Hetamen 4.3


Chapter 12 : (End)

372.6K Apr 06,16 Anisaki Yuna

From Futari wa Pretty Anon : Satoko has had enough – she’s not going to be a slave to her family and friends anymore! Determined, she leaves her house and demands her friend set up a couple’s mixer for her. But she still can’t break her habit of wanting to help everyone around her! Maybe meeting the clumsy, disheveled genius scientist Shinguuji will change her mind…or will it be the handsome an
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Simply Good Taste for a Duke's Daughter 4.6

Simply Good Taste For A Duke's Daughter


889.2K Mar 30,16 Reia

Although she had reincarnated as a the daughter of a Duke's house, by the time she regained her memories, the Ending was already here."After he cancels my engagement, the story would have me confined to a church. Where can I find my happy ending?"Web Novel Translation:
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Sayonara Minasan 5

Sayonara Minasan

Ch.9 : (End): Riding A Bicycle

106.6K Mar 28,16 Nishimura Tsuchika

A woman gets fired from her job after refusing to go on a date with her boss.
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Onigiri Tsuushin - Dame Mama Nikki 5

Onigiri Tsuushin - Dame Mama Nikki

Vol.1 Ch.1

67.9K Mar 21,16 Ninomiya Tomoko

From Eien Scans: An cute autobiography based off Ninomiya Tomoko's family life, with her husband and son.
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Koi to Sakura to Toshishita no Kimi 4.8

Koi To Sakura To Toshishita No Kimi

Chapter 1

149.1K Feb 22,16 Saejima Yukako

Sakura is reunited with Kenshou, a man who is 9 years younger than her, who she has thoroughly rejected in the past. Now that Kenshou has grown up, can Sakura set aside her reservations about dating a younger man?
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Anata no Koto wa Sorehodo 5

Anata No Koto Wa Sorehodo

Chapter 4 : Koki Arishima

130.1K Feb 15,16 Ikuemi Ryou

From Stiletto Heels: A fortuneteller once told her, "Marry the second man you fall in love with." Medical clerk Miyoshi did just that. However, upon leaving a drinking party, she bumps into her first love, Arishima. Feelings reignite between the two, yet Arishima is married and Miyoshi already has an amicable husband...
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Ero Meruhen - Goin ni Amaku... Futari no Kare Kara Semerarete 2.9

Ero Meruhen - Goin Ni Amaku... Futari No Kare Kara Semerarete

Chapter 0 : Oneshot

153.3K Feb 03,16 Aoyama Risa

From Antisense Scanslations: Lady Grey and Lize have known each other since childhood. Lately, Lady Grey has started to feel things have gone stale between them. Wishing to feel excited and extravagant in a relationship she wakes up to a blessing ... or is it a curse?
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Kanojotachi no Saishuu Teiri 4.3

Kanojotachi No Saishuu Teiri

Ch.10.5 : Ta Mathemata

1.1M Feb 02,16 Ootsuki Yuuko

From MangaHelpers: Haizawa is the cool kid in school. He's naturally good looking and has quick thinking. It all starts when he accidentally finds a spot on campus that lets you see up girls' skirts. First, he has a sexual encounter with the school’s most popular girl, Kuroha Ageha, after learning that her big crush is him. Next, even the young and beautiful science teacher, Ms. Shiromine, fall
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Sarawareta Heart 5

Sarawareta Heart


84.5K Jan 28,16 Barbara Cartland

[from FantasticFiction] Princess Marie-Therese and her brother elude their escorts to spend seven carefree days in Paris before she becomes engaged to an English Duke. In the glittering world of gaiety that marked the Second Empire, the Princess pretends to be Zena, her brother's mistress. This farce brings unexpected problems, especially when she falls in love with the Comte de Graumont. Can lov
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Ero Meruhen - Kin no Yubiwa to Gin no Yubiwa - Shokushu na Bathroom 2.9

Ero Meruhen - Kin No Yubiwa To Gin No Yubiwa - Shokushu Na Bathroom

Chapter 1

137.2K Jan 25,16 Mitaku Rumi

From Antisense Scanslations: "I don't need this ring anyway!" She thought she saw the last of the promise ring from her ex-boyfriend until a water god came out of her bathtub and gave her 3 seconds to answer his question! Because of her sadness she lied to his second question so he takes it upon himself to purify her with his water; tentacle style!
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Yami no Alexandra 4.5

