Choukyoushi (FUJII Mitsuru) 4.3

Choukyoushi (Fujii Mitsuru)

Vol.1 Chapter 3 : The Perfect Day For Moving To The Big City

86.4K Jan 20,16 Fujii Mitsuru

From JShoujo Scans: 1. Animal Trainer Sawa has been going out with Manabu for almost a year. He's kind, gentle, and giving. She has no complaints, seeing as how he's the perfect gentleman, and she figures that if they continue to date, they'll eventually end up marrying. One day, Manabu takes her out to a bar, where he introduces her to a friend of his, who turns out to be someone she used t
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Misshitsu no Rakuen 4.7

Misshitsu No Rakuen


75.3K Jan 20,16 Shiina Chika

From Shoujo-Sense Nothing in Sakiko's life seems to be going right. Frustrated with her job and nursing a broken heart, she embarks on an ocean cruise, hoping the change of mood will turn things around for her. Never does she expect her vacation to end with the ship capsizing, stranding the surviving passengers on an island. When a young man saves her life, she finds herself drawn to him, but soo
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Maji Love 4.7

Maji Love

Vol.1 Ch.1

76.7K Jan 20,16 Yuina Haga

[From ShoujoMagic]: Nagisa's biology teacher, Mr. Fujiki, always warned her to watch out for guys who would take advantage of her. But it's the last day of summer break, and Nagisa is determined to find love before she goes back to school! The handsome man she meets gives Nagisa the same warning Mr. Fujiki did... but there's something important that neither of them has mentioned to her!
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Kimi ga Nozomeba Ano Hoshi Saemo 4.7

Kimi Ga Nozomeba Ano Hoshi Saemo

Vol.1 Ch.2.5 : [Continuation]

78K Jan 20,16 Nakamura Sae

From Cireus-Scans~Midnight~: Susami, down on his luck, recieves the gift of kindness from Hashiba. Susami is overwhelmed by this simple act and finds himself unable to think of anything else. When Hashiba runs away from, Susami tries to drown his pain in alcohol, but Hashiba’s face haunts him. Frustrated, he leaves the bar to find Hashiba being lured into a trap. Susami rescues Hashiba and take
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Kimi no Hada o Kowasu Yoru 4.7

Kimi No Hada O Kowasu Yoru

Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Dear ... Side : R

123.1K Jan 20,16 Kitagawa Miyuki

From Midnight Scans: If you place a photo of yourself with your lover in a particular photo frame, the two of you will get married. Or so the famous glasses-wearing author Kiriyama Akihito claims when Maaya requests a photo frame just like it. When she breaks a 500 thousand yen flower vase, Akihito is the one who pays her debt! Also featured: Kimi no Hada wo Kowasu Yoru (Your Body Breaks th
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Kimi no Mimi ni Kokuhaku 4.5

Kimi No Mimi Ni Kokuhaku

Vol.1 Chapter 5 : Don't You Unsterstand Love?!

132K Jan 20,16 Kayuma Mimu

From Eternal Dream: “I like you, please go out with me”. When I suddenly received a confession from the beautiful Tsukimura, I was surprised because we didn’t have anything in common. Then, I started receiving confessions via email every day. At first I thought he was just a weird guy, and as time went by, his emails kept coming. When I got the confessions, it’s not that was all I thought abou
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Kimi to Kemono na Yume o Miru 4.1

Kimi To Kemono Na Yume O Miru

Vol.1 Ch.5 : The Right Hand's Passion,my Palpitation

530.6K Jan 20,16 Ayukawa Mio

From Midnight Scans: A girl is raising a beast in her hearth?! A beast-like girl x diligent guy! The aim of the game is to escape completely! At first glance, Izumida Riko looks like a neat girl, and she’s known as the "Credit Union's Madonna". However, she's the repulsive beast girl who heads a robbery group. Aiming at Riko is a guy whom she met during her morning run. Is their meeting
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Kimi to, Hajimete 4.9

Kimi To, Hajimete

Vol.1 Ch.4 : The First ???

