Peerless Battle Spirit 4.4

Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 607

56.7M Oct 02,23 立群君&神域动漫

In the Canglan Continent, only those that who manage to awaken a Martial Spirit can walk on the path of cultivation. In this world, only those with stronger martial spirits can communicate with the heavens and earth. Qin Nan, born in Linshui City, was a peerless genius who possessed talent and was thought to become a great cultivator in the future. However, things changed when he ended up awak
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You Shou Yan 3.8

You Shou Yan

Chapter 124

216.2K Oct 02,23 Xue Xia Mao Yao Zi

In the wake of scientific advancement, the once majestic mythological animals can't be compared to the olden days now. The mythological animal Si Bu Xiang received orders to descend to the mortal world and to help out other mythological animals in dire straits wandering the human world. In the secular world, he met his old colleague Pi Xiu in a tight spot, his drinking buddy Tu Ye down in his
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Fusion Fantasy: I Can Infinite Epiphany 4.6

Fusion Fantasy: I Can Infinite Epiphany

Chapter 9

84.6K Oct 02,23 Fanqie Manhua (番茄漫画)

Ordinary constitution? Extremely difficult techniques? Nothing an epiphany cannot fix! To Xiao Yun, everything can be solved with epiphany. If an epiphany cannot do it, two epiphany will do!
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Becoming The Villain’s Family 4.9

Becoming The Villain’S Family

Chapter 91

22M Oct 02,23 Work By,설이수

Aria proposed a contract marriage. To the Grand Duke of Valentine who sold his soul to the devil. To protect herself, and to protect him. [Marry me.] Aria extended her hand and gave the marriage vows with a note. Then, the young Grand Duke took away the note she was writing and tore it apart. Aria asked, “So, where should I stamp the seal?” “You said you’d give me a divorce
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The Novel’s Extra 4.8

The Novel’S Extra

Chapter 77

31.8M Oct 02,23 Jee Gab Song (지갑송),Carrotoon (캐롯툰)

Waking up, Kim Hajin finds himself in a familiar world but an unfamiliar body. A world he created himself and a story he wrote, yet never finished. He had become his novel’s extra, a filler character with no importance to the story. The only clue to escaping is to stay close to the main storyline. However, he soon finds out the world isn’t exactly identical to his creation.
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The Heavenly Emperor of Darkness 4.5

The Heavenly Emperor Of Darkness

Chapter 18

886K Oct 02,23 SON YONG WAN , jangdam

Once forsaken by the world, a child found themselves thrust into a world of darkness. This unfortunate child had to survive in a horrifying place, surrounded by the agony of others, where people were torn apart, and screams filled the air. However, fate took a surprising turn when a powerful demon mysteriously vanished from the secret prison cell within the imperial palace, a place from which no o
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I'll Become a Villainess That Will Go Down in History ― The More of a Villainess I Become, the More the Prince will Dote on Me 4.8

I'll Become A Villainess That Will Go Down In History ― The More Of A Villainess I Become, The More The Prince Will Dote On Me

Vol.3 Chapter 11

20.8M Oct 02,23 Okido Izumi

I absolutely hate a world filled with sweet talking. I'll fight the Heroine's rationale head on!!! After waking up as the villainess she admires so much from her favourite otome game, Alicia trains hard every day to become the greatest villainess of all time. Mangaka's personal twitter Mangaka's work twitter
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Martial God Regressed to Level 2 4.8

Martial God Regressed To Level 2

Chapter 29

5M Oct 02,23 REDICE studio,Yeombi

Read manhwa Martial G** Regressed to Level 2 / 2 [Humanity, which has been deemed worthless, will be deleted]. "Battle Net," which was thought to be a game, turned into a disaster for humankind. After the "Space League" was hosted, all living organisms in the universe fought for their lives. Humanity, represented by Earth, kept failing and was eventually annihilated. Except for
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The Return of the Crazy Demon 5

The Return Of The Crazy Demon

Chapter 91

51.3M Oct 02,23 유진성

Yi Zaha. The crazy demon crazy for martial arts. While he was running away after stealing the heavenly pearl of the Demon Cult Leader, he fell off a cliff. After thinking that everything was over, he opened his eyes to see that he had returned back to when he was a waiter And he is being beat up for something that he didn't do. The crazy demon who returned to the beginning of his days as a waiter!
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Puppy Love 4.1

Puppy Love

Notice. : Handover

2.6M Oct 02,23 Ongshim

Puppy Ever AfterGyujin is special. He's the only son of the legendary blue-eyed German shepherd familyand he's a 26-year-old virgin. To carry on the family lineage, his parents organize an arranged marriage. However, Gyujin cannot think of getting married to a stranger, let alone a female shepherd. He impulsively decides to ruin his parents' scheming by preemptively announcing that he prefers smal
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Dungeon Reset 4.8

Dungeon Reset

Chapter 179

123.2M Oct 02,23 Ant studio - Daul

[Dungeon Reset ] Once it starts up, the dungeon goes through a process called “Reset the Next User”. Why doesn’t this reset process apply to me ?!I am the only one left from that endless reset of this dungeon. With simple skills and an overwhelming weapon, Jung-down game starts inside the dungeon
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Codename: GHOST 3.4

Codename: Ghost

Chapter 30

572.7K Oct 02,23 Woonseok

In a world with supernatural abilities, those with powers can be registered as “special humans” and are assigned missions shrouded in mystery. Hoyeon, one such person, lives a seemingly ordinary life as a college student while keeping his powers a secret from those around him. When he begins a new job as a tutor at the Special Human Resource Administration, he meets Moonsung, an agent who just so
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It’s Up to Us to Fight the Tyrant 4.3

