Route 225 4.6

Route 225

Vol.1 Ch.11 : Epilogue

99.5K Jan 20,16 Fujino Chiya

14-year-old Eriko finds herself left in charge of her younger brother Daigo when their parents suddenly disappear one warm summer evening. Trapped in a world that is very much like their own save for the lack of their parents, Eriko and Daigo find themselves desperate to return to the worrywart mother and apathetic father they never thought they'd miss so badly...
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Ijigen kara no Tayori 4

Ijigen Kara No Tayori

Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Ghost Ship

67.4K Jan 20,16 Watari Chie

What happens when one encounters strange things happening in the modern world? This manga consists of three stories: 1) First Love. Kubodera once again saw his first love, Sae, after several years while waiting for the train. They thought about meeting again but when he reached the meeting place, he heard Sae's voice but she was nowhere to be found... 2) Sleeping Beauty. Shoich
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Sekai Oni 4.8

Sekai Oni

Vol.11 Ch.101

2.3M Jan 20,16 Okabe Uru

With her parents dead or missing, Azuma has been taken into her uncle's family. However her new family has been harshly abusing her, to the point she has become so mentally unstable she developed the rare syndrome of Alice in Mirrorland, which makes her see things that shouldn't be there reflected on mirrors, water, glass, etc. Everything begins when the things she sees start affecting the
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Shissou Holiday 5

Shissou Holiday

Vol.1 Chapter 5

77.9K Jan 20,16 Otsuichi

A girl runs away from home, pretending to have been kidnapped.
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Shugo Chara 4.6

Shugo Chara

Vol.12 Chapter 52 : Encore!

1.5M Jan 20,16 Peach-pit

The heroine of the story, Amu Hinamori, is a student at Seiyo Elementary. At first glance, her classmates refer to her as "cool and spicy" and rumors speculate about her personal life. However, her real personality is that of a very shy girl who has trouble showing her true personality. One night, Amu wishes for the courage to show her "would-be" self, and the next morning find
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C-Blossom - Case 729 4.8

C-Blossom - Case 729

Vol.2 Chapter 4

77.5K Jan 20,16 Fukui Harutoshi

From Condensation: Matsumiya Kana’s world is turned upside down when her father is arrested on charges of embezzling from the Ministry of Defense. She decides to escape the trauma by transferring to a private boarding school, but trouble follows… Megane bishounen Kisaragi Kou gets Kana to open up to him, but what’s this?! He isn’t really who he says he is? And who’s the dude in the trucker’s c
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Called 4.7


Chapter 16 : Surviving The Island

139.3K Jan 20,16 Kenshin Noboyuki

Two twin brothers Ry and Key were trained in martial arts since childhood by their Martial Arts father, "Rokuu Riley" as they are now young adults a tournament begins in their city and they feel they are called to accomplish something much greater in life. And in their own ways they will not stop until they have succeeded no matter what challenges, threats or obstacles come into their lives.
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Canaan 4.8


Vol.1 Chapter 4

117.2K Jan 20,16 Type-moon

Two years ago, Shibuya was ravaged by a biological terrorist attack using the deadly Ua virus. Maria Osawa was saved when her father inoculated her against the virus, but is left with partial amnesia from the shock. Now working as a cameraman, she reunited with her friend Canaan in Hong Kong. Canaan is an assassin gifted with synesthesia, and she's being targeted by the terrorist squad Snake. Mean
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Steins;Gate - Shijou Saikyou no Slight Fever 4.2

Steins;gate - Shijou Saikyou No Slight Fever

Vol.1 Ch.6 : Sern

175.9K Jan 20,16 5pb,Nitroplus,Tonene

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Sugar Dark 4.7

Sugar Dark

Ch.19 : End

260.2K Jan 20,16 Arai Enji

Dark fantasy story follows a boy named Muoru who has been falsely arrested and sent to a cemetery to perform forced labor. There, he calls himself the "grave keeper" and meets a beautiful girl named Meria. Muoru becomes fascinated with Meria as he spends his days digging a hole containing the undead monster named "The Dark."
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The Bullet Saint 5

The Bullet Saint

Vol.3 Ch.3 : The Phantasm

79K Jan 20,16 Yoo Kyung Won

From Manga Updates 1943 Manju. Kim Ui-ryong, known as the perfect marksman was given a secret order from the superiors of the independence army. Armed with explosives around his body, he infiltrated a secret Japanese government operation and witnessed a ceremony upholding an old bronze sword. Just as his mission required, he destroyed the bronze sword and died. Korea, 60 years later. Culture
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The Legend of Lady Mirror 4.6

The Legend Of Lady Mirror


222.2K Jan 20,16 Fantasy Turtle

From A Duck's Paradise: Doppelgangers. Mice that take the form of humans. With murderous intent, the look-alikes and the originals are both pressured to fight in their own ways. After an ambiguous event in their life, Jin-Uk and So-Hee's love life has been shattered. While trying to reconcile with her, Ji-Suk meets her look-alike, and that's how this story starts. What will he do when he, too, ha
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Tokage 4.4


