I Can't Believe I've Been Reincarnated and Fallen in Love with My Favorite Character of a Shoujo 3.5

I Can't Believe I've Been Reincarnated And Fallen In Love With My Favorite Character Of A Shoujo

9.7K Jan 05,24 Natsuwo

"Why am I getting heartthrob!?"The main character is reincarnated as Satou, an extra character in the world of his favorite shoujo manga.He was able to witness with his own eyes the moment his favorite characters became a couple. However, he witnesses the scene where his favorite character, Shirakawa Fuuma, is rejected by the heroine.Sato is determined to return the story to the way it was and mak
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-Rain- 4.5


Chapter 105

4.1M Dec 26,23 Hayase Hashiba

On a rainy day, when Mai got stood up by the guy she likes, she met a beautiful girl who told her that she was the Rain and that she had come because of her tears. After that Mai's days were filled with the bitterness of betrayal, only the memory of the girl called Rain can somehow ease her heart. A story of a brief love affair under the rainy season.
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The ghost that lives in the doll 4.5

The Ghost That Lives In The Doll

Chapter 2

35.4K Dec 15,23 Aman

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Akuma No Kare 2.3

Akuma No Kare

Chapter 1

125.1K Nov 03,23 Naop

Tsutomu gets fed-up at his job and uses a grimoire he found online to summon a demon! Anything he desires is his - money, power, revenge, even true love - but as soon as he lays eyes on Kracht, the only thing he wants is the horned, pointy-tailed beefcake in front of him!+
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Rafael X Edan 3.7

Rafael X Edan

Bounus. : Art

227.5K Oct 09,23 Hwim

A one-shot of Hwim's OC characters Rafael Raymond and Edan Cho.
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I Can See Your Stats! 4.3

I Can See Your Stats!

Chapter 34

844.8K Sep 30,23 Carpexd (카르페xd) , Rice Noodles (쌀국수)

One day in a city of wizards, misfortune struck. Wizard Solar Singh Eira's family all died. Thus, making Eira the next Solar Lord. His hometown which he hastily returned to seemed foreign. He barely managed to have a funeral for his family when the fatigue and stress made him faint. When he woke up...{ Hello Master. It's nice to meet you! ^o^I am the cute spirit GM who will help you with and Man
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It’s Time to Stop Looking for a New Family 4.8

It’S Time To Stop Looking For A New Family

Chapter 2

932.8K Sep 27,23 Yeon-Bi

I wanted to become the head of the family. Laetitia, left in the cold because she was an illegitimate child of the duke, was used as a successor. Her dedication to that was thwarted by Sujin, a foster daughter from that world. Her death was due to false charges. But after her final moments, she wakes up as an eleven year old girl again. ‘In this life, I’ll pave my own way forward.&rsqu
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Only Lewd Things 2.7

Only Lewd Things

Chapter 1

77.4K Aug 01,23 Ameya Kato , Kogarashi

Kuramae Masamune (45): An old man who sells bento at a small shop. He is divorced with children. He is not good at socializing but seems to be getting a little jealous of inui. He feels bad that he stood him up on their date Inui Nazuna (21): A university student whose uncle makes the best bento, used to have fun with him until he had to move to an apartment far away even though he fell in love. I
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The End of this Fairy Tale is a Soap Opera 4.7

The End Of This Fairy Tale Is A Soap Opera

Chapter 26

1.5M Jul 30,23 완결 , 칼퇴병자

In the fairy tale, the lady and the prince greet the ending that lives happily ever after. The life of Extra Lynette is not over yet, At the end of the fairy tale, she is left alone to make a pledge.
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Love for Sale 3.7

Love For Sale

Chapter 103

1.3M May 18,23 Yuwa Shiori

Meet Kanade Nakamori. She always go grocery shopping for mom. But always get sarcastic remark by a boy who works there and goes to the same school but he younger than her! What's his real reason?
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Irrational Us 4.6