It’S Up To Us To Fight The Tyrant

Chapter 48

453.6K Oct 02,23 Sugarjjam , Pumpkin Studio

College student Jaeyeon gets hit by a delivery bike. She dies and reincarnates with her memories from past life. As a nanny of a little princess, she somewhat gets used to her new life Except that she suspects the five-year-old daughter of the tyrant emperor is also a reincarnated soul from modern time-just like her! A complete mismatch, the princess and the nanny must collaborate in order to surv
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Dungeons & Artifacts 4.7

Dungeons & Artifacts

Chapter 120: (S3) Ep. 120 - Return

52.1M Oct 02,23 Zero Water,Umkey

“The moment I get a hold of those artifacts, it'll be the end for you!” The start of vengeance for a wrongfully killed dungeon explorer and his artifacts! Dungeons attract the human mind, strengthens it selves with the dead and uses bait and artifacts to lure more victims. The one who was killed by a ruse in a dungeon, Stetch Atelier. Beyond the threshold of death, he was given a s
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Hero Killer 3.1

Hero Killer

Chapter 136

11.5M Oct 02,23 Kase Daiki

The story of a young man's revenge on the heroes that failed him.
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Beastburn 4.6


Chapter 57

4.7M Oct 02,23 Yoon Seon Saeng

Beastburn manhwa, Cha Hyun Sung, a boy who lives a painful life, was once brutally killed by unidentified beasts. Opening his eyes, he sees himself, resurrected from the dead, and the girl Song Ka-yeon, who hunts animals. In a battle between beasts and humans, Hyun-song begins the fight for survival.
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The Star of a Supreme Ruler 4.1

The Star Of A Supreme Ruler

Chapter 68

5.9M Oct 02,23 Kang Ho-poong (강호풍)

The mighty crimson star of the supreme ruler has appeared!The child who receives the energy of this star would grow to become the supreme leader and also become the legendary star that will rule over the world!Cheon Ryuyeong, someone who grew from a lowly position to the highest position!"I don't know just how much more I'm capable of as well.""It's because I haven't experienced my own limits befo
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Falling for a Dying Princess 4

Falling For A Dying Princess

Chapter 31

515.6K Oct 02,23 Jeon Hoochi

Read manhwa Falling for a Dying Princess / If I Fall in Love With the Time-Limited Princess / If You Fall In Love With A Terminally Ill Princess / A dying princess and the knight who loves her. Princess Kirona has Tetra Fever, a disease that eventually results in death. To save herself, she travels to the East in search of a cure and meets Jade Eclipse, a mercenary with a handsome face and myst
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Today the Villainess has Fun Again 4.7

Today The Villainess Has Fun Again

Chapter 77

22M Oct 02,23 Updating

My friend stole my boyfriend and then dared to hand me a wedding invitation with a smile? Ha! I had a blast enjoying my revenge and came home and fell asleep but... When I woke up I was in the body of the Villainess of a Romance Fantasy novel who has everything, appearance, assets, and intelligence. The only thing this girl lacked was the insight to judge a man. Throw the b
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Kiomaru the Blacksmith 4.8

Kiomaru The Blacksmith

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Iron Has A Scent

21.3K Oct 02,23 Joh Araki

Since his childhood, Kiomaru has been formed by master Sadamitsu of the Gassan forge so that he could later become a specialist in sword making. One day, when he learns of the brutal death of a young man to which he sold his first sword, he realize his own inexperience and decides to adopt a new attitude by following an exacting training. After avenging the young man, he continues his training, bu
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Save my love 3.7

Save My Love

Chapter 54

310K Oct 02,23 图南鲸 , 长佩文学 , 晔越文化

[Jiang Yunshu X Bai Tang] A handsome doctor died suddenly on the operating table after performing an operation for 18 hours. When he woke up, he found himself wearing an alpha body. There was a poor omega lying beside the bed, and when he woke up, his little face was white on white! But fortunately, Jiang Yunshu is very patient, and as a doctor, he can slowly bring this beautiful but broken omega
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Shenwu Tianzun 4.5

Shenwu Tianzun

Chapter 507

28.9M Oct 02,23 Unknown

I was once the Supreme God of Physique, standing tall above others. However, I was betrayed by those whom I thought of as my most trustworthy friends. They had schemed against me in an attempt to kill me, which was almost successful. Fortunately, a fraction of my soul had managed to escape into the body of a seriously injured child giving me another chance at life, and revenge.
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The Kind Older Sister Is No More 4.7

The Kind Older Sister Is No More

Chapter 59

10M Oct 02,23 Yun Yeo-eum, Jugi, Selim

Irene has always been living in the shadow of her ill and frail sister, Riel. She believed that she could and had to do everything for her family… until Riel stole everything from her.After realizing that there is no place for her in her home, and that she was never loved by her family, Irene decides to do her utmost to become independent, and in doing so, crosses paths with Noel Kristen, a ma
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Melody of the Deadwood 4.1

Melody Of The Deadwood

Chapter 66

3.7M Oct 02,23 뮤제 작가님

'Life is not fun.' So Alkeris decided to end his life. But the moment before the last moment, "You can't die. If you die, we die too." Five 'Bina appeared in front of her Armed with diverse personalities, they force Alkeris to live, claiming that Alkeris is the oath of their lives. I can make you happy. So, don't die. "The belt if you become an
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