The Love King and His Ornamental Wife 4.1

The Love King And His Ornamental Wife

Chapter 18

592,393 Oct 24,21 Komomo haruno,Mashiro ishiki,Yukiko

[PocketComics Ver] “Sir Alphonse… Ah, when I think of him, my heart burns with love. But, if I marry him, I'll become the Love King's queen and be banished from the country… an unfortunate end. Ugh, I hate this life! That's why I free want him to hate me… From that day onwards, the Duke's daughter, Louise, works hard to make her fiancé Alphonse hate her. I Want to Be Disliked ~ I Will Do My
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Marilyn Likes Lariensa Too Much! 4.7

Marilyn Likes Lariensa Too Much!

Chapter 35

2,952,222 Oct 24,21 지예수(한설온)

Marilyn Launer was a friend of the heroine in the novel. ‘I'll do my best to be a good friend.' I was just trying to keep him in check so that he wouldn't get close to Lariensa. “I don't care about Lariensa.” “Then why do you keep approaching her?” “Aren't you mistaken?” Things went wrong. &ldqu
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A Red Knight Does Not Blindly Follow Money 4.8

A Red Knight Does Not Blindly Follow Money

Chapter 34

2,285,657 Oct 24,21 Rosiwon,Song jaemin

The Imperial Knight Judith was once a scumbag that would do anything for money. She lived as a slave to money as a dog of the imperial family and a tool of the chief. Under the guise of destitution, she abandoned her guilt. But what was at the end was betrayal and death. However, when she opened her eyes, she went back to being a new knight after six years? ‘I'm not going to be a swordsman for mon
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Flash Behavior 4.9

Flash Behavior

Chapter 7

9,688 Oct 24,21 Mitch,미치

Eaters. Intelligent creatures from another planet that closely resemble humans. They use a language system different from us and prey on humans. And then there's Yuli, the only human on earth who can communicate with the Eaters. A romance thriller that unfolds with Yuli, a human that's a little different from the others! 섬광행동 / Seomgwanghaengdong / Flash Action
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Roelin Walks the Future 4.7

Roelin Walks The Future

Chapter 6

67,127 Oct 24,21 Rosie

Roelin Deaz, the daughter of Count Deaz, who is supporting the family that is in debt due to her father's business failure. While struggling to raise the family on the verge of collapse, Roelin has an accident that almost killed her one day. This as an opportunity, she remembers the past when she was the high priest of the temple of night and darkness, which has now disappeared, and gains the
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My Wife is a Demon Queen 4.6

My Wife Is A Demon Queen

Chapter 310

118,647,758 Oct 24,21 Rong Rong, DW

Listen up folks! I’m living my life with the demon queen!
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Reincarnation of the Suicidal Battle God 4.8

Reincarnation Of The Suicidal Battle God

Chapter 21

5,831,766 Oct 24,21 Cheong Dam

A time travel action fantasy of the strongest of mankind. “Even if the disgusting gods gave me this chance, an opportunity is still an opportunity. Since they want to end up dead, I will kill them.” The last survivor of mankind, Zephyr. The fight with the demons ended in defeat and the gods gave him a chance to go back 10 years in time. The demons who took everything away from humans a
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Shijou Saikyou Orc-san no Tanoshii Tanetsuke Harem Zukuri 4.5

Shijou Saikyou Orc-San No Tanoshii Tanetsuke Harem Zukuri

Chapter 58

23,648,972 Oct 24,21 TSUKIYO Rui

Our protagonist Oroku, is the son of a female knight and an orc. Due to his appearance taking more after his mother, he was harassed and bullied by the orcs of his village. After meeting a beautiful elf and other demi-human girls, and being rejected for his lineage, the strength of his blood awakens and plots a plan to become the strongest warrior in history  in order to make a harem of beaut
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Baili Jin Among Mortals 3.5

