Hawk Master, It's Hunting Time! 4.8

Hawk Master, It's Hunting Time!

Chapter 9: Weight Of The Hawk

0 Mar 28,23 Gomakichi

Aiming for unity of man and hawk! Living with a goshawk "master", hunting and tasting the prey. A four-panel essay on falconry that teaches the traditions of falconry and nature.Its partner falcon "Donko", his hound Mira and a variety of wild birds! Meet lots of animals!
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Aim for the Ace! 5

Aim For The Ace!

Vol.1 Chapter 3

0 Mar 28,23 Yamamoto Sumika

(from ebookjapan):Hiromi Oka is a freshman at Nishi High School, a prestigious tennis club. She joined the tennis club because of her admiration for Mrs. Butterfly, but she always messes up. However, only Coach Munekata sees her talent and nominates her for the next tournament. Hiromi's sudden selection is met with harsh criticism from the tennis club members, but with the encouragement of
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Shinohayu - The Dawn of Age 4.1

Shinohayu - The Dawn Of Age

Chapter 104: Coming 2

1.2M Mar 28,23 Kobayashi Ritz, Igarashi Aguri

The long-awaited new Saki spinoff, centering around the past of Harue and the pros Hayarin, Kokaji and Noyori.
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Taekwondo Kid 4

Taekwondo Kid

Chapter 83

1.1M Mar 28,23

Ihn Kim is an explosive Taekwondo fighter who can throw brutal kicks, but his opponents don't take him seriously because he's held back by all the sparring rules. However, changes are coming in the Taekwondo world that just might give Ihn a fighting chance. Can Ihn beat the people who once mocked him and show everyone that his style of Taekwondo is no joke?
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Sky Sword God 4

Sky Sword God

Chapter 605

24.2M Mar 28,23 HangMan , Jiaji Mei Dou

Based on the great natural law, the strong is invincible. The antediluvian method of elixir shines the mountains and rivers, the all-conquering treasured sword annihilates the universe and transmigration, and the blood vessel of Shura ruins the supremacy of every realm. Inheriting from the mandate of heaven, and practicing unrivaled skills, Nan Qin overwhelmingly started his own travel towards the
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Ballroom e Youkoso 4.8

Ballroom E Youkoso

Chapter 69: Visitor 3

14.3M Mar 28,23 Takeuchi Tomo

An ordinary middle school student, Fujita Tatara couldn't find any objective in life and spent his days idly. One day, a group of delinquents picks a fight with him and he is saved by a mysterious man. After that, the man surprisingly takes him to a ballroom dancing class! While being inspired by a girl dancer who goes to that school, Hanaoka Shizuku, and her partner, a genius dancer, Hyoudou
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Black-Box 4.6


Vol.6 Chapter 41: Black Box

606.1K Mar 28,23 Takahashi Tsutomu

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Yama No Susume 4.3

Yama No Susume

Vol.8 Chapter 58

446.7K Mar 28,23 Shiro (しろ)

Aoi prefers indoor hobbies and is afraid of heights, but her childhood friend Hinata loves to show off her passion for mountain climbing. As young children they once watched the sunrise from the top of a mountain, and now they've decided to take up mountain climbing in hopes of seeing that sunrise again. They have cooking battles with mountaineering gear, climb small hills in their neighborhood, a
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Gorin no Megami-sama: Nedeshiko Ryou no Medal Gohan 4

Gorin No Megami-Sama: Nedeshiko Ryou No Medal Gohan

Vol.1 Chapter 4.1: Promise (Part 1)

20K Mar 27,23 Yunkeru

The main character, Kominato Ryo, who is only engaged in cooking, was allowed to enter the prestigious Cho Gakuen Private School on the condition that he work as a cook in a student dormitory under the supervision of his father. However, the “dormitory” was the women's dormitory where future gold medal candidates lived. The nutritional requirements of top athletes are naturally high. Fill their st
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Build Up 4.6

Build Up

Chapter 102

11.2M Mar 27,23 911

Kang Maru is just an ordinary kid who likes what kids like and plays what kids play, But one day he was forced to watch a Football World Cup instead of an animation, simply because his father is a fan and is the owner of the TV set. At a glance of that said sports, he was mesmerized and fixated to a game of football that his heart is racing because of the intensity of that sports, unbeknownst to h
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Superhuman Battlefield 4.7

Superhuman Battlefield

Chapter 47

15.3M Mar 27,23 Two-Zero,Niccolo (니콜로),Plana (플랜에이)

Seo MoonYeob was the world’s greatest superhuman, who sacrificed himself after saving humanity. Thought to have been dead, he returns 17 years later to a now-peaceful world, and the superhuman sport faces seismic change. The story of a modern-fantasy sports-action starts now!
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Cross Manage 4.7