134.5K Jan 20,16 Yumachi Shin

From Jshoujo Scans: "When I think of you, I can't soften my heartbeat, and I have the urge to cry out loud---" The "Mighty Ice Prince" Hirano, who can do everything just perfectly, confessed to Koito. However Koito, who is capable of doing everything clumsily, never thought Hirano's confession was serious...? This story is about all the first times Koito and Hirano experience together.
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Kimi wa Amai Amai... 4.5

Kimi Wa Amai Amai...

Vol.1 Ch.6.5 : Secret Sweetness

228K Jan 20,16 Hanamura Ichika

Katase and Kohiwa are high school classmates. Liking someone so much it makes your head spin, exchanging kisses with every little chance, touching each other, connecting your bodies... The main story is about two guys in the spring of their youth who find themselves rapidly drowning in one another. Also included in this highly-anticipated debut book are the sweet and heartbreaking one-shots, "Tra
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Kimi wo Tsunaide Kiss Shite Dakishimete 4.6

Kimi Wo Tsunaide Kiss Shite Dakishimete


134K Jan 20,16 Minami Haruka

Shino and Sumitaka have been dating eight months, but Shino hasn't been able to bring himself to take the last step in their sexual exploration. Shino finally gives in, and Sumitaka takes it upon himself to make sure Shino can't back out once they get started. But will Shino forgive his boyfriend when he wakes up restrained, chained to the bed? This oneshot is from Sweet - Ano Amai Amai Aji.
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Kindan Princess 3.6

Kindan Princess

Vol.1 Ch.6 : Story 1 - Epilogue

631.2K Jan 20,16 Satuki Satoko

Story 1: A girl's father is caught red-handed for fraud. As a result, she is forced to move into the home of the director of the company. Little does she know, that this man is a true pervert, and thus begins a horrible nightmare... Story 2: The director of the school invites four male students to seduce her daugther, their classmate. The winner gets a set future. Who will win?
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Midnight Secretary 4.6

Midnight Secretary

Vol.7 Ch.35 : Midnight Secretary - Midnight Butler - Extra

4.8M Jan 20,16 Ohmi Tomu

Kaya thought she had found the perfect job when she became the private secretary of Kyouhei Touma - the director of a tableware company of the same name. Kyouhei is a capable director, but his arrogance and sluttish behavior are almost legendary. Kaya is doing her best to prove that she is capable in her work, but one night, by accident, she discovers his secret... of him being a vampire!
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Zenryousei Ginsei Gakuen Monogatari 4.6

Zenryousei Ginsei Gakuen Monogatari

Vol.1 Ch.6 : After School

148.7K Jan 20,16 Chitose Piyoko

Matsushiro Atsuya is from a very wealthy family. In order to prevent his childhood friend Kyousuke from moving away, Kyousuke was appointed as his servant. However, now they're in high school. Atsuya may be falling for Kyousuke, but it may be a one-sided love. 3) Timid student Miyako Yousuke is being followed by fellow student Ayusawa Takashi, who says, "Please let me hold you!" Is he a crazy p
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Pink de Pink 4.3

Pink De Pink

Vol.2 Ch.8 : The Power Of Love

738.7K Jan 20,16 Azuma Tesshin

Sanada Akihito, a student from Yotsuho Academy has been haunted by the angry spirit of a dead girl. In the exorcism that a friend was trying to do, the spirit manages to possess a girl from Akihito’s class and now that she has a body, she has worldly desires to satisfy, and Akihito just looks like her previous boyfriend!
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King & Prince 4.9

King & Prince

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Not Because I Want To Be Your Friend! ~ Part Ii

151.5K Jan 20,16 Fujisaki Kou

From Fantasy Shrine: I, the “Prince”, as haughty as my nickname might suggest, am actually still a virgin! And the only man who can falter my cool façade is the “King”…!! I wonder which of us will come up on top in the “Big Two” battle on campus!? Also included in the book, a 72-page of pure ♥ love story which has never been published in B-BOY, “Not Because I Want to be Your Friend!” A swee
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Suki dakara Itte Hoshikunai 4.7

Suki Dakara Itte Hoshikunai

Vol.1 Ch.5.1 : End

352.3K Jan 20,16 Kamon Saeko

From Yaoi Desire Revolution: Nao, the introverted prodigy of the department, trembled upon hearing the handsome Kouji, who has an inseparable relationship with him, discussing his problems. The thing is Kouji is an ass “hunter” who can’t stop feeling sexual arouse when seeing beautiful ass❤ After devouring almost all of the girls in university, he began hitting on Nao, who has a beautiful round
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Kiss Ariki. 4.8

Kiss Ariki.