Baili Jin Among Mortals

Chapter 44.2: A Secret Happiness

97,376 Oct 24,21 Julys

Baili Jin, a fairy who was living in heaven, eating and drinking without a care, broke her Majesty's colourful, stained-glass plate at her birthday and got banished to the mortal realm. Now she has to begin her adventures in the mortal realm with all of her spiritual powers gone! In order to survive, the former fairy has to deliver take-out.... An endearingly silly fairy, a ge
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I'm a Middle-Aged Man Who Got My Adventurer License Revoked 4.7

I'm A Middle-Aged Man Who Got My Adventurer License Revoked

Chapter 29

15,271,786 Oct 24,21 Fumi Tadaura, Manimani Ononata

Douglas, once known in legend as the strongest magician. But now he is called old man, as his health slowly crumbles. Beyond just suffering from a mysterious disease that slowly, but permanently, saps his health if he uses magic, the hero's party forces him out and the adventurer's guild strips him of membership. Thus, in the middle of an aimless solitary journey,
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Cheating Men Must Die 4.6

Cheating Men Must Die

Vol.12 Chapter 259: Ascent Of The Empress -- Going To Authority

28,763,808 Oct 24,21 The King (时代漫王)

One moment oppressing scum yields a moment of satisfaction. Continuously oppressing scum yields continuous satisfaction. Our female main lead, Su Lüxia is bound to the Female Lead Counterattack System and transmigrates to several small worlds. Using elaborate means, she beats up countless cheating bastards and bitches. Su Lüxia: "Only a cheating bastard's t
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Arafoo Kenja no Isekai Seikatsu Nikki 4.7

Arafoo Kenja No Isekai Seikatsu Nikki

Chapter 29: Ossan Is Working Again

20,297,950 Oct 24,21 Kotobuki Yasukiyo, Johndee

Satoshi Osako was a player of the VRRPG 『Sword and Sorcery』 who defeated the Evil God and died for his troubles. When he awoke again he found himself in a strange unknown forest. Furthermore he possessed his avatar’s body and abilities. In other words, he was a cheat. Can a 40 year old DT, live peacefully in this world? Let his isekai adventure begin.
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Chikita Gugu 4.3

Chikita Gugu

Chapter 28

119,427 Oct 24,21 TONO

After his whole family was eaten as a child, Chikita Gugu is the sole survivor of the legendary Gugu clan. Now he's a teenager and people are coming to him for help, even though he has no training or ability! Luckily he's not alone. Laa Lam Delal, the yokai who killed his family, is watching over him, waiting for him to ripen...
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The legendary weapon became my bride when I overwhelmed the production job 4.4

The Legendary Weapon Became My Bride When I Overwhelmed The Production Job

Chapter 9

5,981,412 Oct 24,21 Shiroichi Amui

I walk in a different world with my strongest management and smithing ability! I belonged to the management team of MMORPG "Armed Edda", and when I awoke one day, I was embraced by a red-haired girl in a strange world. What's more, my figure and ability are exactly like the game's debugging character, Blacksmith Laguna Smith, and the girl Rein who helped me is
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Four Daughters of Armian 3.4

Four Daughters Of Armian

Chapter 73

119,927 Oct 24,21 Shin Il-suk

Once in Armian, Re-Manu XXXVII is awaiting her death. As it goes for years in history, the dying queen foretold the fate of her four daughters. Divination that would lead them toward their fate, and significance to determine the successor to rule Armian. The beautiful Swarda is fated to marry a throne man of Persia. The smart and calm Aspasya will encounter a great leader of history. But fate has
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Shen Yi Di Nu 4.3

Shen Yi Di Nu

Chapter 440.5

32,916,485 Oct 24,21 Ping Ping Jun,Yang Shi Liu

Passing to another world at the sound of duang, divine doctor in both Chinese and western medicine Feng YuHeng became the abused first wife's daughter of Da Shun Dynasty at the fraction of a minute. Wanting to kill me, one scalpel will cause you hemiplegia? Fighting with me? Carrying the pharmacy, holding fame and profit, even the Emperor worms his way into being friends with me! But what is t
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Time Roulette 4.3

