Yamato no Hane 4.7

Yamato No Hane


99.3K Jan 21,16 Saki Kaori

From Bado-Scans: Daichi Yonekawa thinks that badminton is a girl's sport and is forced to practice with his twin sister, Yuki. Daichi finds himself playing Taka Tsubahara, the Japanese Junior Champion, because he is too bored "practicing" with his sister. He soon discovers the thrill of playing badminton and even quits his soccer team to practice badminton full time. He now aims to play against T
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Fuyu Hanabi 4.7

Fuyu Hanabi

Vol.1 Chapter 9 : Meaning Of A Match

100.3K Jan 21,16 Hara Hidenori

Dragon Gon... A 36 year old bachelor and lusterless boxer who is on the verge of retirement. By all expectations, he would quietly and uneventfully retire. Until he happened to meet a vivacious actress... Love, laughter, and boxing; a drama about the prime of life now unfolds!
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Zero (MATSUMOTO Taiyo) 4.8

Zero (Matsumoto Taiyo)

Vol.2 Ch.22 : Flower

202.8K Jan 20,16 Matsumoto Taiyo

From: MAL The story of a boxer who's been undefeated for nearly 10 years and has thus earned himself the nickname, "Zero."
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Crazy Girl 4.7

Crazy Girl

Vol.1 Chapter 5

83.8K Jan 20,16 Yoshihara Nozomi

16-year-old Hanii Miku is on the same tennis team as her life-long crush, Harada Tomonori. Not only can this guy kick butt in tennis, he's also good-looking and super nice! The only thing that Miku doesn't like about him is his brother, Natsume. Completely opposite from his older brother, Natsume is known to play girls, and be a basic cocky pain in the neck. But one day, Miku finds out something
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Buyuden 4.4


Chapter 134 : Becoming A Champion

1.6M Jan 20,16 Mitsuda Takuya

Take Isamu is an elitist 6th grader who looks down at his peers because he is the best at everything he does at school, from looks and smarts, to his luck with girls and his abilities as an athlete. He considers himself to be in the top percent of his age group and is incredibly bored with interacting with the so called normal people. A new student, Kaname Moka, transfers into his school and as sh
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Purikyu 4.7


Vol.1 Ch.5 : Final Game

161.2K Jan 20,16 Motomi Kyousuke

Katsuragi Anna used to be a Prima Ballerina. Now, she leads a normal high school life. Her friend tells her to join the archery club and she accepts the offer. Right when she opens the door, she finds a guy stringing the bow, when he turns around, she is astounded to see Jinnai, her childhood rival!!
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Fukurou-kun to Kare 4.8

Fukurou-Kun To Kare

Vol.1 Chapter 5.5 : Extra [End]

281.5K Jan 20,16 Yamamoto Kotetsuko

This spring, Tokyo TV’s newly employed announcer Fukuro was given the task to gather information & do a close report on the infamous hunk of the professional baseball world; Shiratori Reiichi. Given this important opportunity Fukuro is determined to do his best! However, the following morning he wakes up to a stark naked Shiratori sleeping beside him, trouble ensues! The demanding and selfish S
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Attaque 3.9


Chapter 51 : End

515.2K Jan 20,16 Lee Sae Hyung

Leesu came from a poor family but he didn’t mind at all not having any money or status. Being the school’s strongest fighter made him feel as if he was on top of the world in his eyes. But alas, a car accident made him lose what was most precious to him; His ability to fight! Crarving for his past glorious days he turns to fencing with the hope to regain what he once had…
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Beniiro Hero 4.9

Beniiro Hero

Vol.20 Ch.83 : Ryo's History

988.4K Jan 20,16 Takanashi Mitsuba

From Viz: All that matters to 15-year-old Nobara Sumiyoshi is volleyball--she's an awesome player with big-time ambitions. But sometimes it seems like a girl just can't get a break in the competitive world of high school volleyball. Nobara's family wants her to inherit the role of "young mistress," serving rich patrons at her family's old-fashioned Japanese restaurant. No
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Ping Pong 4.4

Ping Pong

Vol.5 Ch.55 : Final

669.6K Jan 20,16 Matsumoto Taiyo

From Shogakukan: Ping pong. Table tennis. Fast, furious. You might have seen it, even played it, but you've never seen it like this! The action centers around "Smile" Tsukimoto and "Peco" Hoshino, two high school students in the midst of adolescence and out to prove they've got what it takes in the cool, cruel world of sports. This manga even got adapted into a live-act
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15: Meisetsu Kougyou Koukou Rugby Bu 5

15: Meisetsu Kougyou Koukou Rugby Bu

Vol.3 Chapter 14 : The Most Important Thing To Me

219.6K Jan 20,16 Naruse Yoshiki

Ever since he was little, Akira wanted to be a rugby player. But since he lived on a tiny island with no other children, it was very difficult for him to learn how to play. In hopes of becoming useful to a rugby team, he practiced the one thing he could do by himself, kicking. Now Akira is heading to high school, and he's going to try to make his dreams of playing rugby and having friends come tru
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18 Diary 5

18 Diary

Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Story 3 - Tadashii Hoshi No Miagekata [End]

72.7K Jan 20,16 Akira Shouko

A collection of one-shots. You can find each story at the page number after its title: 18 Diary (1) From Ochibichan: 18 years old, the final summer in a high school life. Uchiyama Ayako from the swimming club is secretly in love with her classmate Kitamura, and yet everybody knows that Kitamura is secretly in love with his childhood friend. As Kitamura wanted to learn how to swim, he had a
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19 Sai no Hisoka na Yabou 5