Cross Manage

Chapter 43

520.2K Mar 27,23 Kaito

"Hard working" or "passionate" was not in Sakurai’s vocabulary and joining a team sports in school was out of the question. But one day, he accidentally walks in on his female classmate Toyoguchi naked in the locker room and in return for keeping it a secret from everyone else, he is forced to become the manager for the female lacrosse team. Toyoguchi is passionate about
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Major 2nd 4.9

Major 2Nd

Vol.12 Chapter 106: The Beginning

1.6M Mar 27,23 Mitsuda Takuya

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Blue Box 4.7

Blue Box

Chapter 94

7.3M Mar 27,23 Miura Kouji

Taiki Inomata is on the boys' badminton team at sports powerhouse Eimei Junior and Senior High. He's in love with basketball player Chinatsu Kano, the older girl he trains alongside every morning in the gym. One Spring day, their relationship takes a sharp turn ... And thus begins this brand-new series of love, sports and youth!
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Ao no Hako 4.4

Ao No Hako

Chapter 94

802.2K Mar 27,23 Kouji Miura

Taiki Inomata is on the boys' badminton team at sports powerhouse Eimei Junior and Senior High. He's in love with basketball player Chinatsu Kano, the older girl he trains alongside every morning in the gym. One Spring day, their relationship takes a sharp turn ... And thus begins this brand-new series of love, sports and youth!
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Black-Haired Tactical Genius 4.3

Black-Haired Tactical Genius

5K Mar 27,23 Kang Roy , WHYNOTME Productions , TEAM Bench

K-League Third Division The protagonist, Ma Jung-woo, is a strategic analyst. As he suffered from mounting debt, he inherited his late grandfather's British football team without notice. He tried to sell the club and start a new life What? 150 billion won in debt alone? Jungwoo is trying to pay off his debts alone as the club owner's coach.
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Danberu nan kiro moteru? 4.6

Danberu Nan Kiro Moteru?

Vol.20 Chapter 173: Massage Gun

12.4M Mar 26,23 Sandrovich Yabako, Maam

Sakura Hibiki is your average High-school girl, with a voracious appetite. Noticing her clothes tightening in lieu of her slowly expanding waist line she decides to look into enrolling in the nearby Silverman-Gym. There she runs into a girl from her grade named Souryuuin Akemi, who is also the Student Council President at her school. Akemi, who has a muscle fetish tries to get Hibiki to enroll in
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Blue Lock 4.5

Blue Lock

Chapter 212

70.8M Mar 26,23 Muneyuki Kaneshiro,Yuusuke Nomura

The story begins with Japan's elimination from the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which prompts the Japanese Football Union to start a programme scouting high school players who will begin training in preparation for the 2022 Cup. Isagi Youichi, a forward, receives an invitation to this programme soon after his team loses the chance to go to Nationals because he passed to his less-skilled teammate &mdas
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Uma Musume: Cinderella Gray 4.5

Uma Musume: Cinderella Gray

Chapter 97: Different Person

754.8K Mar 26,23 Sugiura Masafumi, Itou Junnousuke

Uma Musume: Cinderella Gray is a spin-off title of the Uma Musume project by Cygames. It follows Oguri Cap through her time at Kasamatsu Training Center Academy and on her journey of becoming a legendary horse girl. Visit the main series website at:
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Hero: Akagi no Ishi wo Tsugu Otoko 4.6

Hero: Akagi No Ishi Wo Tsugu Otoko

Vol.12 Chapter 96: Fearless

436.5K Mar 26,23 MAEDA Jirou,FUKUMOTO Nobuyuki

The sequel to Ten - The Nice Guy on the Path of Tenhou. Set in 2002, 3 years after the death of Akagi Shigeru.Prequel: Ten - The Nice Guy on the Path of Tenhou(
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Te no Hira ni Ai wo! 4.1

Te No Hira Ni Ai Wo!

Vol.4 Chapter 31: Overnight Hardcore Training

2.9M Mar 26,23 Murata Kouji

Katsutoshi Umiyama is a young teacher of 25 years who is designated as responsible for the men's club volleyball school. The women's club, however, is in the hands of the beautiful Maho Kawashima. When Umiyama accidentally gets too close to a club girl, Ai, the student does not seem to be upset, but ...
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I'm Addicted to Her 4.7

I'm Addicted To Her

Chapter 6

232.9K Mar 26,23 Oomi Tabi

A gloomy boy suddenly getting close with the popular track and field club ace?! A short comedy about invading someone else's spot to skip class is about to begin!!
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Bungo 4.4


Vol.35 Chapter 343: Toyoda Kentarou

17.4M Mar 25,23 Yuuji Ninomiya

In a town with no baseball team, young Bungo spends his days throwing the ball he received as a gift against a wall until Yukio Noda, Japan’s representative youth baseball player, appears before him and an unexpected showdown ensues! After a chance meeting in middle school, these two enroll in Shizuo Senior where they struggle to make it to Koshien with everything they have.
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