Vol.3 Ch.21

190.1K Jan 20,16 Haibara Yaku

Tokage, a soul cursed to forever wander the world, unable to rest nor to join the reincarnation cycle, is now looking for its release. This time Tokage enters the body of a newly dead girl named Yuuka, a shrine maiden. This body requires continual recharging from a highly spiritual person, whom the dead person must have had an attachment to. This person is Shinobu, a younger boy, who also lives
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Cassandra 5


Chapter 2 : Chapter 2~3

65K Jan 20,16 Hajin Lee

A gripping reinterpretation/adaptation of The Illiad by Homer that revolves around Priam's daughter, Cassandra, who was believed to have been given the gift of prophecy by Apollo when he proposed to her.
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Cerberus Jam 3.7

Cerberus Jam

Chapter 4

74.3K Jan 20,16 Shiota Haruto

From Fallen Syndicate: Seri, a somewhat directionally challenged girl, went to Umeda for a job interview. Finding herself completely lost, she stumbles across a slightly opened door and decides to try her luck. She takes the stairs behind the door, emerging on a peculiar street half an hour later. Unknown to Seri, she has just mistakenly entered a place far more dangerous than she could ever im
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Kaitai 5


Vol.1 Ch.2

62.9K Jan 20,16 Ishihara Satoru

From Baka-Updates: Kaitai is a science-fiction-ish BL story of bio-engineered humans, sinister policemen and moody scientists with mysterious pasts. Set in a depressing, fictitious London from somewhere in the near future, this manga is representative of Ishihara's earlier, non-yaoi works; rough, sketchy artwork accompanied by an interesting plot the likes of which is rarely seen in the shou
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Chameleon Jail 5

Chameleon Jail

Vol.2 Chapter 12 : Don't Cry Daddy (2)

123.2K Jan 20,16 Watanabe Kazuhiko

"Risk hunters" are professionals who handle jobs considered too tough for normal law enforcement, such as kidnappings, combating terrorism, and preventing murders. One man who stands above them all however is the legendary Chameleon Jail, who has the ability to manipulate his "kara" or internal human body energy in order to physically change his appearance into that of any other person. Throughout
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Chaos;HEAd 4.6


Vol.1 Chapter 11 : (End)

173.4K Jan 20,16 Nitro+

Chaos;Head's story is set in 2008 in Shibuya and is centered around Takumi Nishij?, a high school student at the private Suimei Academy, and the strange and brutal murders that have recently occurred in the Shibuya area, known as the "New Generation" (????????????) Madness. The story begins on September 28 with Takumi talking to an online friend called Grim (??? Gurimu?). Grim is trying to bring T
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Chaos;HEAd - Blue Complex 5

Chaos;head - Blue Complex

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : A Chance Encounter

103.5K Jan 20,16 5pb,Nitroplus

Takumi is a high school student. He is withdrawn and is not interested in 3D things. In his town, a mysterious serial murder case happens and people get panicked. One day, when he chats on the internet, a man suddenly contacts him and gives him an URL. He goes to the website and finds a blog image that suggests a next murder case... On the next day, it really happens... Takumi Nishijo suffers f
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Tousei Gensou Hakubutsushi 5

Tousei Gensou Hakubutsushi

Vol.1 Ch.25

201.9K Jan 20,16 Katayama Shuu

It’s the early days of the Showa Era. In a really ordinary-looking and peaceful city, no one notices the strange things that are happening. Shinobu, a young man who manages his father’s second-hand goods store, comes face to face with one mystery after another. At some point, these events lead to a story…
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Toxic 5


Ch.15 : End

140.3K Jan 20,16 Takahashi Ryo

From Hyper Parfait: After World War III, the Führer established the Unified World Government. Anything considered as damaging to the creation of the “Perfect World” is eliminated, such as people with disabilities, believers of a different religion, those that are considered as “traitors”, and so on. The Black Rose is the personal protection guard unit of the Führer. Luka Ogami, the top gradu
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Karasuma Kyouko no Jikenbo 5

Karasuma Kyouko No Jikenbo

Vol.2 Chapter 11 : The Extraordinary Detective

130.4K Jan 20,16 Hiroi Ouji

2050, Tokyo. The sixteen year old, special gifted police detective Kyouko Karasuma works for a special devision in the Asakusa Police Department. Her rather abnormal cases involve: she's fighting against Oni, Tengu and other monsters from the Asian myths and legends. The modern art by the character designer of Speed Grapher works very good with the action-heavy story line and the overall art impro
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Charisma (ISHIHARA Satoru) 4.7

Charisma (Ishihara Satoru)

Vol.1 Ch.1.1

76.2K Jan 20,16 Ishihara Satoru

From Translated Treasures: It is a multi-perspective story following several different characters. The central character is Archer Rogue. Archer's entire family is a bit off-kilter. His father Ed is bi-polar due to physical abuse from his father as a child. As a result, he beats Archer at times ("for his own good"), or swings to a scared, child-like persona and is incapable of even feeding hims
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