19 Sai No Hisoka Na Yabou

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Longing

87.9K Jan 20,16 Sutei Tasuko

1. Water Breath (main story) An injury destroyed Olympic hopeful Ryuji Hayashida's promising swimming career. He was transferred to a university where he believed no one knew who he was, but he was wrong. There was someone who recognized him the moment their gazes met at the university's swimming club. 2. Pension A tempestuous tale of a rock band and the consequences of their enigmatic guitar
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Aiyoku Heaven 4.4

Aiyoku Heaven

Chapter 5 : End

364K Jan 20,16 Fujikawa Ruri

From Fujoshi Bitches: After being abandoned by the Goddess of Victory, Hayase Mahiro, the genius racer, was unable to win any more. Right when he was at the end of his rope with financing his team, a suspicious man dressed in a black suit appeared before him. His identity? The owner of a private, exclusive club, to which only the chosen ones have access. Mahiro begun working there and with his
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Age! 5


Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Official Match

68.4K Jan 20,16 Kei Omoto

From We Hate Manga: Age! tells the story of Takano Eiji, a tennis player who was unable to defeat Saki at the finals of the regional championships the previous year. His problem? He doesn't know how to hit any spin and grows incredibly violent when he loses a match. Read this manga for a great combination of humor and sports. Think Prince of Tennis except much much funnier.
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Angry 3.7


Vol.1 Chapter 4 : A Puzzle That Doesn't Fit

75.5K Jan 20,16 Yoo Kyung Won

"In a Fight, they say that the first one to bleed from his or her nose is the loser. Father, Mother and Brother...They're all LOSERS that bled from the nose facing that damn monster called WORLD! I'm not going to fall into that one. Even though I have to break my head, I'm not going to bow my head before anyone. I'm going to finish everyone! I'm going to throw everyone on the ground with the "U
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Go Ahead 5

Go Ahead

Chapter 15 : Bonus#epilogue

140.8K Jan 20,16 Higuchi,Daisuke

Hungry for a teacher and student relationship? Nope, it’s not about love or romance. It’s all about sport! Find out what happens if both the teacher and student, who have nothing in common and hate each other in the beginning, are connected with hockey as their life. (Source: Doko Demo Doa Manga Scanlations)
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Aoi Kiseki 4.5

Aoi Kiseki

Vol.1 Chapter 5

236.2K Jan 20,16 Mitsuki Miko

[Summary By: Love_Blossom] Wakatsuki Ran is a swimming prodigy. Every girl adores him but the only thing he loves is swimming. Ageha bumps into Ran, one day, and she tells him that he is just an obsessed swimmer. But when he shows her how good he is, she gapes at him and asks, "Please teach me how to swim!" Ran finally agrees and the swimming romance begins.
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Yuuhi yo Nobore!! 5

Yuuhi Yo Nobore!!

Vol.2 Ch.6 : End

79.3K Jan 20,16 Yamasaki Juuzou

Yuko Sawaki wishes for her prince from the sunset and he arrives from the ocean. Kenichi Katsuragi, prince charming, is as close to perfect as you can come with one major flaw. The second tankoubon in the original edition also contains a short story entitled: Nakayoshi Uta.
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Hand's 4.9


Vol.1 Chapter 10 : Hero

97.5K Jan 20,16 Itakura Yuuichi

The main character wants to be a hero, but his father is a bum that loses all of their money in gambling, but he was once the ace of the japanese team in handball. He goes to a coach and asks him to take care of his son, because he got into a debt and is running from the yakuza. The coach thinks he's an outstanding talent that has been given to him to coach, and he sends his daughter to pick him.
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Atsuize Tenma! 4.6

Atsuize Tenma!

Vol.1 Chapter 6--End-

73.5K Jan 20,16 Fukumoto Nobuyuki

Also have 1 Volume (Collector's Edition) called "Tetsu to Tenma" (Including "Atsuize! Tenma" and "Burai na kaze Tetsu" in a single volume).
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Awasete Ippon 4.9

Awasete Ippon

Vol.3 Chapter 13

157.3K Jan 20,16 Kawamura Mika

From Manga Freak: Asuka is a typical high school girl with two big loves in her life: Judo, and Kujyo-senpai. One day, Asuka finally gathers up her nerve to confess her feelings to Kujyo-senpai. But before she can do so, a boy from her past transfers to her school and challenges Asuka to a judo match--if he wins, Asuka will have to be his girlfriend for three months. Who is this boy? Will Asuka e
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Junjou Karen na Oretachi da 5

Junjou Karen Na Oretachi Da

Ch.24 : Time To Celebrate *end

205.8K Jan 20,16

A pretty-boy volleyball player named Akira gets kicked out of his middle school team for being too arrogant. With his coach refusing to give him a reference, it looks like he will only be able to go to a high school with a mediocre volleyball team. By chance, he finds a leaflet for Seiryoh High School volleyball team and decided to try out. But then complications arise in the form of a delinquent
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Bachi Bachi (KIJIMA Hyougo) 4.5

Bachi Bachi (Kijima Hyougo)

Vol.1 Chapter 5.5

365.8K Jan 20,16 Kijima Hyougo

A new story of a love-triangle and four oneshots, including an extra sixteen pages; all found in this comic filled with the honest love and desires of men! 1) Bachi Bachi Tsudanuma, the captain of the soccer club and Toui, the vice captain, keep their feelings for one another hidden in their hearts. Their kouhai, Ichita, discovers their secret and decides to support them. But one day, they bot
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