Yami No Alexandra

Vol.2 Ch.20

233.3K Jan 21,16 Hara Chieko

From Stage Storm: Venice, 17th century. Safinia lives a simple and happy life with her father, a renowned artisan and his apprentice Angelo. Everything changes when a man named Ricardo Carrá comes looking for her saying the rich Poliziano family wants her as the lady's companion who has "a weak constitution". However there's more to it than it seems and after her refusal, her father is mysterio
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Yawareta Princess 4.9

Yawareta Princess

Vol.1 Ch.1 : A Royal Proposition

130.7K Jan 21,16 Marion Lennox

Penny-Rose, a stone mason in the Principality of Castaliae is summoned by the Queen. She asks Penny-Rose to marry the prince... but only for one year. To succeed the throne, the prince needs to marry a woman of "unimpeachable virtue." Startled by such a sudden request, Penny-Rose hesitantly accepts. Despite knowing he is to marry another after her, she is slowly drawn to the prince, and eventually
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Yorokobi no Daishou 4.5

Yorokobi No Daishou

Vol.1 Ch.1

126.1K Jan 21,16 Miranda Lee

Courtney, a young horse farm owner, is glammed up to mingle with high society at a racecourse, hoping to find an investor for her business. Socializing with the rich, dolled up in a frilly dress, puts tomboy Courtney out of her comfort zone, but she has no choice. She has to find a way to repay the debt her deceased mother left her. She meets Jack, a mysterious man who seems interested in investin
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Yoru Cafe. - My Sweet Knights 4.7

Yoru Cafe. - My Sweet Knights

Vol.3 Ch.15 : A Wish For The Future

676K Jan 21,16 Enjouji Maki

At 23 years old, Hina Takato inherited a café and the workers in it from her deceased husband. Although he was much older than her, she loved him a great deal and has vowed to never fall in love again... only, she does.
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Youfu wo Enjite 4.8

Youfu Wo Enjite

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Mistress Bought And Paid For

67.1K Jan 21,16 Lynne Graham

Supermodel Lydia took part in a fashion show organized for a charity for disadvantaged children. But the money from the show disappeared, and it was Lydia's mother who stole the money! Lydia cannot accept that this is what happened, even after being investigated by the police...because she blames herself for her mother's unhappiness. It is the wealthy Christiano who lends Lydia a helping hand in h
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Yuku Yuku 4.8

Yuku Yuku

Vol.1 Ch.2 : Tantan

62.2K Jan 21,16 Unita Yumi

[From Baka-Updates] Coming in an omnibus form, it's a side story of Toribako House! The words you longed for, the many things you held dear, everything and everyone, right here!! A girl who has no luck with guys, a weak-spirited otaku boy, a natural lady-killer, a middle-aged couple, a distant relationship -- everyone keeps looking for happiness!?
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Yunagi no Machi Sakura no Kuni 4.7

Yunagi No Machi Sakura No Kuni

Vol.1 Ch.3 : Sakura No Kuni: Part 2

100.2K Jan 21,16 Kouno Fumiyo

Part 1: Hiroshima, 1955. Ten years after the city was consumed by a scorching flash of light, a woman's soul is still deeply shaken by the earth-shattering explosion that devastated her home and changed her life forever... A family from Hiroshima struggles to come to terms with their survival of the atomic bombing of their city. The protagonist is Minami Hirano, about 20 years of age. Part 2:
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Yuuwaku no Rule 4.6

Yuuwaku No Rule

Vol.1 Ch.1 : The Seduction Bid

115.5K Jan 21,16 Amanda Browning

"I won't let him get away with this, that horrible man!" After reading an article that slanders her best friend Sarah, Carrie bursts into an independent newspaper publishing corporation to complain. There she finds a man with gray eyes so handsome, he takes Carrie's breath away. The man seems indifferent to Carrie's anger and, rather than attend to her complaint, teases her. Despite their constant
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Arcana 01 - Butler 5

Arcana 01 - Butler

Vol.1 Ch.11 : The Moon And The Visitor

93.8K Jan 21,16 Arcana Anthology,HAIBARA Yaku,HIGASHIYAMA Kazuko,KIKUTA Yui,KOUGA Yun,MIKANAGI Touya,MINEKURA Kazuya,MIYAMOTO Fukusuke,NANJOU Tsugumi,SAEKI Yashirou,TAKAYAMA Shinobu,YONEYAMA Setsuko

The anthology features works by mangaka from Ward and Comic Zero-Sum. A new volume is released every four months.Volume 1 : Butler 1*1. Spider's Nest by Minekura Kazuya2. Nice to Meet You, Young Lady by Kouga Yun*3. Holly Green and White Little Garden by Takayama Shinobu4. The Situation of Goshogawa Yuzuru's Magnificant Mansion Creation by Miyamoto Fukusuke5. Butler of Worry by Higashiyama Kazuko*
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Arcana 04 - Vampire 4.2

