148.3K Jan 20,16 Saenagi Ryou

From Tokyopop: Nanaki survives a car accident to discover he is psychic. Recruited into an organization that solves cases with psychic powers, Nanaki's average life quickly turns into one of adventure and intrigue. Slacker Nanaki Shunsuke's life is turned upside down when he's hit by a bank robber's car and later meets a strange boy who claims that the accident caused Nanaki to develop psychi
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Fairness Angel Setsuna - FAS 5

Fairness Angel Setsuna - Fas

Vol.1 Chapter 1.1 : When Roman Valentin Is After You...

52.2K Jan 20,16 Thomas Bouveret

Setsuna, a young boy has strange powers, including the right to have prophetic dreams ...
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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Gakuen Datenroku 4.6

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Gakuen Datenroku

Vol.4 Chapter 22 : Stage 22 (End)

592.7K Jan 20,16 Min Min

Shinji Ikari attends the NERV Foundation Academy and lives a life of relative normality. One night he encounters Rei Ayanami and Kaworu Nagisa fleeing the scene of a violent explosion and is eventually recruited to assist them and Asuka Sohryuu Langely in fighting the Angels, who have taken on human form, in order to retrieve their cores to support the world tree, Yggdrasil. Should the Yggdrasil d
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Forget-me-not 4.5


Vol.1 Chapter 7 : My Secret Flower

181.3K Jan 20,16 Tsuruta Kenji

Mariel Imari is a private detective trying to become a first-rate detective to be able inherit her late father's estate. By some strange reason the mysterious thief Vecchio is taking an interest in her. If that's not enough her old friends at Interpol and her siblings makes life more troubling for her.
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Four Shoujo Stories 5

Four Shoujo Stories

Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Since You've Been Gone

75K Jan 20,16 Nishi Keiko,Hagio Moto,Sato Shio

Taken from Baka-updates: An anthology of oneshots. Story 1: Promise by NISHI Keiko Story 2: They were Eleven by HAGIO Moto Story 3: The Changeling by SATO Shio Story 4: Since You've Been Gone by NISHI Keiko The two stories by NISHI Keiko were also published as a separate book in English called "Promise." Those stories were originally taken from "Mizu ga Kooru ni Naru Toki."
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Nervous Venus 4.2

Nervous Venus

Vol.2 Chapter 5

80.1K Jan 20,16 Waseda Chie

It all starts with Haru, a cute genki girl with short hair who is in love with her best friend Aki.But the day before he was to confess his love for Haru, he gets killed in a car accident with 4 other guys. His body was never found. It's a very hard shock for Haru, but then, the first day of course she meets this cool guy and things start to tremble a little. ナーバスヴィーナス
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Fractale 5


Vol.2 Chapter 10

120.4K Jan 20,16 Mandelbrot Engine

In the future, the world is managed by a network called the Fractale System. A boy named Crane is living an aimless life with his parents, who are actually computer-generated "Doppels". One day, he runs into a pretty girl named Furyune, who is being pursued by someone. When he rescues her and helps to keep her hidden from her pursuers, he is pulled into her troubles as well. After meeting her, his
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Night Walkers 5

Night Walkers

Vol.2 Ch.8

124.3K Jan 20,16 Gokurakuin Sakurako

The death of his mother leads to Tomoki living with Murakami-san, the Prime Minister. However Tomoki soon learns that nothing is what it seems, least of all Murakami-san himself.
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The Haunted 4.6

The Haunted

Vol.3 Ch.21 : Erstwhile

158.6K Jan 20,16 Jerry M. Jimenez

"How would you save someone when you're imprisoned?" "How would you fight for justice, if you need to break the law?" "Rui Takahashi, the protagonist found a way to solve this and tries to fix all the mysteries in his life" This is a Philippine-Based Manga :)
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Kagamigami 4.8


Chapter 38 : Bye Bye

476.5K Jan 20,16 Iwashiro Toshiaki

The new series by the author of Psyren: A serial killer is on the loose and authorities are baffled! What they do not know is that this case requires non-traditional research methods. That's where Mako Miyoshi the detective and Kyosuke Kagami the Shikigami user enter the picture. Together they investigate supernatural crimes!
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Niresaki Kyouju no Hirusagari no Kenkyuushitsu 4.6

Niresaki Kyouju No Hirusagari No Kenkyuushitsu

Vol.1 Ch.5.5 : The Circumstances Of An Early Afternoon

81.4K Jan 20,16 Tokumaru Yoshitaka

A university professor who specializes in figuring out the mentality of crime suspects is asked to help solve cases. He also has a relationship with his assistant.
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Fukashigi Philia 4.8

Fukashigi Philia

Vol.1 Chapter 16 : The Last Case

231.5K Jan 20,16 Tsutsui Taishi

Their city is filled with criminals and three incredible high schoolers. Yugo, Rikiya and Tusk are determined to clean up the city with whatever means necessary, even if that means using violence. During a typical night of wiping out gangs, Tusk comes across a beautiful girl held prisoner. She helps him survive what would have been a mortal wound by allowing him to see the future. Tusk takes her h
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Mozart wa Komoriuta wo Utawanai 5

Mozart Wa Komoriuta Wo Utawanai

Vol.4 Ch.20 : The Finale...and Then...