Irrational Us

Chapter 32: ~After~

550.9K Apr 17,23 Takemiya Jin

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I’ve been here from the beginning 4.2

I’Ve Been Here From The Beginning

Chapter 81

8M Apr 02,23 허쉬하임, hushheim

Don't do that too much. Poor maidThe day after I commented on the pity of the extra maid, who even the author had forgotten.He has possessed that poor maid, Maria Mayer.Due to the convergence of its presence to 0, it even acquired the title of ghost.Still, I thought that Icould do my job with sincerity, but people who were interested in her began to appear.Even the future princes and grand dukes!"
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I Want To Be Your Girl 3.9

I Want To Be Your Girl

Chapter 24

505K Mar 26,23 Byeolgyu , still,별규

The first place in Sung Ha-Yoon’s heart, is none other than the person she wants, Moon Shin-Hwi! He’s kind but when it comes to romance, there is no iron wall that's stronger than Shin-Hwi's.Tactical Ha-Yoon's outrageous plans begin to unfold.No time for thinking, act fast!A romance about the struggle to make the impregnable fortress fall.
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Otaku no Tonari wa ERUFU Desuka? 4.4

Otaku No Tonari Wa Erufu Desuka?

Chapter 37

5.7M Jan 17,23 Ueno Meguru

From the author of the Romcom, "Hajimete no gal!" In the year 20XX, Japan began exchanging ideas and cultures with other worlds. One day, a beautiful elf moves into the apartment next to Keita Inudo, a high school boy who aspires to be a Mangaka. But she wont be the only girl to push herself into Keita's daily life! Will he be able to cope with all these sudden appearanc
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Mannequin 3.2


Chapter 1: Vampire - Yamori Shiki

110.7K Jan 06,23 Nishi Uko

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My Kairos 4.2

My Kairos

Chapter 3: Water Planet 1 Team

146.3K Dec 05,22 Karaage Tarou

After being sentenced to death, the girl Gladiolus was sent to a planet inhabited by robots and is forced to fight as a gladiator to win her freedom!
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Meow Meow 4.7

Meow Meow

Chapter 0: Oneshot

155K Oct 17,22 Akiyoshi Nana

Misa and Kaho go on a date to a cat cafe.
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Hanshin 4.5


Vol.1 Chapter 10: Kinyou No Yoru No Shuukai

75.6K Aug 14,22 Hagio Moto

Conjoined twins Yudy and Yucy are as different as possible. Older Yudy is intelligent but ugly, as her nutrients are used up by her beautiful but simpleminded sister Yucy. Loving and hating so deeply, where does one girl begin and the other end?
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Monster Lizard 4.4

Monster Lizard

Chapter 29: Tokage And Family [End]

1.6M Aug 03,22 Yamamoto Souichirou

Venturing into the hills to find her dog who ran away, Hitomi finds a strange lizard girl who is feeling lonely.
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Yuri Pop 3.7

Yuri Pop

Afterword. : What Happens Next [End]

194.9K Jul 18,22 Mizuki Maya

1. Hime-chan wa Tereya-san (Bashful Little Hime-chan) Tsukiko goes after Hime-chan but she got rejected in comedic ways. 2. Senpai wa Tokubetsu desu (Senpai Is Special) 3. Kanojo wa Imouto (My Girlfriend Is My Little Sister) Sentani Miharu, an upperclassman, and Kaburagi Yuyu, an underclassman, have decided to go out with each other. Coincidentally enough, Miharu's and Yuyu's parents got m
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Nil no Koi Mahoujin 4.6

Nil No Koi Mahoujin

Chapter 37

125.5K Jun 07,22 Ikemi Runa

Nil, a 5th grader in an academy of magic falls in love with Kowloon, her scary-looking upperclassman. Will she be able to pluck up the courage to ask him to the academy’s dance party? She might need magic to give her a helping hand.
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Torokeru Kuchibiru 4.4

Torokeru Kuchibiru

Chapter 5.7

782.6K May 27,22 Takasaki Bosco

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