Virgin Wars 4.8

Virgin Wars

Vol.2 Ch.11 : Finale - A New Contest

161.7K Jan 20,16 Tominaga Yumi

Kanami's father has a debt of 300 million yen! He can either pay the money or sell his daughter, Kanami, to the sex industry. Kanami decides to go to the sex industry for the sake of her father. But before she does, she wants to have a normal life and lose her virginity normally. In the bathroom, she mistakenly stumbles across her classmate, Ryuuno, having sex with a girl. Later on at a gokun, s
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Vongola GP 2.6

Vongola Gp


56.5K Jan 20,16 Toshinori Takayama

Vongola GP (Gran Prix) is spin-off series of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, made by Takayama Toshinori. Manga introduces Tsunayoshi Sawada, called No-Good Tsuna who is descendant of world's legendary racer, Primo and his side-kick Gokudera Hayato. They battle on various members from the original Katekyo Hitman Reborn! plot.
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W-Pinch 4.7


Vol.4 Ch.17.5 : Extra 5 - Project X [End]

242.6K Jan 20,16 Azuki Ryou

Kawai Arisa used to be the biggest baddest girl around...that was until she fell down a flight of stairs and had amnesia. Now, Arisa is a timid crybaby. As the story progresses, a number of the mean Arisa's "servants" come to get revenge on Arisa. But she isn't the Arisa like before! How will she defend herself? ~Love_blossom
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Wa! (KOJIMA Akira) 4.7

Wa! (Kojima Akira)

Vol.3 Ch.25 : [End]

211.7K Jan 20,16 Kojima Akira

At Takamanohara School, lots of the students have crushes, but all on different people. In fact, if you trace out who likes who, it makes a full circle! This is the story of that circle of crushes.
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Wagamama na Jun'ai 4.5

Wagamama Na Jun'ai

Vol.1 Ch.4

70.7K Jan 20,16 Ikeda Yukio

Our heroine is a cute girl named Miyo-chan. The story begins at a train station, where Miyo has just gathered up all her courage and is about to confess her love to her long-time crush Honda-kun. However, things don’t go quite like how Miyo planned. In a strange mishap, Miyo ends up confessing her love, but not to Honda (who has boarded the train and is now behind doors that are sliding shut)! Ins
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Wagamama Romeo 4.9

Wagamama Romeo

Vol.1 Ch.4.5 : [Extra]

116K Jan 20,16 Ajimine Sakufu

Spoiled by his family, Kazuomi can't stand the feeling of someone clinging onto him and thus just can't seem to have attachment to any person - even his lover bothers him. But can he really dump his lover without feeling nothing at all?
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A Trap Can Use a Girl's Weapons 3.5

A Trap Can Use A Girl's Weapons

Chapter 1

86.6K Jan 20,16 Ueda Yuu

A young boy discovers his girlish charms to fight back against his older brother forcing him to crossdress.
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Goshuushousama Ninomiya-kun 4.8

Goshuushousama Ninomiya-Kun

Vol.1 Chapter 1.5 : Step 1.5:extra's Ninomiya-Kun

193.3K Jan 20,16 Suzuki Daisuke

Gosh?sh?-sama Ninomiya-kun's story revolves around Shungo Ninomiya, a male high school student trained in difficult hand-to-hand combat. He lives in a huge house with his older sister Ry?ko, who is almost always gone on some dangerous mercenary mission. One day, his sister sends Mayu and Mikihiro Tsukimura, two siblings, to live with him to help Mayu overcome her fear of men. Unfortunately this is
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Wake Me Up 5

Wake Me Up

Vol.1 Ch.1

64.3K Jan 20,16 Ochi Chifumi

Cute oneshot about a little boy who decides to wake up his older friend who lies in bed with a flu, and discovers that their bodies aren't the same. (not shota)
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Wakusei no Samidare 4.8

Wakusei No Samidare

Vol.10 Ch.65.5 : Taiyou And The World

1.6M Jan 20,16 Mizukami Satoshi

The world is in mortal peril. Sir Noi Crezant, the Lizard Knight, has been sent to gain the aid of the great warrior Amamiya Yuuhi in hopes of finding the Princess Samidare and protecting the planet from the incredible 'Biscuit Hammer' poised to crack the Earth in two. Unfortunately Yuuhi wants no part of it, and the Princess doesn't prove to be the shining 'hero of justice' role model that Noi ha
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Vol.1 Ch.7 : Extra Stories + Omake

87.6K Jan 20,16 Mizuto Aqua

Tori Ichihashi, a 10th grade student, has a strong sense of justice, and hates bad guys. Every night, burglars hover around the school which Tori goes to. Tori can't let it go unchallenged. 3 separate stories in all: 1. WANTE-D 2. First Step 3. The Wish Under Blooming Sakura Trees
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Wanna Be Cool 5

