Mar 04,24 Ling Yu Mo

The hilarious adventures of the eldest apprentice of a sect who has a problem with his brain. Dong Fang Xian Yun is reincarnated as the eldest disciple of the Care-free sect. But the only thing that goes through his mind is to make sure he doesn't end up dying by the hands of the "main character". Read as he makes no sense to his sibling disciples while avoiding flags left and right.
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Witch Watch 4.4

Witch Watch

Chapter 146

9.6M Mar 04,24 Shinohara Kenta

Morihito, a boy with the strength of an ogre, is about to start living together with his childhood friend Niko, who is training to be a witch. Niko's magic leads to all sorts of unpredictable trouble, and with two teens under one roof... Let the fantastical antics begin! Magical comedy series by Kenta Shinohara creator of SKET DANCE and Astra Lost in Space.
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Ex-Goddess's Blog 4.7

Ex-Goddess's Blog

Chapter 5

15.3K Mar 04,24 Honma Makoto

The ex-goddess Izumi spends her days looking after her little girl Mika and mommy blogging. Once the goddess of a spring, her life as a human looks very different. In this world, supernaturals and ex-supernaturals — vampires, werewolves, mermaids, and more — navigate life (and parenthood) post “happily ever after”.
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Devil’s Luck 4.6

Devil’S Luck

Chapter 52

1M Mar 04,24 尼三岁 , monkiko

Qianxia’s friend, Jiamei, jumped off a building because of harassment at work, and Qianxia made a deal with a devil to take revenge for her. As she investigated her friend’s death, she found a hidden camera, learned about the indifference of Jiamei’s superior, and met an oddly friendly colleague. Slowly, the truth came to the surface. This is a tale of a fight between humans, but also a fight betw
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What Do You Do If the Heroine Escapes From Your Novel? 4.5

What Do You Do If The Heroine Escapes From Your Novel?

Chapter 116

382.5K Mar 04,24 速度线工作室

Chu ge is a harem-themed writer. While he was in the midst of writing about the budding affection of the female sect leader, one of the strongest individuals in the world,a woman appeared suddenly in his room, holding a sword to his throat, and said, "If you dare write that I fall in love with that man, I will kill you!"What Do You Do If the Heroine Escapes From Your Novel?, What to Do Now If the
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Sleepless Night 3.7

Sleepless Night

Chapter 21

1.1M Mar 04,24 Ibelain , Adapted, Agar , ARROZ

Vampire Hunter Heilo carries out a murder commission for a client in order to find clues that could lead him to the person who murdered his family as a child. The target that Heilo has to deal with is the head of the Rivera group, Hereis. Whilst undercover, Heilo joined Hereis' company, known for being a big shot in the political world and behind the scenes. Then, he successfully manages to become
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I’m Actually A Peerless Powerhouse 4.3

I’M Actually A Peerless Powerhouse

Chapter 70

2.2M Mar 04,24 BOOM工作室

Jiang Chen transmigrated to the world of immortals, but he did not have any talent for cultivation and was destined to be a mortal. The one at the door? Oh,it’s just Jiang Chen’s legendary golden-winged bird.
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I Captured The Tyrant’s Heart 4.5

I Captured The Tyrant’S Heart

Chapter 39

1.4M Mar 04,24 Yoo Seyu , Nobena

While being reborn into a loving noble family with powerful elven blood certainly isn’t a bad fate, Eucenielle can't forget the people she left behind in her previous life. All she wants is to return to her original world, but things get complicated when the crybaby crown prince, Tes, falls head-over-heels for her. Once they reunite as adults, Eucenielle is disturbed by the drastic change in Tes'
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Give It Back! My Dildo! 2.7

Give It Back! My Dildo!

Chapter 36

300K Mar 04,24 Kim Gunsu

After a hard day's work, Heesu wants nothing more than to go home and have a relaxing time with his…toys. He's amassed quite a collection over the years so he's not lacking for options. But one day, things start to oddly go missing from his house. His shampoo, his remote, his half-eaten apple and his most precious toy! Maybe he's just absent-mindedly misplacing things these days, he is stressed ou
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Isekai de Ane ni Namae wo Ubawaremashita 4.3

Isekai De Ane Ni Namae Wo Ubawaremashita

Chapter 5.5

447.8K Mar 04,24 Kotoko (琴子)

Ichika, a college student, was interacting with a boy named Cecil from another world through a hand mirror she held in her storeroom. One day, her older sister, Karen, suddenly disappeared, and at the same time her hand mirror also disappeared. A year later, as soon as Ichika picked up her hand mirror that she found by chance, she was sent to another world. There was Cecil, who had grown older, an
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The Fox's Thief Marriage 4.1

The Fox's Thief Marriage

Chapter 34

391.9K Mar 04,24 Han Si-won , Lee Solwoo

On the day of his grandfather's funeral, his grandson Kin-Heon commits an irreversible relationship with his grandfather's hundreds of sponsors. Among them is Baek-Yeon, who grew up with his grandfather's support. One phone call, he gets caught up with Kin-Heon again, after forgetting him for 4 years. More than a hundred people who have had a relationship with him in the past claim to have his son
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Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl 4.3

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl

Vol.2 Chapter 6

65.9K Mar 04,24 Atlus

This manga is based on the 3DS game of the same name. Highlander Lindis Farne's help is requested in the far away city of Etria, where an organization called the Radha hires him to explore the Yggdrasil Labyrinth and discover the cause of local earthquakes. Soon, the highlander discovers an amnesiac girl in a futuristic tube inside of a run down ruin, and meets fellow investigators from the Midgar
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Genius of the Unique Lineage 4.7

Genius Of The Unique Lineage

Chapter 58

29.3M Mar 04,24 Zaino, SOULPUNG , 소울풍, Kkudadak , 꾸다닥, Clover, 클로버

I want to be someone who kills invaders __ I want to kill invaders and live a happy daily life in a special world. Can’t I just ask for that? Why? Why can’t I do that? People say chasing two different rabbits will make you miss both, but… just don’t miss them.
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Call me the Devil 4.8

Call Me The Devil

Chapter 78

3.3M Mar 04,24 Ante , Jayang , sun_ah

Like other devils of his kind, Hyeonshin has adapted to the modern world to consume the Deadly Sin, Pride. Working as a plastic surgeon means there's always more than enough ego around him to feed off of. There's just one small problem: because of past trauma, he has an overwhelming repulsion toward blood! Luckily, a solution appears in the form of a plucky human named Ina, whose eyes seem to have
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Soundless Cosmos 4.5

Soundless Cosmos

Chapter 97

1.1M Mar 04,24 Bing Ding,Lin Zaoshang,Si Tong

A cold and distant grim reaper and a rational young lady whose fates are entwined by life and death. Through his silent protection, will they be able to overcome the hardships that obstruct their songs of love?
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