Kiken Junai D.N.A. 4.2

Kiken Junai D.n.a.

Vol.3 Chapter 17

305.6K Jan 21,16 Kurumatani Haruko

From Shoujo Manga Maniac Ami has always been jealous of her little brother, who's a popular model for girls' clothing. Now he's old enough to attend her school, and all the boys are crazy about him, even knowing he's a boy! Still, he's her brother and Ami loves him, but are her feelings for him beyond those of a sister for her brother?
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Kill Me Kiss Me 5

Kill Me Kiss Me

Vol.2 Chapter 11

164.1K Jan 21,16 Lee Young-you

When Tae Yeon Im finds out that the idol star that she's adored for ages is currently attending the same school as her identical cousin, Jung-Woo Im, she convinces her cuz to exploit their similitude and switch places, she will dress as him, attend his school and try to get close to her lover boy. And he will dress as her, attend her school and revel in its sea of babes. Or maybe he just likes wea
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Kiratto! Yell 4.8

Kiratto! Yell


61.8K Jan 21,16 Mori Airi

After entering an all-boys junior high school, Yuuto-kun resolves to become more manly; and after reading a manga about a hot-blooded, all male cheer squad, he decides to join up with his own school's "Cheer club." However, the cheer club is not exactly as he expected it to be...
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Koi-koi Seitokai 4.5

Koi-Koi Seitokai

Vol.1 Chapter 5

146.1K Jan 21,16 Araki Kanao

[Taken from Mangahelpers] Goraku Gakuen is a school with over 300 clubs and student associations, and all of them are under the supervision of the Student Council. After encountering the Student Council President, Gokou Karuta, a girl who avoids most of the clubs, is asked to be the Secretary. Thus begins her work of inflitrating and monitoring the often wacky clubs...
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Koutei Gentei 4.7

Koutei Gentei

Vol.1 Ch.3.2 : My Little Honey(One Shot Two)

142.9K Jan 21,16 Yagami Rina

From JShoujo Scans: Mio and Ao are twins and they resemble each other in almost everything, beside the fact that Mio is a girl and Ao is a boy. They get along quite well and they always support each other, so when Ao tells Mio that he wants to become a member of LUNA, a group of young models, she is very excited. But unfortunately Ao can't attend the casting so Mio cuts her hair and decides to
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Ladies Versus Butlers! 4.7

Ladies Versus Butlers!

Vol.1 Chapter 5 : The Maid Teacher's Special Skill Is Throwing Fountain Pens!

236.3K Jan 21,16 Kouzuki Tsukasa

Hino Akiharu lost his parents when he was an elementary student and was taken in by his uncle's family. One day, he sees on the news about the newly-established Hakureiryou Gakuin, a school which was re-built from an elite girls' school. He decides to take the exam for that school and succeeds in entering the House Management Department (the place to train maids & butlers). He wants to become a bu
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Lady Victorian 4.8

Lady Victorian

Vol.2 Chapter 7 : The Ball ~Step1~

114.3K Jan 21,16 Moto Naoko

This story takes place in the Victorian England. Belle is a 16 year-old governess and fresh from the country on her first job. She expected life in London to be marvellous, though her charges are anything but lovely and her client is a miser. To make matters worse, a dead body was found in her trunk and Bell was charged as a murderer! But help comes in the form of Lady Ethel and Noel Scott.
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Laon 4.8


Vol.4 Chapter 29

261.2K Jan 21,16 A A-ru

From Yen Press: When the police discover Laon naked and hungry in the street, they aren’t quite sure what to make of the odd little boy. How could they know that he is actually a nine-tailed fox…or at least he would be if he hadn’t lost his tails in a bet? Now Laon is on a crusade to recover his missing appendages, if other spiritual forces don’t find them first!
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Lian Ai Makeup! 4.6

Lian Ai Makeup!

Vol.1 Chapter 10 : 10Th Make Up!: Romance Make Up!

141.8K Jan 21,16 Fung Nga Chung

From Fate: Xiao(Ye) Mei is a normal high school girl whose hobbies are reading and drawing manga. To encourage her because of her failed love confession, Xiao Zhu gave her a makeover. However, after the photography club's president took pictures of her and published them in the school magazine 'CLOVER', she becomes the 'MYSTERY BEAUTY' the whole school's looking for!
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Little Star 4.7

Little Star

Vol.1 Ch.1

54.8K Jan 21,16 Mizuki Chika

Story about a tomboyish girl Subaru who's always cast in male roles for school plays and her subsequent confusion over her neighbour, Shun.
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Mai-Otome Arashi 5

Mai-Otome Arashi

Ch.7 : Final Chapter: The Storm Is Gone

334.3K Jan 21,16 Yoshino Hiroyuki,Higuchi Tatsuhito

Sequel to Mai Otome.
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Mangetsu Monogatari 4.3

Mangetsu Monogatari

Ch.4 : [End]