Arcana 04 - Vampire

Vol.4 Ch.15 : A Gentle Temperature

131.8K Jan 21,16 Arcana Anthology,AMAMIYA Azusa,Bikke,IGARASHI Ran,INUI Miku,KAYASE Shiki,KINOSHITA Sakura,KISARAGI Yoshinori,KOUGA Yun,MAGAMI Guriko,OMOTE Sora,SAEKI Yashiro,SERIKAWA Mame,SHINDO Arashi,TAKAYAMA Shino

Volume 4 : Vampire*1. Sleeping Vampire by Kinoshita Sakura*2. Mushroom and Kappa: Arcana compilation for vampires on business trips by Magami Guriko*3. Crossing the River by Kouga Yun*4. A Shower in the sunshine by Omote Sora5. Urban Vampire by Bikke*6. Sky Burial by Takayama Shinobu7. Today's Dining Table by Saeki Yashiro*8. The Aegis of the Coffin of Time by Yugyoji Tama*9. Forest of Nobility by
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Arcana 05 - Japanese Style / Samurai 4.4

Arcana 05 - Japanese Style / Samurai

Vol.5 Ch.15 : Miokuribana

89.9K Jan 21,16 Arcana Anthology,Akanatsu,AOTO Takane,ARAISHI Ikkyou,ASADA Yasuka,Gunjou,KAYASE Shiki,KIKUTA Yui,KOUZUKI Leo,MAGAMI Guriko,MAZAKI Haruka,MIKANAGI Touya,MINEKURA Kazuya,OSHINO Hikaru,SAEKI Yashiro,SHIN

Volume 5 : Japanese Style and Samurai*1. The Overnight Rain Stops by Minekura Kazuya (or "Last Night's Rain Lifts")2. Our Detective Story by Saeki Yashiro3. The Thunder God and the Wind God by Gunjou4. Samurai Soul by Asada Yasuka5. Takeda-sama, the Town Magistrate by Mazaki Haruka6. Tenmatsu, the Kabuki Actor with a Charming Figure by Ueda Shinshu7. Mushroom and Kappa - Arcana Compilation for Nin
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Arcana 07 - Wizard / Magician 4.3

Arcana 07 - Wizard / Magician

Vol.7 Ch.11 : Wilted Flowers

205.2K Jan 21,16 Arcana Anthology,Aoto Takane,Bikke,D. Kissan,Igarashi Ran,Kaede Tohru,Kayase Shiki,Kouzuki Reo,Kumeta Natsuo,Magami Guriko,Mikawa Verno,Mizuhara Kenta,Mizutani Yuzu,Omote Sora,Saeki Yashiro,Suzuki Ich

Volume 7 : Wizard and Magician1. Kawahori the Word Man by D. Kissan*2. Night bird by Kouzuki Reo3. Mushroom and Kappa - Magic Users’ Chapter by Magami Guriko*4. Good Day For Me by Omote Sora*5. Love Coloured Glasses by Bikke*6. The Kind Black Witch by Ueda Shinshuu7. The Magician and I by Mikawa Verno*8. Kokonoe Kyuujutsu by Aoto Takane*9. Forest’s Poison by Kumeta Natsuo10. The Witch
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Arcana 08 - Butler II 4.3

Arcana 08 - Butler Ii

Vol.8 Ch.5 : Le Droit D'aimer Ii

89.7K Jan 21,16 Arcana Anthology,AKIZUKI Ichiha,ASADA Yasuka,ASAHINA Asato,Geni Yuu,HAIBARA Yaku,ISHIKAWA Mushi,Jam,KAWAZOE Mariko,KOSUGI Mayu,MAZAKI Haruka,MIKANAGI Touya,MIYAMOTO Fukusuke,NAKAMURA Sachiko,SAEKI Yas

Volume 8 : Butler 21. Mr. Finding by Takayama Shinobu2. Butler Hassle by Saeki Yashiro3. From Today, I’m a Butler! by Miyamoto Fukusuke4. Butler Game by Asahina Asato*5. Le Droit d'aimer by Haibara Yaku6. The Apprentice Butler and His Mistress by Yoneyama Setsuko7. Brilliant Emerald by Seno Tatsune & Takamiya Aya8. The Nagging Butler Likes Troublemakers by Geni Yuu9. Tarte Tatin by Mikanagi Touya1
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