Time Roulette

Chapter 40

1,661,563 Oct 24,21 Choi Yegyoon

Jeohun is taking the law course at elite school Korean National University. To make matters worse, my father was hit and run…! A strange compass-like object enters his desperate eyes! Suddenly a messenger named ‘Jun' appeared! It is said that the Time Roulette grands wishes with its powers. Unexpected missions and disasters! And the master of time travel, Karma! Will Junghoon be able to find out t
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The Silver Wolf 4.7

The Silver Wolf

Chapter 18.2: Victory

63,541 Oct 24,21 Shiba

Lil Yu saved a wolf-race teen named Zuoyi while strolling in the mountains one night, and accidentally unlocked a metal element ability that only belongs to alpha wolves. Her days of peace and bliss are short lived as dangerous incidents begin to flood into her life after this, even dragging in her close friends and family. Just how will Zuoyi and Lil Yu navigate these tough situations? Will a hum
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Let's Aim for the Deepest Part of the Otherworldly Labyrinth 4.7

Let's Aim For The Deepest Part Of The Otherworldly Labyrinth

Chapter 18

19,631,514 Oct 24,21 Satou Keisuke,UKAI Saki,Tarisa Warinai

Kanami, a young man that strayed into another world and suddenly awoke in a dark corridor is nearly killed by a demon and humans. Then preferring to use the status and skill systems Kanami aims for the deepest part of the Labyrinth. The skill [? ? ?] consumes his emotions, and he befriends some unusual people, but while his spirit wanes in the other world’s Labyrinth he refuses to give up on
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Genkai Level 1 kara no Nariagari: Saijaku Level no Ore ga Isekai Saikyou ni Naru made 4.5

Genkai Level 1 Kara No Nariagari: Saijaku Level No Ore Ga Isekai Saikyou Ni Naru Made

Chapter 13

5,417,160 Oct 24,21 Miraijin A,Uemukai Dai

Tetsuya Takahashi was suddenly summoned to another world. However, his invocation was a mistake and after participating in the level review...he has the weakest [level limit], lv.1, the king seeing his limit calls him "defective" and condemns him to death! Despite being summoned against his will. Tetsuya is thrown into the valley of the monsters. There he was attacked and brought to the
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Aroma-chan wa Konya mo Hazukashii 4.7

Aroma-Chan Wa Konya Mo Hazukashii

Vol.4 Chapter 19: Their Battle

712,656 Oct 24,21 Chiyo Kenmotsu

Succubus Aroma-chan is so shy, will not really, but she can't confess to the person she likes!<br>"Then, what if I just invade Yuuma-kun's dream and seduce him...?"<br>Tonight, an ero-dream that cannot be seen by other people begin!
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Tên truyện	Tên chapter mới	redirect	active	linkdex Azur Lane - Akagi² 				4.4

Tên Truyện Tên Chapter Mới Redirect Active Linkdex Azur Lane - Akagi²

Chapter 45

86,137 Oct 24,21 Ethan Forsythe

A fan comic posted to r/AzureLane by u/Cpl_Ethane, Akagi^2 is based on the mobile game Azur Lane, which is about anthropomorphised WWII ships. This series is focused on Akagi-chan and her antics around the base. Note that this is drawn in an "American newspaper" style, and is read top to bottom, left to right. Artist's twitter:
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Udon no Kuni no Kin'iro Kemari 4.9

Udon No Kuni No Kin'iro Kemari

Chapter 17: Busshouzan Hot Springs

284,477 Oct 24,21 Shinomaru Nodoka

Following his estranged father's death, 30-year-old Tawara Souta returns to his home town in the Udon Prefecture, Kagawa, to deal with dispensing of property, which includes putting the family restaurant up for sale. There, he stumbles across a tanuki who's made the place his home; one thing leads to another, and he soon finds himself taking care of "Poco." But responsibility bec
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The Only Necromancer 4.8

The Only Necromancer

Chapter 11

1,221,565 Oct 24,21 Kim Kyungyeol

The world is ending. Monsters from legends appear everywhere. They eat people, conquer the streets, and begin to make dungeons in the buildings and subways. If you could choose one job in this decrepit world, what would you choose? For a “necromancer” extinction is my playground and death is my wealth.
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