141.9K Jan 20,16 Mori Masahiro

From Entropy: Set in 1809, this story involves Carl Czerny, Franz Peter Schubert, and Ludwig van Beethoven as they attempt to investigate the mystery surrounding Mozart's piece "Mozart's Lullabies," driven by the death of a storeowner. Want to know more? Want to unravel the mystery? Read it!
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Vol.1 Ch.2 : Job Description

64.4K Jan 20,16 Boxno

Olivia Kane thinks she’s found the perfect job shadowing Mr. Porter, a renowned criminal psychologist, until she discovers a terrible secret. Through Mr. Porter, Olivia is then introduced to the professional life of Gatekeepers, cleaners who are commissioned to conceal heinous crimes.
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Shiranui Kitanroku 5

Shiranui Kitanroku

Chapter 7.5 : Extra

104K Jan 20,16 Inai Kaoru

A collection of horror stories.
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Ookami Kakushi - Fukahi no Shou 5

Ookami Kakushi - Fukahi No Shou

Vol.1 Ch.2.1 : Prelude

84.6K Jan 20,16 Konami Digital Entertainment

A 16 year old boy, Hiroshi Kuzumi, has recently moved into a new town in the mountains. The town is separated into new and old streets by the river, and many mysterious local cultures still remain. Although confused and enjoying his new life, one person kept her distance from him: class committee member Kushinada Nemura. In their few encounters she gave him a word of advice: "Stay away from the ol
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Nobody Knows (LEE Hyeon-Sook) 4.9

Nobody Knows (Lee Hyeon-Sook)

Vol.4 Ch.18.3

248.1K Jan 20,16 Lee Hyeon-sook

The “self bully” Ban has a normal enough life, and where divorced parents aren’t that uncommon, her life becomes shadowed in mystery when her mother, Eun-Joo, suddenly brings their “distant relative” Jin-Whan home to live with them. Ban’s mother would always avoid the topic of her family, so who is this strange boy? Are they really relatives? What torturous secrets does her mother’s past hold? And
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Boku to Senpai no Tekken Kousai 4.5

Boku To Senpai No Tekken Kousai

Chapter 19 : Mad Relation

314.7K Jan 20,16 Narita Shun

Himeko, an heiress of the largest company in Japan, however she always falls in love for the "violent" type of man. Shuu-chan her kouhai and only friend hates violence but has vowed to protect her, Just what is their real relationship?
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Shirasunamura 5


Chapter 7 : Freeloader

124.2K Jan 20,16 Imai Kami

Oogami is a detective by day and exorcist by night, solving cases and hunting spirits together with his ghostly assistant Kazari. One day, a mysterious package with horrifying contents arrives in Oogami's mail, the only clue to its sender being the name of a remote village: Shirasunamura.
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Yuureitou 4.3


Ch.80 : The Tower Of Reality [End]

1.2M Jan 20,16 Nogizaka Tarou

From MangaHelpers: In the 1950s, an old woman was brutally murdered on the face of a clock tower by her adopted daughter. Two years later, the clock tower is known as the 'ghost tower' and it is supposedly haunted. Through an unusual series of events, a young NEET man named Amano Taichi is attacked by someone or something in the same clock tower, and finds himself bound to the clock face t
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Hinekure Shisho no Mikaiketsu Jikenroku 4.8

Hinekure Shisho No Mikaiketsu Jikenroku

Chapter 11.5 : End

140.5K Jan 20,16 Kinashi Runamu

A young man sits in the inner room of a library, diligently restoring old - but valuable - books to their former splendour. An enthusiastic, upbeat young police officer often comes to him for help with hard-to-solve cases...But what exactly is the mysterious skill that allows this man to unfailingly discover the truth lying in places that even the watchful eye of the Law has failed to penetrate?
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H.E - The Hunt for Energy 4.6

H.e - The Hunt For Energy

Chapter 5

192.8K Jan 20,16 Boichi

It's the story of Hiro who since he was a child had the ability to see the energy of all things under the shape of some little men. He is now the head of a team in charge of "hunting" next generation energies as to same Japan's and the World's future.
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Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu 4.6

Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuuutsu

Vol.16 Ch.83 : The Dissociation Of Haruhi Suzumiya I

1.4M Jan 20,16 Tanigawa Nagaru

On the first day of high school, Haruhi Suzumiya make an announcement that stunned everyone: "I don't have any interest in ordinary people. If anyone here is an alien, time traveler, slider, or esper, please, come see me! That is all." Kyon, a totally normal human who happens to have the misfortune of sitting at the desk in front of Haruhi's, wondered at first if she was joking.
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UnLeong 4.9



110.1K Jan 20,16 Wd

Spirits that eat people's words - UnLeong. In return, they make people's wishes come true. Oh Sung is an UnLeongist who counsel others who have wishes that cannot come true unless UnLeong help them.
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