Wanna Be Cool


49.5K Jan 20,16 Xanseviera

A group of nerds aim to be 'cool' by competing in the Idols Singing Contest. Will they win or just stay as nerds? even though they look soo hot
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Hatsukoi Monster 3.5

Hatsukoi Monster

Vol.1 Chapter 5B : Epilogue

190K Jan 20,16 Hiyoshimaru Akira

From Yen Press: When fifteen-year-old Kaho Nikaidou leaves her sheltered home to start life anew in a Tokyo high school dormitory, the last thing she expects is to nearly get hit by a truck! Saved in the nick of time by a handsome stranger, Kaho falls head over heels for him and, after finally tracking him down, boldly confesses her feelings. Turns out Kaho’s mystery savior, Kanade, is the son
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Wara! Pyunuijum 5

Wara! Pyunuijum

Ch.110 : Laptop

592.5K Jan 20,16 Ji Gang-min

I can't avoid my local convenience store!
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Kyousei Harem Keiyaku 4.5

Kyousei Harem Keiyaku

Chapter 48

710.8K Jan 20,16 Snack Gori

From DeNA: Our protagonist Haruka has been given the gift of precognition. He’s led an ordinary life so far, without really giving question to his special ability. However, one day, he foresees someone close to him die in an accident while travelling. It’s only after he sees this insufferable vision that he gathers the determination fight against the future, but… in such an unthinkable way. Wha
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Midori Duo 5

Midori Duo


61.5K Jan 20,16 Graham Crackers

Friendship- four panels at a time.
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Susume! Kitakou Housoubu 4.6

Susume! Kitakou Housoubu

Chapter 11.2 : Noto-Sama's Christmas Revenge: Hetalia, Susume! Kitakou Housoubu, An...

135.3K Jan 20,16 HIMARUYA Hidekazu

From the Creator of Hetalia and Chibi-san Date, his first manga.Kanazawa Noto joins Kitakou's broadcasting club on his first day of school only to find a ninja committing suicide. Hilarity ensues.________________________________________________(Himaruya, who was a teenager at the time he created the comic, stated that his motivation was to write a story to show how enjoyable the experience of broa
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Ultimate Special High School 4.8

Ultimate Special High School


69.3K Jan 20,16 Kim Eun-jung

In 21st century Korea, there is a school for students with special abilities. New transfer student Minnow doesn't have any special abilities. He does, however, seem to have a secret agenda.
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Watarai-kun ke no youkai-san 5

Watarai-Kun Ke No Youkai-San


55.3K Jan 20,16 Amano Shinobu

From Dragon&Fly Scans: The story revolves around a family of five. Due to a financial crisis, the family moved to the countryside. After they moved into their new house, a spirit appeared and threatened to kick them out. What will happen to them? What on earth is the spirit? This is a sweet family comedy you shouldn't miss!
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Watashi no Mahoutsukai-sama 4.8

Watashi No Mahoutsukai-Sama


60.8K Jan 20,16 Koga Yoshiki

From Intercross: After being instantly rejected by her crush, Takatsuki Yoshino gets seen by her absent-minded classmate, Sakura. Seeing how she seemed sad, Sakura decides to show her some magic tricks to cheer her up. Soon, Yoshino starts to talk more often with him and the two of them get closer... until Yoshino gets a bit... jealous?
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Watashi no Oujisama 5

Watashi No Oujisama

Vol.0 Ch.1

83.6K Jan 20,16 Nagae Tomomi

1 Volume, 5 short stories. 1) My Prince (Watashi no Oujisama) : A rich man and a poor man appear before Hanako, an office lady who used to be rich. She wavers over which man to choose. Her feelings are comically described.
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Water Cube 4.3

Water Cube

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Her Fragrance

89.7K Jan 20,16 Ha Il Gwon

Model student Daisuke Mizuki has a secret swimsuit fetish. What will happen when he gets caught taking pictures of girls in swimsuits by his teacher!? An adaptation of the hit Korean webcomic series "My Heart is Beating."
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We are Gorgeous 5

We Are Gorgeous

Vol.1 Ch.3 : Chapters 3-6 - End

76.3K Jan 20,16 Araya Miki

We are Gorgeous chapters 1-4 & 6: Although each chapter does have a different plot, they all contain the same basic set up. Melodramatic characters, a ballet that has to do with the theme of the chapter and a lot of humor. We are Gorgeous is about a ballet company called ABC. What's so special about this company? All of their dancers are male. The four chapters each have different story plot havin
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Hatsukiai 4.5


Vol.2 Chapter 14.5--End- : Extra

185.9K Jan 20,16 Kazama Ayami

A collection of short stories about first romantic relationships. When young people first start dating, there's a lot of shyness, miscommunication, and embarrassment involved. How do you figure out the perfect time to grab a girl's hand while walking together? When is the right time to share your first kiss? These brief stories capture the innocent awkwardness and the excitement of falling in love
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