86.7K Jan 21,16 NAKAMURA Shungiku

After a scandal got him kicked out of his position at court, Takaaki's been idling the days away at his manor, impulsive and bored. Then one day his friend Naruhito stops by and tells him an insane story about the most beautiful woman alive -- and drags him off in his attempt to win her heart. Tagging along, Takaaki soon realizes that the "Princess" isn't exactly who she (he!?) seems to be. Who ex
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Mei no Naisho 4.7

Mei No Naisho

Vol.4 Ch.18 : Mei And Fuuka And The Last Secret

425.4K Jan 21,16 Kusaka Shiroi

Mei no Naisho revolves around the life of the title character Mei Haruna, an effeminate young boy who was raised by his witch mother as a girl, and always thought of himself as female. His mother was the only family he had, so after she died, he transfers to an all-girls high school and comes to reside in the school's dormitory with his talking familiar cat Abel, and his roommate Fuuka Honjou, who
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Midori no Me 4.7

Midori No Me

Vol.1 Ch.1

68K Jan 21,16 Ishihara Keiko

From Aerandria Scans: In a world where people with green eyes are despised and named as bringer of plagues and destruction, Sue seeks a cure for her ailing friend. A holy nun comes into town one day to cure the sick and drive out the plagues. Due to desperation and lack of money, Sue decides to kidnap the nun to plead with her to heal her friend. What she didn’t bargain for what suddenly facing
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Mint na Bokura 4.9

Mint Na Bokura


224.6K Jan 21,16 Yoshizumi Wataru

Noel has a close connection to his twin sister, Maria. When Noel learns Maria's gone to a boarding school to be near her first love, he goes after her to stop it. The only problem is that the school has only one bed left, for a girl student. Disguised as a girl, Noel attempts to bring his sister home. In the process, love is found, lost, and found again for both of them. The twins Maria and Noe
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Mise Koi! 4.6

Mise Koi!


55.8K Jan 21,16 Kamaboko Red

Brothers Akira and Suguru love to cross-dress and have no qualms about showing their panties, something their neighbor Hiro tries to prevent.
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Mizuho Ambivalent 4.9

Mizuho Ambivalent

Vol.1 Ch.27

262.7K Jan 21,16 Koizumi Mari

From Hells_Castle: Tashiro Mizuho is your typical middle school teen... except for the fact that he is a cross-dresser! When an upper-classman's sister transfers into his class after living abroad, he begins to develop feelings for her and even considers returning to being a male. What awaits Mizuho in the future?
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Motto Aishiaimasho 4.8

Motto Aishiaimasho

Vol.1 Ch.5

141K Jan 21,16 Takazawa Taeko

From Girls' Generation Scanlations: Keichi and Sora live a happy life now that they've moved in together. Keichi work as a director at a design office and Sora works as a hostess in a bar while attending university. The odd thing about all that is they're both men, and there's a third person coming in between them. Can Sora and Keichi struggle to live their happy lives in peace, or will the thi
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My Girlfriend Is a He 2.2

My Girlfriend Is A He

Vol.1 Ch.1.1 : Girlfriend

71K Jan 21,16 Lin Yu Chin

Girls in our family have a secret, the secret will be revealed after giving birth. Zi Wen's beautiful body has a secret, from small to large she did not dare to show to others, even her best friends. If they know her secret ... ah - she can not think of it! If so five men and Rui Ling knows she is not a "she", then triple their friendship may exist?
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My Heart is Beating 5

My Heart Is Beating

Vol.1 Ch.30 : Cascading Flowers

254.8K Jan 21,16 Ha Il-kwon

17 year old exemplary student Bae Sugu lives alone with his father, the vice principal of his school. Weighed down by his father's expectations, Sugu has to hide his one true passion: swimsuits. He does not know where it comes from, but his passion is pure and genuine - and often misunderstood. But one day, when Sugu is secretly taking pictures of swimsuits by the pool, he is caught by his hom
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Narcissus Tomo-chan 4.3

Narcissus Tomo-Chan


77K Jan 21,16 Yoshino

Tomo Fukuya loves taking pictures of himself while cross-dressing, and he's gained some notoriety among his schoolmates because of it. He participates in his school's beauty contest during the school festival against his friend Kei Okabe.
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Nonono 5


Ch.0.2 : Tomodachi Nanka Iranai - [Oneshot]

71.8K Jan 21,16 Fuyunagi Reku

A trap named Nono goes to his lesbian friend, Sei, to become cuter than he already is...Note: They're both separate oneshots, but since they're prequel/sequel I just put them together. And traaaaaaaps ;3
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Onii-chan Complex 4.3

Onii-Chan Complex

Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

77.5K Jan 21,16 ARARAGI Ayune

Haruki's younger brother Natsuki dresses like a girl and always clings to him. This is starting to cause problems after Haruki gets into high school, so he tries to think of a way to work things out with Natsuki.
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Onnanoko Tokidoki Otokonoko 3.9

Onnanoko Tokidoki Otokonoko

Vol.1 Ch.8 : Bonus Chapter (Extra)

165.4K Jan 21,16 Hinemosu Notari

Yuusuke's childhood friend Akira is back as a beautiful girl, but something is not right. Despite the fact that Yuusuke doesn't remember much of Akira, he definitely knows Akira is a male.
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