Vol.2 Ch.9

159K Jan 20,16 Nitta Youka

"You, go to an island with Kiria's son." One day, Tohru is told this by his father, who is the 5th boss of the Suki Clan. A huge war in the Yakuza world is expected in the near future, so he is given an order to hide on the island. After that, Tohru and Mutsumi Kiria begin their secluded life together, and before they realize it...
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Kiss to Karada 4

Kiss To Karada

Vol.1 Ch.2 : Forbidden ~ Evil Temptation

114.6K Jan 20,16 Hamaguchi Natsuko

"I am unworhty to be happy. I've always waited for someone to punish me-" Rina works at a cafe. One day, she nearly gets assaulted by a man, but she is saved by a guy named Souma Shiba, one of the regular customers at the cafe and a motorcycle road racer. Souma has to pull out of the race due to his injury from saving Rina. This incident leads Rina to start living with Souma, but then -?! St
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Koakuma Cafe 4.5

Koakuma Cafe

Vol.4 Ch.18.9 : Specially-Made Recipe Book

389.9K Jan 20,16 Oda Aya

From Shoujo Manga Maniac: Sakura just has to get close to the super-handsome Chika, so she's willing to take on a job as a waiter. That's right, a waiter. She's so determined that she lies about her gender on her job application. As Sakura gets close to Chika, she discovers that though he's got an angelic face, he's a devilish tease. Will she let that deter her? No way!
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Koakuma Kiss 4.6

Koakuma Kiss

Vol.1 Chapter 5 : Kimi No Junjou, Otome No Jijou

268.2K Jan 20,16 Kijou Arito

From Midnight Scans: After my Mom got married to her second husband, it made Chinatsu my younger brother. At first, I thought he was surely a perfect brother after seeing his angel-like smile, however, the truth is that he is really a pervert and very ill tempered! I was surprise when I found out my angel-like younger brother is really a little devil?! Will I just allow him to abuse me?! Inc
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Kodoku no Kane ga Naru 4.5

Kodoku No Kane Ga Naru

Vol.1 Chapter 6

154.6K Jan 20,16 Maeda Momiji

1) The Sound of a Lonely Bell Father Michael liked his best friend and was tormented by it. Viscount Hagen Ostendorf found out and took the opportunity to confess to Father Michael. Father Michael was shocked. Under Viscount’s courtship, would Father Michael accept him? 2) The Flower of Captivity As the powerless son of a rich family, Eugene is used to being manipulated for the good of the fa
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Kogareru Yubisaki 4.5

Kogareru Yubisaki

Vol.1 Ch.4.9 : Atogaki

304.1K Jan 20,16 Higashino Yuu

Read "Shihaisuru Yubisaki" first, its the manga before this one. 1-3) Neurosurgeon Tsuda has always deeply loved the physician Shiraishi. Both have been living together for two years in a blossoming relationship. But halfway through, Tsuda's dashing uncle, Wakamiya, appears to woo Shiraishi and destroy the intimate relationship shared by the couple. Will the two of them manage to ove
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Kohitsuji to Ookami 4.4

Kohitsuji To Ookami

Vol.1 Chapter 6

370.5K Jan 20,16 Sakurai Reiko

1) A Lamb and a Wolf: After his apartment was burnt down to ash, Koide Yuu got to stay in a high class mansion because of his wealthy friend’s help. However, the situation changed drastically when his friend’s brother, Oosawa Masakuni suddenly appeared at the mansion. And then the days Yuu became Masakuni’s guinea pig for his sex experiments (which he had no choice but to agree in order to pay fo
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Koi Beta!? 4.8

Koi Beta!?

Vol.1 Chapter 2

87.9K Jan 20,16 Yumachi Shin

This is a summary from Alice Dreams : Ever since elementary school, Sakura has been tormented by her classmate, Kou. He teases her and calls her ugly. He totally hates her! However, now Sakura discovers this may not be true after all when one day, Kou kisses her! What is he thinking!?
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